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UK vs. Seton Hall LIVE BLOG

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37 responses to “UK vs. Seton Hall LIVE BLOG”

  1. recliner coach

    WHY take Hagans out over 1 defensive break down ???

  2. BigolBlue

    This team just cant shoot good enough to be good.

  3. ScottGreene22

    Cats playing hard can’t hit shots and turnovers are killing them. 12 straight make it 13 straight misses

  4. BigolBlue

    A good team buries this bad Seton Hall team. This team is ran like a bad oiled machine about to blow up. People still think this team has potential. Funny

    1. ThatsAShame

      BigolBlue keeps posting nonsense. He still thinks his opinion is accurate. Funny

    2. BigolBlue

      Its a shame morons like you think this team is good and Cal is a great coach

    3. Bigblue7982

      Go be a troll elsewhere.

  5. BigolBlue

    Well be ok though. In cal I trust. They will make a deep run come march. Hahaha

  6. GoghBigBleu

    Anyone notice that the two large “Citi” logos on the court are messed up? The “t” is cut off. The arch is misplaced.

    1. GoghBigBleu

      They changed it at halftime!

  7. ScottGreene22

    Welcome Mr. Baker

  8. henderblue

    Trying to pound the ball inside like a Joe B Hall team. Except we don’t have Bowie and Turpin. BigolBluedumbass, your team plays a little later this afternoon. We’ll see how that goes for ya

    1. BigolBlue

      As a uk fan i can tell you u if l looks a whole lot better than this scrub team

    2. henderblue

      As a UL fan, why do you watch UK?

  9. BigolBlue

    Cal said he is happy with the defense and the offense will come. Im tired of his lies and poor coaching. The defense looks good because Seton Hall is terrible. They are lucky they arent playing a solid team.

    1. Shively1978

      Also look at these stats Tubby in 10 years 263-82 with 5 Conf titles but yes less Ncaa tourney success but 1 title. Cal coming into this year 273-64 5 Conf titles more final fours but 1 title both had 5 seasons where they lost atleast 9 games. Cal is just suppose to be a better recruiter but he’s loosing that to Duke. I’ll get blasted for this because people just love Cal but stats dont lie. No I wasn’t a big Tubby fan but his Win loss percentage was not much lower than Cals and he had far less talent.

    2. GoghBigBleu

      I think that shows you how veteran players can equalize younger, more gifted players.

    3. Shively1978

      Exactly it’s hard to win titles to begin with. Plus every championship team has some sort of veteran leadership. Usually guards. My problem with this team is it seems like Green Richard’s Pj a D even Travis to some extent have regressed instead of improving from last year.

  10. ScottGreene22

    Defense looks good Offense needs to wake up

  11. BigolBlue

    Gonna lose to seton hall. 11-0 run. There is 0 doubt at all this team sucks. They really do.

  12. Jharriscgcs

    We just aren’t a good team. Simple as that. This offense we run is like a middle school

  13. CatsandPats

    Don’t understand why our team never traveled to MSG but they are getting outplayed by a pretty bad Seton Hall team without their best player pretty much. Minimal effort to say the least. Just not very good at this point in time and hopefully they get better quickly.

  14. abmorris27

    I’m getting pretty frustrated with PJ. He needs to be doing so much more for this team. He just looks lost. And much of the time the effort just isn’t there.

    1. henderblue

      I’m thinking you spoke a little before he scored 8 in a row

  15. abmorris27

    PJ is having a huge game, I know… but then he shows immaturity with that damn stare down. Just get a quick outlet and give your team a chance for a transition bucket. Even good PJ is frustrating.

  16. gasman01

    This is going to be a long year when we get to conference play. Team is playing harder, be we make way too many mistakes.

  17. BigolBlue

    Herro is trashy

  18. Jharriscgcs


  19. Blueballz

    Maybe if we have 8 McDonald’s All Americans and they have four players foul out Cal can out coach someone….oh wait….

  20. BigolBlue

    Cals gotta go. Ive had enough of these terrible years. 1 title. Get him out. Time to go. Losing to seton hall in msg. Should help with recruiting. First duke now this. Bubble team

    1. henderblue


    2. katmark

      We aren’t that good and shouldn’t be in the top twenty five.

  21. GoghBigBleu

    How do you NOT call a timeout there? What a TERRIBLE last shot attempt

    1. jaws2

      Should have!

  22. Jharriscgcs

    Definitely a bubble team. With schedule ahead- probably 10-8 or 11-7 at best in conference. KU and NC will be Duke like blood baths.

  23. gasman01

    9 seconds and that’s the best shot we could get.

  24. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Yes, the last possession was terribly disorganized. Blech!