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The team takes a break from practice for a little kickball

The basketball team can now practice for 20 hours a week, but that didn’t stop them from taking a little break today to play kickball with the kids at Picadome Elementary. Check out this video from our ace reporter Drew Franklin, who was on the scene.

Dakari just had to get that kid out, didn’t he? Stone cold killer.

A dunk contest on an 8-foot goal? Why not?

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11 responses to “The team takes a break from practice for a little kickball”

  1. We Hang Banners

    Gonna be some ballers

  2. DH

    There must be something wrong. This post has been up for 30 minutes and so far nobody has complained that there is no time for fun. These guys should be in the weight room or the gym 24-7. If you have time to play kids’ games, you have time to work on free throws and blocking out. And why aren’t the twins there? I KNEW them taking so long to get on campus was going to kill our team chemistry. Are they eligible yet? smh

    In all seriousness, it’s great to see the guys not only bonding and having fun, but making a difference in kids’ lives. Good stuff, guys

  3. Louisville1Cal4

    Love seeing things like this, these kids really enjoy being here, being teammates, & being part of BBN. It’s going to be a very special year!

  4. NL

    I’ve heard Dakari’s hops aren’t that great but that dunk (fail) has me a little worried

  5. manlySmell

    That Dakari dunk made me said. But my potatoes I just microwaved made me feelgood. All in all I’ve come out about even today.

  6. BlueRedNeck

    HaHa! I’m waiting for the flood of posts like NL’s above coming in saying that the sky is falling because Dakari missed a dunk on an eight foot goal! That’s hilarious.

  7. Greg

    I played youth basketball in the gym at picadome, my team was the wildcats. I haven’t seen the inside of that gym in close to 20 years. Brings back memories

  8. Coach Spurrier

    Dem some daggum good boys right there.

  9. Mike

    That one kid blew right by Hood. Where’s the damn D Jon?

  10. BigMe

    I’ll defend Dakari, school rules strictly prohibit dunking in that gym. If you watch the other video, some kid fessed up to being a Louisville fan, and I hope they got him out.

  11. upton73

    A dunk contest on an 8-foot goal? Why not”
    I don’t agree, look at:
    Friendly, Manie