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You Have to See this Buzzer Beater at the WYMT Mountain Classic

The screenshot is blurry, but you get the picture.

The screenshot is blurry, but you get the picture.

The WYMT Mountain Classic basketball tournament opened with a bang…from half-court.

Undefeated Harlan County was on the brink of losing their first game of the season.  Trailing Cordia 55-57 with only seconds remaining, Cameron Carmical kept the Black Bears’ hopes for an undefeated season alive with a prayer.

But did he get it off in time?

Even if it was a hair of a second too late, Cordia can’t complain.  When you hit a shot like that, you deserve to win.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

9 responses to “You Have to See this Buzzer Beater at the WYMT Mountain Classic”

  1. frantic29

    WTF do you mean Cordia can’t complain? If I was there coach I’d be all over the state athletic commission in the morning. They have EVERY right to complain.

  2. JVice

    Time had expired. The team who was ahead when time expired deserved to win. Why is this a question?

  3. ibescootch

    Hahaha! I’m usually on board with Roush, but what does that even mean, Cordia can’t complain?! This wasn’t like a theoretical scenario- he literally didn’t get the shot off in time. It wasn’t a buzzer-beater, it was a late shot after the buzzer. This is like watching the late hike after time had expired in the UK-Florida game and saying the BBN doesn’t have any reason to complain.

  4. rolandrmoore1965

    But Cordia won the Popular Vote. 🙂

    1. UK Big Board Update

      So you’re saying Trump broke the rules to win…?

  5. Blue_Cat75

    The clock and the backboard light aren’t always synced. This only shows the light go off, so unless there’s an angle showing the clock expiring there’s nothing Cordia can do. Great shot though.

  6. CATSby90.5

    You would think in 2017, as cars are on the brink of driving themselves, that we could have synced games clocks and backboard lights.

  7. brian

    You deserve to win when you make the shot in time; he did not. Soooo…no. They did not deserve to win.

  8. Jaxxon1973

    Rickie P would like it noted that the player hit the shot despite someone guarding the inbound pass.