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Update: UK fan follows through with tattoo promise to Willie

In case you missed it: When WCS was making his decision a fan tweeted him and said if you come back I will get your face tattooed on my body. I am not saying this is the reason he came back, but we all know how much Willie loves a well colored picture…even if it is on someones body.

The fan kept his promise and Willie Cauley-Stein has officially joined the Mt. Rushmore of Michael Gray’s body.  He joins the ranks of some of the greatest people in history including Abraham Lincoln and two of the characters from Lost.



Here is the final product. You saw it here first folks.

Willie Tat

I am kinda upset there isn’t a coloring book in the tattoo….but it’s still pretty cool nonetheless. Michael (@Therealmjeezy on twitter)  got his work done by Nate Corder at Quality Custom Tattoos in Somerset, Ky. and I hear he is open to do it again anyone wants to send the twins promises to do the same.

Awesome or Weird?


Article written by Courtney Hessler

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76 responses to “Update: UK fan follows through with tattoo promise to Willie”

  1. George

    Beyond Weird.

    1. Luther

      Definitely weird…

    2. Saint Cal

      Why does Willie have two horns?

  2. Fastball Off Of The Face

    Look At His Face Now

    Delino DeShields Jr. Takes A 90 mph Fastball Off Of His Face: OUCH!!!


    Weird, like total groupie status. Same kinda people who go to the airport to greet the team after an elite 8 loss or something.

  4. I'm A WCS MAN

    I predict that, if the TWINS return and UK wins #9 next year, WCS will go down as one of the most beloved wildcats of all time. (Heck, he already is probably in the top 5 most beloved over the past 20 years already.) This deflate the weirdness factor and make it simply cool.

    1. crazycatfan

      Not being a fan of tatoos, I can see how it comes across as weird … BUT … since Willie is, and will always be, one of our most beloved Cats, I’m being swayed to the other side. It’s pretty cool!

  5. wes wheatley

    Complete idiot!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Rixter

    That looks more like Sherman from the Mr. Peabody commercials. Dude, never skimp on a tattoo.

  7. Rixter

    Mr. Peabody cartoons. Dude, don’t make a snide remark, and lose your train of thought right in the middle of it..

  8. alltatsshouldincludeananchor

    Before I read the article, I thought this guy had lost a bet and was getting Peyton Siva tattooed on his leg, and the”artist” hadn’t yet finished the line beard.

  9. michael

    Which LOST characters? It better be Sawyer and Desmond…

    1. Michael

      Daniel and richard

    2. VinnyCent

      Charlie and Hugo!

  10. Ron Holder

    Wierdly Awesome!

  11. BigBlue92

    I’ve known Michael for several years and he’s a great guy. I guarantee you all that he doesn’t care what you think. He made a bet and he’s following through with it, which makes him more of a man than most of you message board pu**ies.

    1. theSkinny81


    2. schwing

      making good decisions in life is also a manly quality.

    3. Taco

      However the commenters on this site make fun of everything….
      I mean everything

    4. Michael is a moron

      You know what would have made more of a man? Not making the bet in the first place. Think about the risk/reward options. You can definitely tell about a person’s character by the decisions they make in life. This was a horrible one.

    5. Haha

      It was not a BET!!! How on earth do you call that a bet? He made a promise/bribe. There was never a wager, no one lost anything.

    6. Do whut?

      BigBlue92 if he doesn’t care what anyone here thinks why do you seem to? And since you’re posting on a message board what does that make you? See how that works?

  12. Messenger

    If he hadn’t told anyone: weird; the fact we have all been allowed into his hilarious insanity: pure awesome.

    1. rahrah


  13. SocialMedia_is_Evil

    It’s neither weird nor awesome. Just a guy doing what he said he would do. It’s what he wants, no need for the rest of the world to jump in on it.

    1. schwing

      he said he would do something stupid. therefore it is stupid. and since he publicly announced he would do something so stupid, he can face the criticism of the public.

    2. Do whut?

      SocialMedia is Evil is an ironic name. If his decision wasn’t the public’s concern perhaps he shouldn’t have informed the public and subsequently allowed pictures to be taken and dispersed via social media. He invited the public into his world and thus has no complaint the public is now involved.

  14. BigBlue37

    So it is only trashy if a UofL fan gets a tattoo, or are they trashy because their tattoos are as well??



    2. There's a Difference

      UK fans get tattoos. UL fans get basement scratched or prison art.

  15. Nom mom beef

    Excuse me sir….but you have about $300 of regret on your right shin. This is hilarious, but my kudos to this guy for keeping his word.

  16. arlo

    i think i would have waited until after the 26th, just in case. no what i mean?

  17. arlo


  18. johnnycat

    Terrible Work…if you are going to do such a large tat with a guy know one will remember in 30 years..go ahead…we all know you are a dumbazz. But such amateur work surely means you will be regretting this move in barely another year or two.

  19. dwildslex

    I’m totally shocked at the responses! Surely these are creepers from the city of the Little Brother. If one is inclined to get ink they certainly should get WTF they want. If it’s Willie, then GBB!!

  20. wabaco

    It’s more weird that he played KEYTAR in several bands throughout the 2000’s. And I’d bet you guys commenting on the tattoo work have zero tattoos. It looks good considering the outline isn’t even finished.

    1. schwing

      you don’t have to be an actor to know what a $h1tty movie is.

  21. Class

    Well, I think it’s awesome! Willie has a bunch of… questionable… tattoos. I’m sure he’s digging this! So, I say not weird at all!

  22. Clay Travis

    This is GOLD! That settles it…UK Basketball Fans have locked up the #1 Dumbest Fan base in all of sports. They make Bama and Ohio State Football fans look sane. Column will be coming out soon.

    1. L1C6

      A Bama fan shot and killed another Bama fan bc she didn’t think the victim was upset enough about the loss to Auburn. No tattoo will ever top that. Suck it!

  23. arlo

    18.johnnycat: *no one

  24. OleMan

    I just love all of these trashy ace tattoos. Now he needs some earrings, black framed glasses, and a gold tooth to fit in with all of the rest of you federal-aid qualifying degenerates.

    Your generation is worthless!

  25. DesignatedDrinker

    Don’t make dumb bets! Weird, but he gets points for following through. Would’ve made it smaller and maybe his silhouette dunking not his actual face.

  26. NKy_UK_fan

    Why hasn’t Randle declared yet?

  27. Bird

    Everyone can say what they want, He is a man if his word!
    Good deal man!

  28. ROY G BIV

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    Too many lonely souls have drifted out to sea,
    You lay your bets and then you pay the price
    The things we do for love, the things we do for love

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    The weather’s turned and all the lines are down
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    Like walking in the rain and the snow
    When there’s nowhere to go
    And you’re feelin’ like a part of you is dying (your fro)
    And you’re looking for the answer in tattoos
    You think you’re gonna break up
    Then he says she wants to make up

    Ooh, you made me love you
    Ooh, you’ve got a way
    Ooh, you had me crawling up like John Wall

    Like walking in the rain and the snow
    When there’s nowhere to go
    And you’re feelin’ like a part of you is dying (your fro)
    And you’re looking for the answer in tattoos
    You think you’re gonna break up
    Then he says she wants to make up

    Ooh, you made me love you
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    A compromise would surely help the situation
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  29. Genoscats

    Help solve a bet, does anyone know what hotel the Cats stayed at in Indy during the Sweet 16 this year? Tks

  30. BAdams

    Willie should autograph it and then have it tattooed

    1. rahrah

      Now THAT would be awesome for sure.

  31. Definitely a white trash move.

    Next on the list — torching a few more couches to celebrate/mourn. The UK fanbase is an embarrassment to Lexington and the state of Kentucky.

    1. Whatevs

      Hahaha, your COACH got the Olde English “L” tatted on his Charles Montgomery Burns-like frail body.

      Nice try, [email protected]

  32. BNClay

    How many blocks for Willie to break the all time UK record?

    1. BNClay

      It’s 103. He had 106 this year. So it could happen.

    2. Math Teacher

      Huh? 103 but has 106?

    3. English Teacher

      Needs 103 to break the all time record.

    4. English Teacher

      Needs 103 *more. See, your idiocy started to rub off on me.

  33. Ares

    Awesome but I wouldn’t do it. Still awesome.

  34. Kev

    I give the dude props. I’d never bet the fella.

  35. me

    I’m all for keeping a promise but at least use a good artist – that’s generic black dude in glasses

    1. rightbro

      Thats awesome idea but yea if your going to get a portrait go to a real professional tattoo artist …. I save all year for one tat and pay 250 an hour… and drive a couple states to a real pro..but hey its on me forever so I go all out. If UK wins a 9th ill get Calipari portrait by a pro

  36. Kevin C.

    If the twins return, I’ll get “Aaron” tattooed on my left testicle, and “Andrew” on the right one.

    1. HA!

      With “Willie” in the middle!

    2. Kevin C.

      That’s “Big Willie”, TYVM. 😮

  37. Bill

    What a loser

  38. gooch

    Dumbest fanbase on the planet

    1. gooch

      Dumbest = Awesomest

  39. me

    Looks like Urkel.

  40. Cousins Fake Tooth

    Does not even look like him. Turrible job.

  41. TheRealHambone

    What a flaming idiot this guy must be…..

  42. catfanmike

    Yeaaaaah, that might be one of those bets where I say kiss my @ss,.. I’m not doing it…He is a man alright and wearing that tatt around makes you a dumb man…doesn’t even look like him…good grief!!!

  43. Shooter

    U KNOW That Don’t Look Like WCS

  44. Shooter

    Whoever says that looks like Willie,is RACIST. U know better

  45. D-League Tat

    If you are going to get a tat from the knee to the ankle why cut off “K” in UK? It’s not a good tat but would be a bit better if it was just his head and UK.

  46. Bobby Knight's shrink

    I hate tatoos, but that is freakin’ awesome !!!!

  47. Kentucky Boy

    WEIRD!!!! Doesn’t look like WCS!!! looks more like Malcom X! haha

  48. ===== OL' PIX2CLICK ====

    ==== All I can say is ……….. “WHAT AN IDIOT !”

    Willyee Callhim Frank-n-Stank-n-Stein ?

    Gosh I wished he had turned pro !

    Another year of agony for OL’ PIX !