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“We’ve got to get this thing going”


Julius Randle shared some thoughts with the Kentucky reporters directly following Kentucky’s loss on the road to Florida today. Randle shared the Wildcats’ sense of urgency to find some way to have a happy ending to this up and down season. “We’ve got to get this thing going. We don’t know what we’ve got to do, but we’ve got to get it going.” I think Randle’s words speak volumes about the woes of this Kentucky team. The struggles are evident, but how can they turn this thing around?

Time is running out… But Calipari says that his vision for this team starts this week. “My whole vision of this team is we’re going to get it. And it’ll start this week (in the SEC tournament).”

Article written by Ally Tucker

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106 responses to ““We’ve got to get this thing going””

  1. NBAjam

    The key here is that “they don’t know what they need to do”. That’s a big issue. If your coaches haven’t told you they are failing. But I believe they have been told. They just don’t have the maturity to do it.

    1. Already Retired

      I’m too old to coach and never was a BBcoach. But you give me THIS team, and THIS talent and I will have fewewr losses than Calipari. Cal’s a nice guy and a super recruiter, but I his players (obviously) do not enjoy playing for him. Cal is not and does not coach, he does however complain, passes the blame to his players and gets in his players faces during a game so he can try to hide his own weaknesses.

  2. JIm

    What??? If they havent got it by now they arent going to. This group of players arent very intelligent if you ask me….They look dumbfounded at times if you ask me.

    1. Papaw Brooks

      We have a terribly low basketball I.Q. Not freshman stuff either. The twins get the ball stolen from behind regularly. The most frustrating thing to me is they drive without looking to kick when the defense collapses.

    2. tyrus

      Randle, you need to remember what defense your teammates are playing so Cal won’t jerk you out of the game again. But why even what you do, your gone after this year and then will be forgotten soon after.

  3. SeoulCat

    Time is running out? It ran out about a month ago. Stick a fork in ’em.

    1. schwing

      exactly why should we believe that they’ll get it this week?

  4. Cycledelicbikes

    So Cal is gonna tell the Harrison’s to pass to open players instead of shooting silly shots?

    1. grammar nerd

      You don’t need an apostrophe to make a word plural. Meaning it should be Harrisons.

    2. jch67

      Yes, unless of course they don’t want to. Remember, player’s first…

  5. bosshog

    Honestly, it is really pretty humorous listening to Cal these days. His “vision” for this team is just getting started this week. LOL!

    1. Oops

      Agreed. His “vision” starts this week! Lol Then after we lose in the SEC tournament his “vision” will start for the NCAA tournament. These players don’t know how to get it going because Cal doesn’t know how to get it going. Quite frankly one of the worst Xs and Os coach there is.

    2. Chicago Chris

      Well , what do you want to hear? “I give up.” “There’s nothing we can do.” ?

  6. JHK

    Not a big fan of that Cal quote really…

    Now we’re supposed to expect great things ? Really ? Don’t mislead people coach let’s just play the games and try our best.

    This is who we are and all we can do is hope for better things next season and enjoy the (not championship) ending to this one.


    Whuuuuttttt ??????? Another 10+ loss season.

  8. L

    Players and coach need to shut up. Actions speak louder than words.

  9. Papaw Brooks

    Cal needs to be put in check. I don’t think he took the media’s speculation about the NBA the right way. After next year, he may not have the choice and it would be the most graceful way to handle things for both parties. I like Cal, but I think he is too vain to realize that this “players first” marketing garbage needs to go. This isn’t Memphis, No name will ever be bigger than the one on the FRONT of the jersey. Realize and ACKNOWLEDGE that or please go to the Knicks.

    1. schwing

      true or false – cal is gone after next season it we have a repeat of this season and last season? people need to start thinking about it and accept it as a possible reality.

  10. ScoggDog

    Good grief. Just lose two more times and get this season over with already. The excuses have went from unbelievable to just boring.

  11. Korean Tacos

    Cal after SEC tourney– My vision for this team starts this weekend at the NCAA. Cal after NCAA tourney–My vision for this team starts next year.

  12. Ten loss Cal

    where was my vision for the last 4 months?

  13. President Obama

    Coach Cal,

    Talk is cheap. Trust me. I give a lot of speeches and give a lot of quotes. But people still actually expect me to DO something. It’s crazy.

    1. 2mites


    2. bmt22033


    3. Mitch McConnelll

      I’m a Louisville fan, so I don’t really care what your worthless program does, but take it from a pro at playing defense. I fiddle and Boner cries while Rome burns.

    4. George Bush

      Tell me about obama…I was worser then you

    5. grammar nerd

      “Worser then?”. Are you fkn serious?!? Worser isn’t a word. Bush was worse THAN Obama.

    6. Bill Brasky

      I think you missed the sarcasm there, grammar nerd. Look at who the comment was from. BTW, correcting someone’s grammar on a blog is like going to a kindergarten play and critiquing the second act.

    7. grammar nerd

      Bill, what would you call it when someone comes to a blog to correct someone who corrected someone else’s grammar? I don’t care what format people are using to express their opinions, they can still use English.

  14. mryoung

    Anybody else sick as hell right now?? The only thing I know is indiana better get beat by 40 tonight

  15. Real talk

    From champs to the laughing stock of college basketball. 10 loss cal

  16. Get what going?

    An NIT run?

  17. Bobbaloo

    Stay Calm. The Towns is coming.

    1. jch67

      Hmmm…. seems I recall something similar being said about the twins last year…

  18. Mark

    I’m just tired of Cal’s political “coach speak” bull crap. Just admit you blew it with this group. Admit that you can’t develop leaders. Admit that your reload approach is not actually sustainable. Admit that you need these guys to stick around. Admit that this is really more about you than the players or the program!

    1. jch67

      “Reloading” won’t be an issue next year; it will be playing time as all but Randle, and maybe WCS, will be back. Barring any transfers of course. With the kids coming in, the twins may find themselves on the bench.

    2. Bill Brasky

      I wouldn’t count on that jch. It wouldn’t surprise me if our entire starting 5 today (Randle, twins, WCH, Young) go pro. Twins are the only 2 of the 5 that may come back. Their mock draft stocks are low, but at the end of the day, mocks mean nothing. If they put their names in, they will get drafted.

    3. JVice

      His “coach speak” is the only way to go. if he speaks in recycled rhetoric, it doesn’t make waves or news. If he admits he made a mistake, as so many of you want him to do, it’s all over every major sports media outlet, and recruits see that. You don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. We all know he blew it, but if you want him to admit that, then you’re going to see some bad things in terms of recruiting.

  19. Getcha Popcorn Ready

    That awkward moment when you realize being a McDonald’s All-American doesn’t make you a great college player.

    We should set aside at least one scholarship every year for a D-1 transfer. A player like that at least has demonstrated what he can do at the collegiate level.

    1. Gold

      You mean like Ryan Harrow?

    2. Reality Check

      Except Harrow hadn’t really proven himself at D-1 level and we now know, after this season, that he wasn’t the problem anyway. Never mind the personal problems he was having with his dad having a stroke.

    3. Bill Brasky

      If a D-1 player transfers to another D-1 school he has to sit out a year. Most proven kids aren’t willing to do that. That’s why coaches don’t recruit that way.

  20. K2da

    The Rick, can you take Chubby Cal jogging….I think he’s lost his mind. In need of some rejuvenation.

  21. Lace

    People have been killing me since the Baylor loss when I said that the issue with this team is Calipari. These statements make that more evident than ever. Cal if selfish and has no idea how to coach. Please show is worthless a## the door as soon as possible. I’d rather have a rebuilding ear next year than the year after. It’s like a band-aid, just get it done with already and deal with the pain. It can only get better. I wonder if there has veer been another coach to take a top 3 team out of the rankings in back to back years. Of course Matt will spin it however he is told to and kill the fan base for turning on Cal. guess what Matt, people aren’t turning on him they have started to wake up to the fact thatCal has no idea what he is doing. Matt Jones has become as bad as the Louisville media people in the way he reports stories now, he just doesn’t want to talk bad about Cal so his access to the school and players isn’t limited. This team is done, Cal is done. Let’s get rid of the problem now. Of course Brad Calipari or Erin will come out on Twitter and blast the fans for being critical of their father tonight or tomorrow. Guess what, even homeless kids living in the back of a station wagon with their dad thinks their dad is the greatest in the world. Sometimes,,,that just ain’t true. F##k Cal, God Bless the Kentucky Wildcats

    1. Heisenberg

      Seriously man, get out of your house! The meth lab is ready to blow!

    2. wally

      Please choose another team to bitch for dumbass.

  22. Uglymuffin

    Guys, this is March. “Getting it” can’t start in March, it should’ve started in October. This team is the exact same team that took the floor at the beginning of the season. They’ve learned nothing, improved nothing, and still have no idea how to play as a team. I love UK but if they make the Sweet 16 I’ll be shocked. We run the worst offense I’ve seen since middle school, it’s embarrassing.

  23. RandyB

    “We don’t know what we’ve got to do” is very disturbing. I used to think these guys don’t have a good basketball IQ. Maybe it’s that they don’t the IQ, period. They should know what they need to do. And Cal has had to have told/screamed what they need to do ad nauseam. The first thing they need to do is listen…finally. But it’s probably too late. Probably? What am I saying?


    Do you want Tubby back or Gillespie. Oh I got it. Travis Ford. Yeah. His record at Ok State is about 17-14 right now. Oh maybe Pelphrey will come back after 3 15-15 seasons at Arkansas. Since everyone trashed Donovan comparing him to Eddie Munster, he ain’t coming. No really good coach would want to put with the B/S of the BBN. When you win, they love you. When you lose, they have zero patience. FIRE HIM. I can coach the team. Well go ahead. Let’s see how well you can coach. I got news for disgruntled fans. If Cal leaves for the Nets, Barnhardt will be digging deep to find a coach. Recruits /Player defections. You are looking at 10-20 next year. And 18-12 for years to come as we replace one coach after another we will begin to resemble UCLA, Indiana & will soon fade into the past. Leave Cal alone and eventually he will get things rolling around here again.

    1. Bledsoe's Biceps

      So Tubby, Cluelesspee & Travis Ford are the only options? Wow. And exactly how many of the seasons like last year and this year equal eventually? He has proven he is incapable of change and can not coach. He’ll get another year and he should. But he better deliver or it’s time for him to go. There will be plenty of quality coaches eager to take the job when Cal is gone.

    2. SeoulCat

      He’s been at the helm of bad teams for three out of the last four years. I wouldn’t call that zero patience. No one is calling for his head (yet). He should be given another year to turn things around, but with another abysmal season in 2014-15, his seat should be fiery hot. Giving a coach three years to put out a respectable team in the sport’s most dominant program demonstrates Job-like patience. Do you think this sort of futility would be tolerated at Manchester United, Barca, PSG, Boca Jrs., NY Yankees, LA Lakers, or any other traditional sporting power? Not a chance.

    3. stupid sexy flanders

      ‘He’s been at the helm of bad teams for three out of the last four years.’

      Um, what? The final four team was a bad team?

  25. truebluefan

    If you think Cal needs to go then you are an idiot. If you thought we were going to win a championshipnghis year then you don’t know much about college bball. It takes a couple years to develop some team leaders that we didnt have this year or last. Please stop pretending to be a UK fan and making us look bad. It sucks that Harrison didn’t pan out as a great point guard, but the only thing this team lacks is confidence and a cool headed, full game vision that senior leadership brings. We’ve improved since last year, but that’s not a problem that can be corrected in a year. If you’re only going to support the team when they are going to win a championship, the you are not a real fan.

    1. JHK

      Son, this team was preseason number 1. EVERYONE thought it would win the championship…

    2. Bledsoe's Biceps

      If you think Cal’s system has even a remote chance to develop senior leadership, then you are the idiot.

    3. SeoulCat

      Plenty of the currently disgruntled fans continued to support the team after it failed to win titles under Wall and Knight. We aren’t so spoiled that we are only happy when we win it all. We just hate losing 10+ games, getting blown out by 20+ points in the SEC, losing in the first round of the freakin’ NIT (!) to Robert Morris, and going from the unanimous preseason #1 team in the country to flirting with the bubble on the outside of the Top 25.

  26. Twitty

    This may seem like a small thing but it exemplifies the main issue that causes me and other UK fans to dislike this team. Today James Young was wearing bright green shoes????? I mean did the team colors change this week? I know the players sometimes wear black or grey shoes, but black and grey are both a neutral team color that any player on any team could wear. Why could he have not gotten the same shoes in blue, white, black, or grey, and also why did Cal allow him to do it? That act shows me the lack of TEAM and the overwhelming amount of ME on this years squad.

  27. 2mites

    The only mystery left to this horrendous season is who stays and who hopefully leaves. You pick but for me will be sooooo happy to see Randle gone as he is the reason this team is stunted offensively since he is all the offense to Cal. Cannot rely on one man to win games for you as you see Florida had 8 or 9 better than UK. What a waste a season is when you don’t recruit a player who can hit an outside shot.

    1. Brilliant!

      Julius was the heart and soul of this team. No, he didn’t perform well against the triple-team. Today he was whipping the ball back out faster than he ever has and no one else stepped up. I honestly think Billy called off the dogs on defense in the second half. Randle finally got some looks and made the Gators pay. You’ll get your wish. Randle is definitely off to the NBA, where he will present a very difficult matchup for one-on-one coverage. He is the very player Cal and knowledgeable fans would want to keep. This season has brought out the very worst in commenters on this site. Thankfully, the people I talk to at the games and among fans I know do not in any way agree with or even resemble you. Find another team. Your comments only hurt recruiting.

  28. bung

    just like last year…getting worse every game…keep doing the wrong thing, just do it harder…

    1. schwing

      you forgot “GGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    2. kingrex

      I agree. What about passing? What about running a pick and roll? What about not playing guys who will not play defense? Or remembering who is on your bench and keeping track of mins played? They truly have gotten worse since November and that is with no injuries. Imagine that. We are actually worse than we were at the beginning of the year. Tubby’s teams ALWAYS improved.

  29. Steady

    Nothing the team can do I’m afraid, they are not good, end of story.

  30. ukfan

    I can’t wait to see what some of you jackass bandwagon fans say when the cats win the SEC tournament in a week… I’ll never give up and throw in the towel!!! they don’t call it CATLANTA for no reason!! Go big blue!!

    1. Bledsoe's Biceps

      And I can’t wait to see what will you say when they don’t , plus take an early exit from the NCAA tourney. We’re all still fans. It’s just that some of expect aren’t afraid to question the lack of coaching that has been exhibited.

    2. Chicago Chris

      Hey man, good for you. Tearing down is easy.

    3. Ukfan

      So what you’re saying is that another coach with this EXACT team would have better results??

  31. theoldbaldcoach

    Could this team beat last year’s team.

    1. Sack


  32. Matt Jones

    No worries about the 2013-2014 team. The Harrison twins are stone cold killers and alpha dogs. We will destroy everyone in our path. It will be a walk to the final four. I mean, we have 8 mcdonalds all Americans.

  33. CopenhagenCat

    Yeah they said that before and nothing has changed.

  34. bmt22033

    Yep. We’re gonna start getting it *this* very week. Just you watch. And if it’s not this week, then it’ll be in the NCAA tournament, for sure! See this is just what happens with a bunch of 18 year old kids. But seriously, though, even if we don’t ever get it as a team, we’re definitely gonna get some of these kids drafted and *that*, BBN, is what it’s all about! Before I’m done here, the record books will show that I recruited the most elite of the elite and that by playing for me for a mere six months, they got drafted in the NBA and became millionaires. Players first above all else!!! This is what UK pays me $5 million a year to do.

  35. Stu Katz

    Is Cal paid 5 million a year to take a top rated team to unranked, 2 seaons in a row?

    1. UkFanInNoVA

      Apparently so.

    2. Lance

      Be careful. Saying stuff like that will have people telling you to cheer for another team. Apparently you can’t be a Kentucky fan and not be a Calipari fan. The difference between the last two teams and this year’s team is the fact that the last two years have been exclusively Calipari players. Kentucky is slowly moving back the past to a non – elite team, and it’s just sad.

  36. barn

    cal obviously missed with this group, but those of you who say he should just admit “these guys just aren’t as good as we thought they’d be”, are crazy. even if he thinks that he can’t come out and say it. face it we’re going to have boon or bust seasons with all the freshmen.

  37. playersfan

    There is a huge takeaway from this year and last. McDonald All Americans are not necessarily the best high school players in the country. Think how they are picked, by publicity of the Media. Therefore if you go after McD players, then the media is picking your team. The media rated this team number one in the country, because it had the medias pick of “best” players. Now they may not stay in top 25. We have shooting guards that can’t shoot, players that step out of bounds, that still can’t get back on defense, nor guard anyone once they get back.
    Teams all across American are beating teams with the top rated players. Not just because they have players that stayed in school, because there a lot of unrated freshman that are playing better then rated players. This is not to say obviously, that all media picks are bad, Davis, Cousins, Wall, but you can’t just sign somebody because of the rating, you have to use some talent, attitude, judgment.
    I have heard coaches say shooting is not everything, but it is still way up there, give me five players that can shoot the ball, and I will challenge any 5 players, that dunk really good, use crossover dribbles, and jump high, but can’t shoot.

  38. ScoggDog

    Honestly … I’m done. I’m just worn out with all the Cal Speak. Can’t force myself to listen to his schtick anymore. Can’t tolerate his antics another minute.

  39. Sam Jones

    I still think this is a very talented group. However, they don’t play loose and they have no chemistry with one another. The simple answer is that some of these guys just need more time to reach their potential.

  40. CB

    This team isn’t good. Just accept it. I accepted it after the loss to LSU on the road. They’re just not good. Let’s stop all the hating on Cal though, would you REALLY want another coach? He’s had a couple rough seasons, he hasn’t had a PG, Andrew H, hasn’t developed like the others, who’s to say he doesn’t come back and becomes a beast. BBN needs to relax!

    I do admit to be dissapointed with this season, but be rational guys.UK will not make the FF every year no matter who they coach is, until the one and done changes, it will not happen.
    Just think for a second what next years roster COULD look like.

    PG A. Harrison, Ulis, Hawkins
    SG A. Harrison, Booker
    SF Poythress, Willis
    PF Lyles, Lee
    C Towns, Johnson

    With another year of the twins, Poythress, and Johnson improving they ould become a very good team.

    1. Oops

      Lol… imagine what this team was going to be:

      Harrison- #1 PG
      Harrison- #1 SG
      Randle- #1 PF
      Young #3 SF
      Johnson #6 C

      Forget about what you are going to have, you need a “coach” to develop, teach, and motivate. Sorry, Cal is not that.

    2. DerbyDemon

      That dog ain’t gonna’ hunt. We were ALL just about filling our bloomers when the anticipation of THIS crop; however, instead of getting a crop all we got was CRAP. There are people who sit UK’s bench RIGHT NOW that couldn’t play any worse than most of the starters. What makes you think getting more McDonald’s All-Americans is going to change anything? Hell, the players on this squad don’t play team ball; what chance of them changing next year when more (supposed) talent arrives?

    3. kingrex

      Sorry, but Cal’s mind does not move past going 8 deep. The rest of those guys would be irrelevant in his system. But you are right, that would be impressive, in theory.

  41. Jim

    “ScoggDog” Ok get your ass outta here. Go back to the Lousyville Message Boards.


    Our only chance,slim as it maybe is these Players are Tournament driven. Reg season every game we live and die for,the players seem to think we lose this one we got the next one,Now with lose and go home just maybe they will try team ball,Think this is what Cal visioned???????

  43. Larry Brown

    I will be the next Kentucky coach!

  44. Jim

    “CB” COULD is the keyword here. They COULD but probably wont. I will be glad to Randle, Twins and Poyhress leave asap.

    1. jch67

      The twins and Poythress will be back. The twins are 2nd rounders at best right now, they’ll be back to try to improve their draft stock and, no, they won’t consider a transfer. Poythress will be back as well. I’ve heard he’s on track to get his degree in 3 years (therefore finishing next year) and he’s a low 2nd rounder as well.

      It wouldn’t surprise me to see WCS back as well. I just can’t see an NBA GM risking a 1st round pick on him. Oh yeah, did you know he played wide receiver in high school? (sorry, I’m just very sick of hearing about his gridiron exploits from whomever’s calling the game)

  45. indycat


    1. jch67

      Just like last year, right?

      Anyone else see a pattern developing?

  46. HamburgerU

    Bottom line is that Cal can recruit better than anyone. He did it dirty in his early years, but now he promises these prim a-donna’s a quick path to the NBA. Cal is not a top 10 college coach. If you take away 2 recruits (other than the twins) from this past class and replace them with a 2-3 star player, this team loses 12 games this year and is looking at another NIT bid. Name me one player in the past 2 years that has improved? Willy Cauley Stein? NOPE. Poythress? NOPE. Randle? NOPE. Harrison twins? For the love of country they have only gone in 1 direction, down, down, down.

  47. runingunin.454

    Best thing for this group is to stay in school 3-4 yrs and LEARN TO PLAY, like the Fla seniors did. If ANY of them leave after this season, they’re going to LEARN—the NBA is tougher every night than playing LSU, Arkansas, and Florida; and life in the D-league or Europe is dismal.

    1. jch67

      Who’s going to teach them?

      There’s another #1 or 2 class coming in next year who will be giving their shot at catching lightning in a bottle and win a championship. Remember, Cal will take talent over experience any day.

      The guys on the team this year will have trouble finding the court next year.

    2. jch67

      given not giving…

    3. runingunin.454

      Ouch, too negative. Let’s not be like a lot of haters here: they live vicariously thru 20 yr olds playing a game, and when they lose, the haters have a melt-down They should grow up, get a life…see a psychiatrist. I really think Cal could teach them; his success with the one and done thing hasn’t allowed the opportunity.
      And, personal growth is the better part of experience. Over 3-4 years, tough game situations would make them mentally tough and capable of handling adverse situations.They would become MEN, and ready to move to a man’s game—the NBA.

    4. runingunin.454

      Ouch, too negative. Let’s not be like a lot of haters here. They live vicariously thru 20 yr olds playing a game, and when they lose, the haters have a melt-down. They should grow up, get a life, see a psychiatrist. I really think Cal could teach them; his success with the one and done thing hasn’t allowed the opportunity.
      Also, personal growth is the better part of experience. Tough game situations over 3-4 years would make them mentally tough, and able to handle adverse situations. They would become MEN, and be able to move to a man’s game—the NBA.

  48. Georgia Blue

    What you need to do is play Smart Basketball and Team Ball. Somebody needs to tell Andrew to quit taking bad shots. This guy continue to shoot no matter if his game on or not. Then we need to have more Fight and Energy djring the Game.

  49. Level headed?

    Elite 8, Elite 8, Championship game, Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final 4, National Champions. That’s Cal’s 7 seasons before the last 2. I really don’t think he’s just forgotten how to coach. I think he started to believe his own sales pitch about taking a new group of top talent every year and turning it into a top team. He over played his hand. He expects 18 year olds who have never had to share anything to come in and buy in. He has to go back to what worked and stop trying to prove he can reinvent how you build a team.

    1. this ^^

      I think you’re 100% right. and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more rational comment on this site, mostly cuz it’s usually overrun with dumb bandwagon morons. I agree completely.

  50. ScoggDog

    No problem Jim. Only hung around to see the comments.

    But make no mistake. I’m no UofL troll. Been a UK guy forever. Will still follow UK football. Will be at the Spring Game.

    But I won’t blindly follow and support this crap anymore. Until Cal is gone, I’m out.

  51. Bill H

    I think all these guys need another year, hopefully somewhere else. These guys while somewhat talented will never be a team. I still believe in Cal because he got us back to glory. I think he needs to change now and get us back on to that glory road. I believe he can do it.

  52. lance simmons

    I have no clue why a coach would want to come to Kentucky…I’m from Paducah and been a UK fan since childhood…its embarrassing how I look at what Supposively UK fans say on here…win a championship, final 4, elite 8…but that might as well not have happened because people on here are sounding the exact same way and talking the same crap as when tubby and billy g were here…Cals a tough dude because most coaches wouldn’t put up with this shit…What the hell do you want him to say toward the end of the season??? Uh Yea I’m gonna change the way I recruit…this year was a loss…this bunch is terrible as far as natural basketball instinct, fundamentals, IQ ect… The difference between him and the losers on here is he cares about the boys…he’s not going to tell them they suck and them read about it in the media…So sad people on here think actually think UK is supposed to be the best team in the country every year…Cal ended the final 4 and championship drought since 98…so I guess being the past 2 seasons we haven’t been to a final 4 let’s get another coach and let them try because anybody would be better than him….elite 8,final 4, championship in 3 out of 5 years…let’s fire him…I’m gonna quit looking at this website just because to hear UK fans on here is embarrassing and it makes the UK fan base look and sound like they are the exact stereotypes of Kentucky…dumb, inbred, worthless people…

    1. Lance

      Wow talk about blindly following Cal. In his tenure he has called players f##k ing selfish, thrown them under the bus multiple times and publicly mocked them during a game. A tough dude? He avoids media after losses and ensure that Matt Jones only reports positively for him. The fans are done with him because the last two teams have gotten worst throughout the year. A lack of development shows a lack of coaching. God forbid we pay someone 5 million a year and we expect him to actually coach a kid. He cares nothing for the kids only making sure he looks good himself. If all fans were like you and the others on here no coach would ever get fired. Wake up and start thinking for yourself, not accepting what Cal tells you as prophecy. I bet you thought Jim Jones had a good point of view to!

  53. steve

    To tell you how weak this league and NCAA is, Florida is undefeated in league , #1 ranked in the country and HAS NO STARTER THAT COULD START ON OUR CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM OF ’12.

    1. Revisionism

      Quit acting like 2012 was a great year of college basketball, two #2 seeds lost in the first round and both Kentucky and Kansas played against teams in the Final Four, that both had beaten in the regular season. And UK had already beat Kansas once before the Final.

  54. Stickman

    “My whole vision of this team is we’re going to get it. And it’ll start this week (in the SEC tournament).”

    “And then when it doesn’t start this week it will start when we’re a 10 seed in the big dance.”

    “And then when we get beat the first round of the NCAA tourney it will start with next year’s super talented class.”

    “And then when we’ve had our third straight season of underperformance, I still won’t admit that maybe I can recruit but I can’t coach, but I’ll be making bank so it doesn’t really matter.”