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Watch out, Kentucky had a TEAM MEETING

One of the greatest certainties in sports is the all-important players-only meeting during a losing streak. Sure enough, Quade Green told reporters today that Kentucky’s players had a “talk” on the bus after Saturday’s loss to Texas A&M, their third straight.

“My aspect, I think I’ve done a poor job [of leading],” Quade said. “Poor job trying to get the team together. Ever since we lost to Texas A&M, as a team we talked together so we’ve been on the same page ever since. Ever since that loss talking on the bus ride, we’ve been on the same page now.”

Assuming the team flew out of the airport in College Station, that bus ride only took maybe ten minutes, but those ten minutes were apparently full of REALIZATIONS and HARD TRUTHS.

“We’ve just gotta get back to our winning selves, really. I don’t think anybody on this team really lost three in a row in their previous years of playing basketball. It’s just a hard thing for all of us, even Coach Cal. We’ve gotta come out with some fight.”

It’s only a matter of time before we start hearing the Breakfast Club is back.

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58 responses to “Watch out, Kentucky had a TEAM MEETING”

  1. Bobbum Man

    Well… I wouldn’t call talking about the game for a few minutes on the bus ride to the airport a players only team meeting but regardless hope it helps

  2. ilovekaturday

    I’m glad it was players only. If cal was trying to coach we would surely be done for the year.

    1. Atg2112

      Why don’t you just go die in a fire you miserable prick? I would ask if your mother taught you to be nice to people, but it’s hard to set example for children when you are double fisting wieners every night. If Cal showed up at your door right now you would not say a negative word to him. Easy to hide behind a text huh?

    2. Cokely53

      You responding just gives them what they want. Don’t respond and they will get bored and go away.

    3. Jiminy Crickets

      What you KSR blog bodyguards don’t realize is your rude, crude, and vulgar responses to these posts make you look 1000% worse than the same people you so strongly oppose

    4. Blue Bill

      Suck it Crickets. You’re a troll.

    5. kjd

      What a sad, vulgar tirade.

    6. Blueballz

      Kind of what you are doing Atg2112? Why don’t you post your name tough guy?

    7. BBNstrive49

      ATG what is wrong with you dude. You just made all of Kentucky fans look awful.

    8. BannerDown2018

      Why don’t you take your opinion, get in a small area, and shove it up your A**

    9. ThankfulCat

      How many games have you won as a coach sport?

      Our coach has won a national title and been to multiple final fours

      You really are stupid

    10. catsarerunnin

      It’s obvious that all of you need therapy.

    11. blueblood4life

      Why always put the blame on the coach lol he’s coaching his ass off !!!! Get over yourself cals gonna be here for along time if you don’t like it find another team!

  3. BradCalthegoat

    BBN please stand up! We need our support, maybe a little help from jesus, someone to hit the bdubs button and 10 points from Brad to win this game because we are terrible (Charles Barkley voice)

    1. BannerDown2018

      You can’t be serious, Brad is the last option, Knox just hasn’t been the leader we’ve expected, Cal will have our boys ready for the SEC tournament.

  4. Shoottodaceiling

    BradCaltheGOAT you are a loser turd bird fan have fun with ur line beard and crown royal liquor.


  5. Angelo

    Remember Rupp’s Runts? These guys might turn it around. Cal’s Critters?

  6. cats646

    I think brad cal the goat and katurday are the same person. How sad

  7. BradCalthegoat

    Stand up BBN!

    1. cats646

      Yep. Yep either the same person or two 13 year old douche bags living behind a screen. Either way, it’s pathetic

    2. BannerDown2018

      Probably just some Loserville nerds.

    3. cats646

      Your probably right. Kids these days. Smh

    4. BannerDown2018

      Yeah we used to go find guys like this and take em outside, they better hope I don’t find them on FB

  8. BBNstrive49

    You guys aren’t gonna intimidate anyone. Just leave them alone, and stop embarrassing the fan base.

    1. BannerDown2018

      Your erroneous username is embarrassing our fan base. These dudes need to be confronted.

    2. cats646

      Yea it’s not really embarrassing to our fan base until they prove us wrong on a stat from our own program. Which they can’t do. They’re just trolls. Dont take up for them. That’s embarrassing.

  9. BradCalthegoat

    I don’t understand why these guys are so salty! I bleed big blue! BBN please stand up!

  10. BBNstrive49

    Bannerdown has to be a cards fan in disguise. Only a stripper loving idiot would act like this guy.

    1. BannerDown2018

      I’ve bled Big Blue for 37 years, and I’m sick of these internet thugs.

  11. zielritter

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  12. BBNstrive49

    Then do something about it. If I was you though I would work on mastering the use of are and our first though. 37 years and you still don’t know how to type a sentence using the correct words.

    1. BannerDown2018

      Run on sentence much? Commas are a cool thing.

  13. BBNstrive49

    Our you kidding me? lol

    1. BannerDown2018

      Come to Athens boy, I’ll take you out by the barn.

  14. BBNstrive49

    I’ll come to Athens and you won’t do a thing. I’ll take dump in the middle of your rat nest barn and, you’ll just have to take it.

    1. cats646

      Haha. This guy is an obvious troll too. Don’t worry about him. He has to find happiness by making fun of people he can’t see cause he isn’t man enough to do it in real life. Tip for you strive, if your gonna be a troll try to at least be more clever than a 10 year old. It’s not even entertaining when your comments are literally so stupid I can’t laugh. From now on before you type something out. Take a step back and use that tiny little thing in your head. It’s called a brain. Google it sometime it’s pretty interesting.

    2. John

      I don’t believe I would go to Athens. He might tell you that you have a pretty mouth. Then he may tell you to squeal like pig.

    3. cats646

      Now that was kinda funny John. Haha

    4. John

      Glad you liked it cats646.

  15. ballplayerstu

    I’m glad these kids had a meeting like this. Very well could be the turning point we see each year except the NIT year. Cheer these kids on and Cal!! Go Cats win or lose! I predict us going a win streak and we beat AU!

    1. cats646

      I hope your right man!

    2. ballplayerstu

      We’ve all seen Cal work his magic and when it clicks it clicks! Will it happen, idk.. but they have proven they can do it!! Go Cats!

  16. jim tom

    This is exhausting

  17. BBNstrive49

    cats646 if you would like to meet in person please let me know when and where and I will gladly arrive.

    1. BannerDown2018


    2. cats646

      Ha. I’m out of town right now but I will be there this weekend. Meet me Saturday in Monticello KY ( that’s where I live) we can meet at the Save-A-Lot parking lot, that’s where I got in all my fights in high school, good times. Be there around 3. I need to do some shopping probably around that time. Running low on groceries. I’ll be there for maybe 30 min to an hour, and I will check this site the whole time. Just let me know when you show up. Hope to see ya there buddy. ??

    3. BigBlueOnYou

      Cats646, please stop this nonsense. You’re worse than the trolls with your trash behavior. You’re disgracing BBN and making yourself look like a clown. Please re-evaluate your life.

    4. cats646

      Haha. Knew you wouldn’t show up. Best of luck to ya.

    5. cats646

      And blue on you. I’m just messing around with some trolls. Trust me I am in no way upset or want to beat this kid up. Keep calm. My life is fine

    6. BBNstrive49

      In no way could you beat up this MAN. If my schedule is free expect to see me if not I will be sure to let you know and we can reschedule.

    7. cats646

      Ha. Sounds good kid.

    8. BradCalthegoat

      Guys we need to stick together we are #BBN

    9. BBNstrive49

      You know soon as I show up you’re gonna be that guy.” Hey man let’s talk this out.”

    10. cats646

      No, you are not BBN. Your a small group of trolls. Go to bed

    11. cats646

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  18. BigBlueNationDude

    Whooaaa watch out everyone. Final 4 run coming. Hahah gtfo of here

    1. BannerDown2018

      You never know, college basketballs open this year.

  19. BBNstrive49

    O yeah final four here we come………….of the NIT.