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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

24 responses to “WATCH: Kahlil Whitney’s Commitment Video”

  1. The Real LindaS

    WOW, what a great video, what a great way to announce…sounds like a very intelligent young man. Can’t wait to see him play.

  2. kbo24

    Congrats! Welcome to the BBN!!

  3. Alex90

    Prestige World wide!

    1. bigbluebanana

      Boats and hoes

  4. 1111trevor26

    Where can I buy one of those hats??

  5. Realme

    That’s 2 guys in a row that just made their commitments instead of announcing their intention to announce when they will announce their decision. Great video, great way to do it.

    1. Carcrook

      Exactly my thoughts! Funny how most these, kids want the extra “buzz” announcing their intention on so and so, date to announce when 99.9% have already made up their mind. I really like this, kid something about him, spells ” SPECIAL!”

  6. BlakeBlueNation

    Hah who needs Jefferies??

  7. Wade

    Big time get welcome to the family no decommitment from that man I see he wants it…

  8. shelby


  9. bigbluebanana

    That was an amazing video. I try not to get too caught up in the decisions made by kids, but that one got me. 36 years on this earth, 36 years of bleeding blue. In the beginning when he talks about making the “basketball” decision in life, it choked me up. Reason #23,452 nothing beat UK basketball! Welcome man, we are happy to have you!

    1. (Aixelsyd)0505

      Woah dude

    2. bigbluebanana

      Sorry, too much? It just reminds me why I love our guys!

  10. 4everUKblue

    It was the foot washing videos that got to his Mama, she saw a bunch of young boys learning to be men.

  11. J-Dub421

    Wow, I didn’t think he would commit this quickly, but I sure am glad to welcome Mr. Whitney to the BBN!

  12. joseph_daniel

    Coolest KY announcement vid eva!

  13. Kat4Life

    Jefferies just a distant memory…..any player who would pass on an opportunity to play in this program for a place like Memphis is not UK material to begin with.

    1. ClutchCargo

      Exactly, and that’s why that decommit didn’t bother me one bit. Better to do it now than to flake off later, so I do kind of appreciate that, but no regrets at all.

  14. Dustin Rumbaugh

    This guy is going to be an out of this world talent if he puts in the work. I’ve gotten excited over John wall, Boogie, Anthony davis, Karl towns and Hami. This guy fits in there. He can be a superstar if he wants it.


    Jefferies, who? Never heard of her… Best thing that could have happened.

  16. (Aixelsyd)0505

    I’m glad K.Whitney commitment comes 2 days before the day after tomorrow!!!

  17. Memphis UK Cat

    Wow young man welcome to BBN! What a classy introduction to the family.

  18. Jesus H. Chrysler

    He’s so money $$$$$

  19. Cryingtheblues

    Great video! Welcome to the family of the BBN!