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What Alex Poythress Means To His “Brothers,” In Their Own Words

Everyone loves Alex Poythress. It’s impossible not to. He is the perfect example of a student-athlete, a role model to youngsters all across the bluegrass, and one of the most athletic players to ever don the blue and white. He’s an even better person behind the scenes, too — by all accounts.

But as much as the fans love Alex Poythress, his teammates, the ones who know him best, love him even more. Poythress has played with several of those guys since his freshman season at Lexington in 2012-13, and he means the world to all of them.

So we tracked them all down to find out why.

Here is what Alex Poythress means to his “brothers,” in their own words…




“Alex is one of the most humble guys I’ve ever played with. Class act on and off the court.”

– Nerlens Noel


“Alex is a very easy going person with a huge heart. He has been nothing but a great friend and little brother to me since the day I met him and I feel as if I needed anything he would go above and beyond to help me out…. All around great dude and competitor.”

– Julius Mays



“Out of all the teammates I have had, AP is one of the ones who not only made me a better basketball player, but a better person. I can never thank him enough for that.”

– Jon Hood


“Alex is my dog forever. Nothing but great things ahead for him!”

– Archie Goodwin


“I had the opportunity to play with AP his freshman year. He was one of the most unselfish teammates I ever had. It was great to see his growth over the last four years as a player because I know how hard he’s worked. He will forever be a brother of mine.”

– Twany Beckham


“Alex is one of the nicest and greatest teammates I was able to play with at UK.  He’s terrible at Mario Kart though.”

– Jarrod Polson

“Wish I could be there with AP on senior day because I consider him one of my best friends. One of the nicest guys I’ve ever been around but he’d be the first one to dunk on you. Will always remember this quote he always used to use: courage doesn’t always roar. Think it describes him perfectly because he didn’t have to be the most talkative guy on the court because he let his game do the talking for him. He’s a straight beast. No matter what happens with this game for the both of us, I know I’ll have him as a lifetime friend along with all the other guys I played with at UK.”

– Kyle Wiltjer


Clay Jackson |

“I’ve never been around a player so respected and appreciated by all his teammates and coaches. AP is the ultimate role model.”

– Sam Malone




“Proud of Alex for everything he’s accomplished on and off the court in the last four years and for fighting through a lot adversity.”

– Brian Long



“Through all the adversity he faced he always kept a positive attitude and a smile on his face!”

– Trey Lyles


Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.30.50 PM

“AP is one of the most grounded human beings I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Phenomenal athlete, dedicated teammate, but an even better friend. Walking alongside him for the majority of his journey here in Lexington was a blessing. I can’t wait to see what the future hold for him. Courage doesn’t always roar.”

– Tod Lanter


“AP is one of the funniest, nicest people I have had in my life. That’s my brother right there. He always works hard and pushed me to work hard and always was a person I can talk to about anything”

– Dakari Johnson



“I didn’t get to play with Alex much due to his injury but when he got hurt it made us as a team want to win for him. That’s how hurt we were. He is our brother and we all knew a big season was coming from him. For it to end early killed a lot of us. Even with his injury, Alex still continued to support us to the max. I saw him in the training room everyday rehabbing to get back to this point — didn’t look too fun, he was yelling in pain. Now I wish the best for him and his family. Will always be my brotha.”

– Devin Booker


“The guy is one of the best teammates I’ve played with and an even better person to be around.”

– Aaron Harrison


Kevin C. Cox | Getty Images

“Alex is one of my best friends in the world, one of the strongest people I have ever met, a great basketball player and even better man.”

– Andrew Harrison


“AP is a very hardworking and humble. He is one of my very best friends , he will always be one of my brothers we’ve been through a lot together . We went from literally the bottom to the top in the country making history . Congrats on your senior night.”

– Willie Cauley-Stein


Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 12.08.26 PM

“Alex wasn’t special because of his athletic ability or basketball ability. Alex was special because he was Alex. One of the greatest teammates I’ve ever had and one of the best humans I’ve ever met.”

– Karl-Anthony Towns

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

46 responses to “What Alex Poythress Means To His “Brothers,” In Their Own Words”

  1. RBT

    To date, this is one of the coolest things ever posted on KSR.

  2. PaintItBlue

    Excellent work – great original content and a good excuse to reach out to many Wildcats for life, no matter where they may be now.

  3. Tycobbn1

    AP is a helluva guy! It’s crazy to me how he’s a role model to every single teammate he’s played with. The haters can piss off… Without Poythress’ leadership we likely would’ve seen players in trouble/suspended. Thank you #22

  4. andrew59832

    A really great read, congrats to Alex for a great career.

  5. theWilkman

    Great article, Drew. I’ve been critical of Alex’s play in the past, but never him as a person. He’s clearly loved by his teammates, which says more about him than anything he could ever do on the court.

  6. turkeyleg88

    This is an awesome tribute to Alex and he deserves nothing but the best. I hope he can make a career in the NBA but know he will be successful doing whatever he chooses. Congrats AP!!!

  7. Broski

    Wow, there’s been some great work on here the past few days for Alex. Great work. This was pretty awesome. Best of luck to AP, he’s given us some great moments at UK. Much love

  8. Realme

    Nice, Drew. I’m sure this will mean a lot to him, and that the current players would have loved to contribute too, if the school allowed. Great guy, will always represent the BBN well.

  9. nybrasky

    Awesome post. Thanks for reaching out to those guys & for sharing with us. Alex will be missed and I hope he fulfills his dreams. He’s a roll model for all student-athletes.

  10. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    Wow….deep thoughts Archie.

  11. Indykentuckyfan

    I have always liked Alex Poythress. He is a great role model and person. It’s a shame that he never lived up to potential on the basketball court and turned out as a little bit of a “bust.” Not everyone at UK is going to be good though and he is someone to look up to as a person for younger players on how to act.

    1. BluKudzu

      You were not satisfied by what an idiot you made yourself seem to be by the first post, you had to drive home exactly what a low life moron and classless jerk off you are, with your second posting about AP.
      You and people like you, which have no idea on how hard it is to compete for playing time with Cal’s teams, (which have played host to some of the best talent that has ever worn the Blue and White) make such ridiculous statements about players when you never hoisted a jump shot in college basketball at any level. You have no clue what it is like to perform on a team that plays for the NCAA championship every year, nor what it takes.
      AP has played along side some of the best, and competed against the best, the college game has to offer, and has done a damn fine job. He only sat out due to injury.
      I will take players that you think are “lazy” and a “kind of a bust” such as AP every chance I can. His character on his worst day, is superior to your chicken sh!t remarks behind a forum name.
      You are such a classless low life. You have earned it.

    2. Indykentuckyfan

      I mean anybody who watches a Kentucky game knows Alex seems like he has his heads in the clouds a lot of the time. Even coach Cal kind of hinted he was lazy at times and I’m talking pre ACL injury and after. It’s bad when you are such a homer that you get so when I make a valid judgement you get all bent out of shape. Same kind of guy who probably would start a bar fight over someone cheering against UK. You should probably get on some Pro-zac and realize it’s just a game and people are allowed to express their opinions even negative ones of UK players. I said he was a good guy, but I agree with others who have said he doesn’t have a motor on him. Get over yourself and have a great day.

    3. ukjaybrat

      You’re an idiot. That wasn’t JUST an opinion and you know it.

    4. Indykentuckyfan

      What else was it? A fact? I wouldn’t argue that either. Fact is he hasn’t lived up to the hype. I’ll agree with you there

    5. UK Big Board Update

      Indyshitfan, you need to reread BluKudzu’s comment again, to yourself, slowly. After that, read it again. Read it as many times as it takes for it to sink in.

  12. Indykentuckyfan

    I need to revise my statement. Alex is a good human being and there should be more people that are kind like him. I’m not sure he is a good role model when it comes to work ethic though. Alex is kind of lazy in that area and that is why he never lived up to a potential. Great guy and role model in that way, lazy work ethic.

    1. theSkinny81

      How do you know he’s lazy?

    2. jrdh13

      Really let me see you rehab from a torn acl in less than a year. Let’s see how good your work ethic is

    3. clearhorse

      How can you not see that this is an article whether either you don’t comment or you stop after “Alex is a good human being and there should be more people that are kind like him.” Just leave it at that. So tired of know-it-all critics of college-age kids. This is not the time or place.

    4. J-Dub421

      Did you read any of the comments from his teammates???? About half of them talked about what a hard worker Alex is.

    5. Big Meech

      Cheer for IU. We don’t need your bs on here.

    6. ClutchCargo

      Indykentuckyfan March 4, 2016 at 2:54 pm | Permalink | Reply
      Like It (0)
      “I need to STFU because I have no idea what the hell I’m talking about. I’m sorry for making everyone here dumber for having read my first post.”


    7. damage_control

      Yes idiot troll- I’m sure it takes no work ethic at all to maintain a 4.0 GPA while being a member of the UK basketball team (a full-time member, not like a walk-on which I’m sure is hard enough). Not to mention the rehab work that it took to come back from injury.

    8. Indykentuckyfan

      The only thing I hate about being a UK fan is that part of the fan base I am associated with can’t take criticism of the program or any of the players in it without calling the person an idiot or crying. Everyone is great and your a dumbass if you don’t agree. Well the truth is, he has had plenty of opportunities when not injured to do some damage, and he always seems out of it. Damn Coach Cal even hints at it too, but I don’t see any of you calling Cal anything when he does. Best of luck to Alex, but we aren’t going to miss any of his production next year.

    9. J-Dub421

      This is a tribute piece. It is not the correct forum for you to judge and criticize. The thing I hate about being a UK fan is jerks like you who feel the need to spew constant criticism and negativity, and think that this somehow makes them a better fan than the rest of us because you’re “not a homer” and “don’t just drink the big blue kool-aid.”

    10. Indykentuckyfan

      Keep drinking the Kool-Aid 🙂

    11. nybrasky

      You’re questioning a kid’s work ethic who graduated college in 3 years and is receiving a masters in 4? All while being a D1 student-athlete in one of the most demanding programs in the country, which by itself is more than a full-time job? You’ve got some nerve.

    12. theSkinny81

      You know who the lazy ones are? Indykentuckyfan’s parents. They really dropped the ball with this one.

      But then again, we are talking about someone who comes from the great state of Indiana.

  13. J-Dub421

    Alex has been a model student athlete. He has always done well in school and worked hard, and has never gotten in trouble off the court. It really says something about him that all of his teammates think so highly of him. I’m glad he chose to spend his college years as a Wildcat.

  14. Ken Grizzle

    As a person and as a player Alex will always be the epitome of a Kentucky Wildcat. As a long time fan I will miss seeing #22 on the court. Best wishes for a long and prosperous life. Go Blue

  15. fireants25

    I agree with post #1..enough said right there. Great/cool post.

  16. Chip Chipperson

    One of the best all around kids I’ve had the pleasure to watch at this University. If the NBA doesn’t work out, I am sure this kid has set him self up to succeed in all his future endeavors. Best of luck AP!

    1. EdC

      You keep talkin’ like he’s a goat or sumpin’ tss tsss. (yea I know most won’t understand this obscure response but Chip will)

  17. teech62

    I have to admit this made me tear up. Great post!

  18. lilWildcat

    What an awesome tribute to a class act. Thanks for sharing your time with BBN and for being a role model to all around you. Life holds great things for Alex Poythress!

  19. RealCatsFan

    I have to say that perhaps the thing that made me the most proud to have Alex as a Kentucky Wildcat is this title: Academic All-American. That is the mark of hard worker, in spite of what a certain idiot “fan” said above. People who have never lived the life of a college athlete have NO IDEA how tough it can be for an athlete just to get through four years of college with all of the demands on their time, much less graduate with honors and a 3.5+ GPA and a Masters Degree (in Business) to boot. BBN is truly proud of you Alex – you are a winner on and off the court!

  20. Kyblue34

    Alex is the role model for what a student athlete should be: outstanding in the classroom, great and supportive teammate, never gets in trouble, and has played well on the court. You can’t ask for much more than that. If playing professionally doesn’t work out for him, then he should definitely consider coaching as he is super intelligent and players have great respect for him as evidenced in the quotes above. Proud he is a member of the BBN!

  21. scwhite9

    As a tribute, I think all should stay positive about the article and Alex. He is obviously a great young man. As an attendee at the Women’s Clinic every year, I will say that he is always well-mannered, funny, kind to all he meets. I have never heard Coach Cal use the word lazy on any of the children. I think he has focused on him going harder in the games.

  22. mikeintn

    Thanks Alex for the four great years on and off the court, and all the good dunks, looking forward to a few more! may GOD bless you in whatever you do. GO CATS

  23. BTownUKFan

    This is one of the best posts ever on KSR. Thanks Alex for 4 years of dedication, thanks for being a great team mate and a great student-athlete. You have been an outstanding representative for the Big Blue Nation. Whatever you do in life I am sure you will be successful and we wish you all the best.

  24. kentuckybluegrass

    This is the best post ever. Thanks KSR!

  25. EdC

    This is a fantastic tribute. Really REALLY well done. It should help put some perspective on life vs. basketball. However great any basketball player is, that part of their life as a player never lasts very long. Their life as a person is so much more important.

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      100% right!

      We’ll miss you Alex!

  26. roundball fool

    Great piece, Drew and perfect comment by EdC above^^^^^^^

    Thanks to Alex and his folks. Job well done!

  27. CATandMONKEY

    This really IS an awesome tribute.
    Much thanks to Alex for all that he has given to the University the fans and the community.