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Willie Cauley-Stein tweets he’s coming back for his junior year!

Darrell Bird |

Darrell Bird |

After hints have been dropping the past few days, Willie Cauley-Stein just tweeted that he will return to Kentucky for his junior year. Willie cited the BBN, “the best fans in the USA,” and the void left empty by Kentucky’s loss in the National Championship game:



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102 responses to “Willie Cauley-Stein tweets he’s coming back for his junior year!”

  1. Blue Hair

    No Mercy!

    1. crazycatfan

      ALRIGHT … ALRIGHT …. ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE WILLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 15 Second man


  3. Jake from State Farm

    Great news.

  4. Thats not Willie

    Thats not Willie’s twitter handle. Come on Tyler, you should know better than this. Do your research

    1. That Is Willie

      Before you call someone out, do your own research. He just changed his Twitter handle.

    2. TBrown

      Yes, it is Willie. He changed his Twitter handle today. Do your research.

    3. Yes it is

      He actually changed it from trillgeta15, it is his legitimate handle.

    4. Cats

      I think he just changed is Twitter name. re-tweeted it too

  5. Big Dave

    My goodness it looks like we are stacked with bigs next year. I HOPE THIS DOESN’T MEAN DAKARI LEAVES. DAKARI IN THE USA.

    1. rnet

      I was thinking this as well. No doubt he leaves, Stein, Lyles. and Towns Hope I’m wrong but I’d say he is gone.

  6. Blue Hair

    Can WCS play the 3? Towns, Dakari, WCS three 7 footers? If Dakari joins this could be the first team to play the three towers.

    1. jch67

      Uh, no, WCS can’t play the 3. He can’t shoot or handle the ball very well.

      Towns may be able to pull this off though as he’s supposed to be a serious threat from 3. Not sure of his ball handling but maybe??

  7. AP

    Glad he is coming back!!!!

    On the other hand, more and more spots opening up for the twins and Dakari to make the first round.

  8. happy happy happy

    big ups !

  9. Chaz

    That’s good. Just let let that ankle heal properly and come back strong.

  10. Fan from OZ

    Y’all in KY can help but LUV WCS.

  11. Ace

    If Willie can develop an outside shot then he can play the four spot. We definitely need Dakari to come back and play the five. Then we have Poythress at the three.— look out this could be the 40 and 0 if twins come back.

    1. CPACAT

      Just stop it with the 40-0

    2. Chaz

      Petition Matt Jones to ban the terms 40, forty, forty and 0, etc from this website till we win another title. Won the last game will do just fine.

    3. Bobalatate

      (╯°â–¡°ï¼‰â•¯ï¸µ ┻━┻

  12. RahRah

    Yay! Such a huge WCS fan here! Could not be happier! Now if he can just get the Twins to join him!

  13. KevinM

    Before anyone says you can, you can never have enough size!

    Let’s go after guys now….fouls will not be a problem.

    1. catsrus

      Great day for Wildcats everywhere!!

  14. jch67

    Not a bad frontcourt so far – WCS, Towns, Lee, Poythress (if used at the 4), Lyles and possibly Dakari as well….

    Now, if the twins come back we’ll be seriously loaded top to bottom. Our only spot we’re lacking is the 3 and Poythress will be (hopefully) a force there with Willis to back him up.

    Looks great so far!

    1. Mc

      You would see lineups of Ulis, Harrison, Harrison; Harrison, Harrison, Booker; Ulis, Harrison, Booker; Ulis, Harrison, Poythress; Harrison, Booker, Poythress; Harrison, Harrison, Poythress;……Just because someone is listed as a SF, doesn’t mean they’re the back-up by default

    2. ScottyB

      We need a three? Well Towns, Poythress and Lyles are capable(Towns is best suited with his passing and three point shot. But Derek Willis is setup to put in many quality minutes at the 3. The only thing that upset me this season is why we didn’t redshirt Willis. If Dakari stays will Lee redshirt? Probably no…but it certainly wouldn’t hurt. I know one thing for certain…I’d love a redshirted Kyle Wiltjer next season!

    3. Calm down. I'm coming

      If the twins return, Willis will not play that often. If the twins don’t return, he will get minutes.

    4. Calm

      Hey that’s my name……and I already posted this

  15. Joe Dan Gorman

    Reloading…. click click

  16. roundball fool

    Fantastic- Thanks Willie!!!

    Go Big Blue!!!

  17. JimG

    Now if we can just get the twins to stay 1 more year…next years team would be damn near unbeatable….

    1. Really

      Such a stupid comment….

  18. Calm down

    I’ll see you your Harrell and raise you the guy that held him to five points this year

  19. Tomas

    I am legit surprised by this. Thought Willie was gone for sure. I assume this means that Dakari is gone. Seems like there wouldn’t be enough minutes to go around. Glad Willie is coming back, his offense took fantastic strides his sophomore year hope he continues that growth.

  20. Calm down

    Don’t be surprised to see Willis at the three next year…. If Harrison’s comeback Willis won’t play

  21. Flippyheadedgeek

    Dear God !!! This is huge !! But there will be a LOT of talent over 6’9″ looking for starters minutes……Towns, Lyle, Dakari, WCS, and yes Willis (who is approaching 6’10 I’m told)……We will have 4 (at least) future lottery picks down low……I predict Towns plays more of a hybrid role, because he can shoot three’s like Travis Ford……..

  22. Flippyheadedgeek

    Not to mention Lee !!! Sorry Marcus !!

  23. phil


  24. wildcat

    stay with us for two more years if you want WCS the bbn will be happy with that.

  25. Class

    So glad to be able to see Willie in blue again next year! 🙂

  26. Calm down

    With a 5’9″ point guard that likes to steel the ball and an endless amount of size…..can we learn some zone in the offseason…..we might break our blocks record with WCS, lee, towns, and poythress

  27. JimG

    Who thinks the twins come back?

    1. Calm down

      I dk but I hope so… would think they would with this draft being loaded…also WCS along with Alex coming back probably makes their decision a littleness easier because they spoke highly of them all year and they (WCS & Alex) aren’t really playmakers…..the lack of guard depth will guarantee their minutes to stay the same or increase… it would make sense to come back.

  28. hulk hogan

    Brother 4 life!!!

  29. CalisKing

    Great news! Swat shots like they are flies!

  30. josh

    Awesome! Hey, did everyone know that willie played football in high school?! He never even touched a basketball until his junior year, didnt even know what it was. Thought it was a halloween edition of a soccer ball. But at least he knew how to stretch. Lookin at you stokes.

  31. Free willie

    Wave your Willie in the air like you just don’t care

  32. BurnerTurner5

    AWESOME!!! Welcome back big guy. Can they play with one guard at a time and four bigs? If the twins don’t come back and Dakari does that’s what they may need to do.

  33. catheaven

    Willie! You were the most difficult to say good-by to, now we don’t have to for another year!!!! Willie! My hero! Not being able to see Willie play those last few games stung even the fans. What a thrill that we get another year! Good move, kid. NBA is no place for a kid. Enjoy growing up and your youth.

    1. Mc

      Sometimes I’ll read a post and wonder what it would sound like if the person who posted it said it to me as part of a conversation.

  34. Andrew

    I think Lee can guard a 4. That Michigan game showed he can guard a small 4 man. I could see him playing behind Alex at 4 or Alex playing a little 3 as well.

    1. Mc


  35. Mj7juice

    WILLIE!!!! Let’s go

  36. Cat Fan in Vegas

    Damn… if Dakari comes back, we’ll have three 7 footers!!! This would be unreal… Dakari comes back and spends the summer getting leaner, meaner, and faster… Willie spends his summer developing a jump shot… Lee gets in the gym, eats 5000 calories a day, and packs on some muscle… and Karl… well, I’m not quite sure because he hasn’t had the chance to show what he needs. If all of that happened, opponents would take one look at our front court and run the other way!!!

    1. Really

      I’d be happy if they just practiced free throws

    2. DT in DC

      ^^^^^^ YES!

  37. Kris

    OMG!!! Love it!!!

  38. Wcs

    I do not understand for the life of me as to why everyone thinks we need Johnson. Willie is much better!!! He is the one I would rather have of the two centers from last year.

    1. Hey

      I’ll take either.

      Or both.

      Both players have strengths and weaknesses….

  39. Calm down. I'm coming

    I think Lyles is the real deal. I think he’ll be a top 10 pick in 2015. I also think Towns will be a top 10 pick. If Dakari returns, we could potentially have 5 first round picks at the 4/5 position. I’m just struggling to see a Dakari return since there would be 5 players (maybe 6 if AP gets minutes at the 4) pushing for 80 minutes at the 4/5 per game. Any Einstein could see that’s not a lot of minutes. If he returns, great. It’s just crazy to even think about. Maybe somehow you play a zone and play huge with Lee or WCS guarding a 3. This could work with Towns ability to play on the outside.
    It will be interesting to see how things unfold that’s for sure.

  40. jeffj

    how absolutely sweet it is !! my 1st thought is even though his injury kept him out & he stated a “emptiness” about it all, the other thing is the companionship,care,love,giving to others etc… that Willie learned this year. and as he said, he loves Lexington and loves the college life. looks like a life long lesson he’s doing here. How sweet it is !!! GO WILLIE !! GO CATS !!

  41. Taco John

    How about Cal runs this lineup at some point next year:

    1-Poythress (6-8)
    2-Lee (6-9)
    3-Lyles (6-10)
    4-Towns (7′)
    5-WCS (7′)

    Opponent will never get a shot off. Ever. And thus, #CatsBy90

  42. Idiot UK fans

    So, Harrell coming back was a mistake and Rick is selfish. Yet, WCS is projected higher and it is great. LMAO.

    1. TD

      I’ll just shorten your moniker to “Idiot”, which is more like it.
      Great news Willie!!!!

    2. Head back over to InsideDerpVille

      Harrell is not going to improve his stock by returning, so he should go — a la Russ Smiff 2013 (but he didn’t, and now he’s not going where he could have in 2013 after the weak draft+Tourney MVP).

      WCS cannot do NBA work outs (which could potentially/will hurt draft stock) and he can actually raise his stock this year.

      I know these things are confusing to you Tard fans, but trust the adults when we speak.

      Hint: Rick wants Trez to come back for RICK, not Trez. That’s all you really need to know.

  43. Al Purnell Here

    Eat it Louisville douche

  44. jeffj

    no room here for all the talking head,jerks /haters of succeed then proceed . they can throw all that crap out the door. OUR Big Blue Nation is still gaining momentum & we’re becoming a unstoppable machine that has no equal ……… GO CATS !!!

  45. crazycatfan

    OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY WILLIE!!!!!!!!!

  46. Rutts Rupp

    Great news, but please…no blond look next year, okay Willie?

  47. Calm Down

    Russ should have left last year……he would have gone in the first round with that weak draft…..Cal would have told him to go….not to stay and I’ll play you at a different position and you need to gain some weight…..there’s a difference

    1. catdaddyd

      Russ was not going in the first round last year, and probably not this year according to the mock drafts. Why not get that education for free?

  48. Calm Down

    Plus Cal….never tries to sway players….he tells them were he thinks they would go…..they make a decision then…. If they decide to go he pumps them up to get them drafted higher

  49. Cats!!!


  50. Bonnie

    OMG !!! WILLIE C. STEIN !!! YOU ARE NOT LEAVING US ??? I AM SO HAPPY I’M CRYING !!! THANK YOU WILLIE ! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH WILLIE !!!! YOU ARE THE MOST WONDERFUL CAT EVER !!!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU !! I WISH I COULD HUG YOU SO MUCH !!! YOU HAVE MADE THIS OLD LADY A VERY HAPPY OLD LADY !!! LOL!! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! THIS IS THE BEST NEWS I’VE HEARD IN A VERY LONG TIME !!! WCS ! WCS ! WCS! WOW BBNATION OUR WILLIE IS COMING BACK!!! WE WILL HANG # 9 IN HONOR OF WCS !!!!! I am so so happy !! Thank you again Willie as far as I’m concerned, I say to the BIG BLUE NATION , LET’S go out and get # 9 in honor of Willie Cauley- Stein ! Willie the man who came back because he love’s his fans!! WOW ! Willie you are so special to us,I just can’t tell you enough how much it means to me personally for you to return! I have so much respect for you and your decision, you have given me what I prayed for ! Your return next year !! I’m coming to see you Willie I am going to get up there to RUPP arena even If I have to take my walker and walk up there, I will come some how , GOD WILLING, I will be there ! I’m so happy now, thank you Willie !!

    1. Totes McGotes

      How did you get all this typed before your free AOL dial up minutes expired?

    2. jeff j

      yea !! for you Bonnie !! great post and also you are a wonderful example of what makes us CAT fans the best in america !! GO CATS !!!

    3. jeff j

      pretty low blow there totes. seems you never were taught to respect your elders…………….

    4. Rick Astley

      If the post by Bonnie was by a troll it’s actually sort of funny. If the post by Bonnie, is from a UK fan named Bonnie, it’s great that you’re a fan, but you’re giving off a stalker vibe.

  51. Bledsoe's Biceps

    Thanks Willie. I hope he gets another run at the Final Four and dominates. Plus it’s one more example to help quiet the “one and done” haters who act as if Cal pushes guys out the door the second they are projected to be a 1st round pick. Cal can only advise them on what he is being told, but the players have to decide whether to stay or go. So glad that Willie has chosen to stay another year.

  52. David

    Yay…now that is good news…now for some more…

  53. cjcat

    All we need for sure are the Harrisons and Poythress to say we are back.

  54. WCS Fan

    Great, great news Willie!!!. He was really good this year, he will be awesome next year, and he will be a JUNIOR! Wow!! Been a few years since we had a seasoned Junior. Think how much Lyles and Towns will benefit playing against Marcus, Willie, and hopefully Alex and Dakari in practice.
    Hope some of the others follow his lead. Go Willie and Go CATS!

  55. Aw Snap

    Just need dem twins. Looking forward to Ulis and Booker, but with Aaron and Andrew we will destroy teams. No learning curve.

  56. Wow

    Willie really is dumber then he looks

    1. Ha!

      Yeah, getting a degree in three years – stupid.

    2. catdaddyd

      It’s than, not then. Smart guy.

  57. Whitney Pannell

    Willie, tell your other buds in blue to stay too!

  58. UKALLDay

    I guess this means that Dakari is going to the league. With Willie back in the fold, we now have 4 centers including Dakari. It is just to crowded to find time for all 4. Then we still have our share of 4’s as well (Towns, Willis, Alex sometimes). As good as it is to have Willie back, I think this means that Dakari will most likely declare. It’s going to be sad too, because I do not think that anyone (even Dakari) knows how good he is. He is not athletic but he is strong and has GREAT hands! That’s how you explain him being such a beast on the offensive glass when we all KNOW he has the smallest vertical leap on the floor. He has strong back to the basket game, He finishes with both hands (he has that Mikan drill down pat). I just think he has a lot of potential, but with Willie back now he becomes disposable. We all know Dakari is not better than Towns and they say Lee can be a top 10 pick next year. There is just no room, but Dakari will do great in the league, he has so much room to get better.

    1. SCCat

      i actually don’t think Dakari will go – i think you’ll see Marcus Lee suffer a bit more on PT from this, and Towns will be a 3/4 switch up and will play out on the perimeter (where he can showcase).

      Poythress will continue to play plenty – Derek Willis will have to prove himself big time in practice to break through and get minutes.

      we have great problems right now. if the Twins come back, it will be a seasoned and talented bunch with a chip on their shoulder.

      i love our chances…

  59. Truth

    Ball players that come to Kentucky dont come to earn their degrees. They come to win a championship and then go to the NBA after 1 year. Willie will do neither

    1. L1C6

      I smell fear

    2. AbbeyNormal

      But, he’ll still be richer than your dumbass. Truth hurts.

    3. Steady

      Or both. F-off.

    4. L1C4

      #Back2Back #FearDaCardz #GottaGetThruUsToGetNine #WeOwnUK #RI5E #WeSpellWitNumberz

  60. Snl1960

    Willie, do you get to pick out the picture to put on the guys body…. think of something great…. It may be a collectors item someday. Invite him to visit Indy during the NCAA when you kick some azz. Thanks

  61. Syrin

    EPIC !!! I hope he averages 12, 12 and 12 !!

  62. j a brooks

    I do think Dakari goes now but good for him if he does. I like willie better for next years team personally. Towns and Lyles have low post skills like Dakari but none are true rim protectors like Willie.

    I also think Towns is going to play a lot less then people realize. Hes got to grow into his body a bit. Lyles will play more and Lee might as well. Just my opinion but the 2 all star games exposed him a little. Great skills, super ceiling, but not there yet physically.

  63. Sharon Jenkins

    Thank you Willie! We love you in our house!

  64. glenda

    i am so happy that stien is staying he has been one of my fav from the get go this is my uk wish i want stien i want the harrison twins i want johnson dakari and as far as randell goes good by

  65. The Albatross Hunter

    I love WCS! Looking forward to the journey.

  66. Cris

    Glad to here! Willie’s my favorite. Block party next year at Rupp…