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Will Washington play again? Paul Washington Sr. and Coach Kenny Payne weigh in

As uncertainty regarding the severity of PJ Washington’s foot injury continues, the sophomore’s father has weighed in on the injury and the fans who are questioning his son’s intentions. He spoke with Kyle Tucker of The Athletic.

“I’m not a doctor, and the coaches aren’t doctors” he told The Athletic. “Let’s leave this to the doctors and treat my son like he’s your own son, OK?”

The comment is seemingly directed at members of the BBN who speculate Washington may be trying to bid his time and protect his draft stock. Paul Sr. thinks that’s ridiculous, adding that his son “came back to win a national championship,” and not participating in the post-season would obviously hurt his chances of bringing No. 9 home to Kentucky.

This isn’t about his draft stock, and it isn’t about Kentucky. It’s about making sure my son is healthy,” he said. “I would say those people just gotta try to be a parent in this situation and stop being a fan. And just relax.”

John Calipari has now officially announced Washington will not play against Wofford Saturday, but, assuming Kentucky advances, will Washington be able to play in the Sweet 16? Washington’s father wouldn’t speculate, but assistant coach Kenny Payne confidently weighed in on Washington’s future:

“Yes, yes, yes,” he told The Athletic. “The more time we can give him to rest and heal, the better for us. We’re trying to buy PJ time. We’re trying to live to fight another day. So if we win this game, it gives him a couple more days to get healthy. That’s our deal. We want to give him a chance to get back on the floor, and those guys are fighting for him.”

More here: [The Athletic]

Article written by Maggie Davis

135 responses to “Will Washington play again? Paul Washington Sr. and Coach Kenny Payne weigh in”

  1. syrin23

    This is looking more and more like a stress fracture. Why isn’t his dad telling us what the doctors told him when they thought he would be able to play again. A hard cast is usually used for injuries that take 4-6 weeks to heal.

    1. Cokely53

      While I agree that this feels eerily similar to last season with Vanderbilt… they have said that the xrays were negative which would mean it wasn’t a stress fracture.

    2. OKCatFan89

      X-rays being negative doesn’t necessarily rule out a stress fracture. Clinically, stress fractures can remain hidden on plain film for weeks until the callus starts to form at the fracture site.

    3. syrin23

      Untrue. Plenty of stress fractures have negative imaging initially. I have no idea what Vanderbilt had. A Jones fracture? Lisfrank? He had something much more serious than what PJ has, but it’s looking like PJ’s injury is a 4-6 week injury, not a day to day thing. Let’s hope I am wrong.

    4. KatFan48

      Neither P. J. nor his family owe any fan information or explanation. Anyone with a child whose health was at risk would understand

    5. Voice of Reason

      A hard cast immobilizes his foot 100%. He can have it removed and replaced within minutes considering he has the full attention of UK doctors and trainers. His dad doesn’t owe you or anyone else an explanation. Stay in your lane.

    6. J-Dub421

      Find a lawyer and file a lawsuit. Then subpoena PJ’s medical records under HIPAA laws. Otherwise, shut up.

    7. CATandMONKEY

      PJs dad owes the fans exactly zero when it comes to his son’s health or private information.

      We literally have zero right to know anything- despite that I would like to ike to know just like anyone.

    8. runningunnin.454

      Distressing that PJ’s Dad has to address this. Last year, some immature people said PJ cost us the Kansas State game; PJ was the only one that came to play, and we wouldn’t have even been in that game, but for him.
      Now people are insinuating that PJ is faking the injury; disgraceful
      What if a top recruit’s dad asked Mr. Washington about UK; what would he say?
      I’m beginning to wonder what I would say. Maybe…RUN.

    9. BBNnCLE

      Did you read any of what P.J.’s dad said? Let’s just focus on the kids who are fighting to give P.J. a chance to play and hope for the best for him. Quit speculating bc although you’re getting the attention you want no one cares what you think and if you had a P.H.D. you wouldn’t have all this time to spew the nonsense that you do on here.

    10. unbridled

      The loss last year against Kansas st was definitely not PJ’s fault. It was coach cals fault for keeping him on the floor down the stretch when it was painfully obvious that he couldn’t make free throws.

  2. rainman

    Well, Dr’s are Dr’s, and according to what has been reported, thereis no damage to his foot! Many players over the years have played with pain, and there are remedies for the pain as well, so WHY is he not playing?

    1. syrin23

      If there was no damage, there would be no pain, and he wouldn’t be in a cast to “expedite” the healing of the non-existent injury. C’mon now.

    2. OKCatFan89

      Syrin, I agree. Also, I think the old school line of thought “no pain, no gain” forgets that pain is a signal the nervous system relays to let us know something is wrong. Just getting rid of the pain doesn’t mean the problem is fixed. Let the boy heal.

    3. Luether

      My sources say that PJ and his entourage may be milking this…

  3. Mad Max

    He is allowed to have his medical condition privacy. Just relax people. I have never seen ANYTHING about P.J. that makes me question his toughness. I trust him!!

    1. Nickerbocker05


    2. nocode96

      I don’t even understand what people are getting at with this “what aren’t they telling us” bullshit. It’s stupid. The kid hurt his foot, he’s not playing because of it. What’s the fukin mystery here? Why is everyone up in arms?

  4. gasman01

    We may not live to fight another day….

    1. DelrayCat

      Jared Vanderbilt, Anyone???

    2. TWillrocks

      You are proving your ignorance more and more DC.

  5. 1IH

    This has Zero to do with PJ’s toughness and Millions to do with a weakened foot is more apt to be injured further. He is done at KY. I don’t blame him one iota. He is 19 years old and has the rest of his very wealthy life ahead of him. Sucks that it happened but it did. Mean Mug is down. Need Hero and Johnson to play like lottery picks the rest of the way!

    1. syrin23

      Need Iona to expand time half time lead. Maybe we can get him back for the FF.

    2. 1IH

      Yes my bracket will be FKD but definitely go Iona now that P.J. is done!

    3. vandzandz

      You’re as bad as everyone else, you have NO idea. Quit speculating. If I were a betting man I’d say, if UK wins tomorrow then he’ll play next weekend.

    4. henderblue

      Shut up peg leg

  6. BoogieDMC

    He’s 20 and he’s not a lock to have a long NBA career. He needed a strong tournament. Tyler Herro and Keldon Johnson will be drafted before him now.

    1. 1IH

      He is the only lottery pick on this team. There are only 14 Lottery picks and dUKe takes 3 of them…..

    2. unbridled

      1LH, that is factually incorrect. Check a mock draft. Pj is defintely not a lottery pick. PJ would benefit greatly from having a big tournament. He could potentially make millions more. I think this injury is going to push him further down the draft list.

  7. BoogieDMC

    Won’t be a lottery pick.

    1. J-Dub421

      You’ll never be head garbage man, so take a seat.

    2. N-UR-i

      Dont insult garbage men.

    3. unbridled

      I don’t know that PJ was ever projected to be a lottery pick was he?

  8. robman181

    I agree with PJs dad. Let the Drs handle this. You have to be a team player but so does the rest of the team. If PJ is jeopardizing his future, he shouldn’t play. People lose sight this is a kid and he has his whole life in front of him not just this tournament.

    1. syrin23

      No one loses sight of this, yet everyone acts like playing through an injury will cripple someone for life. Career ending injuries are virtually non-existent these days. Season ending injuries are also rare and depend upon the time of year.

    2. KatFan48

      This is not about UK, it’s about a young man’s health. The attitude some people have here would really make me want to send my all American high school athlete to UK — NOT…

    3. BigJohnC

      Obviously they’re just resting the guy for the last 4 games! Makes perfect sense. Think about it! Claim an injury and really sell it to the fans and media…then you’ve got a rested, fully healthy Beast to make a run at the final 4 games!!! Genius!

  9. Catlogic15

    After his stellar performance at the upcoming combine in a few weeks, he’ll be lottery. Doesn’t need UK anymore.

    1. Marshall

      Agreed unfortunately

    2. unbridled

      That’s not good for PJ if that’s his plan. He’s more of an on court evaluation. If he is relying on measurables and workouts….thats a questionable decision for his future.

  10. Big johnson

    He’s done, period. Just move on with what we got and hope for the best.

  11. Just saying

    Fully trust his dad. Cal? He’s a used car salesman.

    1. KatFan48

      WRONG – He’s a hall of fame coach and stands shoulder to shoulder with Rupp and Hall.

    2. KYCat4EVER

      Respect your opinion KatFan48… and wish Calipari DID stand shoulder to shoulder with Rupp.

      Truth is… Calipari got YK out of a mess our current AD got us into… and he did it quickly!

      However… Rupp built this program… had FOUR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS at Kentucky, is responsible for building basketball in the southeastern conference , and was sought out by the NCAA Commissioner on “how to build a national tournament “ which led to what YOU, and countless others, take for granted now.

      Calipari is a tremendous person, recruiter, and ambassador, but Calipari isn’t remotely equal to Rupp…. not even close!

      A few members of BBB really need to do their homework before flippantly making comparisons!

      All the best to you and GO BIG BLUE!

    3. J-Dub421

      Rupp had 4 titles in like 40 years, not 10. Give Cal some time. Also, there’s a lot more parity in today’s game.

    4. BigolBlue

      Give cal some time. Hahah j dub. Women and there sports knowledge. 35 draft picks!!! Time? Hilarious!!!!!!!

    5. J-Dub421

      Rupp had lots of draft picks as well, and a lot less competition.

    6. KYCat4EVER

      BigoBlue …SPO ON again!

    7. Just saying

      Drink more Coo Aid Pal

    8. Coach Ratface

      What a total idiot KYCat4ever is, still living in the Rupp era, his only claim to fame is to have shook the hand of Rupp. Cal is here as long as he wants to be, might as well deal with it of move on, I promise you won’t be missed.

    9. 4everUKblue

      BigolSlaterMedic I would pay to see you debate J-Dub, she would beat you little 12 yr old @ss all over the place , she has knowledge on her side , all you got is hate and spite.

    10. 4everUKblue

      Hey BigolSlaterMedic and all you other haters out there, where were you during the Joe Hall yrs, the Sutton yrs, the Pitino yrs, the Tubby yrs? Where you just as full of hate during those years or were you even born yet?

    11. bluecrowe

      Rupp was amazing, but he took advantage of a time when only the schools in NYC cared at all about basketball.

  12. chris43

    If we win Saturday we’ll need him for sure next week. I don’t think we’ll see him again in a UK jersey. I doubt he’ll be back by the next game and doubt we win it without him. I surely hope that I am wrong but not looking good at this point.

    1. syrin23

      If EJ lived up to his potential, he could be better than PJ

  13. gnbkats

    So many of you are just gross. What has happened to everyone that makes you forget how to be human. These are not your objects, they are humans that you acted like you cared for and supported the whole year, and as soon as they no longer serve you, you would have them discarded like a used tissue. Shame on you.

  14. SanDiegoDave

    I stopped reading this article after I read that PJ’s father was directing his comments to the BBN. I’m quite sure he could give a crap about the BBN. PJ will play if he’s able. Period. Dot.

    1. ukcamel

      Yes, this.

    2. unbridled

      While I agree….I’m pretty sure Mr Washington responding to bbn comments was speculation by Maggie Davis.

  15. maximumscott

    Zion said when he came back that he couldve actually came back 2 games earlier but decided to rest a bit more to be fully healed.

    PJ could probably play tbh. The coaches and Drs are probably saying give it another week rest.

    1. BigJohnC

      They are confident in winning the next game. Rest pj for a whole extra week. Then you’ve got him with fresh mind and body for the last four games. If we win tomorrow

  16. Wade

    No , he wasn’t where he wanted to be draft wise so he came back and of course to better his draft stock and work on his game and second to win a chip! Cals program here is to get you to the nba and a second contract. Pj may sit but I doubt if he’s close to 100% in the elite 8 he sits! Who knows he may be a lottery pick so why chance it so close to the end and rush back! Nba don’t care but should! It’s a soft league now and maybe smart to protect your asset in pj! That’s the way now!

    1. unbridled

      Check the mock drafts. PJ is not a lottery pick. I think he drops further down the list if he doesn’t play….losing money each step.

  17. tmcclan16

    Great watching you play! Good luck in the draft. Yet another mysterious UK injury to a potential draft pick sitting on the sidelines when we need them the most. If they are not going to be truthful with the fans then get the ridiculous speculations that come with it!

  18. ukcats1776.90

    pj is destroying his legacy at bbn.

    1. Voice of Reason

      Dumbest shit I’ve read here in a long time. Fkn moron.

    2. BigJohnC


    3. J-Dub421

      Post all of your medical records here or shut up.

  19. Voice of Reason

    Have you ever sprained the arch in your foot? No? Extremely painful and not a fracture, detective.

    1. Marshall

      If Hagan’s will actually shoot the Ball and End. Just. Can have a strong game possible

  20. JT55

    I’m not sure we win tomorrow without PJ. Hagans and Quickley will need to play much better.

  21. JDizzle14

    This thing has completely overshadowed this team’s season and now tournament story…..things were in a really good place as of Selection Sunday, then after that, the PJ injury soap opera has replaced it all. And thats the coaches and staff’s fault for handling it the way they have–they chose to make it a daily soap opera which it literally has turned into, instead of just being upfront abt it and facing the media and fans with it like grown men. Really immature and disappointing on all their parts.

    1. terwilliger

      Completely agree. Staff has handled this very poorly, much like they handled the choice to have, big mouthed, boneheaded Nick Richards at the press conference today. Wofford has a high quality big man who put up 28 on UNC in Chapel Hill and beat them last year. You watch, this guy is going to embarrass Richards. What an idiot.

    2. J-Dub421

      Post your real name, and all of your personal information here. I’ll wait.

    3. CATandMONKEY

      As a fan, you literally have ZERO say in this situation.

      I imagine when the Washingtons are looking for advice; the first person they ring is J-effing-Dizzle14.

    4. unbridled

      While I don’t totally agree, I will say that I have no idea why the staff chooses to shroud all injuries with mystery and confusion. They give conflicting and contradicting statements all the time. Why? It provides zero strategic advantage. It makes no sense. In cal I trust though.

  22. BigJohnC

    They’re obviously resting him for the last four games. Claim an injury and really sell it to the media and fans, then you’ve got a well rested, fully healthy, finely tuned machine to make a run in the last four games! Genius! (Assuming we win tomorrow)

    1. wildcat31279

      Those of you that say bbn doesn’t deserve an explanation is bs we spend tons of money supporting this program without the bbn kentucky basketball is nothing the bbn is why cal came here and is why pj is here
      If he’s injured and won’t return for the season so be it I understand he has a lot of money to lose just be straight up that’s all

    2. Soylentbeans

      Wildcat, paying your cable bill to watch uk play doesn’t count as spending tons of money supporting the program.

    3. 4everUKblue

      What if it were your son? Would you feel the same? And how can you be so sure they are not being straight up? Do you have the ability to see into another persons mind and heart? Can you answer any of these questions honestly? BBN is being torn apart by all of the so called fans who feel entitled and act like children. It really is embarrassing to the program.

    4. syrin23

      It’s EASY to see how they’re not being straight up. When did he injure it. How did he injure it. What exactly is the injury. How long did the doctors say it would take to recover. None of those have been answered even slightly.

    5. 4everUKblue

      Syrin you did answer even one of my questions and oh by the way, they have absolutely NO obligation to answer any of yours. Grow up son!

    6. syrin23

      Hey child, I did answer, and if it were my son having the PRIVILEGE to play at some place like UK, I would tell people EXACTLY what the injury was, when it happened, how it happened, and what the prognosis was. There is nothing to be gained by a shroud of secrecy, and in fact, it makes it look like you are covering up something much more severe, child.

    7. monteverdi

      What is it you think you need to know that hasn’t been told? The nature of the injury is believed to be a sprained foot. He injured it during the game against Tennessee Saturday. That information has been out there since at least Wednesday. How long does it take to heal? Well, anyone with any knowledge at all of foot injuries will tell you they are hard to predict because every step you take puts stress on the injury. The boot is designed to reduce that stress, but the cast does more because it more fully restricts the movement. So what is it you think you need to know?

  23. tmcclan16

    Can’t question a kid being hurt. PJ has been awesome and watching him and his playing mentality I’m sure it’s killing him sitting on the sidelines. He’s a great kid treat him that way. If we win hopefully he comes back if not good luck bud!

  24. CoachCat

    What cracks me up is how angry you guys get. If he plays then great. If he never suits up again that fine. He gave us two years. He paid his dues and came back for a second year. He knows what’s best for him. Next man up and let it go

    1. terwilliger

      He also bricked a million free throws which is why we lost to K-state. I thought he wanted to redeem himself.

    2. Soylentbeans

      Terwilliger we would have never been in that game in the first place if not for the play of pj.

    3. Marshall

      No disrespect but it cracks me up to hear a player came back to play 2nd season and that’s what passes for paying your dues… Times have changed

    4. syrin23

      I thought the same thing. We get him a multi-million dollar career, and he’s paid his dues. I don’t want him playing if he was told not to, but the trend among these athletes is to take a scholarship to play basketball or football for a school team, then take off in the games that matter the most, especially in football. Your scholarship wasn’t for an NBA developmental program. It was to play for our team until we reach our ultimate goal. If he’s too hurt to play, then don’t. If he’s doing it for himself over the team, then I have a problem.

    5. CoachCat

      Ok. I tried to be civil but whatever. In this case paying your dues is doing the required one year in college as per NCAA rules. The kid did that and could have easily went to the NBA last year. So that, by definition, is paying your dues. Google it if you’re still confused. And please lmao. WE GET HIM A MULTI MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT. Pretty sure his hard work and talent is going to get him to the next level. He could have went to any college to play. Saying we get him anything is silly.

    6. CATandMONKEY

      We(you) didn’t get him sh!t.
      The delusional audacity of some in our fanbase; as if only magical BBN fans could possibly help a kid to the NBA…with all the empathy and support…of wait!

    7. syrin23

      Except we did. Our coaching, our time spent developing his game, giving him PT, letting him play on the biggest stage. It’s like denying the fact that the medical school and residency helped create a great surgeon. From the minds of mental midgets.

  25. Dildo Baggins

    There’s a difference between being injured and playing with pain. If he was injured they would just say what it is and everyone would understand. Instead they keep it quiet. If he was injured he would of been helped up off the floor during the tenn game. Its time to have heart and play for a national championship. If you blowhards don’t like what I say shove it deeper down your throats!

    1. Soylentbeans

      I’ve seen people walk of the floor/field after tearing ligaments in their knees. Carson wentz just a couple years ago comes to mind.

    2. bwhitehouse2

      Carson Wentz has to drop back 3-7 steps with an occasional run not run 5-6 miles dipshit

    3. mikeintn

      Not sure what you are calling injured, I tore my acl and walked off the court, and walked on it a long time.

  26. Swizzle

    Been x-rayed and had a mri. No damage according to cal. So gotta be a reason he isnt playing. New nickname is soft serve.

    1. J-Dub421

      Post all your personal information here, real name, date of birth, social security number, address, phone number, email, etc. You think you’re entitled to PJ’s info? Let’s see yours.

    2. syrin23

      Stress fractures often don’t show up on imaging. They are treating this like a stress fracture.

  27. kylebsanders7

    Is that something fans are really saying? That makes zero sense… if so, is it possible to kick fans out of the BBN?

  28. Marshall

    If he doesn’t play I truly hope it’s because he really is in pain not just being cautious.. This would be another team with a great opportunity to win #9 but slipped away

  29. Marshall

    And this is definitely not a game to take lightly Excellent 3pt shooting team all 5 starters shoot better than 40% from 3pt, and they have a good Big as well …

  30. mikeintn

    I’ve never seen so many people that knows so much, but know so little. Get well PJ, I am 100% sure you will play if you can, period. Go get Wofford tomorrow. GO CATS!

  31. Wakecrash

    PJ said pain is 10 out of 10, dad – its about making sure my son is healthy. PJ cooled off a bit the last couple games now this pain situation,,, he done …..

    1. syrin23

      The pain is not a 10/10. That pain is someone just slowly cut your arm off with a rusty dull knife. Did you see him on the sidelines? That was a 0.5/10.

    2. Wakecrash

      Syrin, agree completely.

  32. Blue Mass

    After readingvthis I am not sure how much Cal, or even PJ, has to do with the decision to hold him out.
    But I will say this, there is a team full of absolute ballers who are going to give it there all. They can either do that for BBN or in spite of BBN. The class, or lack of class, that I have seen from way too many of our fans this tear is disgusting.

    Let’s get behind these guys because they can do this thing with or without PJ.

    1. Blue Mass


    2. Blue Mass


    3. J-Dub421

      Amen dude.

    4. syrin23

      If Nick or EJ pulled a Pervis Ellison, lived up to their potential and god given gifts, we would roll through the tourney with or without PJ.

  33. Righteous1

    In 1997 Derek Anderson hurt his knee in late January. Rick Pitino treated him like it was his own son and held him out even though Anderson was cleared to play by the doctors before the NCAA tournament. The kid and his family wanted him to play. The point is that the players health is more important for his future than the selfishness of the BBN in a quest for the title! People should be ashamed of themselves for their selfishness. I agreed with Pitino’s decision then and I would agree with Calipari’s decision to hold PJ out for this tournament even if the doctors cleared him.

    Jesus, some of you people are shameful! BBN is far better than this or so I thought! I know good people with kids or grandkids that play would want their physical well being first and foremost the #1 priority.

    What is wrong with some of you people!

  34. Larkin123

    I never heard if pj damaged any teeth on the play late in the game.. it was unintentional for sure. Toward the end of the game you can see the two players laughing about it.

    The driving lanes will open without Washington especially is the richards Montgomery play off ball for lob. Hagons and johnson will take advantage of this. Hero is the one im worried about. He played off of washinton…

  35. Wakecrash

    Maggie, why would you link an article on another site that requires subscription.

  36. vandzandz

    I like how his dad says he came back to win #9. I believe the correct answer should’ve been he’s a projected 2nd rounder, you have to go back

  37. ibescootch

    You all depress me with your “sky is falling” attitudes. I can’t imagine how negative you are in your real lives if this is how you react to a college athletes injury. And one that you know absolutely nothing about. As several people have mentioned, I’ve never met so many people who know so little, but think they know so much.

  38. TPACAT

    Well, look in the bright side. At least we can use this as an excuse for losing before being able to avenge our season-opening crushing by dUKe. Boy, let me tell ya’, it was going to be a blood-bath when we got ahold of them! They really dodged a bullet thanks to this!

  39. N-UR-i

    Benny and Jets!

  40. speaksthetruth

    People keep posting about the negative bbn fans and how selfish they are and i agree. But we need to also keep in mind that as much as they think they know everything about what goes through players and coaches minds and just want to call out the negative things that happen, they are way in the minority. About 99% of bbn stick by the team and their coach and have faith in them even though things may not go perfectly like we want them to. GO CATS!!

  41. catsarerunnin

    The cliff dwelling whiners are all in distress. Maybe they can shine up their participation trophies to relieve their angst. Injuries do not happen in their utopian world.

  42. Kat4Life

    Reading some of these posts is high comedy indeed…..
    I have injured my arch, and it can be very painful. Way too painful to play to his or our expectations. I’m sure they are weighing the situation properly and we’ll see PJ when we see him. Frankly we should be able to handle Wofford without him. After that we certainly need him to advance

  43. big cat

    Win or lose….with or without PJ, the sun will come up tomorrow….unless THE SON comes back of course. Good luck Cats. Gotta trust the process and elueve the best will happen.

    1. big cat


  44. ballplayerstu

    He’s playing chill

  45. UKBaker24

    For everyone saying the staff just needs to come out and tell us the truth
    1.) Let’s consider that they might actually be telling us the truth and not lying to us lol
    2.) If PJ is out the whole tournament, what is there to gain by coming out and saying it? What, just so a few delusional people know what’s going on? If the coaches and team knows then it doesn’t matter. There is absolutely 0 to gain by making a public statement about PJ’s status, people are stupid

    1. unbridled

      Zero negative to stating pj’s status either. None.

  46. dballrb

    Willis Reed..

  47. satcheluk

    We have more ignorant gossiping fools in our fan base. You sound like a bunch of hens clucking and I imagine most of you are grown men. Have you no shame?

  48. weneedpitino

    Well in my expert opinion he is done and will never suit up again for UK. He has been a fairly decent ambassador for the program, and I like his style. I hate that it has to end this way. I wish him well and hope the best for him. Go cats, and go PJ’s cast!!

    1. speaksthetruth

      At least you say in your opinion. Other state their opinions as facts. Go cats and boo people who state their opinions as facts.

  49. BluKudzu

    Next Man Up. If we dont have a player ready to step it up, shame on us. Ultimately, we win or die with defense and rebounding. Who ever comes in needs to be a machine.
    Let’s see what we have.

  50. BlueGrassBrass

    Does it really matter. DUKE is going to destroy the Cats with or without Washington. An injured PJ isnt going to change that.

  51. The Big Lebowski


    WTF is wrong with some of you @ssholes???

  52. weneedsanity

    As soon as the weneedpitino website is up I would like to offer some of my homemade shirts to sell there. When the prototype is done I will post a pic of it for your approval. Blue T-shirt. GoCATS! Pic of PJ on his scooter,or a pic of him reflecting on his scooter. Then Go PJ and GO PJs scooter!