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Uh oh: Teddy Valentine calling tonight’s game

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Well, I wish I had some good news to share, but unfortunately, the hits keep coming. According to ye olde Matt Jones, Teddy Valentine is working tonight’s game. We are not ones to comment on officiating here at KSR, but…groan.

Kentucky is 16-5 in games called by TV Teddy in the John Calipari era. Valentine most recently drew the ire of the Big Blue Nation during last year’s game at Missouri when he called a technical on Cal for arguing after a bad call on Wenyen Gabriel. A month before that, Valentine was partly responsible for a 52-foul slugfest at Mississippi State. You name it, Valentine’s probably called a foul on it.

With Sacha Killeya-Jones out, Kentucky needs to avoid foul trouble more than ever. Unfortunately, TV Teddy’s not going to help them out with that.

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18 responses to “Uh oh: Teddy Valentine calling tonight’s game”

  1. CombatMedic_98

    Well I foresee a loss for the big blue if we don’t beat them by 12-14 points…hard to beat 6 players on the court!!!!

  2. 4everUKblue

    Just watched MSU vs Purdue and there were only 26 fouls called. Would be nice to be in a game where they let the teams play.

    1. sprtphan

      Big 10 usually let’s them play. Not so in this league. Especially the last 5 minutes.

  3. binarysolo

    Hurry up and retire, TV Teddy.

  4. ScoggDog

    They’re 5.5 dogs … they’ll lose by more than that tonite.

    And it won’t be Valentine’s fault.

    1. 4everUKblue

      Thanks for your optimism….big help.

    2. ScoggDog

      Nothing to do with help … your agenda of “Stomp the Nay-Sayers” doesn’t help either.

      Do you understand that ? That your effort to squelch posts here doesn’t help ? Nah … I doubt you do.

      Regardless … Kentucky has more talent, but younger, and not interested … so they’ll lose. By more than 5.5.

    3. BBNDan7

      Damn. I thought we’d lose by exactly 5.5 tonight. What a shame

    4. ScoggDog

      Dan … if you can figure out which side of that 5.5 … it’s a Money Making Opportunity.

      I’ve got A&M laying the points. Strictly for Entertainment Purposes, of course.

    5. BBNDan7

      I don’t think you understood the joke…

    6. 4everUKblue

      Not stomping the nay sayers, I have always felt negativism serves no purpose.

    7. 4everUKblue

      I doubt you understand that you negative [email protected] know it all attitude helps nothing but your ego.

    8. henderblue

      He’s no fan 4everUKblue

    9. ScoggDog

      Pretty sure my negativism is going to help my wallet this evening.

      I gotta’ be honest. I haven’t watched a complete UK Basketball game for a few years now. I just come here, get the scores, and lay my bets now and then. I do watch all the football games.

      Only reason I even post is to give people like you … the “Love It Or Leave It Crowd” … a little bit of push-back. I hate Hypocrisy. Can’t stand it.

      Does that make me a Troll ? A Card Lover ? Doesn’t matter.

      Everything here … from people like you, to the Board desperately trying to keep the fanbase together … reminds me so much of the last few Tubby Smith years.

      Later. Keep ’em all In Line, Blue.

  5. henderblue

    Go Cats. I feel a 2 game losing season coming on for A&M. Gonna slow down their momentum a little tonight. Take those points BBNDan. For entertainment purposes only…

    1. henderblue

      To the Cats

  6. Bill Selfs Hair Piece

    Is 16-5 a bad record?

  7. Chacosrule

    16-5 isn’t bad. It could be Higgins. I think we are 0-12 with him.