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UK basketball photos hit the internet today

Clay Jackson /

Photos from Kentucky basketball’s Photo Day hit the internet Monday morning and there are several great shots from the various publications in attendance.

Clay Jackson of has the best gallery, as he always does, with photos like the one of Dakari Johnson you see above and then the freshman class below:

You can check out Clay’s entire gallery here.

Other galleries include:


Check out the Herald-Leader’s photo gallery here.

Cats Illustrated

Cats Illustrated

Check out Cats Illustrated’s photo gallery here.

Cats Pause

Check out the Cats Pause’s photo gallery here.

Plus a video from KSTV…

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21 responses to “UK basketball photos hit the internet today”

  1. hersheyisabear

    Hurry up October.

  2. Ridge Runner

    Hopefully, the twins and Young get officially cleared soon.

  3. James

    Poythress and Randle are absolutely ripped. Johnson is much bigger than I expected.

    These guys look like they genuinely like each other and are happy to be at UK. Such a difference from last season. Confident, but not cocky.

    Man, this season is going to be fun.

    And I think you are being sarcastic, RIdge Runner. At least I hope you are.

  4. UKBlue

    They should have done some of those Kenny Walker Glamour Shot poses.

  5. Linda Taylor

    Marcus Lee is going to be a fan favorite. He is such a fun-loving kid. The video bomb he and Floreal did of Matt’s KSR Minute was great.

  6. Ryan

    Can someone please give Brian Long a haircut so that he doesn’t look like a huge douche. This isn’t the Jersey Shore photo shoot. And while you are at it give his walk-on spot to a Kentucky kid that deserves it.

  7. stillHere

    Did he say “Looks like the BackStreet Boys over there” in that video? Hilarious

  8. bb

    Is Willis redshirting? Why wasn’t he in the freshmen pic? He was a scholly player right?

  9. KevinM

    Is it possible we can now tell the twins apart?

  10. Jeff

    Yes KevinM; they were different uniform numbers. In addition, Andrew has different hair, facial hair, and doesn’t have as much foreskin on his penis as Aaron…

  11. Jeff

    Yes KevinM; they wear different uniform numbers. In addition, Andrew has different hair, facial hair, and doesn’t have as much foreskin on his penis as Aaron…

  12. RealCatsFan

    Picture #1 is going to be a view that a lot of opponents will be seeing this year.

  13. RahRah

    Hawkins is living the dream. Kid looks like he’s having a ball.
    The whole team seems to be having fun and enjoying each other. I like what I’m seeing!
    Cats 2014!

  14. JT

    What have I missed on Jon Hood?

  15. jeff

    Who cares about John Hood?

  16. JimTown Catfan

    I really like when fake Barney does those parody songs. I have a suggestion, its a parody of ” Shes got Betty Davis eyes”. Its about Dakari Johnson and the song would be called, “He’s got Melvin Turpin Eyes”. Does anyone agree or is that just me?
    Go Big Blue!!!

  17. Rick

    haha; he said foreskin

  18. goose

    i see swagger. if thats what you call it. Its wild to see how big this team is across all postions.. swagger two deep… Im definitely catching every game I can…Maybe Matt will let me drive the RV..THIS CIRCUS is gonna be wild this year.. Last time that much talent was on one team… ’96

  19. Jon Hood

    Who cares about jeff?

  20. Howard f True

    lets try n get them 2 stay 4 4yrs n we pay them, can u see them in thier 4th yr. WOW

  21. UKkathy

    I am so excited for the season to start, I’m out of my mind. I live down here in Louseyville and it’s been pretty tough this past year; but that was then and now is what counts. I do, however, hold my own with these nitwits who will never be anything other than “little brother”. So, good luck, bring home #9 and GO CATS!