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All Signs pointing to Matthews to UK Wednesday



As reported earlier, Charles Matthews (#12 Composite overall) will be announcing his school decision Wednesday between UK, Illinois, Kansas, Marquette, and Michigan State. Matthews has been rumored as a UK lean for months, which can be seen on the Crystal Ball with many UK picks dating back into June. There are several factors that make UK a very viable option for Matthews and the favorite heading into tomorrow.

1) The Meanstreets Pipeline

This is probably the biggest factor of them all, and an often overlooked part of recruiting. John Calipari has a strong connection to the AAU team Meanstreets. He has been able to successfully recruit seemingly every player he wants from the program. Derrick Rose, Anthony Davis, and Tyler Ulis were all Meanstreets alumni that Calipari was able to recruit to his program. Calipari clearly has a healthy relationship with the coaches of Meanstreets and is able to show the recruits the success he has had with the other Chicago guys in the past.

2) Tyler Ulis

As mentioned above, Ulis is a fellow player for Meanstreets. The two have played many games alongside each other. While they are not overly close friends, Matthews and Ulis gel on the court quite well. It is safe to assume Ulis will be at UK for several years as a pass first point guard, and Matthews likely will appreciate playing with a point guard who could enhance his offensive game to new heights.

3) Most recent visit

Early tonight, some were worried about Calipari not visiting Matthews any time in the recent past. This idea changed quickly when it was reported that Calipari was at Matthews’ practice today in Chicago.

Let’s be real. If Calipari was at a player’s practice one day and he is making a surprise announcement immediately after, you can safely assume UK is in the driver’s seat for the player.

Bring ’em down to Lexington.

Article written by Jay Hochstetler

I live the sad but addicting life of tracking where 15-18 year old gentleman are considering for their collegiate basketball careers. Follow me @JayHochKSR

41 responses to “All Signs pointing to Matthews to UK Wednesday”

  1. McOnions

    Come on down!!! ReLoad….

  2. tom

    Jay, in an earlier tweet, you did not seem overly impressed with Matthews. In fact you said you were surprised Cal was still pursuing him. I believe you called Matthews “underwhelming”. What, if anything, has changed in your mind?

    1. E

      If this writer did make that comment earlier, there is no indication from this post that he does not still have that opinion of being unimpressed with Matthews. In this article he merely lays out why it is likely for Calipari to snag him.

    2. tom

      Thanks for the insight Jay. Appreciate your work and information

    3. harris

      So, Jay, you’re saying that you base your opinion on players by stats without doing any research, looking at the recruiting rankings or watching them play?

      Umm, great job…

  3. Phillip Rudd

    We’re ready when you are, so come on down to the Promised Land of UK Basketball, where everybody bleeds BLUE!

  4. Good video

    The kid is long and athletic. Yes please! Please pick UK.

  5. luvmesumcats

    Someone post a 2014-15 projected depth chart/roster including Matthews! I just crawled out of my cave!

    1. cracka

      14/15 is this fall, that is the ulis/towns/booker/lyles (so far) class … charles matthews is a 2015 recruit, which means this fall he’ll be a hs sr

  6. JHK

    This is good news.

    What does it mean for UK and Luke Kennard though ?

    1. CaptObvious

      Great news. Charles is a much better player than Kennard.

  7. Mexmizuno

    Looks just like Archie, except he doesnt fall down.

  8. schwing

    have I been in a coma? this is the first time I’ve heard this kid’s name.

  9. Does it bother anyone else...

    Does it bother anyone else when other programs inflate their national title count? I saw a KU fan the other day claiming they have 5 (counting pre tournament Helms titles) and Carolina announced over the PA in Chapel Hill against UK that they have 6, also including Helms titles. Sorry, but if it wasn’t won in a tournament it doesn’t count. I love that we at UK don’t have to inflate our numbers, because they’re better than almost everyone else’s anyway.

  10. truebluejim

    Im with you JHK…..what does this mean for our chances with Luke Kennard??

  11. jus sayin

    Calm down one combo guard committing to UK doesn’t stop another. We basically signed 3 shooting guards in this year’s class. If Kennard doesn’t come it will be because Devin Booker and Gill-Ceaser both came back… and even then he will probably still come.

  12. Luke Kennard

    I’m not afraid to play with other talented players… and if I were you wouldn’t want me anyway. BBN

  13. CaptObvious

    This guy is FAR better than Kennard. He has the character of Brandon Knight and has been playing with much higher quality competition. If we get Kennard….Great. But Charles is the BEST SG in the country. Kennard, much like Poythress, has excelled mainly because he is playing inferior comp.

    1. JHK

      Which one is the best 3pt shooter though ?

      WE always have trouble with spacing and the year we won it all was because we had Lamb and Miller shooting both 40+% from outsied in addition to all the athleticism and talent.

      I always feel like we undervalue the importance of 3pt shooting in college basketball here.

    2. jus sayin

      Much better is subjective. One is Nick Stauskus the other is Corey Brewer it just depends on what you need. I would like both.

  14. cats fan from bg

    Maybe at halftime Thursday we can have a chair throwing contest and let knight be the judge of it

  15. Cayts

    Love his game! Long, strong finisher, good mid-range shot, ups. Great fit for UK with Towns & Ulis.

    1. PhilUK18

      I wouldn’t be so sure that Towns will be around for a second season

    2. 94Feet

      Not even a slim chance he’s at UK more than one year, unless the rules change.

  16. Cals Cats

    Matthews is the 2nd best shooting guard in the class not first. Malik Newman is head over heals better but that isn’t a shot at Matthews, Newman is just really really good.

    Kennard are will likely play the three if he is out there the same time as Matthews.

    With Ullis and Booker back for their second year, then us adding Matthews and Kennard, don’t see a place for Newman. Will likely shy away from that like Vaughn did this year. Will miss not seeing a future allstar in Newman not here but there are only so much pt to go around.

    1. 94Feet

      I promise you WE are not shying away from Newman. The question is how high is he on us ? From the reads, he thinks very highly of UK…..but at times you have to go with a bird in the hand.

      Newman IMO, should have reclassified. Even If it meant spending two years under UK guidance.

      As a father, a fella with his skills would greatly benefit.

  17. PhilUK18

    We will not get Kennard, Newman and Matthews. It just won’t happen. I’d take Newman first, then Kennard, then this Matthews kid. Jay himself said he wasn’t very good at all and we don’t need any more SG’s that can’t shoot!

    1. PhilUK18

      While I’m glad you didn’t steal my name to say anything completely ludicrous or troll (although I would take Matthews over Kennard, and Newman’s decision has no bearing on those two) you seriously couldn’t just come up with your own handle? It’s really not that hard, I promise.

    2. PhilUK18

      You seriously couldn’t just come up with your own handle on here? Come on, man. Anyway, Newman is a PG, so his school choice wouldn’t really impact Kennard or Matthews at all. I would take Matthews over Kennard though, if getting one meant missing out on the other.

    3. 94Feet

      +1 Newman is a one. Having two ones, such as Ullis and Newman on the court would be fun to watch.

  18. JustSayin

    Cals Cats, Malik Newman already knows that wherever he goes he will play. Kennard and Matthews can both interchange between the 2-3 and Newman can play whereever the hell he likes, most likely the 1 and some 2. In terms of numbers you would have 5 guys playing the three perimeter positions. Obviously Ulis can just play the 1 though.

  19. jus sayin

    Really good players are not afraid to come play with other really good players. Julius Randle still came even after we signed Marcus Lee. You need be more concerned about Mali Newman than Kennard. He is an NBA all star.

  20. Malik Newman

    I’m a point guard. I’m 6’3.

    1. 94Feet

      Again…. Newman can play wherever he wants. The kid is a future NBA All-Star.

    2. 94Feet

      To make things simple, if Newman chooses UK, the waters will part and the 4 positions left will be in question.

  21. Real talk

    I would rather have Newman then kennard or Matthews. Newman shoots the basketball at an nba superstar level

  22. Kyhank

    if Cal tells you it’s Christmas you can paint your eggs, I think

  23. UKALLDay

    Big DEAL! This kid is back up at best, not on the same level as Kennard and not anywhere near Newman. Newman is more skilled as a high school junior than anyone on the current UK roster. He is like a more explosive version of Jay Williams from Duke (Sorry to bring Duke into this). Malik Newman is a must get and so is Kennard, Mathews ads depth.