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Article written by Adam Luckett

28 responses to “UK’s 2019-20 Roster after the addition of Johnny Juzang”

  1. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    Kentucky should be at it’s worse good at everything next year especially if they get McDaniels. If they top that off by convincing Blackshear that he will dominate in the 5 spot they’ll be great at everything next year.

    1. mashburnfan1

      This is why you all get so disappointed at the end of seasons with nothing to show for it. Facts are we have no idea until January what this team might be. Could be title contention, could be 1st weekend out. Saying best back court on paper is stupid, yes Maxey is highly rated but so were Hagans, Richards, EJ and many more that were not as good as advertised as FR. Hagans was not that good last year for the most part. Hope he and Quickley improve but Nick did not between FR and SO years. Juzang was not a great 3 point maker in High School, hopefully more shots will go with college work and practice. Unless we get Blackshear OR at least 2 of Hagans-EJ-Nick-Quickley make a huge PJ like jump this team will depend on FR and that can’t win a title. Teams that rely on only FR have never, and never will, win a title. Last year should show us and Cal that more than ever, dUKe had the 2 best FR in years and could not win it{Reddish was so overrated and still is to the NBA I don’t count him as a 3rd}. Cal knows this and is why he now goes after the transfers {which he blasted when his friend got fired but is fine for him to do now}, you must have experienced players to help the FR.

    2. dcforuk

      Blah blah blah

    3. dcforuk

      You can win with freshmen though it is generally the exception and not the norm

    4. 4everUKblue

      More mashbumKfanboy bullsh!t. Go cheer for dUKe loser!

    5. N-UR-i

      Actually very rational view by Mashburnfan1. Doesn’t mean it is correct, doesn’t mean he is wrong.

      I agree, we will have to wait and see. Blackshear is the missing piece.

    6. Cokely53

      Mashburn… are you just always miserable? You seriously come off as just a terrible person to be around. You get no joy out of anything. You’re one of the fans who secretly cheers for us to lose so you can come running to point out that you were right. Please stop bumming everyone out with your asinine comments.

    7. EastKY-BlueBlood

      mashburnfan1 Idk there was a Men’s CBB Program that is celebrating the title they just claimed after going into the season with high expectations year after year?? Think you have the wrong sport AGAIN!! lol If the “ONLY” satisfaction you can have is Title, or it’s EPIC FAILURE, MAJOR DEPRESSION, and a complete waste of one’s Fall-Spring, and “IF” UK’s 8 titles in 114 some odd seasons is considered a helluva LOT!! Then I’m thinking you may try another sport to enjoy.. Just a thought.. Bc hanging national title banners, “NOT” gonna be high on ur to do list, anytime soon!! EVEN incredible as this sounds, even less on ur to do list being a DUKE FAN!! Bless there hearts, sitting at 5!! Why are they ever excited for basketball? Lol

      Can only imagine what you would had said if it was Cal who failed to get Zion, RJ, Cam, etc to NOT only NO TITLE, but NOT even a FINAL FOUR!!!! Lol!! Us fans that actually LOVE & truly UNDERSTAND the sport of Basketball, we are here yr round, and excited bc we love Basketball!! Especially Men’s College Basketball!! Ik that’s a hard concept to swallow, when EVERY PLAYER SUCKS (Based on ur Pro analysis) for most part EVERY YR is a HUGE EPIC FAILURE!!!!! LOL!!
      So here’s the biggie, If ur not concerned with what the roster will look like next season, as well as NO USE watching the 1st semester, bc no clue what possible type of team they may be til Jan.. Although I could sworn, there has been teams look like freaking World Beaters as late as last wk Feb, go down 1st weekends. Or teams not being considered much of a shot, cut nets down… ala UCONN, here is the very simple ???? Why are you here, and why taking the time to post epic NOVELS?? LMAO ? If ur gonna troll, itleast get good at it!! LOL!! Bc, anyone with sense, can easily pk apart ur sad waste of a LOT of daily time to get angry reactions!! Let’s not talk MBB, but in the Game of Life… Must def not be any banners, or even high expectations in ur dark, damp, neck of the woods!! That is tough.. Hang in there, Cassius Stanley may be all you HOPE!! #BBN #UK4EVER

    8. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      Mashburn you poor baby once again someone took your pacifier and here you come to whine about it.

    9. UKBigBlueForever

      trashburn, gtfo of here with your negative comments. Geezus. Why do you even comment on here? All you do is COMPLAIN and say negative SH** about our players and our coach. What’s the point of posting? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I can go back and find 0 comments you have made that were actually positive. You must have a sad, sad life and I’m GLAD I don’t know you in the real world. If you are like this in the real world you probably have 0 friends. Stay Classy and Go fu** yourself trashburnfan/debbiedowner.

  2. dcforuk

    Keeping players happy and nailing down the best rotation is a very good problem to have and will need to be managed. Much better problem to have than a talent-less rotation….

  3. kuhlkat

    We really need Blackshear to be legit.
    We have no muscle down low which will make us vulnerable to certain teams.
    Without him we have a weakness. With him we are unstoppable

    1. makeitstop

      There’s a lot of truth to that unless Nick steps up and bulks up. I think he will. He’s got the length if he’s got the muscle and can learn to not leave his feet, and Sestina is bulky enough to help.

  4. Han

    Assuming Nick and EJ return, and we add 1 or both of McDaniels and Blackshear, I wonder if we see 5-for-5 subbing frequently? (Let’s not use the P-word since it was used against us in recruiting despite working great.)

    Starters – Hagans, Maxey, Brooks, McDaniel/Blackshear, Montgomery
    Second 5 – Quickley, Whitney, Juzang, Sestina, Richards
    ? – Allen coming off injury

  5. KYjellyRoll

    Actually Juzang shot 43% in AAU ball I believe

  6. makeitstop

    First world problems: playing time for burger boys.

  7. MacAssassin123

    JohnnyJuzang reminds me of a longer and taller Devin Booker. Huge pick up for the cats. Now let’s get Blackshere,McDaniels, and,Brown/Hampton.

    1. Cletis75

      Reminds me of a shorter tayshaun prince


      Reminds me of a fatter Jimmie Walker. Kid Dy-no-MITE!

  8. WatchutalkinboutWillis

    He didn’t mention Dontaie Allen. That kid is good.

  9. dcforuk

    2010 – Elite 8
    2011 – FF
    2012 – Championship
    2013 – No Fun
    2014 – Runner Up
    2015 – FF
    2016 – Round of 32
    2017 – Elite 8 (last second loss)
    2018 – Sweet 16
    2019 – Elite 8 (OT loss)

  10. dcforuk

    If someone told you in April 2009 that over the next 10 years UK would make four final fours resulting in one championship and one runner up and three other separate Elite 8 appearances, would you have taken that? I really think that most UK fans that say no now would be lying. Weeds grow with wheat. If you try to pull the weeds before the harvest you uproot the wheat too soon. It is not a perfect model but there is no perfect model. 70% of coach Coach Cal’s seasons have resulted in elite eight or better appearances. Pretty good stuff!

    1. CATandMONKEY

      The wheat/weeds analogy is rather apt.

  11. Jiminy Crickets

    Am I the only one hoping Richards stays in draft, and we get Blackshear? We need one true big man, some teams will beat us up if we don’t. Blackshear will not come here if nick comes back. No way he leaves draft, and comes to a team where he’s coming off bench and minutes are limited, he will go to Florida and start for a contender. But if nick is not here……then you’re saying there’s a chance?

    1. runningunnin.454

      If Blackshear really wants to play for UK, I doubt Nick would scare him off; he only played 12 min/game, down from the previous year.
      If we were to get McDaniels, that might affect his decision.

  12. UKBigBlueForever

    Why no mentioned of D. Allen or a potential Blackshear commitment? I think this Dontaie Allen kid is going to surprise some people assuming he isn’t red-shirted his freshman year. You can’t put up that many points/stats in high-school and not be legit unless he was playing against middle-schoolers.

    3 months until football and 5 1/2 – 6 until basketball!

    1. Vette City Joe

      He’ll redshirt simply because this team already looks to be loaded AND he’ll have more time to properly heal from his injuries. Remember, he was on his way to rehab when he was involved in a car wreck & sustained another injury. Rumors say it was a broken collar bone. For the sake of his future, he’ll most definitely be a redshirt

  13. Vette City Joe

    Assuming Kentucky does, in fact, get McDaniels or Blackshear…I would actually have one of those two start at the 5 and let Sestina be the stretch 4. It’s still a two-big lineup and you space out the floor!