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Yet another reason to love the Harrison twins


(via @CaptBoDangles13)

When he’s not busy hitting game-winning shots in the NCAA tournament, Aaron Harrison will walk up to your car and shake your hand in Lexington, according to this Facebook post.

One more year!!!!!!

Article written by Drew Franklin

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49 responses to “Yet another reason to love the Harrison twins”

  1. Blue Jesus

    Cool sweater, too.


    PLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSE STAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Sir Walter Raleigh

      If I could just get Aaron and Andrew to promise not to go pro until they shook my granny’s hand, I’d hide that ol’ bag up in the attic for the next 3 yrs.

  3. MacGruber

    She has that granny grip on him too, bet he had a heck of a time breaking loose.

  4. UK Fan 34

    They seem like they’re happy to be here now. I wouldn’t be shocked if they came back.

  5. The Space Between Liza Minnellis Eyes

    I am going to say something that may be slightly controversial. I love this team more than the Wall year. They show a true love for the fan base, unlike JW these kids don’t emit an air of fakeness with their kindness, it feels genuine. I really really like these kids

    1. Miss Nomer

      No need to disparage others in your compliment. Wall was and is a great guy and we’re lucky to have him as part of BBN.

    2. ShagariObrzut

      I agree. Like Cal has been saying all year, these are genuinely good people.

    3. Tha Cold Hard Facts

      But…..did you like them when they lost to South Carolina? I know you’re gonna say something like ” I always knew we were going to the FF” just like you probably never said “we’re going 40-0” or “we’re gonna repeat” the year before that.

    4. Brandon

      No need to dog out the JW team. They still show up and support the university, even showing up for the NT game.

    5. ShagariObrzut


      I can’t say that I thought that Kentucky was going to make a run in the tournament, especially to the title game. However, these players never did anything to make me question their character or if they were good people.

    6. C...A....T....S.....CATS!

      I agree with you.

      From the GATE, these recruits came on to campus with very mature, sincere, and polite behavior.

      You could SEE IT in the way the carried themselves… just like in this picture.

      You could HEAR IT in the manner in which they spoke to reporters, fans, their coach, and BBN.

      You could also SEE IT in our own players by examining how offensive other teams players carried themselves. To that point…

      I don’t mean to take away from ANYTHING the UCONN team achieved this year. However, to listen to the first TWO UCONN PLAYERS speak on stage after their win Monday Night, I was embarrassed for the state of CONNECTICUT and UCONN. In addition, I could NOT help but think “any UK player standing on that stag tonight would NEVER carry themselves in that GANGSTA / THUG manner. What a disgrace to the tremendous effort this UCONN team just gave.”

      SO proud of this UK team and the tremendous freshman that joined them to add character and maturity beyond their years.


    7. JamesRamseysCombover

      Props to you for keeping the TV on long enough to watch the awards ceremony. Had mine shut off before the final buzzer stopped blaring.

    8. stevieb

      The Wall team was a lot more fun to watch throughout the year but this team has more respect just due to how they handled themselves through all of this and in the post season

  6. Suzanne Smith

    We really need you and your brother to stay in Lex one more year!!! It may be the difference in a good or a great team and a championship or not!!!

    1. It's not about you

      They don’t owe us anything. They ought to stay so they can enjoy another college year while they can and improve themselves for the NBA. Shame to see them go late first or second round this year.

  7. beth

    Just Like Elvis. Come back to us, Aaron!

  8. Rex Chapman King Turd

    My sources say they are gone to the Lakers, win or lose. #donedeal

    1. rex two days later

      Excuse me, I never said it was really gonna happen. Don’t you know what #donedeal means???

  9. Neck338

    Judge a kid by what they do off the court these are some very respectful young men.

  10. Linda

    Love those guys- so classy!!!!

  11. UK Freshmen

    Maybe if we could get even more old ladies to shake his hand, we could get him to stay!! Yea, that’s the ticket.

    1. Sir Walter Raleigh

      No that doesn’t work. Do you hang out in nursing homes? Neither does anyone else. That’s why we have these places.

    2. My mommas a big fan

      My 81 year old mother is a big UK fan…She loves watching the games. She also has Alzheimer’s. The morning after the game against Wisconsin, she asked “How ’bout them ‘Cats?” She even remembered that it was one of the twins that hit the game winning basket. She is not tucked in a nursing home..but is being lovingly cared for at home. If and when the time comes, she won’t be put away and forgotten. I’d hate to be your grandma or mother “Sir” Walter. You could learn some respect from the Harrisons.

  12. Ronda1353

    What a great testament to his parents, his coach, and to others. Would love to see both Aaron and Andrew next year, but cannot blame them should they want to enter the draft. Great season…Great Group of Young Men. #TrueBlue #BBN

  13. Tammy Perdue

    Love it. I know she was so excited!!

  14. AMB

    LOVE these boys.

    As for all of the people who like to hate on the “negative” fans from early March:

    I teach third grade. The amount of times I have to tell parents “He/She has so much potential, but he/she seems to just be choosing not to use it!” is absurd. That’s EXACTLY how I felt most of the season. I don’t love the young cats any less because I was disappointed, but (report card comment warning) “I really want to see them work hard and show off their true ability”.

    1. Negative Ned

      Agreed. How are we supposed to sing one’s praises when it hasn’t been earned? Their resolve over the past month has earned them a more special place in our hearts. To say the always had that spot just b/c they wore the jersey minimizes and cheapens the award they EARNED.

  15. bleedblueky

    As a UK graduate and current employee, I’ve been following Wildcats for almost 30 years. I’d admit that Aaron & Andrew are my twp favorite players and I do hope they choose to stay for another year to benefit both BBN & themselves 🙂
    So proud of all these freshmen and wish you all the best luck no matter what your final decision would be!

  16. steeler71

    They should stay. They may not have another chance to stay on the same team (or win a championship) together!

  17. Kimberly May

    Stay wih uk aanother year. We nneedyyo.

  18. LuvDaCats

    Harrisons’ are a class act.

  19. m

    How could you not like Aaron!? 🙂

  20. stevieb

    Grandma getting some twin action

  21. Katrina Johnson

    Love this… shows true character. And its why i amso sad i dont live in lexanymore…. i reallly wish i could get a picture of the twins with my daughter… shes only 6months old but already LOVES watching the wildcats play. She zones out watching the games and when someone talks to her she screams at them then goes back to watching the game 🙂

  22. inside info

    This is awesome to see. Glad to see a smile on both of their faces. Keep up the good work young man.

  23. Roy

    To The cold hard facts, Yes we loved them after the SC game and all the other games for that matter. We love the Cats being fans what people see is the fustration of loosing when we think they should win, but we always love the players that come here to play and love them when they leave to make their own place in the world. There is no greater support for a player that right here in the BBN

  24. Ethan McDaniel

    Aaron Harrison, is indeed a great guy. Saw him walking outside the night of the first student lottery, and he was sincere enough to take a picture with me… I hope he and his brother come back, along with the rest of the team… I’ve got a good feeling about that last part… As Rex Chapman would say, I have some very reliable sources…

  25. DonnaS

    What a kind gentleman to give this mature lady (notice I did not say old :)) the thrill of her life! I bet they are all trying to settle back into some degree of normalcy after their season is finished!! Good luck to all of them and I wish them well, but I also wish they will enjoy college for another year with UK!!

  26. Nancy Dalton

    Those of us who live in the Houston area love reading such wonderful comments about the Harrison twins from the Kentucky fans. We think they are pretty special, too. They received many accolades as high school players. It is my understanding that they both were excellent students. I also hope they will stay in school, not just for one more year, but for three more years. They have talent, but they need more experience in competing with players that are their equals before turning pro. I’d like to see them prove that they are smart enough to see the big picture–to understand what a great opportunity they have to get a quality education while doing something they love. I guess you could say I don’t want them to grow up too fast by chasing the almighty dollar. Their father’s advice stated it well: Just play loose!

    1. RealCatsFan

      Nancy, I love the way you think! Thanks for coming on here and telling us more about Aaron and Andrew from the perspective of a fellow Houstonian. And for the record – someone asked if we loved them back during the SC game, and for me, the answer was yes. I could see the potential way back then, but realized they needed time to develop. I was impressed with their maturity and politeness from the outset. Mama and Papa Harrison should be very proud of them!

    2. Mark

      Really proud of both of these guys. Thank you for more info on their high school. It was a great year and I would love to see them come back. I have to say, it was a pleasure to listen to both of them speak. Great guys and it proves that their parents are awesome and did a great job with them. They can be very proud of both of them.

  27. Thank You 2013/2014

    I am finally able to watch sportcenter after a two day break, I just couldn’t stand to watch the other team celebrate and hear the analyst criticize our team. I figured that some of the players if not all the players probably migrate to this site to see what people are saying. I wanted to say thank you to everyone of the players for a remarkable season, and wish you all the best, regardless of what your future decisions may be. You all are champions in my book and Kentucky will remember you forever.

  28. kelectric

    I agree the Harrison’s are a class act & I do hope they come back……but let’s also give their parents some credit… can tell they were brought up right in a real solid family setting!

  29. JOe

    For real though, that sweater is ill. love these guys.

  30. W.W.B.B.N.D?

    The Harrisons family should be proud of what great guys they are.

  31. Jeannie Madison

    Those young men are just “SPECIAL”! I have my fingers crossed!

  32. bbn4life

    I will admit there were moments this season where their choices on the court were aggravating. It looked like they were not being patient and forcing plays. Obviously they matured greatly. If they are lottery picks they should probably go. Its risky not to take it when its there. But if they are projected anything less than top 10…they should stay. They are talented enough to be lottery picks next year or the year after. Either route they go I will be a fan and root them on until their playing days are over. They have made me a very proud fan!!

  33. Don

    If they go pro that will split them apart so maybe they will want to get another year together before that happens. They have played together all their lives, so maybe that bond will hold them together for one more year. Wow, if they come back we really have a better shot at a championship, with the way they are playing. In any case I wish them great success going forward