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We’re In The Final Four (!!!) Saturday Morning Links

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Hey, Kentucky is playing in the Final Four today. HEY! Kentucky is playing in the Final Four today!!! While we still have to get through a painfully long day until 8:49 p.m. tonight, let’s get through it together starting off with some Saturday morning links… Go Cats. Go Krogering.

“Read Then Proceeed…”


—- Everyone loves a good team nickname. Well, not necessarily… but everyone sure does love trying to come up with one. This year’s crop of Wildcats have ignited a bit of a debate about what people should call them. Kyle Tucker got some former Kentucky Wildcats to weigh in on this year’s team, including a nickname suggestion of “The Fightin’ Five” by Kenny Sky Walker. 

—- One of the story lines that hasn’t been discussed much this season is the hip problems John Calipari has been facing. Adam Himmelsbach takes a closer look at some of the pains and struggles Calipari has been going through under the radar as he “limps into the Final Four.”

—- Everyone is talking about Calipari’s new “Succeed Then Proceed” motto to replace the old “One-and-Done” label. CBS Sports’ Matt Norlander acknowledges Calipari’s attempt to once again chance the conversation in a new direction. 

—- Gary Parrish takes a look at some of the odd circumstances that led to Bo Ryan coaching at Wisconsin and Kevin Ollie coaching at UCONN.  

—- Raphielle Johnson of College Basketball Talk explored how seldom-used freshman Marcus Lee was able to remain dialed in to his teammates and team so that he could be prepared when his moment finally came.  Lee talked about how it was tough, but important to remain mentally prepared, even in the bleakest of moments.

—- The four teams and four coaches in this year’s Final Four are all quite different in style and strategy. Eamonn Brennan maps out a detailed blueprint about each coach, and what style, tactics, history they bring into this year’s Final Four. 






Article written by Ally Tucker

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20 responses to “We’re In The Final Four (!!!) Saturday Morning Links”

  1. Concerned fan

    What happened to Matt?

  2. Memphis UK Cat

    Where is a good place for UK Fans to hangout by Dallas stadium before the game?

  3. haha

    It’s Succeed AND Proceed, not Succeed then Proceed!!!

  4. Mac

    A good nickname has to come naturally. EVERY year UK has some success, this immediate push begins to be the one who hung a moniker that sticks. “HEEE Haawww, Jed! I be the one who done come up with the “Baby-Cayts!!!”. I reckon I’m nigh unto immortalitised!”

    It’s lame.

    It takes two more wins to even get there. We lose today, and this team will become what it really is, a Final Four team. And that, while certainly praiseworthy, isn’t worthy of much more.

    1. Thomas P Crean

      No, you’re wrong. It’s worthy of a campus-wide banner raising ceremony, an outdoor streamer parade down Vine Street, and participation trophies and / or rings for all involved.

  5. Jed Clampit Down

    Does this girl have on a KENTUCKY sweatshirt? Anyone know these cats?–10-000-162920658.html

  6. Shooter

    Exactly!!! What Happened to Matt???

    1. classof68

      Win this one for Matt!

  7. Platinum Unis

    It seems to me that this year’s nickname is both natural and simple – “The Tweakables.”

  8. Rixter

    here’s a great nickname for this team: the 2013-14 UK Wildcats

  9. Blueswade

    I like #tweakanddestroy
    as a nickname.

  10. Blueswade


  11. Shooter

    I thought all you guys knew everything. No one can tell what is wrong with Fearless Leader?

    1. Barney Stinson

      I’d argue that if it were not Matt, he’d be all over this mystery.

  12. Greatestalltime

    Redeem Team

    1. Barney Stinson

      “Redeem” ….sounds too Muslimmy.

  13. wally

    The Succeeders

    1. Barney Stinson

      Linebeards 1 Crap 4 ever fans will have fun with that S word.

  14. Kevin

    I’ve been trying to get “The Tweakables” to stick for a week now.

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