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WATCH: John Calipari shows off UK locker room construction

This slipped under the radar on a busy sports weekend, but on Friday, John Calipari gave fans a tour of the renovations to the locker room of the Joe Craft Center. Construction is still underway on what is being called the “Marksbury Players First Suite” (of course that’s the name), but the video gives you a good idea of the layout, and Cal is so entertaining it’s worth going over regardless.

“I’m having to coach like I’m 35 again”

Calipari came straight from practice to film the tour, and if his wild hair wasn’t indication enough, you could tell he was in a swaggy mood when he hopped up while saying, “I’m having to coach like I’m 35 again”:

He also gave us our official Calipari “LET’S GO” GIF:

That one will get a lot of use.

The main room will be split into a film area and a lounge

It will be paneled in dark wood

The entire lounge and locker room area will be paneled in dark wood, similar to Calipari’s recently renovated office.

“If you know me, you know I like dark wood,” Cal said. “Power, strength.”

As the daughter of an interior designer and also as someone with two eyes, I can tell you the wood in the renderings is not that dark, so hopefully the crew has plenty of stain to get it powerful and strong enough for Cal’s liking.

The mural will feature all of UK’s NBA players

Man, that rendering is outdated.

There will be a small kitchen for snacks

Just in case the players are too tired to walk the 15 steps to the Lodge.

The locker room will be “futuristic”

Cal said the locker room is being designed so that it won’t look outdated in ten years.

“It’ll be computerized, it’ll be the top things — I want this locker room, ten years from now, to be relevant. And so what you’ll see is, whatever we put in it, we’re thinking futuristic. What’s it look like ten years from now.”

I’m guessing that means USB charging ports.

There will be a hot tub, cold tub, and massage room

And maybe even a barber chair “if they allow us” (“they” being the NCAA).

Private showers and private bathrooms

The bathroom will include four individual showers, each designed for seven-footers.

“Kids don’t — there’s no more communal showers with the nozzles up there and the water goes — no. They will either shower by themselves or go back to the Lodge and shower.”

Even the bathroom stalls are designed with more privacy in mind, with doors that go to the floor.

Calipari will have his own steam shower

“I put in the steam shower for me. Not for them. They won’t go in the steam shower. I’ll go in the steam shower. I need to be in the steam shower to let off steam. To, instead of going nutty — as you get old, you get cranky. You get old and cranky. I don’t want to be that old, cranky guy.”

Cal has a steam shower in his office too, so he plans to use each every day so he “can be like a normal human being.”

We can’t embed the video here, but you can watch it at and check out a 360-degree view of the lounge and film room here.

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  1. south georgia cat

    Are those McDonalds Arches in the corner of the pictures?

  2. dan213

    Be careful SGC don’t give anyone any ideas they’ll be screaming collusion between Cal and McDonalds or that he gave some kid a double cheeseburger and a coke without NCAA approval.