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“This isn’t for funsies here. You gotta bring it.”


John Calipari made a surprise appearance on Kentucky Sports Radio this morning to talk about his team and the record crowd at Big Blue Madness Campout. In true Cal form, he killed it. Here are some highlights:

On the message the crowd at campout delivers to his players: “This isn’t for funsies here. You gotta bring it. You’re not just doing this for your teammates, you’re doing it for the state.”

Who’s surprising him in practice?

Derek Willis has looked really good. He’s long-armed. …Like a Darius Miller, he’s gonna be a player here.”

“Dominique (Hawkins) is holding his own against two grown men. I’m telling you, he’s not backing down.”

“Marcus Lee…I never realized how good he is. He has an energy level that you have to put him in the game. ‘Just go kid, just go at it.’ He’s confident. …I’m surprised how good he really is.”

Cal said that the best thing that could have happened for Marcus Lee and Derek Willis is Willie Cauley-Stein and Alex Poythress’ injuries: “All of a sudden, those guys are out there and you say ‘whoa, they can play too.'”

photo 2

How about Julius Randle? Cal says he’s trying to teach Randle how to diversify his game to prepare him for the next level, and in that sense, compared him to Patrick Patterson. He’s also encouraging Randle not to worry about missed shots or mistake plays: “My best players, I give them all kinds of room. His energy, his MKG kind of drive, when you’re struggling to figure this out, it can’t effect that.” However, he said that Julius should be the best offensive rebounder in the country and a great post-up player.

He reiterated that Aaron Harrison is just as good as his brother and that he’s trying to get the two not to worry about missed layups or shots. Why? “They don’t understand when you miss a layup, it’s not a bad thing, we can tip dunk it.”

The most interesting tidbit Cal dropped was that right now, he thinks Marcus Lee is ahead of Dakari Johnson in practice. While Dakari has dropped 20 pounds and is “dunking everything around the rim,” Lee is a “pogo stick” and the two are battling against each other in practice.

Cal shied away from any grand declarations of going 40-0 because he knows every team on the schedule is gunning for the Cats, including Tom Izzo and Michigan State. Cal mentioned Izzo’s quote about how the Spartans are planning to “beat Kentucky’s a$$,” and said that teams don’t just want to beat UK because they’re good: “It’s not just Kentucky they want to beat, it’s you because you got the scholarship they wanted.”

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  1. jboy

    What is Poythress injury?

  2. SeaCat

    Wow and wow

  3. Seth


  4. Sinbad

    It’s deserves worth noting that KSR is at least half of the Kentucky Effect an let me tell you why. This site came about first around 2007 or so I if remember correctly when tubby was obviously on the way out. And we had a coaching search then possibly the most anticipated following of at that time rare for kentucky package deal though eventually Lucas went elsewhere. And then it got weird, from gillespies hell week, to his impossible to understand practice techniques, to all that despicable squatting…and needed a support and here was this beautiful new blog, but it wasn’t just that it was a group of blueheart fans who became with much determination overtook the previous regime of media, an united a passionate but unorganized army of bluehearts. BBN was created, Gillespie was fired, John Calipari was hired, and the fans united. The beautiful timing and raw potential of these fans and the synchronization of a little Cal magic and the experience here now is were it was in all other great eras of this program, and I dare to say better. But really it’s thanks to Coach Cal and power to make people especially his players believe in him and give us so much positivity to feed on. Who know what KSR or Matt Jones for that matter would have accomplished if not for John Vincent Calipari. BBN is my life, I love our fans and the team, this year will be special.

  5. katfaninyourface

    Side boob

  6. What an Effort!

    katfaninyourface-What an amazing post! Did you think this over a great deal before posting it? My goodness-please bring this type of analysis to the table often, ok?

  7. WildcatCountry

    “It’s not just Kentucky they want to beat, it’s you because you got the scholarship they wanted.” – one of my favorite Cal quotes since he’s been here.

  8. soup

    Side boob equals hilarious post, and that Cal quote is gold!

  9. Bernie


    Didn’t listen today since I get enough political talk other places. I found out recently listening to you that you don’t look into a subject before you expound on it. Two cases in point, Miss Kansas and the WWII vets, if you want to mention things like this tell the whole story.

    Theresa Vail, Miss Kansas, is in military, had to learn to sing opera in two weeks to qualify since they didn’t think her archery was a Miss America skill, has degrees in chemistry and Chinese, etc., etc., and her large tattoo is the Serenity Prayer. Instead of mocking her, you should have praised her for her perseverance.

    Those old vets that knocked down the barricades at the WWII Memorial, you made it sound like an isolated trip, not so, these men were part of the ongoing Honor Flight program where the veterans of the war can visit the memorial. It goes on all the time, get the facts before you open your mouth.

    Lastly, I don’t need a sports talk show which has a headline of
    Kentucky Sports Radio
    University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible. Spewing politics.

    I am sincerely yours a lost listener,


  10. Whhhhhaaattttttt?

    #4 run on sentences are not your friend. From what little I could glean from your stream of unconsciousness, let me just say this: there has been a Kentucky Effect and a BBN for about 75 years. It was here well before KSR and well before Cal (although I am big fans of both) and it will be here long after! What are you, 14 years old? Rant over….

  11. Nothin' to Mess With

    If Cal really wants to teach players how to diversify, he should look up WuTang Financial. I hear they speak highly of diversification, especially of bonds.

  12. katfaninyourface

    Side Boob. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Blue Jesus

    5, 8, 12) Pretty sure that’s a dude, look at the arm.

  14. Sinbad

    You know how lame revising and blog comment would be. Point being #BBN and #KentuckyEffect are new things, take notice of the hashtag, cause though the program has been around for a while, these modern day terms are what the nation knows and therefore our media relationship with them, and KSR is big cataylst for the spread of these ideas though the fans (which includes still included KSR) makes the experience here as good as it ever was. Not trying to make sentences just ideas, I’m not turning it in for a grade, Teach

  15. stubbs

    I’m proud to be a fan of something that you are not. Thanks for leaving so that I can feel better about staying.
    I am sincerely yours a proud listener,

  16. Bunny

    Have to agree with Bernie, #9. Politics should be strictly kept off sports sites…

  17. stubbs

    I haven’t seen a political post on KSR (unless you consider stuff about the Rupp Arena renovation political, which it is, but it’s local politics, which doesn’t seem so offensive to people for some reason).

    Also, KSR is not a standard sports show, with just dry news and some analysis – it’s entertainment. It’s sports comedy. Of course the colorful host is going to throw some of his opinions on general news items in, it wouldn’t be as fun to listen to if not.

    The worst part, to me, was that If Matt was a staunch conservative and bashed the President any chance he got, few would say a word, and anyone who complained would get dog-piled in these comments.

  18. Sir Prise

    I’m surprised the head coach is surprised that HIS own recruits are surprising him with skills unbeknownst to him.

    How does that happen – at KENTUCKY?

    These players are all supposed to be all that and a bag of chips.

  19. Chicago Chris

    That it’s a dude makes it funnier.