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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

17 responses to “Tyrese Maxey says UK’s Defense will Surprise People”

  1. TOMCATS1990

    Hopefully we can play suffocating D and get out and score easy buckets on O. Would love to play small ball full court pressure

  2. terwilliger

    Talk is cheap. We hear things every year from freshmen who have never played a minute of high D-1 ball. I love the positivity, but let your game do the talking and lead us back to the promised land!

    1. ClutchCargo

      There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself out there as a way of making yourself accountable for backing it up. Everyone is motivated in different ways, maybe this is his.

  3. terwilliger

    And I’ll add that we have switched on every ball screen since Cal has been here, and it’s gotten us a million draft picks and 1 title. That strategy tends to get burned by hot shooters late in the tournament.

    1. John Capilari

      Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed with their panties in a wad.

    2. catsarerunnin

      Only one title. You want some whine with your cheese wiz?

  4. Underdog

    I honestly cannot comprehend how this past year we could not defend (Nov&Dec) against straight line drives to the basket even against teams like Transylvania.

    The first rule in defense is to stay in front of your man, and we couldn’t do that even if the player was the quickest person on our team. It was like we were inviting them to drive to the basket to shoot a layup.

    I didn’t have patience then and I will never have patience for lazy defense. Surely they can run some drills in practice so it’s ingrained and they will have dreams about it.

    The best thing about playing great defense is it is fun shut down your opponent. It is fun to demoralize your opponent when he realizes he cannot get to the spot he wants to go to.

    If coach Cal wants to hire me to teach this principle of defense I’ll be happy to come in and do it FOR FREE. Simply because I hate watching bad defense. Especially by elite athletes who have zero excuse.

    1. ibescootch

      Does anyone here have a direct line to Cal, so we can get this dude in there to give free lessons on defensive strategy to our HOF coach? I think it’ll really be eye-opening to Cal and the other coaches. It is free, so I’m not sure how they could turn that down!

    2. nocode96

      I’d pay money to watch this keyboard warrior actually have to go and teach some of the best athletes in the world defense while John Effing Calipari just watches from afar. This underdog fella would be pissing his pants. Underdog, do you honestly believe you could teach anything basketball related to the team that a legit, championship winning game, HOF coach hasn’t already? If so, you’re getting the crown of biggest dum-dum in the comments today since vag cat and smashbumfan aren’t around.

  5. nocode96

    All they gotta do is keep the opponent from scoring more points than they do. It’s almost TOO simple.

  6. nocode96

    The guy in the background of this pic that’s blurred looks like KAT and one of the Harrison twins had a child.

  7. suppie

    tyrese maxey doesn’t believe in shirts.

  8. IrishCat

    I’m expecting a a great defensive team too, especially w/ Ashton ready to set the tone early. At least one of Nick and EJ will be in the floor at all times protecting the rim. If Kahlil, Keion, and Sestina can hold their own 1 on 1 and on ball screens, we should really be able to lock some people down.

  9. timtim1960

    Cal surely can’t teach defense since he been at ky. It’s evident every getting to the rim after a switch with a big man chasing him from behind . Only year he had some success was he had A.D. in the middle . Willed couldn’t , KAT couldn’t . The twins couldn’t keep anyone in front of them . Match up zone would hide a lot of mistakes. But cal is stubborn in man to man and switching on screens. It takes a veteran team to learn to play D like cal is asking them to play . You have to mold your team into the team you have got instead of making them do something they are not capable of . Also I have never basketball players not being able to shot at least 70 % at the line after playing since grade school until college. It always comes down to a ncaa tourney game to lose a close one at the line.

    1. IrishCat

      That’s a funny take. Why don’t you take a look at the defensive efficiency stats of Cal’s teams at UK and get back to us…

  10. timtim1960

    I know what I see , don’t have look at stats . Defense wins championships. When can’t score on the offense end and can’t shoot free throws at a low rate of 73% or better you lose in the tournament period.

    1. IrishCat

      You can’t play in the NBA if you can’t defend. Period. You can’t be in the game. Cal teaches real defense instead of playing gimmick defenses, because he’s a teacher of the game. Could he win some early regular season games w/ a zone or a matchup, yes, probably. Would he have better teams in the long run or teach the game as well if he did so? Absolutely not.