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Article written by Drew Franklin

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24 responses to “What will Brad Calipari do next season?”

  1. Catcasey1

    Who cares

    1. Luether

      Really glad to know that “Whatever he decides, it will not change Kentucky’s title hopes next year”…

  2. Fitz


  3. FlatTopsAndBlockedShots

    Congratulations on graduating, going to prep school after high school usually does help one graduate “early”

  4. A_Blue_Wildcat

    He isn’t good enough to play serious minutes at any d1 program, even among the lowest d1 programs. If he transfers somewhere to play it would be a d2 or Naia school.

    1. Glock

      MAYBE a D2 NAIA school…maybe

  5. Wade

    Go play and get experience and come back to assist dad in coaching

    1. FlatTopsAndBlockedShots

      Please no? It’s been hard enough getting big recruits, it would be even harder with Brad sitting in people’s living rooms

    2. Glock

      Would he still wear the ridiculous outfits? “Night at the Roxbury” chain and turtleneck outfit would def impress forbin home visits….”earned not given”. LOL

  6. jahanc2uky

    After next season, regardless of who is on the roster. I say he gets 10-20 minutes a game.

    1. IndianaSucks


  7. UK Basketball is More Fun Than Law School

    Be an unnecessary distraction?

  8. bigbluecrazy

    Heard he’s going to UPIKE

    1. Glock

      Not good enough to play at UPike

  9. imabucket

    I sorta agree with jahan. Not saying it’s a guarantee though. Who really knows how good brad is , but I’d say if he sticks around or goes somewhere else even ,after four years of practicing with some of the best of the best in college basketball ; he will play 10-20 meaningful minutes a game somewhere . I imagaine he wouldn’t be a half bad point guard if people would stop yelling SHOOT every time he gets the ball. As fans We never should of turned him into that guy anyways .

    1. jahanc2uky

      I have 3 points that argue he deserves 10-20 minutes after 4 years on the team. 1. Tradition – Rupp, Smith, and Sutton had kids that played minutes at UK. 2. Family, we are all hypocrites if we say a father-son relationship on the D-1 level is not special. If we were in Cals position after a long career, we would want our kid to play (winning isnt everything). 3 Merit, Brad has sacrificed time with his father throughout Cal’s career and deserves to play for the sacrifices made. Tradition, family, and merit are what makes up Kentucky basketball; winning is simply a result of putting those 3 qualities ahead of a win at all cost attitude. It doesnt stop with Cal, Payne should receive the same treatment if he pays his dues.

    2. IndianaSucks

      I don’t agree with point 2 and 3. Point 2: he wouldn’t have come close to making the team if he didn’t have “connections”. You have to be good enough to play, you know, to play no matter who you know. Point 3: With as much money Cal has made in his career, I’m sure the sacrifices were well worth it. Besides, he’s getting a free ride to sit and learn from his dad. That’s a pretty good deal and what he wanted. Just another point, the kid can shoot pretty well but to say he’d be a liability on the defensive end would be an understatement.

    3. jahanc2uky

      2. UK basketball is about being with family. What better way for that to be symbolized than Brad actually playing. Even if you dont have kids, imagine playing under some big stages with your dad as the coach, pretty cool. 3. Money is not everything to Cal and it might be worth the money he has now, to coach his kid on this stage. Also, the Logistics are easy from a basketball standpoint… 1-3-1 zone when Brad plays with him at the top, use all 5 of your fouls Brad, and lastly, no more than 2 dribbles (strictly catch & shoot)!

  10. bbn606

    At what level can he really play?

  11. Glock

    Div 3 or NAIA Div 2. NO WAY at Georgetown, Cumberlands, UPike, Lindsey Wilson or Campbellsville those are D1 NAIA.

    1. ukfan4388

      I think you people are all nuts. Two years ago, Brad gave us great minutes when our guys were in foul trouble. We have seen the videos of him in practice being deadly from 3. I know that being unguarded in practice is a whole different ballgame from actual game time, but he was 18 for 20 or 22 for 25. Most of the time, we only saw him in the game for the last couple of minutes. Hardly enough time for any player to get comfortable. Especially with the fans screaming “shoot”. I think that a lot of mid-majors would jump at the chance to have Brad.

  12. kuhlkat

    His game is as bad as his clothes. I wish him luck whatever he does tho.

  13. jakew60

    I hope brad stays and it’s great to see him graduating early, I honestly think he can be a coach one day to and a good assistant to Cal just because he relates to all these young kids because he is younger, he knows the style and the can form a relationship just from him being used to newer generation

  14. BTIisGay

    Brad is the homeless mans white chocolate but I wish him and his outfits best of luck wherever he goes