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Who wants to see a UK vs. UNC Alumni Game?

Cross your fingers for this one, BBN…

There’s talk of a new alumni game this fall, involving your favorite former Wildcats and North Carolina’s best Tar Heels.

We’ve been told there could potentially be a UK vs. UNC game in Rupp Arena, with John Wall and Harrison Barnes serving as team captains. The game will feature several NBA stars from the two schools and it will coincide with Coach Cal’s fantasy camp, as we’ve seen with alumni games in the past.

The rivalry/alumni game isn’t set in stone just yet, but several people are working hard to try to make it a reality. Look toward the second weekend in September as a possible date if (or when) it is going down.

Or maybe we can schedule a rematch of that 2009 game:

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39 responses to “Who wants to see a UK vs. UNC Alumni Game?”

  1. lexslamman

    Yes please!

    I would say UofL or Duke, but I don’t think either of them have enough alumni still playing basketball actively to field a competitive team.

    1. You're an idiot

      Duke and Kentucky both had 18 active players in the NBA this past season. . .

    2. J-Dub421

      Lexslamman said COMPETITIVE team. Most of Duke’s players in the NBA suck.

    3. CardFan502

      ^^^ 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    4. Ima Nidiot

      @ I. from 11:14 am July 9, 2015. You can have my name. (Channel Homer Simpson): IN YOUR FACE!

  2. Dan

    Assuming Michael Jordan won’t play, there is no way a team centered around John Wall, Demarcus Cousins, and Anthony Davis could lose

    1. J-Dub421

      Don’t forget MKG, Knight, Bledsoe, Patterson, Randle, Towns, WCS,……

      Michael Jordan is 52 now. UNC can play him, and I still think we’d win.

  3. MikeyLikesIt

    Can we check the transcripts to ensure UNC players actually attended class at UNC?

  4. Bullitt County UK fan

    Can MJ still play?!

  5. ukjaybrat

    drooling already !

  6. Leuther

    40 and Oh, baby!


    Duke has plenty of people in the NBA and would be a much better choice that North Carolina. Other than Barnes, UNC’s kids that are still playing are thugs. Duke had just as many this past year as UK did. UK’s players may be drafted higher, but Duke’s are smarter. The loaded UK alumni that played the Villains team years ago got hammered. They were much smarter players. In the Calipari era, DUKE has 2 titles to UK’s 1 title because they have a coach that can actually coach. Give K what Calipari has been handed and Duke has 4 or 5 titles over the past six years. Whoever is setting up this game wants UNC because their alumni that are still playing suck other than Barnes. Easy win! Schedule DUKE or even Wisconsin. UK wouldn’t play Kaminsky or Dekker again for nothing!

    1. Dude

      Coming to a UK site for validation, I see… Typical.

    2. ukjaybrat

      we could always make a game of UK and UL pros… but Louisville wouldn’t be able to form a full team… so nevermind

    3. J-Dub421

      I am pretty sure all of our players would love to play Wisconsin again. Too bad it will be another 20 years before they will field a good team again. However Wisconsin doesn’t have enough pro players to field a team. Duke doesn’t have enough good pros to field a competitive team either.

  8. the word

    If yousa so smart, why for you no can count? dUKe had 3 players drafted. I knoes we not smart and all, but we can count to 5, yes sir.


    Same amount of players in NBA not drafted retard. Learn to decipher an entire post before commenting on it. As for coming here for validation, you uktards need reminded sometimes that you’re not as good as you think you are.

    1. ukjaybrat

      if you wrote more coherently and not just rambling on about some crap that no one cares about except butt hurt fans of other schools, maybe we wouldn’t have to “decipher” anything… just sayin

    2. Brian

      8 is more than 5, all day, every day.

    3. Brian II

      ^ Burn 🙂

  10. CatsRus

    UKTARDS is providing true humor. Who will coach the Badgers after this coming year?

  11. Kevin C.

    Can we be sure that “UNC alumni” actually exist….like seriously?

    1. KevinM

      This event would definitely not depend on UNC actually attending any classes.

      They better play it this year, before any penalties hit and take away all the records of former players.

  12. the word

    Ohs, I’s the retard but you can’t write complete sentences.

    ” Duke had just as many this past year as UK did.”

    Yous precious. Bless your little heart.

    1. CatBlue n LR

      I’m no Duke-lover, but I think the sentence you cite is indeed a complete sentence. Factually flawed, but grammatically complete, nonetheless.

  13. 8 god

    Really wish the regular season series against UNC would resume because a) I hate them more than any sports team including Duke, Louisville, Tennessee, Florida etc., and b) the games are always so exciting. I am getting tired of the marquee matchup always being the impossibly slow, sloppy, and boring Louisville game. UNC provided extremely viewer-friendly games and was a worthy, competitive rival.

  14. AP

    i had tickets right behind home bench last time this was supposed to happen, and it got cancelled. Probably won’t get that lucky this time.

  15. Cat in Ohio

    Just off memory, this is what a roster would look like:

    Davis/P-Pat/Lyles or Jones

    Ty Lawson/Kendall Marshall
    Danny Green /Wayne Ellington
    Vinsanity/Harry Barnes
    Brandan Wright/Ed Davis/Brendan Haywood (lol)

  16. Cardinal Red

    So when can we expect the alumni game with Wisconsin?

    1. Wildcat BLUE

      When can we expect UofL to beat UK again?

  17. Cardinal Red

    I guess the next time y’all print out 40-0 t-shirts again, so next year.

    1. Wildcat BLUE

      Hahaha. Wanna bet on that? #1-7, bitch.

    2. Cardinal Red

      Ooooo, such salty language. I guess I’d be pretty bitter, too if I came up short that close to the finish.

    3. Wildcat BLUE

      LMAO, is that all you got, bro? Bitter because we had an awesome year, beat your ass at your house, and went to the Final Four?!?!

      Better than being knocked out by a 7-seed and owned every year by your rival.

      Guess who’s gonna be competing for another Final Four next year? (hint: NOT Louisville)

    4. Wildcat BLUE


    5. Cardinal Red

      A little salty because we’ve won a title more recently than you….?

    6. Wildcat BLUE

      Nope. We won it first. 😉

  18. Captain Crunch

    I’d rather watch IU alumni take on Kentucky. I mean guyton, V.O. Noah Vonleh, Cody Zeller, will sheehe, Christian Watford, jordy hulls, and Eric Gordon I mean damn! That could be a real game there. Boys and girls

    1. Ha!

      People wanna see a competitive game, not a blowout win by UK Alumni.