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You might as well just put this video on loop until Big Blue Madness

It’s picture day for the UK basketball team, and the guys took some time between takes to lay down some nasty dunks for KyWildcatsTV. Check out the video above and prepare for the Drive for #9.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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41 responses to “You might as well just put this video on loop until Big Blue Madness”

  1. mocha

    poetry in motion.

  2. cotton nash


  3. NL

    The fact that Derek Willis had a nice 360 dunk is a pleasant surprise. Wiltjer couldn’t do that.

  4. EJ FLoreal


  5. Newthreads

    We need new uni’s… A fresh look. We’ve had these for too long

  6. goodcotten

    Where’s Polsons Dunk?

  7. DH

    goodcotten, it was right after Brian Long’s dunk at the 1:05 mark

  8. big blue

    Who’s number 1 dunkin like that. Dude looked like he was flying.

  9. DH

    Actually, Polson CAN dunk. Dude has hops, for real

  10. DH

    big blue, #1 is James Young

  11. tony delk

    Who’s wearing my number this year?

  12. bmt22033

    For those of you who don’t recognize all the faces yet…..

    00 – Marcus Lee
    1 – James Young
    2 – Aaron Harrison
    3 – Polson
    4 – Hood
    5 – Andrew Harrison
    13 – Malone
    15 – WCS
    21 – Lanter
    22 – Poythress
    24 – E.J. Floreal
    25 – Dominique Hawkins
    30 – Julius Randle
    32 – Long
    35 – Derek Willis
    44 – Dakari Johnson

  13. bmt22033

    Was the video really removed?!?

  14. Parker

    It says it’s removed?

  15. Han

    It’s gone.

  16. big blue

    Thank you 10 & 12. I thought maybe that was him..

  17. Brian

    James Young can throw it down! His dunk kinda reminds me of some of DA’s.

  18. Bleed Blue

    @5 these jerseys are only 3 years old, how is that to long?

  19. Polson

    Goodcotton. I’m number 3 this year. Watch the video again

  20. trey

    Only E.J. Floreal’s dunk was any good. Looked a lot like Bledsoe. The rest were normal, easy dunks.

  21. Obviously Sarcastic

    Those are nice dunks and all, but can someone please change those light bulbs???

  22. Randy Marsh

    This is so wonderful

  23. BBN Gary Oldman

    One of the best parts of the off-season is seeing the new guys in their unis for the first time. Makes it feel closer

  24. Ken

    We’ve had these jerseys for 4 years… Ever since john wall played in them. Too old

  25. JD

    Wow EJ Floreal can dunk!

  26. Not that impressive

    Those of you salivating over these mediocre dunks are sad

  27. brain

    Dunkilicious, Thanks for the vid Mrs. T.

  28. Booo-of-K

    Wow….who would’ve thought professional athletes–.ahemmm,Excuse me–”collegiate athletes” could dunk? I wonder how many of them can read at even a 9th grade level…

  29. Booo-of-K

    Ok, well , I did some research. It turns out way more of them actually can than I would’ve thought. The answer is 5 ( two if whom actually read at a level HIGHER than 9th grade!!).

  30. Jake Allen

    Want a reminder on how relevant dunk videos are? Go back and look at Ryan Harrow’s mix tape and the comments about it.

  31. Troy

    Marcus Lee got the f*** UP there and made it look frigging EFFORTLESS !!!!


  32. Troy

    Booo-of-K, how many Pitino bobbleheads do you have shoved up your ass tight now?

  33. Cleatonite

    “Not that impressive” those dunks will be a lot more impressive when they are happening over chane Behannan’s fat ass at Rupp this year.

  34. Cleatonite

    Also, I’d rather watch this than go out behind the chicken shack dum center and watch your hero Kevin Ware light up a white grape blunt. Stay classy loserville, I guess obvious troll gonna troll. … So it begins…

  35. SH

    Mrs TT whats up with Poythress and the blue jersey? We need a follow up story. I says he packed the wrong one?

  36. Jeffrey
  37. Blue Leather

    Wow, B-ball can’t get here soon enough!!!!

  38. Ken
  39. UKkathy

    I do think it is rather comical that the little school in Louvul has to comment on our players. Even after winning it all after 27 years (but who’s counting) they are still so jealous. But hey, I needed a good laugh this morning. GO CATS!

  40. UK_ALL_DAY

    I just got chills!