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UK bests UofL in Saturday TV ratings

Cue the sad Louisville fans.

On Saturday afternoon, both the UK and UofL basketball teams hit the court. Both games were on the road – No. 12 Kentucky at No. 14 Auburn; Louisville at Georgia Tech. The Cats’ game was shown on ESPN; the Cards were on WHAS, an ABC-affiliated station in Louisville. Here are the results in Louisville:

For all of you non-TV people out there, here’s what that means:

For the Kentucky game, 12 percent of the people in the market who own TVs were watching the game (that’s a 12 rating); 21 percent of the people watching TV at that time in that market were watching that particular game (a 21 share).

For the Louisville game, nine percent of the people in the market who own TVs were watching the game (a 9 rating); 16 percent of the people watching TV at that time in that market were watching that particular game (for a 16 share).

In other words… Cats by 90.

Article written by Maggie Davis

17 responses to “UK bests UofL in Saturday TV ratings”

  1. bigblue98

    Easy explanation – Louisville doesn’t exist.

  2. dano

    I wonder why KSR quietly decided to take down the BS post (with comments locked) they ran with regarding the kids from Covington Catholic. Especially after it was shown to be a BIG ASS LIE. What happened? Not enough courage to admit it was wrong? Offer a correction?

    1. jaws2

      Because it doesn’t fit their narrative. Easy answer.

    2. bigbluebanana

      Have you watched the entire video Dano? Before I write anything else, please don’t take this as me coming at you, or anyone. I think it’s fair to say that both the CC maga kid and the Native American are both victims of media spinning. The msnbc’s or the world make the kid look bad (admittedly, he MAY be guilty of some teenage stupidity, but nothing overtly bad). And the fox news folks are trying to make the native look bad. Both are wrong, imo. The real pot stirrers in this entire ordeal is a group called the “black Israelites”. I had never heard of them before this, but they very clearly started this with racist comments about both the natives and the maga kids, and when people lose interest in them, it seems they construe a scene turning this into what it is now. Yet, they’re receiving no pushback from either side! Just the kid and the native. It’s sad because it’s a perfect analogy for our country right now, the left and right have been pitted against each other and made to fight, while the true aggressors, the real a-holes are getting away with doing what they want as long as we are all fighting.

    3. dano

      Yes I did. He approached them while they were waiting for their bus. Just after the other group spent time harassing them and insulting them. No matter what happened, it is irresponsible to post it, then not clarify what actually happened. Maybe KSR can check the archives and see if they posted their usual narrative when this happened.

    4. bigbluebanana

      I think, to be fair, when KSR posted this yesterday, the full video had not been released. Plus, Matt dies a decent job explaining the article in a post he made this afternoon.

    5. catsarerunnin

      Yes Matt explains everything. As he sees it.

    6. BigolBlue

      Banana is another matt alias on here

    7. bigbluebanana

      Bigolblue, any objective, half way smart person who read my comment would in no way misconstrue my comments as liberal, nor did I take up for Matt, or KSR. I just simply stated to the person asking that Matt did offer insight, and Matt does step back from the original

    8. UKfanman01

      Because KSR is full of liberal biased morons. They should stick to UK information and stay off politics. There’s a reason that Matt hasn’t won an election

  3. J. Did

    uavel was on TV?


    This site is NOT secure.

    Matt – Drew…..fix it!!!!!

  4. ibescootch

    Wow. Can’t wait to really rub it in to all of my UL friends how we beat them in TV ratings!?

    Slow news day?

  5. 4everUKblue

    Explanation. Luether is mad!

  6. zoupman

    Why is this news. UK always gets better rating than uL?

  7. CharlesNKY

    So what were the other 67% watching; LPGA, NBA, St Johns v Butler?

  8. IndianaSucks

    Georgia tech is terrible. I’m not sure why this is a big deal. The casual basketball fan would obviously choose two ranked teams over two non ranked teams. Post this when the games are comparable and we win the ratings.

  9. RickH

    Who cares?