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Aaron Torres Sports Podcast Ep. 125: Recapping a Wild Weekend of College Hoops

It was arguably the best Saturday of the college hoops season.  It’s time to recap it all on the latest episode of the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast. Here’s what’s on today’s show:

What does LSU’s win over Tennessee say about both teams? Aaron opens the show by discussing LSU’s wild, ugly, sloppy win over Tennessee. Aaron explains why his opinion hasn’t changed on Tennessee, and why this game actually made him feel like they can get back on track heading into the backstretch of the season. Plus, after beating Kentucky and Tennessee in one week, is LSU a title contender? And is Will Wade the frontrunner for National Coach of the Year?

Kentucky’s Bludgeoning of Auburn: Next up, Aaron takes a deep dive into Kentucky’s destruction of Auburn. He talks about the rise of P.J. Washington — what has allowed him to improve so quickly this year, and is he now the front-runner for SEC Player of the Year? Also, is Kentucky the second-best team in college basketball behind a fully healthy Duke right now? If Zion Williamson doesn’t come back, should the Wildcats be the favorites?

Everything else from the College Hoops Weekend: Aaron gives a quick shout out to Texas Tech after crushing Kansas — and he explains why even as good as people think Tech coach Chris Beard is, he’s actually better. Plus, Aaron believes this is the year that Kansas’ Big 12 title streak may actually come to an end. Finally, he talks Michigan State’s gutsy win over Michigan — are we sure Michigan should be mentioned among the elite teams in college basketball?

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The Path to a Kentucky No. 1 Seed Isn’t as Complicated As Most Think

It’s amazing how quickly the conversation in college basketball can change.

Shortly after Kentucky’s win over Tennessee on Saturday, I pitched our editors here a piece on the overall, No. 1 seed picture. Obviously most folks reading here are Kentucky fans and I actually thought that the Wildcats had a better shot at a No. 1 seed than most were projected.

We agreed that we would go ahead and wait until after Tuesday night’s games to be safe. Assuming Kentucky took care of business against Missouri and Tennessee handled Vanderbilt, it would be safe to run Wednesday morning. What could possibly go wrong?

Quite a bit actually. In no particular order, here is what has changed in the race for the four No. 1 seeds, just since late Tuesday night:

— Reid Travis left Kentucky’s game with a knee injury – sending Big Blue Nation into a frenzy. Thankfully it was just a sprain and Travis will hopefully be back in just a few weeks. Still, with several big games ahead and Travis likely on the sidelines, Kentucky’s path to a No. 1 seed isn’t nearly as clear as it looked when I began this article Tuesday morning. I still think they get one, but this is a major road block.

— Tennessee looked terrible in a win against the SEC’s worst team, Vanderbilt. Ultimately it had no bearing on the Vols pursuit of a No. 1 seed, but with Tennessee facing five straight games against NCAA Tournament caliber teams to close the regular season, it feels fair to wonder if the Vols can finish as strongly as they started.

— Nevada lost on the road at San Diego State on Wednesday night. While the Wolf Pack were a long-shot to get a No. 1, this officially eliminated them from any such talk.

— Zion Williamson went down with a knee injury – flipping the sports world on its head Thursday. Zion is OK, and we can put to rest talking of him “Shutting it Down” for now. At the same time, Duke took a loss no one saw coming, and now they aren’t nearly as much of a lock for a No. 1 as they were before the Carolina game.

— Duke’s unexpected loss resulted in an unexpected North Carolina win – and now the Tar Heels have a realistic, albeit small shot at a No. 1 seed. It would take a minor miracle, but North Carolina does in fact have life in the No. 1 seed debate.

And again, that’s only what happened since Tuesday afternoon when I officially finished the first draft of the article below – can you imagine how much will change in the final two weeks of the regular season?

Ultimately however, the gist of the article didn’t change, and I still believe Kentucky is in prime position to get a No. 1 seed.

Let’s go through all the scenarios and all the teams involved, to give you a clearer picture of where we are, and how the Wildcats fit in.


Why Zion Williamson Shouldn’t Shut It Down

Photo: Rob Kinnan/USA Today

Duke and North Carolina played on Wednesday night. But as we all know by now, the story wasn’t the game itself, but instead, what happened 33 seconds in.

You don’t need me to tell you, but it was at that moment, when Duke star Zion Williamson made a sharp cut – and his foot literally burst out of his shoe. In the process, he went down with a knee injury which caused him to miss the rest of the game.

Of course, before Zion even got up off the floor and walked away under his own power, it sent the internet into a frenzy, re-instigating all the same, tired debates about college sports that never seem to end. And even after the game, even after Coach K came out and said that it was a minor knee sprain, one that wouldn’t keep Zion out for very long, it didn’t stop people from engaging in those same arguments again. People love to complain on the internet (who knew) and man oh man were they on a heater Wednesday.

People were complaining about amateurism. About paying college athletes. And about how it pertains to Zion Williamson specifically. The conversation wrapped with the single biggest talking point in all of college sports today: Should Zion Williamson sit out the rest of the season and get ready for the NBA Draft?

The honest answer is “Zion should do whatever the hell he wants,” and anyone who tells you any differently is just spitting out what side of the narrative they fall on. At the end of the day, whatever Zion Williamson decides is best for him, we should all support it. He’s earned that right after four months of college basketball.

However, if he were asking me for advice, I’d tell him this: Not only should he not shut things down for the season, there isn’t actually one, genuinely good reason why he should. Assuming he is healthy and can’t further damage that knee, he should go play his heart out, chase a championship, and enjoy his final weeks as a kid before he enters a grown man’s world in the NBA.

For starters, let’s get one important notion out of the way right off the top: The biggest reason for Zion to shut it down is “fear of injury.” The problem is, that as I said when Scottie Pippen first suggested this a month ago, the “fear of injury” risk, isn’t any real risk at all. There is literally no injury that Zion could suffer on the court that will hurt his draft stock. Not a single one. And if the reason for him to shut it down is “fear of injury” well, he’s just as likely to get hurt training and getting ready for the draft as he would be to play in actual games.

Don’t believe me? Well, recent history is littered with guys who suffered injuries during their college careers without it impacting their draft stock one bit. Remember, Kyrie Irving missed most of his only season at Duke – he still went No. 1 overall. Joel Embiid missed his final few weeks at Kansas and it was clear he’d miss his entire rookie year – and he still went No. 3 overall. Nerlens Noel suffered an ACL tear in February – he still went No. 6 in that year’s NBA Draft.

And keep in mind that none of those players was nearly the prospect that Zion Williamson is. None was as nearly as safe of a bet as Zion is at this moment – and yet none of those injuries hurt the individual player’s draft stock. That’s also why I feel confident saying that no injury will keep Zion from going No. 1. He has proven to be too good and way too valuable to a franchise to ever pass up in the draft. Even if God forbid an injury happened, there isn’t a single GM who is risking his entire career by passing on Zion Williamson. If you pass on Zion and he develops into the star we all think he can become, you are never living it down. Again, no one is taking that risk.

Still, let’s take this a step further. Let’s say that hypothetically that major injury did happen to Zion and it caused him to tumble down draft boards. None of us want it to happen obviously, but for the sake of argument, let’s play that game.

You know what would happen? Zion would still become a millionaire.

That’s because according to Darren Rovell, before the season Duke took out an insurance policy for Zion. It will pay him $8 million dollars if he suffers a major injury. So even if he goes down, he will still be a millionaire.

To which I ask: If he will become a millionaire regardless of what happens, what is the actual reason for him to sit out?

I guess a case could be made that “what’s the point of playing if he isn’t getting paid right now.” Putting aside the fact I’m pretty sure that agents and shoe companies are, ahem, providing “guidance” to the family behind the scenes (I doubt anyone is scraping quarters out of the couch cushions to pay for meals), we already went over this a few weeks ago. When Scottie Pippen first suggested Williamson “shut it down” Zion eloquently explained that it was a non-starter. That he came to Duke to play for Coach K. And that he wants to finish what he started.

We also need to give credit where it’s due to Duke as well. I know the media hates to say anything nice about college basketball, but the bottom-line is that Duke has played in a role in Zion Williamson’s success as well. No one had Zion Williamson the consensus No. 1 pick in this NBA Draft before he arrived at Duke, and I’ve seen mock drafts from the spring and summer that had him as low as No. 4 or No. 5 in the draft. While it doesn’t seem like much, the difference between being the No. 1 pick in the draft and No. 4 is over $12 million in salary over the course of the rookie contract. Therefore, for everyone saying “He could lose millions” by continuing to play college basketball, I’d say that’s simply not true. To take things a step further, the facts are, he’s actually made millions more than he would have had he been allowed to go to the NBA straight out of high school.

And that doesn’t even include his increased endorsement value, which leads me to this: I actually think the more Zion plays basketball for free in college, the more it will help continue to expand his brand as he inches towards the NBA. Yes, the player with the biggest brand we’ve seen in college basketball in years, could get even bigger.

Think about it.

Over the last couple months, Zion Williamson has gone from a name that basketball junkies and YouTube/Instagram followers knew, to a household name, thanks to college basketball and the exposure he provides. He has become one of the biggest stories in all of sports, someone that isn’t just discussed on basketball podcasts and by Jay Bilas and Seth Greenberg, but a real, legitimate talking point among Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless and pretty much anyone who talks sports for a living. At this point, Duke games regularly out-rate NBA games (Duke-Virginia actually had more viewers than Rockets-Thunder that same night). At this particular moment, people are as interested in the future of the NBA as they are in the present.

Zion is already a household name, but as big as he is, but isn’t it fair to say he can get even bigger by sticking it out and playing in the NCAA Tournament? Can you imagine him being the biggest talking point in sports for a whole month through March?

It seems like something that shouldn’t matter, but it does. Keep in mind that the Duke-Virginia game drew a little over 2 million viewers – which is absolutely awesome, but pales in comparison to big NCAA Tournament games. As an example, last year’s title game drew nearly 17 million viewers – 17 MILLION – and that was considered a low, bad rating for a title game. North Carolina against Gonzaga did 26 million viewers the year before. That’s 13 times the number that Duke-Virginia did.

It’s insane to think about, but as big as Zion Williamson’s brand is, it could get bigger.

At the end of the day, it’s up to Zion to decide what is best for him.

But as long as he’s healthy, I’d advise him to stick things out and finish what he started at Duke.

Aaron Torres Sports Podcast Ep. 123: Kentucky Beats Tennessee + What’s the Worst City in America?

It’s Monday, it’s college basketball season and you know what that means: We’ve got ourselves another edition of the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast! Aaron is joined by Nick Coffey to discuss Kentucky’s massive win over Tennessee, mid-majors vs. big schools on the bubble, plus the most important question in the history of the podcast: What is the worst city in America? Highlights:

Tennessee-Kentucky Recap: The guys discuss the game of the weekend in college hoops, Kentucky’s triumphant and dominant win over Tennessee on Saturday at Rupp Arena. Is there any doubt that Kentucky is back amongst the elite of college basketball? Does this change the way the guys think about Tennessee? Plus, is Kentucky still being underrated nationally?

Should Mid-Majors or Power Conference teams get Priority for At-Large Bids? The guys also get into the oldest debate in college basketball. The guys argue make the case for teams like Murray State and Indiana. Aaron explains how the computers have hijacked any chance for mid-majors to get these bids.

Plus, the guys share their thoughts on what the worst city in America is, along with a history lesson.

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Aaron Torres Sports Podcast Ep. 122: Sean Farnham + Duke-Louisville and LSU-Kentucky

It was a wild, wild, WILD week of college hoops and the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast is here to recap it all with you. First up, Nick Coffey relives Duke-Louisville live from the Yum! Center, before ESPN’s Sean Farnham joins the show to take a national perspective on all the big stories in the sport. Highlights:

A Crazy Night in the Commonwealth: The guys spend the first half of the show breaking down the two craziest games of the week – and maybe the season – Duke-Louisville and LSU-Kentucky. Nick was in the arena for Louisville’s meltdown and describes what it was like to watch the lead slowly slip away before Duke wins. He also talked Zion hysteria and where does Louisville go from here. Then the guys get into LSU-Kentucky and why a team *like* LSU could give the Wildcats trouble come tournament time. Quickly, the guys wrap by previewing Kentucky-Tennessee. What are keys and who do they like to win?

ESPN’s Sean Farnham: The college basketball analyst joins the show for a deep, deep dive into the national college basketball picture. After seeing Gonzaga in person last Saturday, he explains why the Zags are as good as anyone in college basketball. He shares thoughts on both Kentucky and Tennessee after covering the SEC for years — and why each is a title contender. Finally, they break down the UCLA coaching job. As an alum, Farnham discusses what the Bruins should be looking for in the next candidate and why he is optimistic they will get their guy.

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Aaron Torres Sports Podcast Ep. 121: Bracket Reveal, Weekend Recap and Tom Crean’s Idiotic Comments

Oh boy, do we have a great episode of the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast. Aaron and Nick Coffey talk about a wild weekend on and off the court in college hoops. The bracket was revealed, several big games were played and Tom Crean made one of the dumbest comments a coach could possibly make. Here is a recap of it all:

Bracket Reveal: The NCAA revealed it’s Top 16 teams in the bracket. Kentucky came in as the top No. 2 seed, while Gonzaga was the last No. 1. The guys discuss whether they’d have a problem if Gonzaga got a No. 1 seed, and Aaron says that he doesn’t believe it will come down to Gonzaga vs. UK for the final No. 1 come Selection Sunday.

College Basketball Highlights: Virginia lost to Duke, again.  Aaron believes this is proof that they aren’t a real national championship contender. Nick makes the point that we kind of “know” who teams are at this point, and that Kentucky’s win over Mississippi State isn’t really surprising for people who know the sport. Same with Marquette and Villanova. Also, the Duke-Virginia game out-rated the NBA on TV Saturday night. Is this proof that Adam Silver is looking at the one-and-done rule the wrong way?

Tom Crean’s Idiotic Comments: Last up, the guys get into Tom Crean’s really dumb comments following another Georgia loss. How out of touch is Crean and would any other coach ever say anything so stupid?

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Rivals’ Corey Evans Gives Recruiting Updates on Jaden McDaniels + Matthew Hurt

Photo via Endless Motor

There’s no other way to put it: The Kentucky Wildcats are red-hot, as they enter a weekend showdown against Mississippi State. Kentucky enters the weekend ranked No. 5 in the country and winners of 19 of their last 21 games.

Still, while the Wildcats pursue another Final Four berth and potentially a national title, we all know that John Calipari and his staff never stop working to put together the pieces for next year’s team.

Some of them are already known. McDonald’s All-Americans Tyrese Maxey and Kahlil Whitney are committed, as is Dontaie Allen, with the very realistic possibility that several others (Immanuel Quickley, Jemarl Baker, Nick Richards and E.J. Montgomery) will be back too.

Still, recruiting never really stops at Kentucky and with a couple big names left on the market, the Wildcats would still love to add a piece or two.

So will it happen?

Well, on Thursday’s Aaron Torres Sports Podcast, Aaron welcomed on national recruiting expert Corey Evans to break down the top remaining players in the class and where they might go. That includes five-star forwards Jaden McDaniels and Matthew Hurt, as well as guard Anthony Edwards.

Starting with McDaniels, the 6’10 forward from the Pacific Northwest technically still has five schools on the list – Washington, Kentucky, UCLA, Texas and San Diego State, where his brother plays this season. But in Evans’ mind it’s down to two. He also doesn’t expect McDaniels to make a decision any time soon.

“It’s going to happen in April probably. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the last [big-time recruit] to do it… I really think this is a two-horse race between Washington and Kentucky.”

The good news for Kentucky is that they are in no worse than the No. 2 position right now, and as Evans pointed out, McDaniels really does seem oblivious to most of the recruiting noise. Evans mentioned how during a recent interview, McDaniels wasn’t even aware that UCLA – one of his finalists – had fired head coach Steve Alford.

At the same time, when it’s all said and done, it will be hard for the Wildcats to lure McDaniels from the hometown Washington Huskies, where five-star commit Isaiah Stewart is pulling at him to stay in Seattle.

“San Diego State is still there because of his brother, Kentucky is his dream school. But [five-star, Washington commit] Isaiah Stewart have cultivated a very strong relationship dating back to USA Basketball back in October.

I think you have two former travel teammates of his committed in 2019, a five-star, can’t miss, immediate producer and good friend in Isaiah Stewart, it’s your backyard, they’re the top team in the Pac-12. It’s going to stay hard to say no to the hometown school.”

Like McDaniels, Matthew Hurt is another player that is in no rush to make his decision. The 6’9 forward from Minnesota only just recently finished up all of his visits and is only now starting to winnow down the recruiting process. According to Evans however, the deliberate pace to Hurt’s decision isn’t because he’s oblivious like McDaniels, but instead, because he truly wants to see what each team’s roster will look for next season before he makes a decision.

There’s a very realistic chance that Hurt could wait until after players have declared for the draft at his four finalists before deciding.

“We’re still in a waiting pattern here with Hurt. Five-star top-end forward. It’s primarily a four school race, Kansas, Kentucky, UNC and Duke. The bluebloods of bluebloods. I’ve stuck with Kansas all along here for two years or so. I’m not going to change my prediction.

It’s going to be difficult to be 100 percent confident in predictions because Matt is in no rush, nor should he be because he understands that all the leverage is on his side. Teams will wait until the last minute possible to add him. He’s done visiting all the schools he set out to visit. He might take more. Personally, I think he waits until the spring for kids to leave for the NBA and then he makes his choice.”

If anything, it seems like Hurt’s decision may ultimately come down to the wire. And for him to choose Kentucky, it will also come down to which of their big guys declare for the draft. At this point we know Reid Travis will be gone, and PJ Washington almost certainly will be as well. E.J. Montgomery might come back, which could hurt Kentucky in Hurt’s recruitment. Then again, you’ve got to ask yourself: Would you rather have a sophomore E.J. Montgomery or a freshman Matthew Hurt? As much as I like Hurt’s game, I’d rather have a second year of Montgomery if I’m a Kentucky fan.

Speaking of Montgomery, it’s also important to remember that you just never know what will happen in recruiting. Montgomery didn’t commit until April, and Ashton Hagans and Travis didn’t show up until May. There might be a kid or two who is currently committed to a school who will decommit amid a coaching change, or someone you just never expect immediately becoming available.

In addition to McDaniels and Hurt, Evans also hit on a number of other topics. Is Tom Crean REALLY going to land the No. 1 prospect in the country, Anthony Edwards, the guard from Atlanta who Crean is selling to be the face of the hometown program?

And what 2020 high school prospects could possible reclassify and get eligible to play college ball next year?

Corey Evans has the answers. To listen to this episode of the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast, click here.

Aaron Torres Sports Podcast Ep. 120: Recruiting with Corey Evans + How Many Teams can Actually Win the Title?

It’s a new episode of the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast, as Aaron welcomes on recruiting guru Corey Evans to discuss the best high school prospects remaining in the 2019 class. Who will commit and to what schools? But first, Aaron talks about the happenings around college basketball, including a wild story at Arizona. Here’s a rundown of the show:

Is Sean Miller about to get fired? On Wednesday night, a wild story came out about MORE controversy at Arizona, this one involving grade changes for Shareef O’Neal. Aaron breaks down what it means, and why he believes this will ultimately end up as the final straw for Sean Miller at Arizona. Also, Aaron transitions away from Arizona and asks a simple question:

How many teams can win the national championship? It isn’t as many as you think.

Recruiting guru Corey Evans joins the show:’s Corey Evans joins the show to talk all things recruiting. Anthony Edwards commits on Monday — is Tom Crean REALLY going to get the No. 1 player in America?

Kentucky Recruiting Updates — What is the latest on Matthew Hurt? Does Kentucky have any chance of getting Jaden McDaniels out of the Pacific Northwest? And finally, who are the players in the class of 2020 who are most likely to reclassify?

Get the podcast delivered directly to your phone by subscribing to the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast feed on iTunes or via Android’s Podcast Addict app.  You can easily listen on the KSR App, available on iTunes and Google Play. Streaming online is simple through Pod Paradise.  Don’t forget to follow the show on Instagram too.

Jimmy Dykes on Kentucky: “They’re Right There With Anyone” in College Basketball

At this point, whether you’re a Kentucky fan or not, it’s impossible to dispute that the Wildcats are one of the elite teams in college basketball and a bona-fide national championship contender. When you win nine straight games, own wins over Kansas, North Carolina, Louisville and at Auburn and Florida that tends to happen.

Ultimately we all know this is just what John Calipari does – getting his teams to play better throughout each and every season – yet even by the insane standard John Calipari has set, this season is shaping to be maybe his greatest turnaround yet.

The question of course is, how did it all happen and how much better can this team get?

There literally might not be a single better person on the planet to answer that question than ESPN’s Jimmy Dykes, who has called a number of Kentucky’s games this season, and has also seen many of college basketball’s other elite teams in person this season, including the No. 1 ranked Tennessee Volunteers.

So what does Dykes think of the 2019 Wildcats? He joined KSR’s Aaron Torres Sports Podcast this week to discuss Kentucky, SEC hoops and so much more.

And even Dykes is surprised by just how good Kentucky has gotten, and just how quickly it has happened (you can download the whole episode here). The interview was recorded right after the Vanderbilt last week and prior to the wild comeback at Florida.

They’re probably ahead of schedule. They’re looking more like it’s the end of February not January, with the way they just punished Vanderbilt. A Vanderbilt team that just took the No. 1 team in the country [Tennessee] to overtime. So they’re playing at a high, high level on both ends of the floor. Offensively they know who they are now. They have an offensive identity. Defensively, still, they can still have another 20, 25 percent improvement on that end of the floor which is what you want. You want your team to still have an area of growth right now.

He continued.

They’re playing like one of the Top 5 teams in the country. They’re right there with anybody. I still think Tennessee and Virginia are the best two teams we have right now based on how they would play on a neutral floor. Tennessee is terrific. Virginia is terrific. But man, Kentucky has really closed that gap over the last six or seven weeks. 

From there, Dykes was asked what exactly Kentucky needed to improve upon going forward. Even the great teams always have small tweaks they can make to take their games to a higher level, and the Wildcats are no exception. At first, Dykes reiterated that continuing to improve on defense would be key (like it is for every team in college basketball) before turning his attention to more consistency overall.

That’s right, we’ve seen just about everyone on this roster have a breakout game or two (including E.J. Montgomery on Tuesday night against South Carolina). Imagine if they could get everyone in their rotation, including Montgomery, Nick Richards, Immanuel Quickley and Jemarl Baker playing well off the bench at the same time?

I don’t think [Coach] Cal has had a game yet where his top seven or eight guys all play well. And that’s the beauty of this team is that they’re not reliant on one guy, like say Kansas is. If Dedric Lawson doesn’t show up and have your typical 20-point, 10-rebound game. And that’s not the case with Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, Gonzaga. Those are probably the four teams that have the depth to overcome ‘Our star didn’t show up tonight.’

Finally, Dykes wrapped by discussing Kentucky in a general sense.

And yeah, to be blunt, he likes what he sees.

That’s a tough team to beat right now because of their length, their overall size, they can really overwhelm teams when the ball is on the glass.

Overall, it was a fun interview, as Dykes, the man who has become the voice of SEC basketball, shared his thoughts on the Wildcats, the league as a whole, and what it would take to beat Tennessee down the road.

To listen to the full interview, subscribe and download the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast here or listen online at Pod Paradise.

Aaron Torres Sports Podcast Ep. 119: Jimmy Dykes + A Wild Weekend of College Hoops

Relive a wild weekend of college hoops by downloading the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast. Aaron is joined by Nick Coffey to recap all the madness beforeESPN’s Jimmy Dykes joins the show to talk all things SEC hoops. Highlights:

Why is Bill Self getting a pass for Silvio De Sousa? Aaron opens by discussing the Silvio De Sousa case at Kansas. The Jayhawks forward has been suspended for his role in the FBI probe, but why is Bill Self getting a pass? NCAA rules state that coaches can be held responsible for the actions of others, and Self was caught texting an Adidas representative about De Sousa’s recruitment. So why is he still allowed to coach while the player is suspended?

A recap of the college hoops weekend: Next up, Aaron and Nick Coffey give a full recap of a wild weekend on the court in college hoops. Aaron explains why he believes Kentucky’s win over Florida was their biggest victory of the season and after beating Louisville, are people sleeping on North Carolina? The guys also say a small prayer for poor NC State fans after the Wolfpack scored just 24 points in their game against Virginia Tech. The two also touch on Penny Hardaway — whose team got blown out just days after he claimed other coaches were “jealous” of his program.

ESPN’s Jimmy Dykes joins the show: The show concludes with a visit from ESPN’s Jimmy Dykes. He discusses why he believes Kentucky is a title contender and explains how he would gameplan against Tennessee. Also, when will Jimmy’s Jet return and how many SEC teams are going to the NCAA Tournament?

Get the podcast delivered directly to your phone by subscribing to the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast feed on iTunes or via Android’s Podcast Addict app.  You can easily listen on the KSR App, available on iTunes and Google Play. Streaming online is simple through Pod Paradise.  Don’t forget to follow the show on Instagram too.

Part II: How Does Kentucky Matchup with the Other Title Contenders


At this point, there really is no other way to put it: After seven straight wins, a dominant victory over Kansas on Saturday and a bludgeoning of Vanderbilt on Tuesday night, Kentucky is very much back in the national championship conversation. Admittedly, it probably didn’t take until Tuesday to establish that. But if there was any doubt, a 25-point lobotomizing of Vandy at Memorial Gym proved it.

That’s right, it hasn’t always been easy for the Wildcats, but here we are in mid-January, the Wildcats are ranked No. 7 nationally, arguably the hottest team in the country and the proverbial “club no one wants to play right now.” And it’s time to begin discussing them among the best teams in college basketball and figuring out how they match up.

Which is exactly what I have done here over the last couple days: Tried to figure out how Kentucky matches up with college basketball’s true national title contenders.

Yesterday I went in-depth on three of the title contenders, Michigan State, Virginia and Gonzaga. I looked at those team’s strengths and weaknesses and how Kentucky would fare in a potential matchup with them.

And today, it’s time take a look at the rest of the contenders.

Here is Part II of a two-part series I like to call “How does Kentucky match up with the contenders” as I look at the Wildcats’ potential matchups with Michigan, Tennessee and Duke.

And again, if you missed Part I, click here.


Aaron Torres Sports Podcast Ep. 118: Pat McAfee + Who’s the Bigger Disaster: Indiana or Kansas?

Get ready for a completely different show than any you’ve heard on the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast! Aaron is joined by former NFL kicker Pat McAfee to talk football and the Super Bowl. But first, Aaron is joined by Nick Coffey where they talk about the “Fyre Festival” documentaries, who is the “Fyre Festival” of college hoops Indiana or Kansas, plus, who would win if they played tomorrow: Kentucky or Tennessee?

Here is a full rundown:

Who is the “Fyre Festival” of College Basketball: As promised, the guys take a deep dive into the “Fyre Festival” documentaries. They examine the differences between the two documentaries and the impact social media has on the world we live in. They answer the question, Who is the Fyre Festival of college basketball, the team that looked great on paper, but has ended up a total disaster? Is it Kansas or Indiana?

Kentucky-Tennessee: Who would win if they played tomorrow?

Pat McAfee: Former NFL punter and current comedian and podcaster Pat McAfee joins the show for an abbreviated visit. He discusses his rookie season which included a trip to the Super Bowl, what it was like to play with Peyton Manning and he gives a Super Bowl pick. He also lets you know how you can get free wings if Sunday’s game goes to overtime.

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