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“We’re not the same team”

SEC Championship, here we come. UK’s 70-58 win over Georgia wasn’t quite as thrilling as last night’s victory over LSU, but it’s the second good game in a row for the Cats, and earns them another shot at #1 Florida. Let’s go over some notes, then go celebrate.

The tweak got a bit streaky, but the Cats recovered

At the beginning of the game, it looked like the good times were rolling again. Kentucky stormed out to a 12-2 lead, and the Big Blue Nation was already making their Saturday night plans. However, with James Young and Willie Cauley-Stein both picking up two fouls early, the team reverted to its bad habits, focusing on perimeter passing instead of penetrating and kicking it back out. You could almost feel the Dome groan as Kentucky went on a long scoring drought, missing their next nine shots. What happened? Cal said they started pouting, hanging their heads, “acting like babies.” However, Aaron Harrison did his best to keep the Cats rolling, scoring 16 points in the first half on his way to 22…

Aaron Harrison came to play

After everyone raved about his brother Andrew yesterday, Aaron wanted some of the spotlight. Aaron had 22 points tonight off 7-10 shooting, and 4-7 from behind the arc. Aaron told reporters afterwards that he was feeling it, and credited his brother and Julius Randle for getting him good looks.

Aaron’s three with about 14 minutes left mirrored Alex Poythress’ three yesterday, and got Kentucky’s offense flowing again. From there, the Cats got rolling and didn’t look back.

Photo © Paul Abell

Photo © Paul Abell

Andrew is still sharing

Are we still guessing what the tweak is? Yesterday, Andrew had eight assists. Today, he had nine. With all that sharing, it’s no surprise that the Cats were able to put together two of their best games all season. Andrew also had twelve points, including a three that even got Coach Cal smiling. Julius Randle said Andrew reminded him of the Harrison Twins he played against growing up: “I’ve been playing against them my whole life. That’s who I grew up playing against.” What’s the difference in his play this week? Cal said the Twins have finally taken the weight of the world off their shoulders and are just playing. Aaron agreed, telling reporters his brother is “having fun. He’s more relaxed. He’s just playing basketball.”

It shows. I’ve seen Andrew Harrison smile more in the past two days than the entire season. Even he admits it: “We’re starting to play with a lot more emotion. We’re having fun. You can see us smiling.”

Photo © Paul Abell

Photo © Paul Abell

“We’re not the same team”

It’s hard to believe this is the same team that fell on its face in Gainesville a week ago. Back then, Kentucky was only able to put together five good minutes. What a difference a tweak makes. After the game, John Calipari said that this is “not the same team” that struggled so much a few weeks ago:

“We’re not the same team. You’ve seen us now, we’re not the same team we were two, three weeks ago. It took some stuff and tweaking some stuff and making us more physical in practice,because the games are becoming slugfest again.”

They say it’s hard to beat a team three times in one season. We’ll find out soon enough. Tomorrow’s game is much more important for Kentucky than Florida. The Gators are pretty much guaranteed a number one seed right now, and could do what the Cats did back in the 2012 SEC Tournament finals and drop one, especially considering how physical their game was against Tennessee earlier this afternoon. Kentucky could get the ultimate momentum boost with a win over the Gators. Even more, they want it. After the game, Willie Cauley-Stein told reporters that the team’s goal after losing to Florida last week was getting to the SEC Tournament title game so they could get another shot at the Gators. Julius Randle said he wanted Florida to beat Tennessee for the same reason. You think this team has confidence now? Imagine if they can beat the number one team in the country.

For now, let’s enjoy the W:


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34 responses to ““We’re not the same team””

  1. Johnny Botts

    “Hi Julius… I know we’ve only known each other for five months, but let’s posture like we are besties! It’s so much more fun to win than to lose! This is the most fun I’ve had since I was in high school six months ago!”

    -Dakari Johnson

    1. Judge Irene Sawyer

      If this courthouse hasn’t floated away by then…

  2. Johnny Botts

    My butt hurts

  3. Skeps

    To those that don’t know, the tweak was shooting their open 3s.

    1. sue

      Thank you! I concur. It’s not rocket science.

  4. linebeard

    The the tweak is… setting the screen at a different angle on the dribble handoff.

  5. The Tweak

    The tweak is euthanizing all the trolls!

    Oops! Looks like we missed Johnny Botts!

    1. Dee W.

      If they want to post gibberish, just respond to them with gibberish or not at all.

  6. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    1 is a uL troll. That is the best GIF since the Cal/Mr. McMahon swag entrance.

    1. Dee W.

      Indeed – total troll – comment makes no sense. It’s been more than 5 months, but even if it had been 5 months, that’s a long enough time to become good friends with someone – especially when you are around them as much as they are – practically living together.

      Just respond to trolls with gibberish that makes no sense and you will be speaking their language.

  7. 2mites

    The Twins have arrived. The Harrison’s are a world away from where they were and makes this not only a better team but now a possible dangerous team in the NCAA. All of BBN is alive with anticipation. Teams with small guards are in big doodoo.

  8. el hombre juan

    Jones says they didn’t play their best but still won comfortably. They hit 9-16 threes. My question is what happens when young goes 1-10 again? As compared to yesterday, the ball movement sucked. Better than it has looked most of the season, but you can’t tell me as far as the offense is concerned today this was a different team. The shooters got hot. It’s not every game you’re gonna knock down 9 of16 and when you do, of course you’re gonna look good. but there were still possessions where the offense was just stale.

    Now that that’s out of the way, Andrew been dropping some dimes. You can credit some of that to knocking down your shots, but give credit where it is due. This team, is more confident now and the defense looks like it had improved some. My optimism is very guarded right now let’s just see how tomorrow turns out.I’m not ready to jump on the bandwagon just yet because the damn thing has broke more axles than Oregon trail. Hopefully these guys confidence and enthusiasm will continue to carry over and we can watch a few more games in march.

    1. Patrick_Wren

      “…I’m not ready to jump on the bandwagon just yet…”

      Dude…we don’t need you or your kind of blue! Your off! We shall keep you off! Find another team you 2%er!

    2. el hombre juan

      Didn’t ask for your approval, did I? Those are my thoughts and if you can’t respect that maybe you should learn to communicate your feelings a little better. Grow up.

  9. David From DavidClassicStar Music

    Tweak ! Tweak ! Tweak! Tweak Rock On CATS !

  10. mashburnfan1

    I must say the fact Andrew has 17 assist in these 2 games is promising, it would normally take 2 games for the entire team to get 17. Looks like they are playing harder and maybe smarter. This said all we did is beat 2 NIT teams, but we had trouble doing that just a couple weeks ago. Lets see how they look vs UF, but keep in mind UF is playing for nothing, and most importantly I want to see how we look that first weekend of the tourney, both games will be against better teams than LSU and UGA. We keep this up in those 2 games even I may consider this group a TEAM and feel like they have a chance.

    1. el hombre juan

      Well said mash fan. Gators will be playing for pride though. You know Patrick young don’t wanna lose to no freshmen.

    2. Lexington 3

      Or… oh, wait… how about we wait and see how they look today… no that was an NIT team… or wait until tomorrow…. oh wait… Florida is not playing for anything or… oh wait… how about after the team finishes the NCAA Tournament…. then I will be able to tell something and make a prediction…

    3. mashburnfan1

      LEX…chill I just don’t think beating UGA and LSU is anything special other than the fact we struggled and loss earlier to bad teams. I want to see us play some good and see if we share the ball at the end of a close game. This group has shown for 30 plus games they are selfish so I just said it was encouraging to see some change. Change is easy when things are good, we were up big in both games, if they continue that it could be special. We, none of us fans, players, coaches, will know until that time comes. Sundays game means nothing for UF, yeah pride was a factor in the past but with AAU ball and the many games won and loss there it seems losses don’t matter as much to kids in college these days as long as they know the season continues no matter what. I saw lots of aau games and players hardly remember wins and losses except the losses that ended their tourney, sometimes that did not matter as they were on a plane or bus to next tourney the following day.

    4. Dee W.

      “keep in mind UF is playing for nothing”

      How does that make sense? They don’t care about winning a major tournament championship and taking home the trophy? They’ve got a bigger one in mind, no doubt, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want this one, too. I certainly want it for UK.

    5. Dee W.

      “even I may consider this group a TEAM”

      Oh please.

  11. jason

    the tweakers

  12. credit is due

    Will all u crybabies please go to sleep and whatch the sun come up tommorow win or lose.wildcat to the crypt.

  13. credit is due

    Good practice game win or lose. A new day fresh start burr

  14. Jatt Monez

    When Florida beats that ass tomorrow you will be reminded that you still suck.

    1. Dude

      Kinda like how UK reminds Louisville? 5 out of 6.

    2. Jatt Monez

      ^^We’re not the ones that have been crying about our team for the last few months. Go Gators.

    3. TheDon

      When Florida last won a championship, you went to the NIT for 2 years and lost in the first round of the NCAAs the year after that. Even your three straight elite 8 trips all ended poorly (upset by an 8 seed, choking away a 11 pt lead in the last 5 minutes, and getting thrashed by Michigan last year). No, no matter the result tomorrow, you will choke in the tournament again, and you will again realize that you suck.

  15. Mark

    GO CATS!!!! When someone says Go Gators on here…. They are in the wrong place. Find your teams web site

  16. beavis

    But what if you lose Jatt ? If you lose come back on the site and be a little,,,,no, a lot more gracious about it. Or are you going to be like those Tard fans and disappear ?

    1. He is a Tard fan

      Jatt will disappear after we beat Florida, because he IS a Tard fan. You can tell because of his childlike fascination with switching letters in names. I remember when I thought that was hilarious too, back when I was 10

  17. Tweak Me This

    A Tweak And A Week Later

    Who Wins This Championship?

  18. Don

    Love the way coach has calmed down and is encouraging our players. It looks like they are enjoying the game, similar to the national championship team. I hope it continues through the ncaa. I think the tournament has a tiger (WILDCAT) by the tail !!!

  19. Mark Liptak

    Just got back from the conference tournament road trip to North Dakota late last night but I kept up on the Georgia game. Glad they won but as even Cal himself said in the press conference they STILL haven’t completely grown up apparently.

    Disappointed in this after the LSU game. Will the leopard ever change his spots? Guess we’ll see how they play against Florida in a few hours.