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Willie Cauley-Stein’s new haircut is… ummmm… well, it’s something.


If you thought Willie’s new blonde patch he debuted in the Baylor game was bizarre, wait ’til you see his new hairdo. I… I… I can’t put it into words.

Just look. It’s incredible.


Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

173 responses to “Willie Cauley-Stein’s new haircut is… ummmm… well, it’s something.”

  1. Axe Cop


    1. ad

      if Willie keeps playing the way he has been I don’t care what his hair looks like. I actually kind of dig it

  2. Chicago


  3. What the ???

    Big Willie, wtf?

  4. Behind Enemy Lines

    Ho. Lee. She. Ott.

  5. Bob

    He played awful with the small yellow patch against Baylor, so if he plays like crap again tonight, Cal better make him dye it a different color and/or shave it all off

  6. Kyle Tucker's Hair Piece

    He looks like Chris Tucker from the Bruce Willis movie “The Fifth Element”.

    1. Lololololol

      Hahaha….I’m phucking dying..

    2. Sheeeeiiit

      Holy shat I’m laughing hard!

    3. Japrick

      Ruby Rod, am I right?

  7. empireblue

    get out of the barbershop and back to the charity stripe.

    1. JoeMoney333

      Please go away.

  8. Wedding Planner

    This has to be photo shopped.

    If not, kiss this season goodbye. Guys who care about winning don’t pull a stunt like this after a loss

    1. Bobby Brown

      Get off my lawn!!

    2. Tosis

      Dude. Come on…

    3. Cats4ever

      You are literally to stupid to insult… SMH

    4. Musehobo

      Hahaha, what do you think these guys do when they get back from a loss, sit in their dorm and sulk all day? These guys are rock stars on campus and they live their lives that way (which is part of the reason they come to UK). They don’t like losing either, but the idea that nothing fun can be done after a loss is one of the most out-of-touch statements I’ve ever seen on this comments board.

    5. Nashville cats

      Easy there Digger


      @cats4ever … *too

  9. Jane

    That’s gotta be photoshopped. Dear Lord please be photoshopped.

  10. twnky

    How about you work on your free throw shooting instead of trying to be the coolest guy on the team? This guy is becoming a clown. Too much of the look at me attitude with all of his headband Farm protective sleeves and whatever the hell he wears on his shin.

    1. twnky

      *forearm not farm

    2. seccats

      I agree. I mean he’s 7 feet tall wearing arm sleeves that are meant for shooters to wear, not a big guy who can’t hit a free throw. And that stupid head band, get rid of it! Now this? And this guy is our leader? Tells me why this team is struggling.

  11. Kyle

    I don’t care if his hair is pink … as long as he plays like he did in the Providence game it is okay with me.

    1. CATandMONKEY

      Yup. If he is going make attention-grabbing moves like this, he needs to back it up with his CONSISTENT play on the court. Willie, I am looking for 14, 8 and 4 every night. You are capable. Bring it!

  12. The Biv

    I ain’t seen a Gumby haircut since Bobby Brown.

    “every little step you take…”

    1. Rockfield, KY

      It’s his prerogative.

    2. Jaybird

      All you people talkin, all this stuff about him, why don’t you just let him live?!

  13. HaHa

    This just shows how immature he is. He was becoming the leader of the team with back to back near triple doubles. If he came into the locker room with this hair, let alone his wannabe Wiz Khalifa hair cut last game, I could never take him serious. Grow up, be leader.

  14. Smitty

    That has to be photo-shopped.

  15. inlinefor9

    Get out

  16. Willis talkin bout..

    haha.. he looks a little stressed about it to! Dude.. stay out the shop! I

  17. Nato45

    Blond Sloped Nerlens

  18. trey

    That is just the worst. I was hoping for corn rows when he started growing his hair out, but this is too much.

  19. Miggity Mike

    Willie…….go home, you’re drunk!!

  20. Aaron

    Some UK fans are just so stupid. Who cares if he dyed his hair? Only UK fans would draw a link between dying hair and losing a basketball game. Sheesh you people are nuts. He’s still a Cat! Go big blue

    1. DH

      Thank you for not worrying about something that’s not worth worrying about

    2. Tony

      He is representing the school and state….he is a $&@/ing idiot and I really dislike this team of idiots….wonder if the Harrison twins will be wearing gold chains with baby bottle madalions?

    3. DH

      If you dislike the team so much, go be a fan of another team. Oh, and before you call someone else an idiot, learn how to spell medallion

    4. schwing

      caring how the players look is part of caring about the team.

  21. jz

    you guys are hilarious. its a just a haircut. kid doesnt care about winning bc he dyed his hair? you cant be serious.



    2. Crazy ppl


  22. Bus

    Eh, I’m skeptical. That looks ‘shopped.

    Though I do have to admit, if he wants to do his own thing with his hair, I couldn’t care less. It’s his hair, the kid can do what he wants with it. As long as he’s working hard and playing well, and we’re winning games, he could have a Marge Simpson beehive for all I care.

  23. random hero

    You cant be serious that a. His hair has anything to do with basketball or how he practices, right? Mash, Riddick and Dale Brown all had high top fades. That’s just stupid of you think anything else, he is 19. Y’all post some pics of your 19 year old hair cuts.

    B. It looks Photoshop, bad at that too.

    1. trey

      They played when those haircuts were actually popular. This is just for attention/fashion statement.

  24. Dennis Smith

    Just when the team needs to be concentrating on basketball, Big Willie is dreaming about looking like Little Richard.

  25. I

    I hate all of you negative people on this comment section. It’s a haircut. You have no say in how he decides to style his hair, and I really don’t know why you would care. Jesus Christ. I love Big Blue as much as anybody, but some of you people are f**king psycho I swear to God.

  26. Mr. Blonde

    He looks like Wesley Snipes from ‘Demolition Man.’


      HAHA yes!


    Uh oh! A new haircut?! Kiss the national title goodbye!…….you people are pathetic

  28. Dennis Rodman

    I gave him a few tips. Glad to see he’s taking the raod few of us travel. We are badass. We can do whatever the hell we want!

  29. Coach

    Willie ignore these negative hate filled fans. Be you man. I dig it. It’s not for me personally but I fully support it. I’m an artist and people who are not don’t it get and don’t understand it. Again just be you.

  30. The Loco Pollo

    I’m usually in the “let these guys be themselves” crowd but this is just an unnecessary distraction. I hope he gets a call from Patrick Patterson telling him to knock it off and that Pat played so much better when he chopped off the afro because it was becoming a distraction.

    I also overheard an NBA GM and scout talking about him after the UK-Providence game. They were essentially saying he’s got crazy athleticism and potential but that he’s a guy they worry about not loving basketball enough to put in the work needed to reach his potential and be a successful pro. He should be more concerned with that than proving them right (unless he doesn’t want to be a successful NBA player, which is fine if he wants a 9-5 like the rest of us).

    1. DH

      Right. No more haircuts during the season. No more showering, brushing teeth, or anything else that might take time away from shooting free throws. Do you think these guys are supposed to be in the gym 24/7? They are college kids. People want kids to stay at UK for four years, but dammit if they have a good time while they’re here.

  31. Dennis Rodman

    That’s one awful haircut

  32. JoeMoney333

    I love UK basketball and I hate the ‘internet fanbase.’ Possibly the most pathetic group of people out there. Make fun of an 18 year old’s priorities yet live and die over a basketball game. Hypocrites…

    1. Bobbybrown


    2. exiledfan

      A very nicely observed irony — good work!

    3. Paul

      Best comment in this thread. People complaining about his priorities while obsessing over a college student’s haircut. Some of our fans are absolutely miserable…

    4. DH

      I don’t think I could agree with you more, Joe

    5. UKAlum

      I would like to see if any of the knuckle draggers have a logical response to your well made point.

    6. Linda Taylor


    7. ItsNotThatSerious

      Well said….sometimes I have to step back from the sad “social-media” reality we live in, and think, would I really care about this had it not been for some website, or some silly form of social media – likely not. Kids will be kids, as was everyone else. Let them do their thing, its not that serious.

    8. Musehobo

      Agreed, great point.

      Side Note: As someone who uses photoshop every day for work, I can tell you this is not a photoshop job. Some of you are joking, I know, but some of you have no clue.

    9. schwing

      we’re “dying” over basketball games that are part of a multimillion dollar business for the university and an athletics department that returns upwards of one million dollars to the university for scholarship funds. yeah, totally not important.

  33. ummm..

    these photos were shopped and planted by Willie and KSR to shock us stupid hillbillies. Stop being so offended.

  34. AndrewH

    Guys, that is just hideous there is no need in this I’ve never said this before about a haircut, but I wouldn’t allow that on the team that is a distraction. Bash Away that looks really bad why would you do that. its embarrassing.

  35. Rodoc

    Let the kids be kids, and leave the creative kids alone.

    1. DH

      Rodoc doesn’t have to like it, cuz it’s not his hair. Willie is the only one that has to like it. I seriously doubt he was thinking about Rodoc when he cut it. If you’re that concerned about a 20-year-old guy’s hair, then you’re the one that needs to get a clue

  36. Simon Phoenix
  37. The Loco Pollo

    On 2nd look, hopefully this was either photoshopped or Willie having fun with the process of cutting his hair and he isn’t actually sporting that as his final ‘do. I guess we’ll find out tonight.

  38. Simon Phoenix
  39. Brian

    Who cares what his hair looks like as long as he plays consistently. Thats all that matters. Dennis Rodman had ctazy hair styles but hes still an all star. You people need to calm down! Worry about his basketball play not his personal life.

    1. schwing

      this is exactly the point. he isn’t playing consistently and his free throws are as embarrassing as this new haircut.

  40. Dennis Rodman

    Dang dis dude is fly AF

  41. Reggie Miller's Teeth

    Ya’ll are really getting on a 20 year old kid? There is more to life than just basketball you know. If WCS wants to dye his hair and get a gumby let him do it. You only live once. Its not the end of the world. And for those saying…he should be doing this and doing that…what are you doing? You would probably sell your soul just to even be in his position. Let the man enjoy his youth and his life. Its just a darn haircut. Some of ya’ll need a life outside of UK basketball.

  42. Pictures from Hubble

    WTF cares what WCS does with his hair? Good grief, I’ll bet most of you had mullets and rat tails when you were his age! Who Cares? GO BIG BLONDE!

  43. Daniel

    It looks like he’s got spongebob on his head.

  44. pikecountywildcat

    Does ne one remeber dennis rodman?? the greatest rebounder ever??? he cared about winning and did stuff like this all the time, hes a kid who like to have fun let him be hisself and im sure he will play fine make the kid be something he doesnt wanna be and he rebels, if remeber I think when tubby was here didnt he outlaw headbands and things like that????

    1. schwing

      when willie starts to rebound and play with the energy of dennis rodman, we all shut up. you are correct, sir

  45. Elmer

    It don’t matter how he cut his hair, he still NIT

  46. UKAlum

    The rednecks and white trash are out in full force today. They had to clear a lot of spit bottles and mountain dew cans off the keyboard to type though.

  47. NBA Here I Come

    So you people don’t like my style. Well, I am taking my ball and headed to the NBA. A star is born

  48. Destini

    Well…this is new and different.

  49. Tim C

    He must have lost a bet on the Baylor game?

  50. bob

    Looks good with the Tat I noticed he had on his neck the last game…UK fans want to continue with “line beard” jokes about UL?

    1. schwing

      nope. peyton siva. line beard.

  51. Downtown

    Everyone relax….. This is photo shopped. He has shaved off the ‘fro
    And gone with what looks like a #1 clipper. You can see it under the
    yellow ‘fro that is superimposed onto his head.

  52. Rockfield, KY

    Try being less “cool” and try being more aggressive.

    1. Ruby Rhod

      Says the Internet tough guy!

    2. schwing

      internet aggression is aggression. surprised you couldn’t come to that conclusion.

  53. Don't Care

    Don’t care what his hair looks like as long as he plays like the “blouses,” ala Prince. Game…bitches. Now who wants some pancakes.

  54. Eandtsdad

    Will the Harrison’s twins have to squint to see that?

  55. UKClay

    Willie retweeted someone who said he looked like the black Johnny Bravo haha. Probably my favorite so far

  56. MHFaulkner

    Everyone. Pump your brakes.


  57. Culver


  58. Rocketman

    PHOTOSHOP………..He is not the kind of kid that would do this. You people cant judge character. He has worked his tail off to get where he is. His mind is basketball not on his hair.

  59. MikeCheek

    I believe this is just being a kid. These kids have very little time to themselves this time of year. Between Bball and Books, they might have a couple of hours per day to their personal lives. If Willie chooses to spend his time being an artist with his hairdo, that is fine. You fans giving him a hard time are being ridiculous. I guarantee you he is spending tons of time making himself a better ball player these days. Anyone who thinks differently is delusional.

  60. jake

    Blonde is the way to go haha go willieeeeeeeee!!!!! twitter @jakejet22

  61. Justin

    He looks like the honey badger

  62. Kidnut

    Looks pretty cool to me

  63. fake

    It looks like a bad photoshop. I hope it is. I know these kids have lives but the last thing I’d do after a very, very disappointing loss is get a “look at me” haircut. I’d still be pissed from the loss and making some bizaare fashion statement wouldn’t even cross my mind.

  64. John Davis

    Reminds me a little of Cotton Nash. Not a bad thing.

  65. Tony

    With this team there goes any right we have to EVER slam little brother again, they are so $,&/ing classless they make me I’ll ! You will be the most ignorant looking guy in the NIT this year!

    1. Mcheek

      I’m glad you aren’t a UK fan!

    2. CDC

      If you’re feeling “I’ll,” maybe you should see a doctor.

  66. C_Cov

    Some of you people really think this has anyting to do with how he plays?! idiots.

    1. schwing

      true. bet he still won’t crack 50% on free throws after this.

  67. Charlie Waite

    I take it that Willie is a big Simon Phoenix fan…

  68. UKAlum

    You try being 18 years old and speaking in front of a couple thousand people.

  69. MikeMan

    Looks like Mugatu from Zoolander

  70. MikeMan

    I agree that part of me thinks it looks photoshopped. Unfortunately, I don’t agree with that part of me.

  71. Mcheek

    I’m glad you aren’t a UK fan!

  72. ShepKat

    It gives me the feeling that Willie thinks he’s arrived and wants to stand out! Lose it…

  73. Tennessee Wildcat

    Well, if he’s trying to look like Rodman, he had better back it up on the court and play like Rodman.

  74. UKAlum

    Pay no attention to the troll behind the curtain.

  75. Chris

    does anyone remember the episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when Carlton dress up as the kid from Home alone! That is who WCS looks like

  76. Mcheek

    Bet you would “bo”. Gayest name of the day. Personally, I don’t care what Willie’s sexual preference is. So long as he hustles his ars off and plays his heart out come game day. (all while your probably giving it to some gent under the bleachers… HA!)

  77. jake

    cauley stein quitt worrying about your hair and practice your shot… thanks

  78. Who cares

    Who cares what hairdoo the kid has? If he’s going to continue to be soft and not show intensity he will resultantly be benched, regardless of his fricken hair cut. Who gives a damn about his hair cut

  79. Get real

    If Willie had played a great game last game and we had beat Baylor, half of the stupid internet fans ragging on him would think it was the coolest/funniest thing ever.

  80. catlanta33

    you morons know this is fake right? Look at the bottom pic, his front hairline is like 1/2 in front of his body.

  81. BGKY Dave

    Once again, Nice Photoshop job Drew!

  82. JPlo

    He is now Slopped Top Feller

  83. GoBigBlue

    He looks like Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man

  84. Laker Cat 18

    May as well go ahead and bleach his eye brows as well. May make it look less ridiculous.

  85. Like Cal Said

    Helping players achieve their Dream!

  86. Mike W

    He looks like the guys from the movie Meteor Man!!!

  87. Creative Cloud

    Pretty good work, Drew, fooled a lot of fans. Not your best work, though. You get a B-minus.

  88. RealCatsFan

    Well, if the picture DOES turn out to be photoshopped, KSR will have more egg on its face than they did when they announced that Sanders was off the football team.

    Either way, Willie can do what he wants – he’s a big boy. But I sure hope he is spending more time in the gym working on post moves and free throws as he is in the barbers chair or the clothing store.

  89. shooter

    This guy is soft as the Pillsbury doughboy he will never be the dominant player he should be. He has amazing athletic ability , could be one of the best athletes ever at UK but his immaturity will hinder his development greatly.

  90. Real talk

    Chris tucker in the fifth element lookin bastard

  91. L1C4

    Ha ha ha ha ha ….. Lol lol lol …. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .. Lol lol lol lol etc. He is only wanting his 15 seconds of fame!!!! Yea, our front line players are shaking in their sneakers waiting for this gobber. Ha ha ha ha ha…

    1. RahRah

      One would think your dumba$$ would know better than to come here with that 15 seconds stuff.

  92. classof68

    As Elaine said to Seinfeld: fake, fake…fake,…..fake.

  93. UKBird

    What in the hell? It seems to me some one is trying to be remembered by his hair (trying to be a Noels) than his basketball skills. Dye that memory foam on your head Blue or cut it and play some basketball. Elton John just got a woody is England. Could have least waited until after the UK/UL game geez.

  94. Paul

    This thread makes me frightened for humanity. The fact that people still use the idea of someone’s sexuality as an insult to them is so backwards and insane that I can barely handle it. If you are one of those people in this thread, I am sure you will roll your eyes when you read this post (if you can effectively comprehend the coherent thoughts that are written), but you should take a long look at yourself and what you are doing. Man I wish that Cal would bring in an openly gay player, then these fans would either leave, or maybe their heads would explode, but either way it would be preferable to reading their idiotic posts here. You all are the ones who give not only our fan base, but our state a bad name.

  95. Elliot Richards

    That reminds me of the movie Bedazzled –

  96. Josh

    Looks like the gold haired gang members from meteor man movie.

  97. Saved by the Buzzer

    It’s Black Zack Morris! Quick, someone give Brian Long a perm so he can be Screech!

  98. SeoulCat

    Awesome! Willie Cauley-Demolition-Man!
    Love it!

  99. kyboy415

    I really hope this is fake thats all i’m gonna say.. I just really hope its fake..

  100. Everyone Calm Down!

    Everyone calm down. This isn’t real. If you look closely you can tell that this is obviously photoshopped. As someone who uses photoshop

  101. niaps

    Congrats Willie you finally look like you should play for the Vols or Gayturds. I always thought they had the weird look market cornered. Total ridiculous look but if it makes you play better than you did against Baylor I am for it. You and Randle both got bitch slapped against those guys.

  102. Sam

    Wow. the level of stupid in this comment section is astounding. Sometimes I hate the fact that when I tell people I am a UK fan I am sometimes judged by the actions and words of you idiots. SMH.

  103. Red Headed Stepchild

    NICE, Trolls responding to TROLLS.

    Thanks TARDS, Matt appreciates the “hits”

  104. sammydog

    That is not Willie’s hair. The texture is all wrong.

  105. ukfanuscstudent
  106. Jordan

    Sorry if someone has said this already, but my first thought was “he’s in that Golden Lord’s gang” from Meteor Man

  107. Jbird

    One word: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  108. Bilbo

    Great marketing tool. Pretty smart

  109. Okolona Max

    Would the real Willie Cauley please stand up!! Hit both of the free throws you put up

  110. IsRichieGonnaPlayTonite

    I just wish he cared as much about his play on the court all the time as he does his hair.

  111. E

    Looks like a golden lord from the Movie Meteor Man! lol

  112. Blue

    Lot of mouth-breathers posting today.

  113. Royal Blue

    So instead of working on free throws and rebounding he is getting his hair did. lol. I say live and let live but i do think this is fake, it looks photo shopped.

  114. Hal
  115. UKBlue

    Damn it – this just shows the mentality of this team, instead of doing something to make themselves better, WCS goes out & does something stupid twice in a week to make himself look stupid. Someone needs to go find the person that did this & punch them in the face; take JT with you.

    What woman in the world would want to hook up with a guy with hair like WCS? Then again looking at the hair, it may not be a woman.

    1. Bill Nye The Science Guy

      You are ignorant. I sat here long and hard to find another word to describe this comment and ignorant is really the only one that I could land on. WCS not pulling girls? And the hour spent on a haircut would have improved his shooting enough to make a difference?

  116. Mack

    Maybe the time he wasted could have been better spent on the FT line to practice!

  117. Big Blue Coming At You

    All you can really say is WTFW!?

  118. Garrett

    This can’t possibly be a real picture … but it’s his head, he can do what he wants with it.

  119. Bill Nye The Science Guy

    Just got done with some research. I wanted to get this fresh perspective in… Hair does not affect basketball ability! Also, college kids are indeed still college kids. Even if they play basketball. I’m sure none of you grew out your hair or beard in college. Layoff. He is a kid.

  120. JBCat

    I just really can’t stand the ‘holier-than-thou’ schmucks that come to internet message boards to talk about how screwed up the commenters’ life priorities are when they voice their displeasure with stunts like what WCS has pulled.
    These people think they are really sharp and can point out the hypocrites among us without even seeing the one in the mirror! They say stuff like, “Oh what a miserable life you must have, idiot” blah, blah “you really have your priorities in order” blah blah blah. Well, geniuses, you are here on the message board too– showing your priorities as well, right? Except you all are a whole level above the others with your acute criticisms.. Give me break.

    Count me in with the group that really thinks WCS ought to be focused in a bit more on his team and how his game affects his team.
    To me, this –getting a haircut and dying it the way he has– is a very self-absorbed, ‘look at me’, vain act. I’m beginning to think this whole ‘one and done’ and the ‘rock star’ act at UK has ran its course. As the losses mount this year, which they will, it will become painfully apparent. Many of these recruits just want all the trappings that come with the lifestyle of being a Kentucky player.
    Wish we would start getting more 4 year guys…

    1. Bill Nye The Science Guy

      “Man I wish we did not recruit so well” – apparently just this guy

  121. Darth Vader

    Perhaps he should spend a little more time learning free throws and post moves and a little less time in the barber chair.

  122. Josh

    I love Kentucky basketball but Cal is going have to get these kids under control. He looks like an idiot.

  123. J

    Stop worrying about your hair. Start worrying about free throws.

  124. Knuckledragger

    Well, outside of one single game in his career (providence), Willie has finally figured out how to draw attention to himself

  125. Michael

    I like it!!!! I think it looks great on him. Much better than that one little blonde piece he had the to other night. Go Big Willie!!!

  126. hersheyisabear

    Looks like something you would create on a wrestling video game.

  127. martinbluther

    It looks kid of like that stuff at the bottom of a Coke Slushee. I dig it, but I like Slushees, too.