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Troran Brown thinks Julius Randle should be the No. 1 pick

Fresh off his 34 shot attempts in 38 minutes, Montevallo’s Troran Brown had great things to say about Julius Randle. The sophomore from Phoenix said he really likes Randle’s game, and if he held the top pick in next summer’s NBA draft, Randle would be his pick. “You can’t stop him,” he said.

When asked if he’ll one day tell his children about scoring 30 points on No. 1 Kentucky in Rupp Arena, Brown said, “If I have some.”

I like that guy.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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17 responses to “Troran Brown thinks Julius Randle should be the No. 1 pick”

  1. Derrick Dooley stole a flat screen tv from Wal Mart in clay county

    This kid showed up and really shined on the big stage of Rupp Arena and playing against the number 1 team in the country. Well done sir, have a great year

  2. PillowTalk

    WE SHOULD GET THIS GUY FOR 2014! (he would take less shots here ofcourse)

  3. bosshog

    Well, if we don’t play defense a whole lot better than tonight, I think MSU is going to beat our brains out next week. We may be a lot deeper, but this team has got a long way to go to approach the 2011-12 team on defense. A loss might be a good way to get their attention and build, just like the losses for the 12 title team. I certainly don’t want to lose, but our defense, blocking out and ball security at this point is pretty poor.

  4. Jatt Mones

    @ #1. Are you a snitch? So what if he did? Wal-Mart has been screwing small American businesses for years. Typical Eastern Kentucky redneck. Go sit through your Oxy-Contin on another board.

    Also, Troran Brown is not an NBA Scout. They say, the higher the tattoos are on your body, the dumber you are.

  5. whats wrong with you.

    Hey Jatt Mones whats up your butt. Take that cry baby bs somewhere else.

  6. Louisville Strange Brew

    Jatt Mones.,, at least the Eastern, KY redneck has a job.,. Westwend welfare collector.

  7. WildcatFaithful

    @2 Good idea, Brown could provide backcourt depth since we missed on JBJ. That’ll teach these Div II teams a lesson, if your star player comes into Rupp and lights us up for 30 pts, we’ll offer them a scholly! Haha

  8. mashburnfan1

    Here we go again, everyone sees 30 points and praises the guy. Dude took 41 total shots to get those points which is horrible. At minimum you should score the number of points for shots you take to have a good game. 12 of 34 from field is terrible. Most college players could, should, score 30 when taking 41 total shots against anyone. Rabdle had 21 points on just 15 total shots, very good.

  9. Facts are Facts
  10. Linda Taylor

    We hadn’t seen Jatt Mones in a long time. I hoped he was gone for good, but you know what they say, a bad penny always turns up. Such a clever name, I wonder how long it took for him to come up with it #sarcasm

  11. Child protection

    I would respond to Jatt Mones or whatever his name.. However his avatar seems to insist
    He is an 11 year old minority wearing a wife beater…..
    I’d say “Life” will provide way more cruelty to him (or her?) then I ever could with a simple response
    Stay Golden Ponyboy

  12. Jatt Mones

    9. Not a Loserville fan. Don’t get it twisted. I’m a die-hard UK fan. Just very opinionated.

    10. Thank you. And I only come here during a championship season 😉

  13. cumin cider

    All those neck tattoos and no baby mommas? I doubt it

  14. Rei

    I agree though, Wiggins is overrated.

  15. BeauKnows

    The guy made some nice shots but he SHOT THIRTY-FOUR TIMES!! I could score 30 shooting 34 times and I’m 50 years old!!

  16. ha

    15 ya if your out in your back yard. Try playing against these cats and do that tough guy.

  17. ashlei brown

    My brother did a great job…
    And don’t let the tattoos fool you…
    He is not all american for nothing… Love u bro
    He is doing what he loves…