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Recruiting Expert on Tyrese Maxey: “Big Blue Nation Will Love This Kid”

We’re still a full four months away from the start of the 2018-2019 college basketball season, but at Kentucky, it’s never too early to look ahead to what’s next. The simple reality is that as talented as next year’s team is capable of being, the task of having to replace them in 2019-2020 is never far from John Calipari’s mind. With so many future NBA stars on the roster, it can’t be.

The good news for Coach Cal is that in a weird way, he’ll almost have an extra recruiter on the road this summer. That “recruiter” is actually Tyrese Maxey, the five-star guard from Texas who committed to the Wildcats back in May.

Recruiting insider Corey Evans of believes that Maxey could be Calipari’s best recruiter this spring and summer.

 “He is one of the most infectious, outgoing kids I’ve ever dealt with,” Evans told Kentucky Sports Radio this morning. “You don’t think he’s going to sell Kentucky basketball? Big Blue Nation will love this kid. He is outgoing, charismatic, loves the game.”

He continued.

“You always worry about these elite level guys,” Evans said. “Do they really love the game? You know what I mean? And if they don’t [love the game] they might be able to fake it until now, or maybe even into college. But the NBA level? The reason that these guys don’t pan out is because they don’t have the extra drive, they don’t love the game as much. Tyrese Maxey loves the game, and that’s one thing Kentucky fans will see from the get-go, if they haven’t seen it already. He loves the game. He’s going to be a Day 1 leader for John Calipari.”

In addition to speaking about Maxey, Evans also weighed in on the great white whale in recruiting in 2019: James Wiseman. The 6’11 forward from Memphis is the consensus best player in the class of 2019. But if you feel like you haven’t heard much about Wiseman’s recruitment in the last few months, you’re not alone.

Here’s what Evans had to say on Wiseman.

“There’s not much shaking right now,” Evans said. “It’s kind of been in a stall pattern a little bit. Let’s face it man, it’s dog versus dog, Kentucky versus Memphis. What’s going to happen? Everyone is waiting for the shoe to drop. Nothing has happened lately.”

“It’s like, Penny Hardaway gets hired in April and this giant snowball gets rolling down the hill, all these guys he coached and all the top kids in Memphis start committing to Memphis. And then of course [James] Wiseman [is] the last guy standing in a way, and nothing has happened for two months. We’re all in a stall pattern right now.”

To see what Corey said about this year’s freshmen, click here.

And to listen to Corey’s entire interview on Kentucky Sports Radio, click on Hour No. 2 below:

Ep. 57: Aaron Torres Sports Podcast – T.J. Walker and Arnie Spanier

Ep. 57: Aaron Torres Sports Podcast – T.J. Walker and Arnie Spanier

It’s a little bit of a different episode of the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast this week. Nick Coffey is still away, and Aaron welcomes two guests to the show. First, Aaron is joined by KSR’s T.J. Walker to talk all things college hoops. Then, Aaron’s radio partner on Fox Sports Radio Arnie Spanier hops on to tell old-school radio stories. Starting with T.J., he and Aaron discuss:

The Wendell Carter Drama at Duke: How did Duke get themselves in this mess, and how likely is it that Mike Krzyzewski wasn’t honest with the Carter’s during the recruiting process? Also, Aaron explains why John Calipari never seems to find himself in these messes. Plus, how much will Duke miss Jeff Capel now that he’s gone?

The Charles Bassey Drama at Western Kentucky: The latest on Charles Bassey at Western Kentucky, after his own high school principal questioned whether Bassey ever even received a diploma or not. T.J. explains the details of what went on behind the scenes at Aspire Academy, and the guys agree that the real victim here is actually Bassey himself.

Finally, what’s the buzz at Kentucky with the addition of Reid Travis: Finally Aaron asks T.J. his thoughts on Kentucky now that Reid Travis is on campus. How good can this team be? And is it fair for Aaron to state that the Wildcats are the title favorites entering 2018-2019?

Next up, it’s story time, as Aaron is joined by Arnie Spanier. Arnie hosts Fox Sports Radio with Aaron every Saturday from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. ET, and they discuss the following:

Arnie’s beginnings in radio: Arnie explains how a trip to watch his brother play high school basketball started his career. Also, how he got offered his first job in Vegas, and where he has worked since.

Some of his craziest stories from his time on air: How Bryan Colangelo (yes, that Bryan Colangelo) convinced him to go bungee jumping and why the Lakers were furious with him for joking about a Kobe Bryant injury. Also, how he met his wife doing a segment for his show.

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Why the 2018-2019 Season Might be the Most Important of the Calipari Era

When Reid Travis committed to play his final season at Kentucky last week, I made a statement that day that frankly, I didn’t think was all too controversial: With the addition of Travis, Kentucky was officially the team to be in college basketball entering the 2018-2019 season.

Again, I didn’t find that comment to be all too controversial. With Travis now in the fold, UK simply possessed the best combination of skill, athleticism, depth and experience of anyone in the country. And apparently I wasn’t alone in thinking that. Within the next 24 hours of my initial comment, ESPN tabbed the Wildcats the favorites in 2019. So too did CBS. And within the last 24 hours, Vegas came full-circle and named Kentucky the team to beat next season.

So yeah, the Wildcats are going to be good. Realllllllly good.

Of course, as you might imagine not everyone agreed. Just as soon as I sent out the tweet below, stating that the Wildcats were the best team in college basketball entering next season, I got brush-back from fans from all sorts of other fan-bases across college basketball. They all basically shared the same sentiment, which went a little something like this: “Oh, you media guys are all the same. Of course you love Kentucky. You overhype them every off-season, and they still only have one national championship to show for it.”

Aaron Torres Sports Podcast E56: Jim Calhoun

It’s another edition of the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast – and woooooo is it a doozy, as Aaron is joined by the Hall of Fame, former head coach of UConn basketball Jim Calhoun. As a UConn alum, Aaron went bonkers, reliving Calhoun’s glory days, his best players and teams, as well as his new job as a head coach. Plus, the wild story of how Bob Knight convinced Calhoun to take the UConn job instead of Northwestern nearly 40 years ago.
First however, Aaron hits on some of the biggest topics and in and around basketball, including:
Reid Travis’ Arrival at KentuckyAfter briefly hitting on the topic last week, Aaron takes a deep dive into the Reid Travis commitment at UK. He explains why Travis now makes Kentucky complete, as well as the team to beat in college basketball in 2018-2019. Aaron also explains why the hype surrounding this year’s team is different than in years past.
Turmoil at UConnAaron looks at the tricky, legal situation involving Kevin Ollie and his buyout at UConn. Aaron also explains why the situation might be a bit more complicated than many have made it out to be.
Johnny Jones gets Another Job: How? 
NBA Awards Show: The dumb Ben Simmons vs. Donovan Mitchell debate, and Bill Russell gave the middle finger to all of America.
Next up, Aaron does a deep dive with the Hall of Famer, Jim Calhoun. The pair hit on a number of topics, including:
Calhoun’s New Job at a DIII SchoolCalhoun explains why he shockingly took the job at St. Joseph’s College, a Division III school in Aaron’s hometown of West Hartford, Connecticut. Calhoun also explains the differences between building a program at the DIII vs. DI level, and how coaching at a former all-girls college helps recruiting.
The Rise of UConn BasketballCalhoun takes listeners behind the scenes of how he built UConn basketball from a program with no resources and facilities into a Big East power. What was it like walking into a league where six coaches became future Hall of Famers? And when did he know he had the program on the right track?
Calhoun Discusses his Best Players and Teams: Finally Calhoun wraps up by talking about the best players and teams from his time in Storrs. Why the 2004 team – featuring Ben Gordon and Emeka Okafor – was his most talented, but not necessarily the “best.” And why he readily admits we’ll never see anything like what Kemba Walker pulled off in 2011.

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Aaron Torres Sports Podcast E55: NBA Draft Night Special

The NBA Draft is over and the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast is your home for the most comprehensive post-draft coverage anywhere. Aaron is joined by Nick Coffey and they chat for over an hour on the draft’s biggest storylines.
Mikal Bridges’ MomBridges and his mom, a 76ers employee, were the story of the draft… right up until Bridges got traded from Philadelphia to Phoenix. Was this an even ploy by Philly? And how can Philly even make trades without a GM.
Michael Porter Jr’s FallThe guys do a deep dive on Michael Porter Jr’s fall, and why it might be the best thing for him. Did the Nuggets actually get the best player in the draft? And is it really a risk even if he is injured?
How Good is Luka Doncic? The guys debate the third overall pick Luka Doncic and whether we should actually buy the hype. Aaron explains why Sacramento didn’t make a mistake passing on him, and the guys wonder why so many draft snobs are obsessed with European prospects. Also, how many top European prospects actually work out at the NBA level?
Why Kevin Knox to the Knicks is a Perfect Fit: Aaron explains why he believes that Knox was the steal of the draft with the Knicks. The guys also talk about why they hate Mo Bamba to the Magic and give a big shout out to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.
Plus, stay til the end for a conversation on Reid Travis, and why John Calipari shook up all of college basketball with his decision to attend Kentucky.

You can easily listen on the KSR App, available on iTunes and Google Play. Streaming online is simple through Pod Paradise.  You can also get it directly to your phone by subscribing to the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast feed on iTunes or via Android’s Podcast Addict app.

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Everything You Need to Know About the 2018 NBA Draft

After months of rumors, innuendo, lies, leaks, gossip and #fakenews media reports, we’ve finally made it. It’s draft night, people! The night where we can push aside the crap your favorite team has been peddling for months – and find out where your favorite player will actually play his professional basketball next year. What a time to be alive!

And when Adam Silver does step to that podium this evening, oh what a night it will be. Understand that while this event is always marred by chaos, tonight could be extra chaotic. After DeAndre Ayton goes No. 1, it feels like Sacramento could go two or three different ways, which could ultimately shake up what everyone does from there. Add in the fact that a major NBA star is potentially on the trading block (Kawhi Leonard) and an NBA title contender has a Top 10 pick which they could possibly move (Cleveland) and woooooah buddy could tonight get wonky.

Therefore who better than to do a little draft preview than your favorite resident college basketball insider. I’ve been watching most of these guys for three or four years dating back to their high school days and know more about them, than some of my own family members. Sorry Aunt Millie, it’s true.

It’s time to preview the draft and talk some of the biggest names and most overrated players available tonight.

With Reid Travis There is No Doubt: Kentucky is the Favorite in College Basketball Next Season

Back a few weeks ago I released my “Way Too Early Top 25” for the 2018-2019 college basketball season after the NBA Draft deadline. At the time I had Kentucky sitting at No. 2, thanks to UK’s phenomenal blend of talent, skill and experience heading into next year.  The only team I had ahead of the Wildcats was Gonzaga, a club which returns basically everyone, including two players I believe could have been first round picks had they entered this year’s draft (Killian Tillie and Rui Hachimura).

However when that Top 25 did come out a month or so ago, I did have one addendum on my section about the Wildcats: If Kentucky were able to add Stanford graduate transfer Reid Travis, a former McDonald’s All-American and two-time Pac-12 All-Conference First Team member to its club, I’d have no choice but to move Kentucky to No. 1 in my poll.

Well on Wednesday that addendum became official: Reid Travis has committed to Kentucky. And with that, there’s no other way to put it: The Wildcats are the unquestioned top team in the country heading into the 2018-2019 season.

That’s right, it’s time to move over Gonzaga. Step aside, Kansas. Adios to Duke and your big-time recruiting class. See ya Virginia and your boring offense which will produce an ACC regular season title and first weekend NCAA Tournament loss next year. The Kentucky Wildcats are the team to beat heading into 2018-2019.

Aaron Torres Sports Podcast E54: NBA Draft Preview

It’s draft week and this episode of the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast is dedicated almost exclusively to the NBA Draft. Aaron is joined by Nick Coffey, where they begin the show by talking about Ashton Hagans’ arrival at Kentucky, before turning their full attention to draft week. Among the topics they discuss include:

Should DeAndre Ayton be the ‘lock’ to go No. 1? It seems as though we’ve hit a consensus that Ayton will go No. 1, but the guys must ask: is there a better option out there? Aaron calls into question Ayton’s questionable motor in college, but also says that Ayton not only has the most skill in the draft, but the most upside. Should that lock him into No. 1?

Is Marvin Bagley the safest pick in the draft? The guys think so, as they both rave about the skill of the Duke forward. Nick calls Bagley ‘can’t miss’ while Aaron says that even in a draft full of potential, Bagley is the closest thing to a finished product. Also, the guys wonder — how good can Bagley immediately be next season?

Does Trae Young have bust potential? One of the guys thinks so, as it’s fair to ask if the highest-profile player in this draft might not reach expectations. Also, Aaron explains why he believes that Kevin Knox is the player who is mostly to be better than where he’s projected to be drafted — plus thoughts on Jaren Jackson, Mo Bamba and Michael Porter Jr.

You can easily listen on the KSR App, available on iTunes and Google Play. Streaming online is simple through Pod Paradise.  You can also get it directly to your phone by subscribing to the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast feed on iTunes or via Android’s Podcast Addict app.

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What Kind of Impact Can Reid Travis Have Next Season? We Asked Pac-12 Coaches

It’s no secret that former Stanford forward Reid Travis is the biggest name left on the college basketball transfer market – and it doesn’t feel like an exaggeration to say that he might be one of the most coveted grad transfers in the history of the sport. After all, it’s not often that former McDonald’s All-American’s who earn All-Conference honors in a league like the Pac-12 make it to their senior years period,  let alone decide to transfer following the season. That’s also why some of the biggest names in college basketball – most notably Kentucky and Villanova – are hoping to have the 6’8 forward on their rosters next year.

Still, despite being such a big name, the combination of injuries early in his career and playing at a low-profile Pac-12 school means that quite a few fans still don’t know much about him. That’s why KSR decided to reach out to those who do know him best – two Pac-12 assistant coaches who spent the last four years scouting and game-planning against him.

Because Travis is still a transfer in the middle of the recruiting process, neither could speak publicly about him, and agreed to these interviews on the condition of anonymity. But both coaches shared virtually the same sentiment when discussing the former first-team All-Pac 12 performer.

It was summed up succinctly by the first coach.

“I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I’m glad he’s out of our league,” the first Pac-12 assistant said laughing.

Both coaches remember Travis dating back to his days as a high school star, with one of the coaches saying he believed the Minnesota native was “the best power forward” in his high school class. And once Travis arrived in college he had an immediate impact, before a string of injuries kept him off the court for a big stretch of time. 

“His freshman year in particular in the non-conference as we were watching him, he was amazing,” the second coach said. “He was aaaaaaaamazing. And he was somebody that we were majorly, majorly concerned about. But what was unfortunate is that he had all these injuries and he was never able to show what he could do [until recently].”

Sadly, that was the reality of Travis’ career arc at Stanford, and why he is even eligible to transfer right now, period: The poor kid simply couldn’t stay healthy for his first few years on campus. He missed nine games his freshman year with a stress fracture in his left leg, then played in just eight games total his sophomore year with a stress reaction in the same leg. That lost sophomore season also allowed him to apply for a medical redshirt, which gave him a fifth-year of eligibility he will use next season.

As the second coach pointed out, it wasn’t really until this past season that Travis was able to show what he was able to do when fully healthy. He played in every Stanford game for the first time in his career this winter, averaging 19 points and 11 rebounds, playing some of his best games against the Cardinal’s best competition. That included 18 points and 11 rebounds in a win over UCLA, and 20 and 10 in a two-point loss to Arizona at home.

All the skills that Travis displayed as a high school standout finally came out for a college audience to see last year.

“His hands, his athleticism, the way that he attacked the basket, his relentless pursuit of rebounds,” the second coach said, when asked what makes Travis so special on the court.

Now the question becomes what’s next.

While neither coach is privy to Travis’ decision-making process, both understood his decision to pursue options outside of Stanford. The coaching staff which initially recruited Travis to Palo Alto was replaced following his sophomore year, and while the Cardinal are full of young talent (sophomores Daejon Davis and Kezie Okpala might have futures in the NBA) it still feels like they’re a ways away from competing with the elite in college basketball.

So after spending four years at Stanford and locking in a college degree from one of America’s most prestigious universities, why not try and play for one of the elite programs in the country?

“He’s been there a long time,” one coach said. “And you have to think that man, if you’re going to be in college that long and play at that level, and be that good of a player, why not try to win a national championship?”

He continued.

“And he’s got a Stanford degree? He’s golden.”

Looking ahead, both coaches said that regardless of where Travis ends up, he still has things to work on. Each coach mentioned that he still favors going over his left shoulder in the post (playing predominately with his right hand) and needs to develop the other hand to reach his full potential. One coach added that to truly reach his NBA potential, Travis will need to work on his mid-range game too. A 17-foot jumper is a must.

Still, both coaches believe that wherever Travis ends up he’ll have an immediate impact. He isn’t simply a good player who put big numbers on a bad team. He’s a difference-maker wherever he lands next season.

“I think he can put up monster numbers wherever he goes,” the first coach said. “He’s a talent.”

The second coach agreed. While it’s uncertain whether Travis will choose Kentucky, Villanova or somewhere else, the coach is already having nightmares of what Travis could look like alongside another talented Kentucky team.

“They [Kentucky] have a bunch of young kids, but you throw Reid Travis in that group?” the coach said. “Oh my gosh. I just hope we don’t meet them until the Final Four.”

The Aaron Torres Podcast E53: LSU Head Coach Will Wade

The Aaron Torres Sports Podcast is back with a very special guest — LSU head coach Will Wade.  The coach of the Tigers joins the show to talk about his preseason Top 20 team and the influence John Calipari has had on his career. But before the Wade interview, Aaron is joined by his good friend Nick Coffey where they discuss major news in college basketball…
Charles Bassey is going to Western KentuckyIn shocking news, the No. 3 player in America has reclassified and will play next season at Western Kentucky. Aaron and Nick go into a deep dive on a very bizarre recruitment that landed Western with a future first round pick. Also, Aaron asks, why does Rick Stansbury have such a bad reputation around college basketball, while known cheaters like Kelvin Sampson and Bruce Pearl seem to get a free pass?
LeBron’s NCAA Documentary: The guys circle back on another big story from earlier in the week, a documentary from LeBron about the NCAA which will feature Kentucky’s Nick Richards. The guys explain why they’re already annoyed with the idea and its potential to be one-sided. Also, how many college athletes genuinely make money for their universities?
Next up, Aaron welcomes on a biiiiiig guest, as he is joined by LSU basketball coach Will Wade. Wade has the Tigers primed for a monster season in 2018-2019 and discussed with Aaron the following:
The Incredible Turnaround the Tigers had Last SeasonCoach Wade explains what allowed the Tigers to go from a club that was picked to finish 14th in the SEC in the preseason, to one that surprised many on their way to an above .500 finish in the SEC. What allowed him to turn around the culture and have immediate success?
Wade’s Loaded Freshman ClassWade breaks down a star-studded freshman class which is ranked as high as No. 3 in some recruiting services. What can fans expect from McDonald’s All-American Naz Reid? And is Emmitt Williams the most underrated player in the class? Also, how will the return of Tremont Waters help the young players?
The Strength of SEC Basketball: Finally, Coach Wade wraps up discussing the strength of the SEC. Does this league get the credit it deserves nationally? Also, what has he learned while watching John Calipari at Kentucky that Wade takes with him every day?
You can easily listen on the KSR App, available on iTunes and Google Play. Streaming online is simple through Pod Paradise.  You can also get it directly to your phone by subscribing to the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast feed on iTunes or via Android’s Podcast Addict app.

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