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UK ranked #4 in the latest AP Top 25


After an early loss to Michigan State, the Cats dropped from #1 to #4 in the latest AP poll. Here it is in all its glory:

1. Michigan State
2. Kansas
3. Louisville
4. Kentucky
5. Arizona
6. Duke
7. Oklahoma State
8. Ohio State
9. Syracuse
10. VCU
11. Memphis
12. Wisconsin
13. Gonzaga
T14. Michigan
T14. Wichita State
16. Florida
17. Oregon
18. UConn
19. New Mexico
20. Baylor
21. Iowa State
22. UCLA
23. Creighton
24. North Carolina
25. Marquette

Others Receiving Votes: Iowa 122, Indiana 109, Virginia 77, Harvard 72, Boise State 28, Belmont 18, Arizona State 13, Villanova 11, Xavier 10, Tennessee 9, Pittsburgh 7, Colorado 6, Missouri 5, Florida State 4, Minnesota 4, Saint Louis 4, Cincinnati 3, BYU 2, Indiana State 2, Massachusetts 2, George Washington 1, Notre Dame 1

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15 responses to “UK ranked #4 in the latest AP Top 25”

  1. Chicago Chris


  2. James

    Not surprising and totally fair IMO. I didn’t like us being ranked #1 in the beginning. Honestly, I hate all preseason rankings. They shouldn’t rank until about three weeks in.

    This ranking doesn’t matter, the one in April does.

    And BTW, Louisville fans crying about being jumped by KU in 3…,2…,1…

    1. Seanie

      I haven’t heard many Louisville fans complaining about that. It is very reasonable for them to get jumped by KU

  3. come on

    Seems like only one player carrying the load at KSR . Boys, you’re getting kind of heavy

  4. Bluegrass

    I cannot believe, although I think it’s completely fair, that UNC dropped so low. Usually UNC gets the benefit of the doubt and never drops more than 5-8 spots. I love it!!

    Cant wait to see what our boys will do against UNC and then Belmont

  5. BlueRedNeck

    They have us in about the right spot, IMO.

    Was going to say UofL can prove their mettle against UNC in a week or so, but UNC is looking suspect. Seeing that Memphis is coming in at #11, but have not seen their schedule to see if they have played anyone good.

    Speaking of UNC, how long before Ol’ Roy reinstates PJ? A week? Three days? Fifteen minutes?

    1. We Hang Banners

      He is waiting on the NCAA.

    2. We Bag Hammers

      The NCAA is waiting on the check to clear.

    3. Cats in Afghanistan

      Either way, the sooner the better. My wife is an avid UNC fan (don’t ask how we make it through BBall season every year), so I want them at 100% when we take the “W”. I don’t want there to be any lingering excuses…

  6. Cats in Afghanistan

    I can dig it. Definitely going to beat Louisville, but seeing how they are reigning national champs, and haven’t lost a game yet (not like that’s been hard), we’ll give it to them for now.

    1. Seanie

      “Definitely” beating Louisville is a bit of a stretch. I’m not that confident.

  7. Isaac in Louisville

    How is indiana even getting votes?!

  8. Experience

    UK #4 with Jon Hood staring as Turtleman……yah,yah,yah,yah live action!!

  9. bigblue091812

    By the time those games get here UK will handle UNC with Harriston easy and I hope UL is at full strength when we play them, they may 2-3 players in jail before then so I want all the ghetto rats there so it’s more special when we give them their 1st loss of the season since they don’t play anyone before then.

  10. Catcard

    Can’t wait till dec 28th!! Cards roll cats w/wo ware!! Harrison’s are so overrated!!