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9 responses to “Tyrese Maxey thinks Kentucky can dominate on defense”

  1. UKsuperdave

    Nothing against Maxey but maybe he’s just impressed experiencing college ball for the first time. I don’t think high school defenses compare to what he is seeing.

    I wish for once we didn’t have to rely on our D so much and we could put up more points. Maybe even hit a few 3 pointers here and there. Or at least attempt some more than we have. You don’t have to be 7ft and 260 to hit a three. It’s kinda funny we have so much trouble with it. But we don’t have any plays to get people open from 3 either. Hell guys in a church league can hit 3s if they are open.

    You know in the NBA they tend to shoot a lot of those. We are supposed to be “producing” these types since we are an NBA farm team now right?

    Calipari is all about getting to line by driving. Good idea, kinda like playing 21. Just get free points at the line (if we can hit them) and get the other team in foul trouble. This is good until we go on the road and refs only blow the whistle on one side of the court for the first half. This turns a would be blow-out into a road upset. On the road or when fouls are one sided, shoot threes. But I guess then they would just call them 2’s. Last year they went to the monitor to look at a clear 3 and gave us 2. LOL that might have happened more than once.

    Sorry for the rant. Cal does a good job 🙂

    1. Tom Bombadil

      Ob ok superdave the louisville fan. Wow thats alot of bs there to be a real fan. Dang Dave! Regardless.. Iam super impressed Maxey wants to dig down and play D at this stage. I agree.. This team will be amazing defensively. Nick & EJ just got alot more playing time! All the big guys did.. Keion too when needed at the 4. This team will gell! Oh hell! Look out! GO CATS! Bring#9!

    2. michaelb

      It’s not in hardly any freshmen’s desire to work with out the ball . Some take to it and some don’t . It’s easy to see when that happens . They really should be shown marshal Henderson tapes for a clinic on that aspect of offense

    3. dave1964

      Richards is horrible at basketball

  2. 4everUKblue

    That’s weird, there was just an article on Julius Randle and the Nicks having mutual interest, kinda like Keldon going to the Cavs. And now it’s gone.

  3. Youngcat25

    Offense wins games and defense wins championships. Ex: Virginia


      Maybe….but the VA team that finally won a NC, had a LOT better offense all season, than any other team TonyB ever had before.

    2. UKinMKY

      You’ve gotta be elite in one of the two categories and pretty good in the other to have a hope at a chip. Villanova was a good example of the other way around if memory serves (elite O, good D).

  4. michaelb

    This guy is a good defender and is confident of it too.