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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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11 responses to “Today on KSR: Kentucky football camp season is here”

  1. loservilletard

    looks like a butterfly, stinks like a bee

    1. Ridge Runner

      Yeah, but it has the making of one of those images folks see in the clouds. I see one thing and someone else sees something different at first glance.

      Butterfly & Ali with arms raised obviously the intent. might take someone time to make it out. In this day and time, after 2sec of viewing… many will draw a conclusion and look down at their cell phone. Hope it’s the right conclusion and not, hey “2 question mark symbols “. Lol

    2. StillBP

      Ridge, st first quick glance it looks like he’s ripping a heart apart. Then I get sad looking at a broken heart lol. I knew it was a butterfly but still see a broken heart

    3. Ridge Runner

      I hear ya, yeah I see it now that ya mentioned it.

    4. StillBP


  2. JTHinton

    Listened to PMT on podcast yesterday, I thought it was sort of funny but I definitely see how that will hey old real fast.

  3. StillBP

    Agree w comment 1,the logo stinks

  4. Ridge Runner

    Maybe The Willis Family is expecting and need space for a baby shower. Kidding-kinda

  5. UKinIN

    The city is so insecure they couldn’t just call it “Muhammad Ali International Airport”. They had to stick Louisville at the front.

  6. somerset bill

    Michael Jordan International Airport
    Hank Aaron International Airport
    Walter Payton International Airport
    Jack Nicholas International Airport
    Steffi Graf International Airport

    Seems a little weird.

  7. Bill Selfs Hair Piece

    Is a coach allowed to give players gifts?