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UK vs. Tennessee LIVE BLOG, presented by Liquor Barn

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35 responses to “UK vs. Tennessee LIVE BLOG, presented by Liquor Barn”

  1. BigolBlue

    This could get ugly. Bone is much superior to Hagans. Richards has 0 coordination

    1. dakich is stupid

      Hagan’s is getting owned!

  2. BigolBlue

    If it wasnt for Herros free throw percentage this team would be terrible

    1. KYcats11

      Having fun talking to yourself?

  3. BigolBlue

    How can a team be so bad in transition fast breaks?

  4. ZacharyJanes18

    We need to get our head out of our a$$

  5. KYjellyRoll

    Some breakout game for Montgomery….

    1. BlakeBlueNation

      Yeah, honestly

  6. Matt10

    The home cookin with these refs is getting out of control!
    The blatant no calls on TN and ghost fouls on UK has us compketely out of sorts!

    1. ukwildcat1991

      Easy to blame the refs when your team is losing huh?

    2. Matt10

      I’m not blaming them dik, just pointing out the obvious, dik.
      No travel called on UT player coming through the lane. No foul on obvious body foul on Hagans going in for layup. Another no call on obvious rake across the arm of UK player going for layup. BS call for Nick’s 2nd. Shall I go on, dik?

  7. CatsandPats

    We knew without Travis, this would be almost impossible to win. Saying that, our team still has to play great to even have a chance. You go 10 minutes without a field goal against this team and you will be ran out of the gym.

  8. ZacharyJanes18

    Worst half of basketball to go along with the worst calls i have ever seen is a recipe for losing

  9. big cat

    We sucked as bad as the food at KSbar

  10. BigolBlue

    This team winning a title is hilarious.

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Thanks Card fan.

    2. Nickerbocker05

      Seriously go jump off a cliff with a rope around your neck tied to a tree you miserable pos

  11. big cat

    Dont want to get too excited then get disappointed in March

  12. deehwade

    Cal’s got this!

  13. murphy60

    Not going to be today. Cats are intimidated and we have no bench. Montgomery looks like someone stole his lunch money, can’t get into rhythm, and just trying to go thru motions

  14. dakich is stupid

    Hero didn’t show up

  15. IrishCat

    For the first time I’m starting to think Nick just might not ever figure it out. Hope I’m wrong.

  16. Big johnson

    Almost as hilarious as seeing you naked would be Mr b.b. as in baby balls.

  17. drew_123

    Do Nick Richards and EJ Montgomery practice? This is so pathetic

  18. Cat68

    Whatever Nick! Such bad decisions.

  19. Big johnson

    If nick and ej are our front court next year, we’re in trouble.

  20. murphy60

    No EJ runs errands for nick

  21. BigolBlue


    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Thanks Card fan. How is your team doing lately?

  22. ZacharyJanes18

    We f***ing suck

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      We have one of our best players out Einstein.

    2. ZacharyJanes18

      Ok yes we were missing reid travis but I don’t think we win this game even if we do have him

  23. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    So this game doesn’t count, just like Dook without Zion, right Jon Rothstein?

    1. CoachCat

      Such a stupid post

  24. spincr4hire

    Where is mashburn douche at ? I hope he slit his wrists