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Yahoo reporting twins will return!


USA Today

Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski reporting the twins will return for a second season at Kentucky. Wojnarowski tweets, “Harrison twins have been torn, going back and forth on staying or leaving Kentucky, sources say. Flip-flopped several times in recent days.”

His sources tell him they have decided on a return.

We’ll know soon…

Article written by Drew Franklin

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30 responses to “Yahoo reporting twins will return!”

  1. Dylan

    Don’t trust Yahoo

    1. tg502

      trust wojo, he is rarely wrong regarding anything NBA related.

    2. Logan

      BS Wojo is awesome

  2. Blue_Cat75

    Won’t believe anything until it comes from the Harrisons.

    1. kramer


  3. stevieb

    Yeah! Time to get my 2015 National Champions tattoo!!

  4. Dylan

    Just wait and hear it from them, thats the only way to know

  5. Podcast Listener

    UK was not informed of the announcement, prior to their dad making it public. They are gone, and have their dad to thank.

    1. logic

      And you’re sure UK didn’t know… how

    2. Roofus Howls

      How quickly after the announcement will have something posted? C’mon, UK knows.

  6. Matt

    They’re just guessing to get hits on the article. They still have a 50/50 chance of being right just like everyone else though.

  7. Zach


  8. Michael Hunt

    What time is the parade scheduled for?

  9. Billy Packer


    1. That's What She Said...


    2. chief_cat

      I see what you did there!

  10. raccoon

    Well I still think it is basically 50/50.

    Won’t be getting anything done between now and 1:00 though.

  11. Daniel

    I’m gonna wait and see if it’s true. I don’t want to get my hopes up.

    1. rahrah

      Waaaay too late for that over here!

  12. realme

    I’m about to cry.

  13. ?

    Is this from twitter? I can’t get twitter at work, it’s blocked.

    1. Chris


  14. Hollywood

    Now I’m a nervous mess and can’t focus on anything for the next 20 minutes. I’ve been saying the whole time that I think they will come back… now, I’m just ready to be excited about the confirmation of it. shew…

  15. Blue Balls

    Don’t keep me waiting any longer. I want the truth!

  16. Andrew Harrison

    You can’t handle the truth!

  17. KY83

    So much for getting any work done. GBB!!

  18. Dan

    If they return we have to be preseason #1. If not still top 5. Can’t wait to smash Cliff Alexander and possibly Myles Turner with our loaded big men next year.

  19. CnBBlue

    will the announcement be on tv/radio to watch/hear or do we just keep checking KSR?

  20. Josh

    Garry Parrish is also reporting they are coming back

  21. sis

    Watch out NCAA!! A Kentucky team with no freshman starters is going to be UNBELIEVABLE!!! The Harrisons, Willie, Alex, and Dakari as a starting five with the deepest bench EVER!