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Tyler Herro Kind Of Has A Point, Guys

Last week’s sudden influx of talent into UK’s 2018 recruiting class renewed the BBN’s optimism for next season in the wake of Kevin Knox’s and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s departures to the NBA.

The new kids on the block: 5-star power forward E.J. Montgomery and likely-to-reclassify number 1 2019 point guard Ashton Hagans. Montgomery will transition nicely into the slot left behind by the transferring Sacha Killeya-Jones. But Hagans’ commitment, should he decide to reclassify, gives the Cats an embarrassment of riches at the PG position for next year.

But now, the hot word on the street has Tyrese Maxey, the 2nd overall 2019 PG, leaning towards a UK commitment as well, especially now that Maxey’s father Tyrone is no longer with SMU, a program that the younger Maxey is considering. And again, he is a candidate for reclassification.

Coach Cal has prided himself on conducting practices that are effective training for the professional ranks. Certainly, having 4 former 5-star point guards on the roster, not to mention the underrated SG Tyler Herro, lends well to competitive practices. But for the sake of game minutes, that’s quite a log jam. This thought has clearly entered Herro’s head.

He’s not wrong.

A Maxey reclassification would, unfortunately, likely lead to Quade Green’s exit. And as has been evidenced by Cal’s most successful UK squads, maintaining some veteran leadership is key to a deep March run.

Sure, Shai took the reigns this season, but that doesn’t take away from Quade’s legitimate chops, and I for one want him to stay in Lexington.

For the program’s sake, Maxey should remain in the 2019 class. There are more than enough guards for next season. And for Tyrese’s future draft prospects, he might want to stand out more than he would alongside 4 other top tier Wildcat guards.


Article written by Jay Winkler

Avid fan of UK Athletics, WWE, and chicken wings. Preferably at the same time.

39 responses to “Tyler Herro Kind Of Has A Point, Guys”

  1. RLK

    I too would like to see Quade return next season.

  2. Dowser

    Am I the only one who sees Quade and Emanuel as basically the same player, except for 4 or 5 inches. This saying, more height and length would definitely be advantageous….?

  3. terwilliger

    I really, really, REALLY want Quade to stay. Quade is a leader. He reminds me of Quinn Cook from dook a few years back. Not going to wow you with athleticism, but has a competitive spirit, talks a lot on the court, keeps his teammates focused and calm, and hits big shots when needed. That’s the kind of guy that makes winning a national title a LOT easier. If Quade were to transfer and end up at a program like Villanova I would be PISSED. I love Cal and I appreciate the adjustments he seems to be making on the recruiting trail, but recruiting is only a third of it. Keeping the valuable assets you already have on the team is another third, and the last third is coaching them.

  4. wildcat2012

    It’s funny how how this Jay dude thinks he knows more then Cal does. Love Herro, but he may not be good enough to play Big minutes next year. I love Quade, but we don’t know if he can be at least a 15 point and 6 assist leader next year either. In Cal we trust. I don’t think Maxey will reclassify but if Cal thinks it’s best for the team then I trust him. Not this Jay guy who doesn’t know anything and is just reaching.

    1. Alex90

      15 and 6? With 3 PG’s he ain’t getting that no matter what.

    2. wildcat2012

      You’re dumb.

    3. TBW3011

      To be fair, “this Jay guy” also doesn’t get bounced from the NCAA tourney every year by a team 1/2 as talented.

  5. Smyrna_Cat

    “For the program’s sake, Maxey should remain in the 2019 class.” Not sure I agree with that. Maxey should do what he things is best for Maxey. And Cal should do what he thinks is best for the program.

    We have a lot of guards … last year we didn’t have near enough. I trust Cal to figure it out.

    1. Kernel Sanders

      Agree with this. Happy to see James Wiseman’s mother say she wants her kid at home through his Senior year in high school. These “elite” recruits that have made up their mind to spend only 1 year in college are bad enough (talking about marginal players that have no business being one and done), now we have kids skipping a Senior year in high school. Stay home, enjoy your prom, enjoy mom’s home cooking, don’t grow up too fast. Geez, is it really that much more important to make your first million $$ at 19 years old than 20??? I’ll get blasted for this I’m sure, but I do not like seeing Cal trying to talk kids into coming in a year early…bad memories of Gillispie offering 8th graders.

    2. SuperTroy18

      Some kids are held back a year so they can develop at a higher rate than their competition, or so they can start playing high school ball when they aren’t even in high school yet. Like Hagans being older than Knox. Hagans is a ‘19(!) recruit, TWO seasons after Knox. His reclassifying is actually putting him back at the year he should have joined a collegiate team in the first place. Reclassifying is usually for kids that were held back a season, then developed quicker than usual, and are just joining the year they originally should have.

      Not trying to argue or anything. I think kids should enjoy being kids too. These guys are basically men by now though. And I bet it’s exciting for them to take a step up in competition.

    3. Kernel Sanders

      Okay, then getting held back a year for athletic purposes is stupid too! Lol

    4. SuperTroy18

      Ha. I agree. Apparently, some parents believe it gives their kids an edge. I think it’s kinda borderline cheating.

  6. Kat4Life

    Quade has to feel some degree of disrespect…..Cal is recruiting over him in waves.

    1. Han

      You don’t respect yourself if you think a new frosh is overrecruiting you. Gamers expect and fight to keep their minutes. If someone better comes in, you get better. Anyone who hopes to play pro has to have that mentality.

    2. Cokely53

      So Cal should recruit guys that aren’t as good as Quade to make sure he gets minutes? Then recruit a guy worse than that the next year to keep that one happy? Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Part of Cals pitch is he only recruits the best of the best and you are never guaranteed a starting spot. These kids knew exactly what they were getting into when they signed up. Get the best players and make the best team. If Quade wants to play then it’s on him to out work the other guys. If he wants to win then he should be excited Cal is bringing in talented guys to help make him better.

  7. Kat4Life

    He absolutely has a point. Cal is sending some pretty mixed messages to his backcourt.

  8. jahanc2uky

    I really, really, REALLY do not care if Quade leaves. He is and will always be a liability on defense.

  9. Han

    What happens happens but I think most of us still expect Diallo to go and at least 1 of PJ, Vando and Gabriel. If they all come back, fantastic. If we lose 1 or 2 of the forwards, we need a grad transfer or Carey. Risk of frosh struggles, injury and foul trouble means we need bare minimum 2 more forwards to go with Richards and EJ. Grad transfer is ideal unless you get a Carey or Wiseman as a 17 year old so the schollie is there in 19.

    But assuming evetyone else stays, and Diallo doesn’t, I’d like to see Cal keep 1 schollie open. (Sorry Brad.) Let all the other 19s stay in 19 for a mega class and the one schollie stays open in case any reclassify midseason like Wynyard, Diallo or a Jarnell Stokes.

  10. KYJelly

    Was there a quote from Herro left out of the article. The topic reads that he “has a point” and then it talks about the thought crossing his mind and “he’s not wrong”. Did he say something or are we just assuming he’s concerned?

    1. Luether

      My sources say he SHOULD be concerned – concerned that Cal will Jon Hood him…

  11. bluecrowe

    I am sure Cal is bringing in all these guards for a reason, I just do not know what it is right now.

    1. Smyrna_Cat

      Agree with this. And competition is part of the process when you play high-level sports. I think Cal knows what he is doing.

  12. BBNDan7

    If Hagans/Maxey reclassify it wouldn’t happen until right before school started. So i don’t see how Quade could transfer that quickly. If he does transfer you’d have to think it would be in the near future

    1. Smyrna_Cat

      Duke could make it happen. They only need about 10 minutes to approve a transfer, get you signed up for classes, and even skip or year or two of high school if need be.

  13. krautdog

    In Cal we trust!!!

  14. Rick_S

    We need 2 more guards..Hami is gone

  15. Kizzy

    You’re acting like its the kids fault if he reclassified. Cal is doing the recruiting and telling them to come. You blaming wrong person.

  16. UKLugo

    You recruit the best players you can.Period. Do you tell Hagans or Maxey “no” if they want to come to UK in ’18 and we have open scholarships? Short answer: No.

  17. flappy

    Reins, not reigns

  18. wyatts1

    6’9 Knox gone,forward
    6’4 Shai gone,point
    6’10 tai wanyard is gone forward/center
    6′ Hami is gone, shooting guard
    6’10 Gabriel gone, (hasn’t declared but will for family. Forward.
    Now with that said green will be back cause he’s a tough nosed guard that has a year of experience that these incoming freshman don’t have, and that my friends are priceless!! With that said we have;
    6’3 Quickly point coming in,
    Keldon Johnson 6’7 small forward coming in
    6’11 EJ Montgomery forward/center
    6’4*?* Herro Shooting guard.
    Hagan’s looks like he may reclassify but he’s the only one that I look to do so dispite all the hype saying otherwise. Next year’s team is gonna be a strong team with our returning players to help this recruiting class (that last year didn’t have). We could use some size but if we don’t get it then our addition of EJ combined with our returning big guy Richards we will be just fine next year. I’ll continue to worry about Richards but with our coaches working with him this year and this off season he’ll play much better. Honestly I look forward to next year’s team and it’s possibilities, and also look forward to the following class. Coach K has lit a fire under coach Cal’s ass and we will see the benefit of that fire for the next few seasons. Can’t wait to see our team hitting the court in November to stomp Duke and set the tone for the entire season ??

  19. trumpetguy

    We may very well see a small unit with 4 combo guards/SFs on the court together at times next year, depending on match-ups. A very quick team with improved shooting is the way the game is trending….can’t continue to get smoked from 3 point line. Give up size for quickness/passing/ball handling/shooting.

  20. kjd

    You have to remember we have SG Baker back from injury. Herro and Baker at SG.
    Green and Quickly at PG.
    Want I read in an article, Maxey 99% not reclassifying.
    Also, from what I’ve read, Hagans has a lot to work out (needs more classes completed) so very questionable on reclassifying.
    I personally think we’re good at guard for ’18.

  21. chris43

    I’d like for Quade to stay and Hagans play next year.

  22. tippytoe

    Said it as soon as he committed, Herro will never play at UK as long as Cal is there.

    1. Commissionersteele

      Too white?

    2. jagard3

      I think you’re underestimating Herro

  23. Kindergarten Cop

    So do you guys remember when I said Vanderbilt hurt his foot again?? And you gave me all kinds of shade when the report came out about his ankle? Well he just had surgery on his foot. I think I am owed an apology… lol

  24. TonyMontana

    A little crowded, but it doesnt matter. They’re gonna practice with each other and just get better and better. Could Quade be our Senior Point Guard one day?! After years playing with these guys, getting smarter, better, faster, stronger…. Yes! Competition only makes you better. I really hope he stays. We gotta have some veterans for the big dance. I dont care if we bring in the top 5 PG’s from the next 3 classes! I hope he stays and fights! But yea, it looks like Cal is ready to Platoon again or something. He’s going bonkers out on the recruiting and reclassifying circuit.* “Recruitifying” *

  25. TB112162

    Is it true that Jay Winkler will be inducted in to the hall fame as a coach