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Article written by Drew Franklin

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12 responses to “Tyler Herro impressed the Celtics in Tuesday workout”

  1. Smyrna_Cat

    Someone in the know? That seems very generic.

    I think Herro will be a good pro.

  2. sharpshooter81

    While hitting 80 out of a 100 shots is impressive in any venue,,I worry about his ability to hit shots being guarded by NBA athletes. Let’s face it, Herro at times struggled mightily last season getting his shot off against good athletes. So, to do it against the ones in the NBA will be a tall task. I sure hope he makes it in the NBA, but will not be completely shocked if he is in the G league or even completely out of the league in 5 years.

    1. dcforuk

      Perhaps. Perhaps not!

  3. UKinIN

    80 of 100 vs. 0 defense. Seems like every NBA player can hit shots unguarded. The 0 is the number to focus on.

    1. makeitstop

      U don’t watch much NBA ball apart from Sportcenter do u? On Sportcehter they all go in. In the game, if they hit close to 40% they win. The Bucks were barely breaking 30% in their losses and missed a lot of open shots. And they don’t shoot 3s guarded. They shoot 3’s open, that’s the point. It has probably occurred to NBA scouts, coaches and GMs to run drills that are predictive of success in game conditions. Because they are preparing to invest $25m in their first round picks (they hv 3.) Our fans can be the worst, but sharpshooter is new, given the context, prolly one of the classics w a new handle.

  4. njcat54

    How many other players his age can drain 80% of unguarded threes? And his athleticism and defense is good enough. Most NBA players take a few years to adjust to the point they are consistent shooters, and even they go through slumps. He could be another JJ Redick and play a long time, but could also end up an allstar like Clay Thompson. And he will be a quality teammate. The Celtics would be smart to take him at #14.

    1. njcat54

      ^are good enough

  5. Racerr11

    Hope he does well but he struggled most of the year shooting. Tyler only had a handful of games where he shot good.

  6. ColoradoCatFan88

    Go herro!

  7. Underdog

    What an incredible story. This white kid from a non basketball state comes to UK and goes pro after one year. More less unfathomable if you ask me.

    It’s a testament to the kid’s work ethic and dedication and to the UK coaching staff.

    True, he didn’t shoot well for most of the year, but now he has a limited time to practice his craft, and we know he’s athletic enough and plays decent defense unlike most white athletes who can’t guard very well.

    1. makeitstop

      Ur an idiot. Ur sharpshooter handle wasn’t enough, u got underdog too. Next time just sign it DB4Duke, we will know it’s u.

  8. CopenhagenCat

    Love for Celtics to draft him.