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UK target Luke Kennard responds to “overrated” chant by dropping 31 (of his 41)

(H/T Scarberry Media @ScarberryMedia)

In case you weren’t already convinced that one of 2015’s most important Kentucky targets was Luke Kennard, allow his response to an “overrated” chant try to convince you. Kennard, a 5-star prospect in 2015 who many believe might just land at Kentucky, dropped 31 of his 41 points the other night in the second half after hearing the chant from the fans. 

Article written by Ally Tucker

I once successfully requested "The Wobble" to be played 6 times at one wedding.

40 responses to “UK target Luke Kennard responds to “overrated” chant by dropping 31 (of his 41)”

  1. Mr Self Destruct

    THAT’S what this team is missing. Heart and grit. Sign that kid as soon as you can, Cal.

    1. Daniel

      Man, come on

    2. Yakob

      Daniel, what do you mean? Come on Kennard to UK, or are you unhappy with the other comment? If so, I agree with it. This team lacks fire.

  2. Skip

    Coach K must be drooling over this one.

    1. Real Cracka

      Coach K would actually develop him and play him.

  3. LA

    that kid is a stud he could be a super tall point guard, shooting guard or play the three spot. hope UK gets him.

    1. Daniel

      right on the money he is a very dynamic player.. unlike people who don’t know him who may think he’s just a shooter, nope.. he is very dynamic

  4. Jon Hood

    Looks almost as good as I did.

  5. ShagariObrzut

    I don’t mind having this type of player because he’s a 4 year guy, and that’s what we need.

    But I hope no one thinks this kid is going to come in and dominant. If you check out his league, or just this video, you can see that he’s not facing the toughest competition. He’d still be valuable to Kentucky though.

    1. Daniel

      he’s dominated in aau though… playing for Lebron James AAU team.. playing against highest caliber talent for that age

    2. What?

      What makes you think he’s a 4 yr guy? He’s white?

    3. DB11

      Well “What?”, if you listened to the radio show you would know that Matt has called him a 4 year guy many times.

    4. wrb

      What the he’ll does Matt know? He was hyping 40-0 this year.

  6. D Willis

    Run as far as you can from Cal. Outside of his butt buddy, Polson, Cal doesn’t give crackers many minutes.

    1. Seriously?

      Screw the 1st Amendment! Idiots like you should not have the right to speak.

    2. beavis

      Really sad to see a post like yours Willis. Not enough meds in the world to cure what is wrong with you.

    3. wrb

      Not enough meds, but 1 bullet doesn’t cost much.

  7. Pierre

    He won’t be getting those calls at Kentucky. Officials will let teams beat the crap out of him

    1. Yakob

      Sad but true…

  8. BC

    Right now I’d drool over a prospect that gets back on D and can shut down the perimeter.

  9. Boogie

    Yea that’s cool he can get to the rim against 6’2 centers, but this kid is a pure perimeter jump shooter at the college level. We need a knockdown shooter with great passing abilities.

  10. thats budda

    Ahh the sweet smell of an F U.

    1. That's All for You

      Please make that your last post.

  11. Beaumont

    Free throw shooting is what with stood out to me… Sure would like to have some of that this year… Hope we get this kid…

  12. SunsetOverEddyville

    Plays a little like Kyle Singlar.

  13. BillyJoe

    He reminds me most of a mix of Ralph Beard, Rex Chapman, Kevin Grevey, and Todd Tackett. I’m not sure how much he’d play here.

  14. why pick on the wite guy

    i just dot understand why anytime their is a good white basketball player all the white people in the crowd at the game attack him!! u don’t see black people attack their own…there was even an article on this in sports illustrated on how the white crowd on the opposing team would always target aaron craft on ohio st. never understood this and it pisses me off!!!

    1. Please Study More, OK?

      Please study some grammar basics, ok? That would be a start for you.

  15. Just saying

    If we could stop making every recruit in to a Christ like figure… That would be great.

  16. uh oh

    So is this who Kentucky is now? A program that worships, potential recruits… until they get here then we immediately put them down and give up on them if they don’t go undefeated?

    A long time ago we use to look forward to progress players on the team made… now all we care about is how many stars a guy for next year has next to his name.

    Has anybody noticed that we did this same thing last year and the year before that? Doesn’t always work out…

  17. voice of reason

    I like this kid. Probably a or 2 or 3 year guy at least. Will be more of shooter here. (Just going by what I see him do in AAU against better defense… Not skin color)

    reminds me a lot of Aaron Harrison skill set wise. Now this is the part where somebody responds about how they don’t like Aaron’s personality… but I would take an Aaron Harrison every year if available.

  18. Real Cracka

    He’s a long term player with limited possibility to go on to the NBA. Which means on a Cal team you get little to no playing time. The Hoods, Polsons and Willis’ come here and put up with it because they have loved the team all their life. Out of state kids won’t. If he comes here, he’ll get recruited over, get limited time and transfer.

    1. Blue To The Bone.

      Really?…Must be why your Benedict 15 sec. coach wants him bad…

    2. theSkinny81

      Real Cracka: shuddup, troll. Good lord.

  19. emmertsgay

    Hey “please study more” i know you think you’re clever and that your unbelievable grammatical prowess is a gift to all message boards… But it just isn’t buddy. It’s just not. Is it ok that i started a sentence with but? Geez take a pill. If you are truly intelligent, focus on the point that is being made and not how it is written. That way you don’t make yourself out to be an unlikeable smug and petty d- bag…. Cool? I never post here but i’m telling you the grammar police are getting annoying cluttering up the place. Goodness gracious. Nice win though cats.

  20. specialetta

    #18 Is that why Coach K is telling him he is a first round lottery pick? The kid can play at any school he chooses.

  21. uh huh

    hey study more…I was up studying with ur mom last night, I should be getting an a with all the stuff she taught me

  22. Gangster of Love

    Tough looking kid. Looks great off the dribble. Has lots of ball skills but needs some physical development.

  23. Austin Monnett

    Looks good, but the competition looks terrible. Kids guarding him move like slugs.

  24. ==== PIX2CLICK ====

    ==== Luke, …………………………. PLEASE do not come to UK …………… white boyz do not play at UK ……….they are used as practice fodder and to mentor the “OTHERS”that PLAY !!!!

    Go somewhee else ! Like UL !

    I say this because I’d LOVE to see you HERE …..just NOT nder the current leadership !

    Best 2 you young man