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What a game, what a finish

(Walt Beazley |

Kentucky was on the losing end, and that’s never fun, but we just watched a spectacular basketball game in Bud Walton Arena on Tuesday night. The ESPN Super Tuesday game in Fayetteville, Arkansas, an 87-85 UK loss, featured 18 ties, 10 lead changes, a last second three-pointer in regulation, overtime, and a late game-tying three-pointer, followed by what will certainly be SportsCenter’s No. 1 play Wednesday morning, a put-back dunk to end it all.

All that excitement came after one of the longest and slowest games in recent memory, thanks to an officiating crew that must’ve had money on the over in total fouls called. The crew of Ron Groover, James Breeding, and Roger Ayers called 60 fouls, and though the total on each side is close to even, a lot of those whistles were terrible. Both coaches have good reason to complain to the league office. It really affected the flow of the game and sent key players from each team to the bench in crucial moments.

Whistles aside, it was a gritty, hard-fought game for the Cats and one that will only help in the long run. And that’s what the regular season is about, right? Growth, progression and experience for that final run in March. Kentucky took a huge step in that direction Tuesday night.

Let’s discuss so we can catch the late night Australian Open action. (Kidding… you don’t care about tennis. You only care about losing at Arkansas.)


Alex Poythress’ offensive rebound was incredible.

It’ll get lost in the stories, maybe forgotten, but Alex Poythress made the best play of the first four minutes and 59 seconds of overtime, only to be overshadowed on the other end.

After a missed three-point attempt from James Young (a great look, too) to tie the game, Poythress soared over two Razorbacks for an offensive rebound to keep Kentucky’s hopes alive.

Watch the determination as he skies for the board. No one, NO ONE, was keeping Alex from getting that basketball:


Young got another look from the same spot (automatic for any great shooter) thanks to Poythress’ effort and he knocked it down to tie the game with ten seconds on the clock. Unfortunately, Poythress and Young’s late heroics were short-lived.

I ain’t mad at ya, Michael Qualls.

It’s hard to be mad at Arkansas guard Michael Qualls for that dunk to win the game. Mad at his dreadlocks, yes, but not at his slam. That was a hell of a way to win a basketball game.

That being said, box out much?

Put a body on that man.

Big Shot Andrew, Big Shot James

Two freshmen playing in only their second true road test of their careers were as cool as the other side of the pillow when their numbers were dialed late in the game.

First, it was Andrew Harrison, calm, cool, and collected, busting the three-pointer with one second remaining in regulation to face overtime. Pressure? Never heard of it. Rim? Don’t need it.

Then in overtime, it was James Young making the aforementioned sweet string music to erase an Arkansas lead in the final seconds. He missed his first attempt after a great move to create space, but there was no doubt he was finding the bottom of the net when Poythress blessed him with another try.

That’s two clutch late-game jumpers from young Wildcats in one of the most hostile environments they’ll see all year.

Coach Cal blamed the loss on one bad box out and missed free throws.

On his postgame radio show, John Calipari said he was proud of the fight his team showed in the loss.

“We grew up.” he said of his young bunch on the air.

Cal blamed the loss entirely on two simple, avoidable things: missed free throws — UK was 26-for-40 from the stripe in the game — and one bad box out on the game’s final possession.  He said his guys just stood around and watched Qualls clean up the miss after Kentucky’s defense did a great job of forcing Arkansas into a bad shot.

Photo evidence of that standing around:


No cramps, only dominance, from Julius Randle.

It was the second half of the Michigan State game all over again for Julius Randle as he played hard and showed a ton of fight on both ends of the court to collect his however-many-eth double-double of the season with 20 points and 14 rebounds. He added two big blocks and two more big blocks that were mistakenly called fouls, plus five turnovers from going to that spin too much in the paint.

After the game, Randle said he thinks his diet had a lot to do with keeping the cramps away. Something obviously changed because if there were ever a time to cramp up, his effort in Tuesday night’s was it.

Foul trouble took Willie Cauley-Stein out of the game, which hurt UK defensively.

The absence of Willie Cauley-Stein was clear on the defensive end and it had a major impact on the game. Foul trouble limited the Kentucky big man to 18 minutes, 10 below his season average, and he was never really a factor. I can remember his one basket, a very nice post move, but that’s about it from Willie for the evening.

His fifth foul was pretty big, too, I guess. I think he was set but leaned out of it.

Aaron Harrison and an Arkansas fan exchanged words after the game.

Assistant coach Orlando Antigua had to get between Aaron Harrison and an overconfident Arkansas fan as Harrison walked off the floor toward the locker room following the loss. The Herald-Leader’s Mark Cornelison was nearby to capture the altercation and John Clay posted the photos to his blog.

If you’re keeping score at home, Arkansas beat eight-time national champion Kentucky at home and one fan stormed the court. Indiana beat zero-time national champion Wisconsin and everyone stormed the court.

Bring on Tennessee.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

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  1. Dude

    That dude is @rodwinkler on twitter. Get em BBN

    1. RodWinkler?

      Dude has a vine of a girl giving another guy head in some kind of crappy dorm room. The video was presumably shot by Ron Winkler. Now I can’t unsee that. Thanks a lot “Dude”….

  2. PhilUK18

    Bad, bad move by that guy. Harrison looks like he was about ready to put a beat down on Fat Albert, he’s lucky there were so many potential witnesses around.

    1. Blue Jesus

      He looks like Keenan from SNL.

    2. PhilUK18

      Wow, didn’t notice that until you pointed it out. He does look a lot like Keenan. Mind, blown

  3. Blue Jesus

    What could that old lady possibly be yelling at Coach O about?

    Also, wow, thanks for pointing out that offensive rebound, that really was incredible. I think if this team didn’t have Julius Randle, there’s a decent chance Poythress would be having similar numbers to Randle’s. What a monster. He’s turning into a rock, the new Darius.

    1. PhilUK18

      The old lady is probably just mad because her girlfriend didn’t accompany her to the game. I guess she took out her rage at that to the person nearest her.

  4. We Hang Banners

    Would have been funny as hell if Aaron would have dotted that eye.

  5. Tip in Dunk

    When the last shot went up, Qualls was standing at the 3 point line. Serious Question? Was Andrew supposed to take his eye off the ball, and run from under the basket out to the 3 point line to block Qualls out? Because that’s what would have had to happen, and since he was the only UK player under the basket when the shot went up, any of the Arkansas players could have run and tipped it in. For Andrew to put a body on Qualls when the shot went up, that’s what he would have had to do. And FYI, no player is ever taught that, nor will a player in his right mind EVER take his eye off the ball, ESPECIALLY WITH NO TIME LEFT, and run from under the basket to block some dude out at the 3 point line.

    1. Awareness

      Someone should have been aware of where Qualls was, and at least tracked him. It’s the “keep your head on a swivel” kind of thing. There could have at least been some attempt to stop him had they been tracking him rather than just completely ball watching.

    2. Tip in Dunk

      Yes somebody should have but wasn’t Andrew’s fault. He might have been standing like the rest of our team, but he was our ONLY player under the basket with any chance of a rebound. Alex might have gotten it if it bounced his way but he was 8 feet from the goal.

    3. Tip in Dunk

      Drew, was that what young was referring too in the post game when he said this game was his fault? I totally disagree, this was a team loss, but found that a bit odd?

    4. Obviously yes

      Of course Andrew Harrison was supposed to block him out. Are you kidding me?!?!? When the ball goes up, you find a man and put a body on him. That’s taught in 4th grade basketball. Your role is not to stand slackjawed under the basket watching the flight of the ball. As soon as the ball goes, if either Young or Harrison are doing their jobs, they locate a guy, and shift their feet 12 inches. The dunk doesn’t happen. No horn had sounded, so since the players don’t really know how much time is left, YOU KEEP PLAYING… but this team’s consistent pattern is to give as little effort as possible.
      Horrible play caused by laziness and poor basketball IQ. It undoes every good play they did earlier in the game…. including the complete opposite play of Poythress’s amazing effort rebound.
      I hope they figure it out at some point, but it’s not looking good.

    5. Blueneck

      You can’t block out that guy in that situation. Take your eye off the ball to scan the court to see who is and isn’t gonna crash. That would take at least a second. Then move to the player you identified. By the time you do that you will have no idea where the ball is. I feel like some of you have never played.
      It’s the same reason you give up a lot of offensive rebounds when playing zone: when you don’t have a body on a guy when the shot goes up they can shoot the gaps and get inside because defenders are gonna track the ball rather than turn away from it. First time you turn away from it the shot ends up being an air ball that they turn into an alley oop because you thought you had more time to let it come off the rim.

    6. Blueneck

      It’s easy to say block out when the guy is under the basket next you like in elementary school. Not so easy when he is 20 feet away.

    7. Block Out

      You don’t block him out at the 3 point line (learn how to play basketball before making stupid comments), you go to the other side of the basket, you basically get between the offensive rebounder and the rim, and you make him go over your back to get that rebound. If he goes around you to the front of the rim, he has no shot at tipping it in.

    8. KG

      Hindsight is always helpful in these situations.

  6. damond

    We just played a shitty team in the sixth or seventh best conference in the nation. We cant shoot free throws and our players have no clue how to act in a high pressure situation. Yes, the refs sucked. That is no excuse for us losing this game. Bud Walton arena? Piss on that place, we are UK. Those guys won because they had something to prove. They were hungry, they played for their lives, for their fans. We have a bunch of primadonas that got by on their prodigial talents all their lives. They were bigger and stronger than the competition, this is a different world. You think want you want but im gonna tell you what has to happen. J Polson and W Stein are gonna have to get into some asses. They need to call midnight free throw practices for all players until they get this damn FT situation taken care of. Cal is gonna have to get mean and start the bench a time or two. Any man that cant hit 80% of his FT out of the coal lodge until he corrects the situation. We will get better but without some extreme measures we are bound for an early out of the tourney

    1. Kristen Geil's Abs

      You aren’t a UK fan. You are a little b1tch of a man.

    2. KRAY502

      I agree, also Andrew need to learn to be smart with the ball, he always favors the sidelines which causes a self imposed double team, he’s one of the only PG’s in college basketball that I see constantly favoring the sideline, which is why he turns the ball over at an alarming rate, especially when he is being pressed, he always traps himself, and then makes a lazy cross court pass that usually get stolen, also the twins need to learn that when the other team makes a basket, they are THE GUARDS, why do they run to half court and always make James Young sprint to the in bounder and receive the inbounds pass? Are they just as unfaithful in themselves at bringing the ball up the court, as I am? Am I the only one noticing these problems?

    3. Problems

      Here are the problems we continue to have since the season started. And not 1 has been corrected yet. Hustle, effort, attitude, defense/steals execution/coaching, turnovers, free throws, 3 pt shooting, passing. Many touted this team as possibly the greatest team ever assembled in college bball, and there are people now saying how good we looked in a LOSS to an unranked mediocre Arkansas team, after having trouble with a terrible Vandy team that only had 7 players. We start the game poorly, start the 2nd half poorly, end the game poorly, and get turnovers and shot clock violations coming directly out of time outs. Meanwhile all our coach does is yell PLAY and GO, while spending the rest of the time bitching at the refs. I have watched UK play like this for a year and a half, all while having more talent than just about any team in the nation. And i am supposed to sit here with a straight face and say how great we are, or how gutsy we played while losing to a mediocre Arkansas team? The people that don’t see there is something wrong, need their head checked. Sorry if I don’t shout from the rooftops that a team almost everyone predicted to win it all, had a guts loss to Arkansas, or a good win against Vandy with 7 players, or a good win against freaking Boise St or UL. Is that how low the bar has been set? I’m not buying it.

    4. KRAY502

      I agree, It would be like Alabama celebrating the football loss to Auburn because they “played hard” and “were in it till the finish” and it was on the road in a “tough environment”…I’m not buying it, as an a UK fan since birth (1989) I can honestly say I’ve never heard or used the words “moral victory” or “gutty performance” when it came to Kentucky basketball, we are supposed to be the “pinnacle” of college basketball, yet here we are talking about how great they looked in a lost, huh???? For a team that was ranked #1 to start the season and picked to easily make the Final Four, and possibly win the title, it’s comical that halfway through the year we are claiming “moral victories” and “gutsy performances” to an Arkansas team that will most likely lose to Georgia on Saturday, not make the tournament, and finish 6th or 7th at best in the SEC.

    5. KRAY502

      as a UK fan*

    6. Morons, Morons Everywhere

      “Kray”, you give away your true loyalties with the 502 portion of your name. We all know you’re a Card Tard, because you’re clearly from Louisville, and only a Card Tard would spell an already made up word incorrectly to seem cool. Go away, everyone hates you.

    7. Morons is a fitting name

      You do realize 40-50% of Louisville residents are UK fans right. I moved to Louisville in 5 years ago for a job, and i have been a UK fan since birth, 1967. Sorry if not everyone likes to celebrate mediocrity, as you apparently do. So yea go pound your chest about a loss to Arkansas and let the grown folks talk basketball, since you seem to add no valid points to the conversation.

    8. Morons is a fitting name

      Also Kray is actually a last name that dates back to England at least 100 years ago. Google the Kray brothers, moron. Also google what happens when you assume.

    9. Morons, Morons Everywhere

      In your first post you said you were born in 1989, “as an a UK fan since birth (1989)” (poorly written, but we get the point), and now you just said you were born in 1967. Were you lying then or are you lying now? And what else are you lying about? Besides, the obvious one, which is lying about being a UK fan.

    10. KRAY502

      Maybe because that isn’t me, that’s another person???? Good god, sorry I don’t agree with you about Kentucky basketball and “moral victories”

    11. Problems/Moron is a fitting name

      Hey Jack-Ass, didn’t i tell you to google what happens when you assume?

    12. Morons, Morons Everywhere

      Multiple names to reply to one person? That’s more than a little sad. Go kiss your Russ Smith poster goodnight, little buddy.

    13. CatsFanFrankfort

      Morons, Morons Everywhere:

      502 is an area code for a large part of Kentucky, including Frankfort. Just pointing that out….it annoys the hell out of me when one UK fan accuses another UK fan of being a UofL ‘troll’ just because they disagree with the point they are trying to make. Every single post on this website, and I mean, EVERY post, has some idiot in the comments section using the word ‘troll’. Can we just stop that? Its becoming over-used and thrown around way too much these days.

      Also, to actually comment on the basketball-related part of the comment, I find it upsetting when Andrew picks up his dribble in the backcourt and has to pass nearly everytime the opposing team puts on a press. He has to get better at pushing the ball up the court and not stopping at the first sign of a defender. It makes me sweat everytime he crosses midcourt when the shot-clock is at the 26-second mark!

  7. ibescootch

    I am about to really pick on a teenager. Forewarning.

    Incredible game, for sure, and I will give it to Qualls- that was one of the best and most timely put-backs I’ve ever seen. But I hate players like Qualls. Guys that are super bouncy, have long arms, and tons of energy, because that’s all they are! The guy has no real offensive or defensive presence other than being able to jump higher than 80% of the other guys on the court (not Julius Randle- he crushed two of his potential dunks)!

    I guess it annoys me that we can’t take guys like that out of a game. Guys that are not legitimate, fundamentally skilled basketball players.

    If you watched him when he got the ball and tried to dribble, it was like he had two left hands, his footwork was terrible, he couldn’t pass, his shooting form was eww (but he got lucky on a few shots), and he had no court vision. His defense wasn’t even there.

    And he looked like an uglier Arsenio Hall. And those freaking dreadlocks. I swear. Has anyone had those since 1997? AHHHHHHH!

    Ok, that’s all. My wife went to bed at the end of regulation, so I haven’t had anyone to vent to since then.

    1. Bert

      You’re pretty much describing Marcus Lee in your first paragraph.

    2. Carmelo Anthony

      Hey man! I had dreads in 2003!

    3. CatsFanFrankfort

      Bert nailed it. I thought ibescootch was being sarcastic and would allude to Lee after that paragraph. That is Marcus to a ‘T’.

  8. Tennessee Wildcat

    IHere is the new number one ref enemy of UK. He is Roger Ayers. It is my understanding that we are 0-4 in over the last couple of years with 4 techs called. Here is a link to some of his shenanigans from a couple of years ago during a WKU/Louisiana Lafayette game:

  9. Guest

    Fan has his fists clenched too. Unbelievable.

  10. dylan

    One question that has got to be answered… Why when the game hadn’t ended, there were Arkansas fans on the floor and no technical foul was called. Am I the only person not outraged by this? IT’S A TECHNICAL FOUL!!! UK SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN FREE THROWS!

    1. KRAY502

      Let’s be honest, even if we got the technical, whoever we would’ve sent to the free throw line would’ve bricked them.

    2. Rockfield, KY

      ^^^ this

  11. sunnycat

    Why are the Harrison sisters and Julie Randle in Lexington?

    1. Morons, Morons Everywhere

      And why haven’t you drank enough bleach to kill yourself yet?

    2. Morons is a fitting name

      Man i will really feel sorry for your parents once you hit puberty.

    3. Morons, Morons Everywhere

      Hey Kray, have you remembered yet whether you were born in 1967 or 1989?

    4. Problems/Moron is a fitting name

      See post above, moron.

    5. Morons, Morons Everywhere

      No matter how many different names you come up with to reply to me, you’re still an idiot and a Louisville troll. And still too stupid to know what year you were born.

    6. KG

      How about a couple of free tickets to see a movie in Tampa. Be sure to take your iphone!

  12. Bud Walton PA Announcer

    The refs can pick up their checks at the Razorback front office.

    1. Official Official

      You’re actually right about that. The home school pays the officials and they do pick up the checks in the front office.

    2. University of Arkansas Front Office Manager

      Actually we have all three of the ref’s checks here and a bonus for such a “great” job.

  13. Minutes

    We have one of the deepest and most talented teams in the nation, and we still have players playing 38 and 40 minutes in a game. No wonder Young had to sub his self out for 15 whole seconds, and couldn’t get a body on Qualls. Cal said he forgets to sub players. WTF? No one on this team should play more than 32 mins in a game, let alone 40 and 38 mins. This team probably won’t be able to get off the bus come SEC tourney time. No wonder we can’t finish out games good.

  14. John calipari

    I like my team. I’m not worried about free throws. We are growing up.

    Tired of those comments already

  15. defense

    James young couldnt guard anyone. Got Willie fouled out cause he let the guy go by him with no effort what so ever and had to get him off madden and put Aaron Harrison on him with 4 fouls. His offensive game is probably the best on the team and no excuses for the sub par defense besides effort.

  16. Casper

    Terrible game, terrible performance. 17 turnovers…

  17. kingrex

    Cal honestly does not know how to manage a team with more than 7 or 8 guys. He forgets about players and substitutions. He used a lot more guys the last two games than I can remember him ever using. But I am with all of you who say this is just not exciting. Being impressed with ourselves for playing against two mediocre teams to start the SEC is just not right. Free throws matter and so do steals. Cal’s immature dislike for steals is insane.

  18. IowaCat

    I would just like to point out the fact that Wisconsin does have a national championship… 1941. That is all.

  19. BurnerTurner5

    The real goat of the game is Marcus Lee. He KNOWS his free throws aren’t going in. When he missed BOTH of his and their guy made BOTH of his on the double technical it was a four point swing and resulted in Arkansas having a seven point trip down the court. Other guys missed of course but also did other things to help.(See Julius Randle going one for two every damn time) Lee didn’t do crap!

  20. Money

    Anyone else think the Harrison Twins are way Overrated?????

    1. Beavis


    2. Only by the uk fanbase

      The rest of the nation spent the preseason laughing at the ridiculous expectations and pending rude awakening.

  21. Blue Mist

    Only our fans would complain about the refs after getting over 40 ft’s on the road. No one complained when Harrrison lost the ball at th end and the ref bailed him out. Or Randle hitting the guy with his elbow toward the end and no call. ark got bad calls and Ark missed a ton of foul shots. Anyone one complain we got an unfair whistle is an idiot.

    1. Lol@lilbro

      The refs didn’t bail Harrison out. Go back and watch it…Arkansas player CLEARLY slapped him on his left shoulder. The ball was in his right hand so you morons missed it. I say “you” bc even the announcers missed it. Go back and watch it if you can… He was slapped.

    2. Lol@lilbro

      Also we should’ve taken 60 free throws as much as we got hacked, Esp Randle.

    3. KG

      They shot 41 since you are keeping track

  22. Beavis

    If the refs were going to call a TF on the bench or fans for being on the floor,,,,Indiana would never finish a game.

  23. Katbluefan

    It’s like this, Arkansas could loose every game they have left in the season but their season is now made because they beat KY in overtime on a last second shot. Most teams in the SEC only live for one thing in basketball and that is beating KY and most don’t even sell out their games unless it’s KY they are playing. Win or loose.. I still bleed BLUE

  24. BravoBigBlue

    C-A-A-U-T-S!!! Roll ’em Cal! While you’re at it, put Archie’s jersey in the rafters. He epitomizes Kentucky basketball!!!

  25. UK Freshmen

    Has there ever been two more unlikeable players than the Harrison twinkies?

    1. Lol@lilbro

      Yep, Chane and Russ. Thug life wannabes.

    2. Dude

      Shut up rob jones. Where’s your boy Chane and ware?

  26. Bledsoe's Biceps

    I can’t believe the “moral victory” speeches from KSR and also Pratt after the game last night. Has the media really sunk this low? UK was ranked 13th with a ton more talent than the unranked and mediocre Hogs, but we’re supposed to be happy with a close loss? And especially after the infamous Camp Cal that was supposed to work miracles. I’m not on board with this moral victory crowd. This over-hyped team still sucks at FT’s. Our PG Andrew Harrison is still a turnover machine, who needs to be on the bench a lot more. Julius also has way too many TO’s because he is slow to recognize the triple teams. Our shooting guard (Aaron H) is shooting 29% from from 3 point land and James Y is only 32%. They got beat by an inferior team. Period.

  27. jjk

    This team is great at committing turnovers and bricking free throws. The players have great physical talent & very few fundamental skills. They have not shown that they can beat a good team on the road or at a nuetral site. Other than Poythress, who has really improved since the start of the season?

  28. bo

    Thats a uk fan thats tired of the bs play of our team. He’s ready to beat that cry baby’s ass! The whole team needs to go to hell cause they suck. The most over hyped under performing bunch of bitches I’ve ever seen. Not heart at all. I hate everything bout this garbage ass team.

    1. Reason and rationale

      What kind of geniuses expect a bunch of unproven froshmen to go undefeated anyway?

      Only with blewlusional uk clowns…er fans, could a season like this happen.

    2. bo

      You’re an idiot. This team just lost to a horrible Arkansas team. You probably don’t expect much out of life. Probably a Democrat.

    3. KG

      you need to stop now…it’s time for your meds moron

  29. 40-0

    Wait till next year.

    1. Lol@lilbro

      Congratulations on your undefeated football season, Teddy winning the Heisman, and on you bcs championship.

    2. 40-1

      Yes because realizing a football team returning a boat load of talented veterans who will be favored in every game they play may go undefeated (and nearly did) in a sport where it happens pretty much every season, and a QB who starts out as an odds on favorite to win the Heisman might actually do it, is the same thing as thinking a bunch of unproven froshmen who for the most part have never even played together before are going to go undefeated in a sport in which it has not happend in 35 years.

      Yep. Same thing. LMFAO!!!

      What the hell am I going to do with this semi truck load of 13-0 T-shirts I had printed up? 🙁 LOL!!!!

  30. NBA

    The Harrison twins are role players at best on the nba.

  31. rockatao

    This was a fantastic college basketball game, the first time all year I have really enjoyed watching this team play. They played hard and for the most part, played very well. But I don’t think UK has a real shot in March, there are just too many weaknesses on this team. They don’t shoot well, free throws are just plain bad, way too many dumb turnovers, and defense is questionable. The only thing that I see possibly getting better is the defense. Has anyone heard if there was a problem with WCS last night? He just didn’t seem himself, like he was sick or missing a contact lens or something. Three of his fouls looked almost intentional, just running into the Ark player instead of making a block attempt.

  32. UKBlue

    I don’t know how the league office can look at this game and think our refs did a good job. These refs on both sides were fing ridiculous !!

    These kids just don’t get it, they have no clue about fundamentals or the little things. They don’t know how to play defense probably because it isn’t fun like offensive highlights, Young & the Twins defense is horrible. I’ve given up on free throws, these kids are f’ing awful & are never going to get it. For all of Randle highlights in the second half, that damn spin move ugh; stop the damn spin move. Young couldn’t hit a free throw if his life depended on it.

    It isn’t just our kids, all of these freshman at other schools are the most over hyped AAU non fundamental playing group maybe to ever play college ball. If this season isn’t enough evidence to get rid of one & done then I don’t know what is because this is awful.

  33. rand2016

    Great Game? sixty something fouls and 80 free throws. The new rules are ruining the game and great match ups. NC game was exactly the same.

    1. Beavis

      Yep,,,agree. I am tired of watching players like Russ Smith drive to the basket and jump sideways to initiate the contact and get the foul called on the D. No flow to the games at all. Watching these games is like watching paint dry.

  34. Beavis

    I am sorry you don’t like this team,,,,,I do and I think they will be fine. Remember,,,this time last year they were playing high school ball.

    As for the players “getting” it ( whatever you mean by that) I guess that is the coaches responsibility isn’t it.

    I know the twins and Young have a problem keeping anyone in front of them. I assume that is why we have Willie in the middle. Worked out OK when Nerlens and Davis were here.

    1. bo

      Be fine? Put down the crack pipe. Face it, this team is as good as they’re gonna get. Guess free throws isn’t important…… 10 seed at best in tournament, if they even make it.

    2. Beavis

      You are of course entitled to your opinion. I am entitled to mine. Just make your point without the childish name calling.

    3. Stillafan

      Why do we expect freshmen to be perfect? I see a lot of improvement in this team and if it continues they should be fine come tourny time. You do learn from losses just like in life you learn from failures. I hate to lose games as much as anyone but its part of it. Thats why we play regular season games and you win trophies for winning tournaments. They dont give out trophies for your record.
      I get tired of the same regurgitated lines from Cal as much as anyone. I don’t like having so many freshmen every year either but until the NBA does something about one and done, we have to deal with it. If they had to stay in school three yrs or be 20 or 21 to enter the draft our lineups the last three yrs would have been insane. We either recruit the best or play against them. Expecting these kids to be perfect so quickly is unfair. Many of the best players in history were’nt great in their freshmen yr but they had more time to grow as one and done is a pretty recent phenomenon because of the NBA’s greed. I blame it on the NBA and greedy agents, not Cal or UK.
      As far as Andrew Harrison, he has the talent but learning to be a great point guard at the college or NBA level takes time. Stepping up from high school to this level and then the next level is tough. Students don’t go to school for one yr, get straight A’s, and then get handed a diploma. These kids are still students of basketball but are expected to get there in a short time. It is frustrating when they make mistakes and miss free throws and lose games but we should support them and hope it comes together by tourny time. If we win the tourny all of these kids mistakes will be forgotten.

  35. Alex Thompson

    Can we get these guys free throw percentages from high school, could they ever shoot them?

  36. Truth Hurts

    Arkansas is horrible. Did you see the turnovers and bad shots they took? The have no talent whatsoever. That team won’t make it past the 1st round of the NIT. Bud Walton Arena? lol. Tough environment, but a really bad opponent. UK outrebounded them by 18 and shot 11% better from the field, including almost 50% from 3pt line (shocker) and still lost.

    Aaron knocked down shots, Young scored, Randle dominated, Poythress played incredibly, Andrew had big moments. In reality, UK played a nearly perfect offensive game (minus a couple FT’s) and still lost to a NIT team. That’s bad, folks.

    Regardless of how you look at it, this is a bad loss come seeding time.

    1. PhilUK18

      They played a nearly perfect offensive game?!?! Are you serious? They turned the ball over I believe 17 times, and only shot 37% in the second half. If that’s a perfect offensive game to you, then you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    2. KG

      Pigs had 7 TOs????? WTF are you insane? or sarcastic!!

  37. Richard

    WOW, UK has some really stupid fans! This was a great game played by a bunch of UK teenagers in front of 19,000 stupid fans and a live TV audience! I am a former college professor and it is amazing how young some of these players are. You stupid UK fans obviously have not been around many 18 and 19 year old boys lately, note I said boys not men! Last night they put it all on the line and, under the circumstances they played a great game. They needed this type of game to make them transition from boys to men. In the long run this will probably be the most beneficial 2013/2014 regular season game as it relates to turning boys into men. Yes, you can point all day at turnovers, missed shots, missed block outs, etc., but the bottom line is they play hard and tough. Grow up UK fans, be more grown up than these 18 and 19 year old boys are. Put yourself in their game situation last night and see how you would have responded. This is posted by a 67 year old gentleman that has followed the CATS for over 60 years, through the growing up times and into National Champions! LOVE YOU YOUNG CATS, KEEP PLAYING LIKE LAST NIGHT AND YOU WILL BECOME MEN VERY QUICKLY! PS…..Let’s take the game out of the fans and refs hands and put it back into the players hands. 60 fouls, come on! White outs or towel outs, come on! Remember, we have only lost four games by a total of 16 points and the CATS have done it with a bunch of teenagers!

    1. Jeff Garlin

      The University of Kentucky doesn’t accept moral victorys. A simple block out would’ve kept us from a loss.

    2. jimp

      You are wrong about one thing. I am sure from the comments of a lot of these fools, that they have been hanging out around a lot of young boys.

  38. katdaddy

    Ain’t nothing special going on with this team. Cal will spend the rest of his career at UK using Freshman as a excuse for losses. But at least we beat UL and will have about three !st round draft picks. Sick of it!!

  39. bo

    There’s no excitement with this team. So predictable. How can they be one and done when they cant do shit in college? The nba is a damn joke cause its full of “role players”. 10 more years and the nba will come crashing down

    1. Hash

      Agree. I hate NBA basketball!!!

  40. Funky Monkey

    Cal can blow off free throws, obviously the team has heard he thinks no biggie,… but I repeat myself, the close games are lost because of it. We’ll go nowhere till we can at least hit them at the percentage rate of Shelby County High School.

  41. Bert

    Some one can correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this make Cal 0-3 at Arkansas since he’s been here? WTH? And when is the last time Arkansas had a even a decent team and made it to the tourney?

  42. My Turn

    There were mistakes by the CATS. Uncontested turnovers. Randle needs to really cut down on his. There were lots of missed free throws. More than enough to win this game (as was the case in the other 3 loses). But these kids played their hearts out!!!! Cannot find fault in the effort at all. No, I am not for moral victories either. At UK it is about winning!!! Bottom line. But again the effort was there. Road wins are hard to come by in SEC. Bud Walton Arena is one of those places!!! You know, if you really think about it– this team would be really good this time next year. Of course they will not all be together this time next year! But, the talent is evident, the effort was there and experience– well?????
    GOT CATS!!!

    1. KG

      Thank you, well said and spot-on. Couldn’t agree more.

  43. jz

    is there a reason randle continues to be the inbounder after a made basket? he turns it over every other game. careless turnovers bc he is always in such a hurry to inbound it. last night a crucial turnover in ot.

  44. Rocky

    This ended exactly like I have come to expect from a Calipari led team: a loss on the national stage. It no longer matter whether our opponents are ranked or not; Cal’s teams are becoming famous/infamous for underachieving.

    1. mjb436

      Famous/infamous for underachieving??? Elite 8, Final 4, National Championship…..I would not consider that underachieving.

  45. CrimsonBill

    Sure, make fun of Indiana, but our team is as young as yours and now our horrible, disappointing team has a win over a top-5 team. You don’t have squat. You guys are over here talking about a moral victory over a bubble team (at best). I don’t see why there isn’t talk about UK being on the bubble. You haven’t beat anyone. Louisville at home doesn’t count. Congrats, you only lost by two to a mid-tier school in a mid-tier conference. You must be so proud.
    And you’d storm the court too, but you don’t get to play top 5 teams during conference season. None to be found in that mediocre league.

    1. Lol@Crimson

      Bill the only thing we storm the court for is a national championship. Funny how you discount our home win against Louisville. Where exactly was your win over WI last night? Oh, at home? I guess that doesn’t count then. How many national championships does your overrated conference have in the last 10 years? FL and UK have more combined than your conference.

    2. Lol@Crimson

      Wisconsin has one good win the year, and it was against FL. So if our conference doesn’t have any good teams, FL must suck, which means Wisconsin hasn’t beaten any good teams. Now your win over them is meaningless.

    3. jus sayin

      I’m pretty sure we have a victory over UofL… and unlike you most of our losses are to good teams. SO yes we will continue to make fun of IU.

    4. PhilUK18

      Uh, UK has played plenty of top 5 teams at Rupp in the past and still never rushed the floor after wins. Because, you know, we have some dignity. I suppose, though, that’s not a word that a Hoosier would understand. And since we’re choosing to discount our rivals’ best wins here, for no apparent reason, I’m going to say now that the IU win over Wisconsin doesn’t actually count.

    5. KG

      Bill you had every reason to storm the court against Wisconsin. After all they’ve kicked you ass 13 straight….hell hang a banner.

    6. Hello Friends

      Ha, poor Indiana fans. Storming the court against Wisconsin would be like if we stormed the court after beating Florida. It was a conference game against a team you play twice a year. UK wouldn’t storm the court for any reason, we expect to win and act like it. Indiana fans are the best at spinning the truth to make themselves feel good. Thanks for stopping by though.

  46. Jeff Garlin

    I wish Aaron would play with that same aggression.

  47. Lol@lilbro

    All you morons on here trashing the team are probably the same morons who trashed our team three years ago when we lost some close games but still made it to the final four. This team is better than that team and still has time to get even better. No one wants to play them in March and everyone w even half a brain knows it.

    1. Half a brain

      Perfectly sums up bbn

    2. Rixter

      Hint: Louisville fans are not blocked from posting on this site.

  48. cristoforouk

    So which was it? A spectacular basketball game or “one of the longest and slowest games in recent memory”? Can’t be both. This was a bad game, made so mostly by the officiating, that had a couple great finishes. Take away the finishes and this game is extremely hard to watch.

    I love being as positive as anyone, but until this team plays smarter they will continue to lose all of their close games. Reminds me of the Knight/Harrellson team who finally figured it out. It’s up in the air if this group will figure it out. Still have guys making the same mistakes over and over again (ie all of the freshman).

  49. art vandalay

    All of you Rhodes Scholars complaining that the Cats can’t win with freshman are about to lose your main point of contention. You realize that we will lose one Harrison, Randle, Young, and WCS. Everyone else will return….most likely because they won’t have a choice.

    Reading these comments I realize we do have some truly stupid fans. We also have some trolls that aren’t very smart either but the fact is some of our fans are as borderline retarded.

    Being this upset over the 4th team loss on Jan 14th is all the proof I need that some of you folks went full retard at birth and never looked back.

  50. Rixter

    Why did the best shot blocker in the country try to draw a charge when he had 4 fouls?

    When a guy catches a pass with his feet near the half court line, and he gets pushed into back court, I’m thinking you have to whistle a foul.

    That’s all.

  51. PaCat

    What a game-what a lose! Just to complete the players first things. Cal should have the players name printed on front as well as the back of their jerseys. They can develop individually but until they start doing team things like blocking out and rotating on defense they aren’t playing “Kentucky” basketball!

  52. Rixter

    Cats missed 31 shots and grabbed 15 offensive rebounds. That’s an amazing stat.

  53. Rocky

    We have idiots on this board complaining about the fans who are very unhappy about UK’s performance (or lack thereof) over the past two seasons. Are you people retarded? We lose almost every time that we are on national TV. And, we do this with more five star players than anyone in the country.

    The idiots who are telling us to relax and give the team time are the same idiots who told us to relax last season.

    Bill Self started the season with a less talented team than UK (and this is actually his first season with a Freshmen oriented team) but he is getting them to perform.

    Guess what? I expected UK to lose and they did. There is a reason that more players are turning UK down.

    One other thing: I greatly admire an idiotic coach who tells his players on national TV, time and time again, that hitting free throws isn’t important.

    1. MikeTyson

      It’s funny how you only compare is to lay years team. No mention of any of our previous years when we’ve also had mostly freshmen. Good god we have some retards in here.

    2. MikeTyson

      Pretty sure if you look at our record since Cal has been here we have a WINNING record on national TV.

    3. MikeTyson

      And yes, I see the typo in “lay years team” instead of “last years” thanks swipe text.

    4. PhilUK18

      For one, Kansas has roughly the same talent level as UK. I don’t like Kansas, but it’s true. And how the hell are you going to tout them and Self as some kind of huge success story while knocking Cal and our guys? Kansas has 4 losses too! They weren’t all at the start either, they’ve lost recently. Wake up. The best freshman class ever, the Fab Five, lost NINE times in the regular season. Guess what, though? Everyone just remembers that they made the Final 4 that first year. Relax and give our
      Guys some time.

    5. KG

      Rocky an idiot coach deserves an idiot fan….looks like you qualify!

  54. kycatman

    Richard, A great post!!! I agree with everything you said. We really do have some fair weather fans for sure. Go Cats!!!!!!!! Go Cal!!!!!!!!

  55. UKfanNKY

    Ok here it is yes it was a hard fought game by the CATS. Yes, the refs, Jimmy Dikes, Brad Nesler sucked!! Walton Arena sucks and the punk a$$ fat Albert running his mouth should be ban from ALL home games and lets hope and pray he makes his way to Rupp Feb. 27th for his beat-down!!

    Missed free throws and NO blockout killed us and lost the game for us!!

    Good game for the CATS to learn from!!!

    GO CATS!!

  56. HoosierDaddy

    I guess Cal will start lobbying to play SEC games at neutral sites too after this loss. Not man enough to come to IU now he’ll try and drop Arkansas.

    1. PhilUK18

      Ronald Reagan was president last time you retarded Hoosiers won the title. Club Nouveau was top of the music charts and Three Men and A Baby was the top of the box office that year. Maybe it’s time you followed the rest of the world into the 21st century and realized that IU is as relevant in basketball as any of those things I just mentioned are to pop culture.

    2. RealCatsFan

      Oh Jesus, are you friggin’ kidding me? You meth heads manage to beat an overrated Wisconsin team in your little hell hole, and then storm the court like you have never been there before, and that gives the IU fans the gumption to come to a UK site and puff out their chests that they’re all that! [email protected]!! IU has been mediocre at best under Creepy Crean, and they will slide into oblivion in the coming years.

    3. Beavis

      What is wrong with Indy and Louisville ? Maybe if you get close enough to Crean he will give you a big kiss on the lips. LOL

  57. willybob

    Before I make my point, quick disclaimer: I love Cal, I like this particular team, and I’m not the Debbie Downer Cats fan that bitches after every loss.
    All that said, I’ve been asking this question since the beginning of the season and I’d like the opinion of you good people. Is it possible that Andrew Harrison is the most overrated recruit (not at UK, nationally) in recent history? Before the season, this guy was pegged as a TOP 5 draft pick in a loaded draft, favorably compared to NBA champion and All-Star Chauncey Billups. Guys, I have NBA League Pass and I will tell you, Andrew Harrison could not compete at the PG position in the NBA right now. He would struggle to make a team. What made this guy stand out so much in high school? He’s not a good shooter, he’s not quick enough to get to the rim, he doesn’t post up smaller guards and take advantage of his size, he’s not a particularly good passer, ball handler or defender…I mean, I don’t want to dump on the kid, but I’m just curious, what did the talent evaluators see in this guy other than the fact that he is a big guy who can dribble the ball across half court?
    Thoughts please.

    1. the ghost of Bill Hicks

      I completely agree about Harrison. I found myself last night legitimately wondering if her was better than Michael Porter. He brings very little to the table.

    2. Bledsoe's Biceps

      I absolutely agree. I have yet to see any reason Andrew was so highly rated. Yet he is still 2nd on the team in minutes played. I think it’s time for Cal to send a message. Start Aaron at point, Young at SG and Poythress at SF. Maybe some serious bench time will motivate him.

  58. Rocky

    The reason that I didn’t mention the previous years is that everybody knows about them. In fact, there is no reason not to have built on those years instead of dropping off the face of the friggin earth. Success should breed success, not failure.

    The bottom line is that Cal has now conditioned his teams to lose consistently. Over the past two seasons UK has been the most underachieving program in the country. This is what many of us are concerned about. It is called the “direction” our program is headed in.

    1. PhilUK18

      So you’re automatically deeming this season a failure, half way through, without seeing what’s going to happen the rest of the way? Yeah, makes sense…

      Remember that Brandon Knight team that lost so many regular season games and still made a final 4? I bet you were complaining at this point that season too. Just jump off the bandwagon here, buddy. The team doesn’t need “fans” like you. Or, you could jump off a cliff or something, that would work too.

    2. CatsBBN

      “The bottom line is that Cal has now conditioned his teams to lose consistently. Over the past two seasons UK has been the most underachieving program in the country. This is what many of us are concerned about. It is called the “direction” our program is headed in.”

      LMAO…. In what a direction? elite 8-final 4-national title. Youre right. consistent losing. Because the direction we are heading is the wrong way right? Compared to what? Billy Clydes climb to the top of college basketball? Tubby’s Numerous national titles with his own recruits? You’re right! WE ARE DOOMED!!! GTFOH

  59. NashvilleCat

    It’s like a shorter, fatter Kenan Thompson.

  60. asdf

    If we could only hit free throws at the rate you expect from a good middle-school player, we would now be 15-1 and ranked in the top 4.

  61. HoosierDaddy

    Phil you can yap all you want, but you know that if Cal played some true road games in the non-conference schedule they would have been better prepared. They played one true road game against UNC and lost. And I’m sure Cal is working behind the scenes to get that moved to Charlotte or something. You struggled at Vandy and lost at Arkansas. So you know what kinda blackeye the Hoosiers woulda put on ya. You and your team need to grow up fast.

    1. shut up

      They are a hell of alot better than youl

    2. St Ronnie was a moron

      Cal has no problems playing at Chapel Hill, but will never take another team into Assembly Hall after the bigoted insults idiot Hoosier fans hurled at the mother of Anthony Davis.
      That in itself is quite sad to know that there is more bigotry in Bloomington than in North Carolina. Its people like you and of course that atrocious human Knight that turned me against IU basketball at a young age.
      Oh and BTW I live in Indiana and I am an IU grad. Which I would venture to say is more than your little trolling ass.

      Go Cats

    3. Logic

      Tell me, what will prepare a team better for the NCAA tournament: a “true” road game at an opponet’s home court or a game played at the same site as the Final Four and National Championship game? That’s the reason Indiana basketball is a joke and their fans are annoying. Wake up and realize what Cal is doing is all for the 6 games that actually mean something. Have fun storming the court against Minnesota next week.

  62. good burger

    Damn, glad someone covered my shift.

  63. Ralph

    I am so proud of Poythress. He knows his role and is dominating. If he and Randle are in at the same time, Poythress needs to guard the 4 and Randle the 3. His effort on put backs and on the glass are outstanding. Good job, Alex!

  64. randomer

    I disagree entirely this was the worst basketball game I have seen all year. The refs ruined this game with poor calls, blown calls, biased calling and make up calls on every position. I absolutely do not blame the refs for Kentucky losing, I blame them for ruining what would have been an amazing game.

  65. HoosierDaddy

    Logic you have a good point. But if you keep losing to terrible SEC teams on the road, you won’t have to worry about playing at those neutral sites. St Ronnie, shut up, since when did being a fan have to be linked to you being a grad of the school.

    1. St Ronnie was a moron

      I bet you are fan of your middle school team. Since it appears that you may actually have graduated from that institution.
      Let me guess you have a GED and live in Crawford County. Now get back out there and slop those pigs.

  66. Basketball Bennie

    If you miss 14 free throws, you are going to lose the game most of the time.

  67. Aja

    Perhaps the Arkansas sous and pastry chefs offer up more nutritious meals.

  68. DP

    I guess we’ll be hearing that we’re young, we’re freshmen, we’re growing…blah. Come on! I literally stopped watching and turned TV off. amazing how shot clock violations, short-armed nonchalant inbound passes, lackidaisical ball-handling, botched plays out of a timeout, inbound passes at midcourt (over and back call), lane violations on free throws and low basketball IQ have a way of doing that. Oh, don’t forget two touchdowns worth of missed free throws. I love our players but I hate this one and done system. We need some veteran leadership in the worst way.

    Look, i get it that was an exciting game in a difficult arena with serious ballin’ but my goodness we’re 18 games into the season – these things should not be happening game in and game out.

  69. CatsBBN

    95% of these post disappoint me in our fan base. If any of you think we are “happy” with a loss to Arkansas, you are an idiot. But on the same note, if you cant see where this team is now compared to where they were in November, you are a fair weather fan. Stop pretending to be a fan when all you can do is say “This team sucks” or “These recruits are over rated”. If you went back to 2010-2011 and looked at comments on here then, you wouldnt believe the things being said….about a finishing FINAL FOUR team! Ohhhh, now you were there for them all year as they lost what seemed to be game after game that year. MOST of you people are unbelievable and shouldnt even claim to be true fans. I want and expect to win every game, does that mean other teams should be honored to bow down and lose to us? NO! If you dont like these recruits you are more than welcome to become a fan of some other team and accept mediocracy every year. Talent or experience? Hes taking talent everytime. Im on the ride and am enjoying what Cal is doing. If you’re not, then you must have been a true Billy Clyde fan. Win or lose im here and find the good things in losses and the bad things in wins. Its we as true fans do, but the things a lot of you say is irrational and down right stupid.

  70. Rocky

    So you’re automatically deeming this season a failure, half way through, without seeing what’s going to happen the rest of the way? Yeah, makes sense…


    Phil, last seasons was a dismal failure. After missing out on the NCAA, we then proceeded to lose, at home, to the lowest rated team in the NIT. And, up to this point in the current season Cal/UK have been a failure.

    What doesn’t make sense is that someone would try to put words in my mouth. I have made no prediction on how the season will end. However, up to this point they have been a failure. And, I’ll be brutally honest; I am not very optimistic about the remainder of the season.

    1. What?

      “After missing out on the NCAA, we then proceeded to lose, at home, to the lowest rated team in the NIT.” UK last at Robert Morris last year, that game was not at home.

    2. PhilUK18

      You think we played Robert Morris at home in the NIT? Shows what kind of “fan” you are. The retarded kind, who has no idea what they’re talking about.

    3. PhilUK18

      And if you’re so miserable about the prospect of the rest of the season, I have a great solution for you. Don’t watch it. Don’t comment on here, don’t watch the games (although it seems obvious you don’t anyway), and don’t be a fan. You’re not much of one anhwah, clearly, so why not just call it a day all together?

    4. CatsBBN

      ^^^^^^ This. Thank you for saying it

  71. Rocky


    How dare you compare this team to the 2010-2011 team. They might end up being like them but they sure as shell ain’t there yet. You kept saying the same thing last season’s team. They made you look like an idiot, didn’t they?

    1. CatsBBN

      Yea I looked dumb, for supporting and hoping the best for my team. I see the realities but i find a way to support my team no matter what. So i look stupid because i dont get on here and bash our players. Thats sounds about right. And of course i literally said this is the 2010-2011 team all over again. The post i made had to do with the comments being made. Nothing to do with players or the team. Dont try to make someone else look stupid because you cant comprehend my post. Move along

  72. Goldmember

    PLEEEEEase get this fat bastard on the show…….

  73. Barry Soetoro

    I for one grow tired of Cal using the excuse of “We are young” on one end, then, in the same breath, saying how he will take youth and talent over experience any day. Love Cal and all that he brings to UK but it is a little hypocritical.

  74. NCAA man

    Wisconsin won the 1941 championship

  75. beavis606

    Did Calipari just say a week ago that HE IS NOT WORRIED ABOUT FREE THROWS????

  76. bluebloodtoo

    I’d love to get on here and tear up those refs who SUCKED for almost the entire game. They called touch fouls that didn’t affect plays and let really bad fouls go unchecked. But that’s all i’m gonna say about that.

    I want to commend both teams for playing a really hard, long game and never giving up (until that last three went airborne Mr. Young). Overall, I loved how hard our guys played. They had to get refocused after several bad plays and frustrations. They did not let the refs poor performance or an entire arena full of hostile fans impact their focus or determination to win the game. I love how these guys are growing up and I’m proud of how they played last night. This is one more experience that will define these guys over the rest of their careers and their lives. You can play hard all night long, but if you let down for the last 1 sec of the game clock you can still lose.

  77. bourbonbreath

    Not sure Aaron even saw Keenan in front of him, he was squinting again.

  78. Beavis

    HoosierDaddy,,,, that pic of Harrison and the fan ( with his fists ready for action ) face to face, on the court is exactly why UK will never play Indiana on their court again. I still remember Miller laying on the floor at Bloomington and all you so called fans running over him. Have you ever seen that happen at Rupp ? No you have not. Complete disregard for player and coach safety may have to be tolerated by teams in the Big 10 but UK does not have to play there.

  79. Sandy Stafford

    Just please learn to shoot free throws. That’s all I ask !!!!! I know it’s not important to the Mighty Cal, but it’s important to me. ( then I want have to listen to my husband get all in a wad everytime they “Clunk one”)

  80. Tigercat

    And that 78, and Hoosier daddy is the exact reason we won’t go back to Bloomington. I was there and never been treated like I was that day in my life. Absolutely classless fans. Never even had a problem at any UL game. Learn to control your crowd, get your coach under some control, and maybe even have your administrationstop the vulgar language from the student section, which even Vitale commented on.

  81. Chris Roach

    So that ” Arkansas team” almost beat Florida on that same court last week. O how soon we forget! They lost by a last second shot ! Florida is a projected Final 4 team with talent out the ass! Kentucky will be fine. Lots of time until the end of March ! GO CATS !

  82. Mark Liptak

    But…but…BUT Cal said not to worry about free throws!!!!!!

  83. Roger Harden

    Well, this team could average 95 points a game if they had a clue of what they are doing on the offensive end. If they don’t get a lob or easy drive then the offense consists of one player doing his Archie Goodwin impersonation!! They don’t pass, they don’t screen, they run no set offense. This team is screaming for offensive direction from Cal and he gives them NONE!! It looks like he just rolls the ball out there and says play. Why can’t Cal run an offense that can get his bigs open on the block instead of the big having to go 1 on 4 to get a bucket? He doesn’t even run much pick and roll. the bigs may pick but they don’t roll!!! We are painful to watch and very frustrating. Also, why does he baby the twins so damn much? He needs to tell them to either shut up and play or go back to Texas!!!

  84. Trickster

    Give IU fans a break. Wisconsin DID win an NCAA championship…in 1941.

  85. nky fan

    This team will be will demand excellence and then we will start selling tickets for the bandwagon no crybabies will get a ticket