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Article written by Drew Franklin

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36 responses to “These are the eight teams that can win it all, according to KenPom history”

  1. bigbluebanana

    Is that list in order of rank Drew?

  2. friendsofcoal

    It’s between UK, dUKe, and UNCheat.

    1. FlySoup

      Pretty hilarious how you spell Duke and UNC

    2. spincr4hire

      Uncheat is right. I’d rather see duke get another title than that cheating program

    3. bigbluebanana

      Ugh, that’s a real Sophie’s Choice man…do not know who I’d pull for in that one if they somehow met in a championship game.

    4. 1IH

      FN Tarheels over dUKe anyway, at least their coach isn’t a supervillian from the Batman series.

    5. wyatts1

      Never duke, EVER, Ever since the shot against our boys from that punk laetner*. No UK fan should ever consider cheering for those pos. Just my take and maybe I’m bias cause the unforgettables was my first season truly watching UK basketball, hardcore anyways.

    6. Suffering Fools

      I don’t begrudge Laettner the shot. Any player would have taken The Shot. I begrudge him being in there at all after The Stomp.

  3. DelrayCat

    Virginia has been the best team all year…hands down.

    1. KYJelly

      That’d be a great story. First 1-seed eliminated by a 16 and win-it-all next year.

      Too bad we’re gonna have to spoil that tale, GO CATS!

    2. Rixter

      Better story would be for the same school to lose to a 16-seed two years in a row!

    3. RealCatsFan

      Best story of all would be for dook to lose to a 16 with Zion, Barrett and Redish. It would be like throwing holy water on Count K.

  4. blueblue

    Where’s the Vols on this list?? Lol. ??

  5. bwise

    Michigan st is garbage. Out in the second round.

    1. jim tom


  6. The Blurr

    Tennessee should be on this list before Houston or Michigan State.

    1. Soylentbeans

      They obviously dont meet the criteria to be on the list or they would be on the list.

    2. BlueDeuce

      I find it hard to believe Duke and UNC are in the top 20 defensively… teams score at will on both… just they out score the other team… at least the games I watched.

    3. blueblue

      This isn’t a subjective list. Not based on anyone’s opinions. It’s based on mathematical facts. Purely a numbers only list. It is what it is. No Tennessee because they don’t rank in the top 20 of offensive or defensive efficiency. I’m not sure which one or if it’s both.

    4. michaelb

      Defensively they aren’t

    5. RealCatsFan

      Tenn is not winning a Championship. Write it down.

  7. CahillsCrossingNT

    You mean the 2013-14 Connecticut team.

  8. Rixter

    You have to wonder where Gonzaga and Houston would rank if they played a Power-5 schedule.

    1. 1IH

      Not on this list that is for CERTAIN. This list being based on %’s slants their way heavily due to conference schedule being majority of games. Gonzaga is good but they would have 5-7 losses (instead of 2) in a power 5 conference by my Eye.

    2. mashburnfan1

      The AAC is actually good and should have at least 4 teams in. Houston beat LSU so head to head the best in each Conf the AAC won but I believe the game was at Houston. Cincy crushed Ole Miss but did lose to Miss St. Also UCF beat Bama. And Temple was 4th in AAC but beat both lower level SEC teams they played. Memphis was 5th in ACC but played Tenn and at LSU in very close losses, you know our 1 and 3 seeds. Houston is good and anyone who knows anything about basketball knows Gonzaga is really good. The fact they don’t get tested hurts them from Sweet 16 on but they did play a good non conference schedule. We don’t want either in our bracket.

    3. Alex90

      The AAC is garbage and just because some teams beat an SEC team doesn’t mean anything. Houston is good but shut up about the rest.

    4. RealCatsFan

      Mashburn, Gonzaga just got beat by St Mary’s. So yeah, not that good, right? (At least that’s what you would say if UK loses in their Conference tournament.)

  9. KYjellyRoll

    Gonzaga doesn’t make it past the sweet sixteen, Houston gets bounced in the second round

    1. mashburnfan1

      Would love to get some money on both of those with you.

  10. Clyde X

    Since Gonzaga is on the list these “efficency” rankings clearly do not put much emphasis on strength of schedule. Yes, they beat Duke. Their next toughest opponent was Mother Murray’s School for Wayward Girls. I watched them play Pepperdine for a lite while last night. Decided to watch some paint dry instead.

  11. CatsandPats

    Zags couldn’t even win their own conference tournament in the Weak Coast Conference!

  12. CahillsCrossingNT

    If Zion is back and healthy, Duke will win it. Duke has the two best players in the country and by far the best coach.

    1. Alex90

      Best coach in the country forgot how to coach without Zion? He has two top 5 picks and an elite PG but went .500 without Zion and should’ve lost to Wake at home.

    2. CahillsCrossingNT

      Five national titles and in only TWO of those years did he even have the best team. They weren’t the best in ‘91, ‘10 and ‘15 yet cut down the nets. Only in ‘99 did he CLEARLY have the best team and not win it.

    3. Alex90

      The best team rarely wins the tournament Dukie…How sad is your life that you go on another teams fan site read articles, created an account and comment.

    4. RealCatsFan

      Those losses don’t count, remember? At least that’s what a few sportswriters were trying to argue. 😀