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These Cats Are Going Undefeated and Here’s Why

Earlier this morning John Clay released an article titled “No way these Cats are going undefeated.” where he goes in-depth on why we should get the goal of 40-0 out of the hivemind of the Big Blue Nation. Simply put, Clay thinks it is just too hard. The Game is too different. The team is too young. Kentucky has the target of college basketball on their back. All that may be valid in the end but not for me. I believe in 40-0 and here are 3 reasons why.

1. The Assemblage Of Talent

After seeing the Cats in action on Friday night one thing is certainly clear. The hype for these freshman is warranted. We have the real deal. Clay makes the point that talent isn’t enough to go undefeated. In his article he examines the last team to go undefeated, Indiana, who was led by a group of returning veterans. Clay writes:

That’s right, veterans. Players who had been through enough wars to know what it was all about from taxing travel, to heckling road crowds, to winning when you’re not playing your best.

It’s the same argument that said you needed experience to win the national championship and that it couldn’t be done by a freshman laden team. 2012 disproved that theory and this team has a shot to do the same with 40-0. If momentum builds with each game then the Cats will be more focused and ready to deal with the target on their back. As long as you have the superior talent in each game you should be expected to win. Without question the Cats are going to be the most talented each and every night. Plus we have the head Coach ready to do it.

2. In Cal We Trust

Some coaches see losses as a valuable asset to their team. They are a teaching point to build around and get better. Something Cal has never seemed to agree with as he feels he can teach the same lessons from a victory as he can with a loss. Three years Cal has been close in the chase to going undefeated.

2008 Memphis Regular Season 30-1

2010 Kentucky Regular Season 29-2

2012 Kentucky Regular Season 30-1

In each of those years Cal came close to making it through the regular season unscathed only to drop a game to a heated rival. Each of those teams would go on to the NCAA tournament with a real shot to win with Anthony Davis and the 2012 squad getting it done. Arguably none of those teams had the talent of this year’s Kentucky team and none of them played the schedule that this one will.

3. The Schedule

This year’s schedule certainly makes the road to 40-o seem a bit more daunting. However, the schedule could also be viewed as a way to keep the Cats with their eyes on the prize from game to game. This team isn’t going to get surprised when you have to be prepared for Michigan State, UNC, Baylor, Louisville, and Florida. They won’t have a chance to let their guard down and get caught. If they make make it through the non-conference unbeaten then 40-0 could be a real reality.


So what do you thin after Friday? Is 40-0 talk foolish like Clay suggests? Or will the Cats be the first team in three decades to do it?

Article written by Andrew Cassady

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31 responses to “These Cats Are Going Undefeated and Here’s Why”

  1. Blue Jesus

    After all the preseason talk of “Is 40-0 possible” etc etc, it’ll be tragically funny if we lose to Michigan State in the second game…

  2. CatMan44

    I think the undefeated talk is stupid. All it does is put more pressure on a young team. Completely unnecessary. JMO.

  3. MtnCat

    Till someone beats them and I don’t see that happening. These kids are veterans already, been playing since grade school against the best across this country. And they got Cal and that bench to make things right. 40 and OMG it’s about time. Go for it and make it a reality!

  4. East Kentucky Infidel

    Pressure? Pressure is when you play Kentucky.

    Too many weapons, too many bodies, too much Kentucky.

    Get ready 40 is coming.

  5. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    Don’t forget 96 umass

  6. rainman

    40-0 Will happen, POINT, BLANK, PERIOD, REHAB!
    OOPS, that last one was for someone else!

  7. Andrew h

    I think they will too. They have too many weapons too many fierce competitors, and I think we should go for it but don’t go crazy with it if you know what I mean. Be humble and take it one game at a time is exactly what they need to do. Know your good, but don’t bragg about it.

  8. Micah

    Blue Jesus, that is likely the biggest test-Michigan St. If Behanan is a no go for the UK game, they are not as good as MSU. The Louisville game is also at home.

    These guys need to get in sync with each other and will not be there yet in game 3 (game 5 counting the two exhibition games).

    Baring some type of major injury (Randle) can’t see us not winning the title or losing anyone past the MSU game.

    We don’t have any crazy road game like IU. Of course you never know, in basketball a team just doesn’t miss from three no matter what you do.

  9. bb

    Doesn’t matter37-3,38-2,39-1,40-0. As long as we win the last one!


    PLZ PLZ. I dare you to POST this post again when you lose a game. I DARE YOU.

  11. Horsepower

    I think it’s best to lose a couple. The 1996 team got meaner after the Miss State loss in the SEC tourney. Which Lexington high school was undefeated and looked unbeatable and lost in their District and ended their season? 1990’s I think.

  12. WHAT?

    ^ You think its better to lose a couple games than go 40-0?

  13. bigblue091812

    I for one am glad to have a coach and team setting this as a goal. This is by far the deepest and most talented team Coach Cal has ever had and he’s come very close before. YEARIGHT, 39-1 and winning the title is a pretty good season also, so don’t think if we was to drop one the season is over. They will hang #9. What a lot of people don’t know is only 35 schools has won a national title in NCAA basketball with 14 teams winning more than 1. A little less than 11%, what a feat it would be to go 40-0, it might help Coach Cal recruit a little, we all know he needs help there. Tubby Smith, Rick Pitino and Joe Hall never had a team go undefeated, in 40+ years Coach Rupp had one team go undefeated, that team turned down the NCAA because they banned a couple UK players because they already had their degrees, it’s not like that today. So, UK has had one undefeated team since 1933, it’s time for a 40-0 season and #9, if Cal stays another 10 years he will win
    6 total titles so 4 more after this one. By the way, that will put us at 15, two ahead of UCLA. In my job I have a goal to hit every year, I’m sure last years team did not have a goal in mind, too many players on that team thought it would come to them for just putting on that jersey, this group has that heart, desire and work ethnic not only to win #9 but to be that first team to go 40-0. GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Bradley

    I have no issue with the team attempting to do it. He’ll, you should try to win every damn game you play. Multiple posts per day on here about it is pretty ridiculous though. Let’s see if we get to 3-0 first.

  15. Mike

    I seriously doubt that UK will go undefeated this season, but if they do then great, but all this talk about it is just absurd at this point. Although I do partially blame Cal, the media has went way overboard on this topic, and this article is yet another example. Everyone just needs to forget about it for now, if it happens then it happens, but they haven’t even played a game yet. Let’s see if they can get by Michigan St, Baylor, UNC, and UofL and then maybe it would be appropriate to start speculating on such a difficult and unlikely accomplishment. Point being, everybody just needs to shut up about it for now, especially KSR.

  16. MKG

    For the love of God, please stop jinxing this team with the 40-0 talk….

  17. bigblue091812

    I agree Bradley, I would be happy with a 1 pt win against Michigan St. I think that will be our toughest game pre-conference. I’m really not worried about loserville with or without Chane, they won’t be as good as last years team and they beat us by 3 in the chicken bucket. Coach Cal has ricks number. Plus, if they call the fouls as they claim they’re going to they’re in trouble.

  18. Chicken

    Can we please stop with the 40-0 talk until we’ve seen them play a real college game?? Good grief…….

  19. jeremy

    Why is KSR continually perpetuating this 40-0 thing? It is ridiculous. Just let these young guys play and enjoy it. This team might very well see an undefeated season go out the window in an early season game against an experienced and well coached Michigan State. STOP PUTTING UNDUE PRESSURE ON THIS TEAM!!!! Think up something original Cassady, instead of focusing low hanging useless fruit.

  20. Jim

    Never seen a guy set more fans up for disappointment than Matt Jones

  21. Wild Blue

    I’ve said on here before, there are too many factors that make it virtually impossible for any team to go 40 – 0. I certainly hope the cats can pull it off, but things like injuries, an exceptionally hot shooting night by the other team, bad calls by the refs, and missed free throws at crucial times in a game can get in the minds of young players. Let’s just enjoy each game and hope every one is a blow out win. If so, the 40 – 0 season will take care of its self.

  22. bmt22033

    It would be foolish to say “40-0” is impossible because it’s *not* impossible but I agree that it is very improbable. The talent on the team is undeniable but there are so many other things that can impact the outcome of a game. God forbid, one of these guys suffers a season- or career-ending injury. We have to rely upon human beings to act as referees and they make mistakes and bad calls. We know that every road game they play will be utterly insane. In some cases, it might be the only sold out game of the season for the opposing team. Everybody wants to do what they can to beat Kentucky and make a name for themselves. A lot of teams are envious/jealous of the all the hype and attention that Kentucky, in general, and this team, in particular, have been getting. Who knows when a Devan Downey has the game of his life and drops 40 points on you. It’s happened before. It could happen again. Even without an individual opposing player having the game of their life, this team will play some very talented, very deep, very experienced teams. I don’t think there is another team on college basketball with this much aggregate talent. But these guys will have only been playing together for a few weeks when they face Michigan State. Will WCS and Poythress show the leadership and hustle that they need to show as veterans? No one can say for certain yet. When all is said and done, the odds of a perfect season are very much not in this (or any) team’s favor. Could it happen? Yes. Is it likely? Not at all. Personally, I want to see banner #9 hanging from the rafters of Rupp a lot more than I care about a perfect season.

  23. Sittin' Bull

    Is anybody on this website over 22? Andrew I’ll bet you right now this team will not go undefeated. Did u see Marcus Lee bank a foul shot in then hit the backboard AGAIN on his 2nd attempt. Remember Willie’s foul shooting from last year?? I’m not a betting man, but there is no risk on this one. How much Andrew Cassady?

  24. canescats

    40-0 is nice. 20-20 is fine, too.
    I want number 9.

  25. What?

    20-20? We won’t even make the a postseason tourney with that record numbnutz.

  26. Cats RULE/Cards DROOL

    I think this team has a GREAT amount of talent. Some of the best I’ve ever seen and I thought Heck yeah they could go 40-0, but then again I think they lose 1 or 2 games. My theory is I don’t think they will go undefeated because when it comes down to it, we have 2 players on this team that have even been to the NCAA Tour and it isn’t Poythress or Cauley, it’s Polson & Hood. That’s it. So Cauley & Poythress could show nerves arriving in the NCAA tour this year. At that point, I expect this teams to be steam rolling teams, but at that point they will all be Freshman going into the NCAA if you look at it like that.

    GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!
    CARDS SUCK!!!!!!!!

  27. Scott Below

    I love the Cats but I’m already over this undefeated talk. Won’t happen. Could lose 3-4 games.

  28. KC Cat

    Only one thing matters and that is a Championship. 100% of BBN would agree with that. Who cares about going undefeated. We’d all rather have a banner.

  29. ogblue

    I have long stated that if the Wildcats can come into the Louisville game with their O in tack,then i really feel that 40-0 can be accomplished, and i think the Louisville game want be even close, i think the Cats will win pretty handily,in my opinion.

  30. ogblue

    I also agree with KC Cat the main thing and the most important thing is hanging no#9.

  31. bigblue091812

    40-0 would be nice, that means #9 and we take that away from IU and Boobby Knight. I don’t care is we go 38-2, 37-3 as long as we beat loserville, UNC and at least split with Florida but hang # 9, THE MAIN GOAL OF THIS TEAM IS TO HANG THE NINTH BANNER.