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UK strength coach was ejected from the game

UK Athletics

UK Athletics

Lost in all of the excitement of Kentucky curb stomping Arkansas was the ejection of UK strength coach Rob Harris during the game. Doug Shows told Harris to leave the arena during the final timeout, although we do not yet have confirmation as to why Harris was tossed.

Whatever the reason, we love Coach Harris and fully support whatever he did. My guess is he was probably booing Jaylen Barford like everyone else in Rupp Arena.


Article written by Drew Franklin

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16 responses to “UK strength coach was ejected from the game”

  1. UK Big Bored Update

    UGA is looking for a few good men (on the way to the locker room)!

  2. WeareBBN

    “we fully support whatever he did”? What an ignorant statement. I would think we should wait to hear the reason before supporting it or not. I did not see him do anything so I am guessing it was something that was said but any rational person would want to know what it was for before supporting it.

    1. cats42301

      I agree. I’m exaggerating but what if he yelled yo wife is a ho? I’m joking, but yeah I think you’d want to find out the reason before you blindly give a declaration of support.

  3. tfordstyle

    Ejected for flatulence.

  4. winagain1

    Don’t make fun of him.
    It’s like making fun of dancing guy for throwing children down the stairs. He means well and
    We support him no matter what he did !

  5. Beavis

    Drew, that is kind of like some of the statements we see coming from Puke, I mean Duke. We support Grayson Allen , no matter what.

  6. WheelerBear

    I’m with Drew on this, Doug Shows is such a mouth piece and anyone who doesn’t agree with that are as well.

  7. cattycat

    Did some of you people just start reading KSR today? If not, how is it that you STILL do not know how to read Drew’s writing?


    1. CATandMONKEY

      ” A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it. ”
      …as displayed here daily.

  8. rickwhitetx

    Ejected during the last timeout? Shows is an idiot. You don’t eject a bench coach at the end of the game just like you don’t throw a flag for a first sideline warning in the last 2 minutes of a football game. These are things a rookie official is taught. Shows is no rookie. Just an emotional idiot.

  9. UKfanman01

    I can’t believe the stupidity I’ve just read from UK fans. I think the thing almost everyone missed was that it was Doug Shows who done the tossing. My guess is that you’re all fair weather fans and have no idea what a douchebag Shows is toward UK and Calipari. So to all you sometimey fair weather UK fans who only watch one football game a year and basketball, until they lose a couple, go cheer for someone else. Stop watching UK because Cal, Stoops, their staff, and the players don’t need fans like y’all

    1. Megan

      UK fans eating their own? Yeah, that’s a good look. Thanks.

    2. cats42301

      What comments are you referring to exactly? I guess this game of “I’m a better UK fan than you” will go on until the end of time.

  10. cats42301

    He might have been ejected for cheering too loudly, apparently it’s a rule since the fans in the lower level were doing it much, other than when it was time to win a chicken biscuit.

    1. Luether

      You seem angry.

  11. satcheluk

    He was ejected for standing up and blocking the view of some old farts in the first row.