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UK Fans of the Day Want Five Quick Thoughts


The KSR Tour is rolling along and each day is a bit more fun than the last. After Somerset tomorrow, we will be at halfway, so I thought it was time for a few quick thoughts:

The loss of Mike Edwards today is big and while not surprising, tough for the coming season. The Secondary was an issue of concern for UK last year and the hope was that there could be up to three of the new players come in and make an immediate impact. But after an early injury and now this Edwards news, JUCO signee AJ Stamps now looks to be the only one who can give the bump that people hoped for. Edwards is hurt and says he is still a Wildcat, but the postponement of the enrollment is troubling. One has to hope that he finds his way to campus, however one of Mark Stoops’ earliest and strongest commitments not ending up on campus is quite disappointing heading into fall practice.

— It is becoming a bit repetitive but I keep hearing great things about Tyler Ulis this summer. Everyone praises the kid’s work ethic and ability, and literally all I hear about him are positives. I am not sure if this is just because of the dampened expectations due to size or just the joy of seeing a player who gets his teammates involved so much running the show. But there is no doubt that the people who are around the program love Ulis and the fans surely will too.


Gas is $3.23 in E-town and $4.00 or higher up the road one hour in Louisville. What gives?

— We talked today on the radio about the Brazil loss to Germany and it led me to go over the most embarrassing losses as UK fans over the last 25 years. The selections came in and they were an interesting group. The ones most often named included:

1989 rout by 55 at Kansas
1994 Marquette in NCAA Tournament
2002 Western Kentucky at home
2003 UAB in NCAA Tournament
2007 Mississippi State in SEC Tournament

GILLISPIE YEARS (they deserve their own section)

Gardner Webb
San Diego
At Vanderbilt by about 1,000
Georgia in SEC Tournament
Georgia at home on Senior Day

2013 at Tennessee after Noel injury
2013 Robert Morris in NIT
2014 at South Carolina

That seems like a pretty solid list…have any others?

— As we get ready for the Bahamas, I am hearing UK is planning on playing all ten guys equal minutes as much as possible during the Bahamas trip. While I am sure that Calipari will experiment with lineups, I am told that the hope is to play all the ten major guys (Twins, Dakari, Alex, Karl, Ulis, Booker, Willis, Hawkins, Lee…of course Willie and Lyles are out) for equivalent minutes and let each of them work through mistakes. This should be especially helpful for guys like Marcus Lee and Derek Willis who will get a chance to truly show their ability for long stretches for the first time. I literally cannot wait to get on the island.

— WLEX had this headline today…I know at least one woman who would disagree with this headline:


Article written by Matt Jones

26 responses to “UK Fans of the Day Want Five Quick Thoughts”

  1. TotesUK

    Not sure where you are getting your gas from bro but I live up in the ville (Old Louisville area) and gas is almost identical to that of E-town in price.

    1. Matt

      U r smokin’ something if you think u r paying anywhere close to that in Jefferson County. Reformulated gas is BS…

    2. TotesUK

      Matt, bro… what are you talking about bro? I LITERALLY just bought gas today… I payed almost exactly 3.25 per gallon…
      Also.. You must not understand how the petroleum industry works. All gas comes off of the same truck, there is usually very little variation in price between cities that are only an hour away.

    3. TotesUK

      also man… what exactly do you mean by reformulated gas? I’m just trying to understand because I work as an engineer and that sounds like a pretty lame thing to be upset about.
      Im sorry to tell you that ALL gas you buy is the same. There is no difference. It’s all diesel, unleaded (variants) , or ethanol… besides those qualifiers you arent getting anything different from station to station.

    4. catdaddyd

      How have you not heard about reformulated gas. It’s a summer blend, engineer.

    5. TotesUK

      catdaddyd… wow buddy… try going back and reading what I wrote. I didn’t understand what his problem with reformulated gas was. TRUST ME… I know probably WAAAAY more about it than you do, trailerpark.
      I was saying that it isn’t a big deal and that gas is the same in E-town as it is in Louisville… Same company. or is that too big of a topic for you, mr. blue collar minimum wage?

    6. TotesUK

      I am a idiot

    7. L1C6

      Totes….”there is usually very little variation in price between cities that are only an hour away.” That sentence is just false. I live in Lexington, and have friends in Louisville. I go to Louisville at least once a month, usually more. Gas is typically at least .20 higher in Louisville than it is in Lexington. I usually stop in Simpsonville bc it’s typically .20 lower than Louisville.

    8. Random Commenter

      TotesUK I was totally with you on your comments until you started throwing in trailerpark and mr. minimum wage. There’s no need for that bro, take the high road and just tell people when theyre wrong without taking shots at them. Steppin off my high horse, go big blue.

    9. TotesUK

      Alright kid… cause you know more about it than an engineer does. you are just plan wrong. I live in Louisville and travel all of Kentucky with my job, There is VERY LITTLE variation with price from place to place. Trust me. You just don’t realize because you can only be in one place at one time, but it shifts together. thats how it works. It probably goes up in lexington a little when you leave and you never know it. You cant base universal fact off of one experience buddy.

      Random commenter, I appreciate your support.. but I really don’t care much. He insulted my intelligence (which i worked 6 years through Uni to get a masters in engineering to obtain).. so I’ll call him whatever I damn well please.

    10. TotesUK

      Listen to me! Listen to me! I am engineer! Listen to me! I am intelligent!

    11. theWilkman

      If you really think there aren’t variations in gas prices across the state then I don’t see how you were astute enough to get an engineering degree. That is just plain wrong.

    12. TotesUK

      I don’t care what you think. I’m an engineer and you’re not.

    13. TotesUk

      I SAID.. there was slight variation. Of course there will always be some difference. But as someone who has worked in petroleum.. I am telling you for a FACT that there will ever only be a slight difference in price and ZERO difference in the product.
      Now go back to your trailer park white trash… some of us have to make a living.


    Great post Matt

  3. sincitycat

    Rick: “I can go for a long time”. That’s not what Karen said. And here on the front range of Colorado gas is about $3.59.

  4. steve

    I kept having flashbacks to that Vanderbilt game while watching Brazil yesterday. Just a complete tactical breakdown. Devastating to watch in both instances.

  5. rockatao

    Gardner Webb was most embarrassing loss. Followed closely by Robert Morris, although I think most of us knew that UK team had already thrown in the towel.

  6. ProspectMike

    All gas in Louisville comes from Marathon so they have a monopoly and set whatever price they want. But Jack Conway has been looking into it since 2008, so I’m sure he’ll come up with an answer.

  7. WestWorld

    $3.23 9/10 is the cost of a 6-pack of PBR there at the Beer Kave.

  8. Scott Baio

    The 2005 loss to Kansas at Rupp was pretty bad, I can’t remember the margin. But we were never in the game.

  9. guindage

    The loss to UAB was 2004 NOT 2003!

  10. Highlander

    Matt, not sure where you are getting your gas at but I live in Louisville and in the highlands too and gas is not $4+ is has been in the 3.80’s pas couple of days but was in the 3.90’s on Friday but has not been $4+.

  11. Highlander

    Just figured out your problem Matt, their is one gas station in Louisville in the highlands that is selling gas for $4.09 and that is a small independent gas station. All the other major chain stations in the highlands are $3.80 or $3.70 range. So because some small independent gas station is selling theirs for $4+ does not mean gas all around Louisville is that price. You need better sources.

  12. Rick in TX

    Why all this chatter about gas prices? Did anyone notice the fans of the day? I am never going to make it to heaven, too many impure thoughts. I only wish they were impure deeds. Not illegal, just impure.

  13. EdW

    Really, the sexual innuendos about Pitino are starting to get old. At some point the continuation of this type of gutter journalism tells us more about you than about Pitino. And FWIW, I’ve been a Cat fan since 1971, so I’m not a Cardinal troll. Start showing some class. We’re a legacy program, so act like it.