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Article written by Drew Franklin

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15 responses to ““We need Nick”: Richards is the key to UK’s next step”

  1. Ridge Runner

    I like Nick obviously. But.. the dude has the most difficult time being engaged as any player I’ve seen in 2 years or more being with us. I mean if he was a 3 star coming or not as regarded, I could understand a little. But damn, big fella give us at least a few games strung together before you check out on one.

    1. J. Did

      I completely agree. It’s as if he has trouble focussing. I don’t think it’s him being lazy. Perhaps he has other things on his mind besides the game and that’s limiting his potential.

    2. Wade

      1 foul and he loses it. It’s not that big a deal just play hard and be focused. You get plenty of fouls. I don’t think 1 person has fouled out this yr.

    3. J-Dub421

      Nick has only been playing basketball for a few years, so he’s still pretty raw and hasn’t developed basketball instincts yet. He has a ton of talent and potential, but is unsure of himself.

  2. bwise

    It’s about time you write a truthful article about nick. Proud of you. Cannot agree more with ridge ^^^. His give a f*** meter seems to be way to low. He also seems confused in what exactly to do most of the time. He’s taller and longer then anybody else on the floor so there is zero reason why he should be directly under the rim, yet most of the time that’s where he is, and that’s why he doesn’t grab 15+ boards a game. But at the end of the day, defensively, with Travis we will run into a center he’s not able to guard and it will end us.

  3. JMFATZ47

    It’s a mental block. He gets down on himself

    1. Truth_Hurts

      It’s nothing mental and it’s not effort. He just focusing on the wrong parts of his game. Just like Cal said. We don’t need him to really score. Just worry about getting as many rebounds as he can and defend the rim.

    2. dcforuk

      Confidence feeds focus and a lesser amount of confidence feeds less focus. So, I think you are both correct.

    3. dcforuk

      But, as someone who previously struggled more with confidence, I wish Nick nothing but the best. It must come from the Inside Out and I agree with Cal that Nick is closer and is making strides!


    I think the grand scheme complicates matters for Nick. Cal needs to tell him simply run the floor and get the ball. He has elite timing for blocking shots and that timing should translate to rebounding as well. Maybe he’s too soft and gets pushed around when he blocks out…? Experience is the best teacher, but we are at a point in the season where we can no longer afford to play him so he can “learn as he goes”. Hopefully he will find his stride in an upcoming blowout like EJ did last night.

  5. bigbluebanana

    Nick will be fine, I believe in him and the team and Cal pushing him. I think he tries harder than he gets credit for, maybe too much sometimes. His 5 star rating was based off potential, and sometimes potential can’t be found within a year or two. I still feel confident he’s ultra close and at least once this postseason, he’s going to be the deciding factor in a close battle…watch.

    1. Aar

      I agree. We see his brilliance in spurts. He has amazing natural athleticism, timing and talent. We’ve seen each of his skills in spurts. He has a pretty full toolbox. I’m confident that he’ll deliver more consistent output this season

  6. dieden39

    One thing he needs to learn the would make him great. Do the coaches work on this with him.WE DO HAVE THE GREATEST COACHES. HE NEEDS TO LEARN TO ROOT PEOPLE OUT WITH HIS HIPS AND SHOULDERS AND keep his hands off their back. He pushes them with his hands to get rebounding position. That is a definite no/no. Again, use hips, shoulders. Knees,shoulders, etc. this from someone who has been there.

  7. Underdog

    It seems to me that he gets too emotional at times and that negatively impacts his game.

    He gets angry easily.

    I think he’s got elite talent, but he needs to understand there’s no reason to get upset when he fouls or does something stupid. Just go rebound and block shots. The coach is really simplifying it for him.

  8. kjd

    How about writing about Nick Richards when he becomes the force everyone keeps saying he can be.
    This article is just beating a dead horse.