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Vandy having a blackout for tomorrow’s game because of course

Today in “Things That Shouldn’t Surprise You”: Vandy is calling for a blackout for tomorrow’s game vs. Kentucky. The first 10,000 fans will receive free black t-shirts.

Also not surprising: tomorrow’s game will be Vanderbilt’s first sell-out of the season. According to the Tennessean, attendance at Memorial Gym this season is the lowest it’s been since the 1964-65 season. The ‘Dores are averaging 8,734 fans per game, well below the arena’s capacity of 14,316. Usually, Memorial Gym creates some magic for Vandy, but the ‘Dores have four home losses so far this season and their 6-10 record is tied for their worst start since the 1977-78 season. Yikes.

With ice and snow coating the roads in Music City as we speak, the real question becomes, will Vandy fans care enough to brave the conditions for tomorrow’s game? I know Kentucky fans will.

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15 responses to “Vandy having a blackout for tomorrow’s game because of course”

  1. KYcats11

    Wow, I was thinking Vandy was doing good this year for some reason. I guess it was because a lot of top recruits are going there, or considering them. I remember telling my buddy not to long ago that when Cal retires (and hopefully that a long time from now ) that Kentucky should go after Xavier’s or Vandy’s coach.

  2. ClutchCargo

    That blackout should make all the blue gear really pop!

  3. Mc12

    I see these posts frequently on KSR, and I get it, “We’re everyone’s Super Bowl”, but didn’t we just have something like this vs. Texas A&M?

    1. kenny

      My thoughts

    2. hspires

      I said the same thing. It’s true that most teams do some sort of “Color Out” for us, but I think that it should’ve been commented on that we just did the same thing.

    3. Blue Jesus

      Came to say the same.

    4. johnwall

      Are we not allowed to try and do something for the fans? We have big games too

    5. tenmstar

      Oh yeah, since Rupp rarely sells out, something had to be done to drum up support.

    6. BBNDan7

      Mc12- i think the only difference is we do this like once maybe twice a season. Whereas other SEC teams do it for us everytime. If we did something like that say for, Florida, every game I’d have to agree

  4. JTHinton

    Will we wear blue or white?

  5. callitlikeiseeit

    KSR wants all to think this only happens to UK when in fact it happens to alot of teams in alot of sports. The cheaters, dUKe, KU, any conf or state rival and even at small school levels. And yes we do the same thing a few times a year, prolly will again for the UF game. Like an earlier post that a WVU guy was coming back this weekend, they acted like it was only because they are playing us “in two weeks”. No dumb asses, he was eliigible to be back Saturday is why he is coming back Saturday.

  6. runningunnin.454

    If my team were 6-10, I would wear black, too.

  7. timewilltell

    Wins on the Vandy home court are tough!

  8. plumloopy

    His leg confuses me.

  9. EdC

    Somebody should chart all of these.