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Article written by Aaron Torres

Aaron Torres is covering football and basketball for KSR this season after four years at Fox Sports. Follow him on Twitter @Aaron_Torres, Facebook or e-mail at [email protected] He is also the author of the only book written on the Calipari era, “One and Fun: A Behind the Scenes Look at John Calipari and the 2010 Kentucky Wildcats.”

27 responses to “The Six Things Kentucky Needs to Do to Beat Tennessee”

  1. michaelb

    Great points of emphasis Aaron, I believe Ashton can bottle up the streaky Bone. A good one I never thought about that you said was start off making those refs call fouls on Tennessee . That will be an easy quick way for Kentucky to create an advantage early – I bet coach goes for that by giving pj the ball early & often . That will help with maintaining any lead we may get on them. Grant is also taken out of his game by being physically shaken up , I’ve seen it a number of times this season & last . When he starts harping to the refs about being scratched hit & elbowed he kinda checks out of the game himself mentally. It’s proven to work against him . In a vacuum this game is a coin flip , 50/50 on who wins . My personal call is 65-68 cats

  2. UKfanman01

    Very good article… buuuut real life goes like this:
    What UK needs to do to pull off upset- SCORE MORE POINTS

  3. VirginiaCat

    All excellent points. I would add a 7th one: Don’t get out coached. That means calling timeouts when needed, making in-game adjustments, remembering who is available on the bench, formulating a good game plan, staying aggressive with the lead, etc. We will need a good efforts all around, coaches as well as players. Go Cats!

    1. runningunnin.454

      Are you in the Naismith HOF? Whom do you coach…anybody I would have heard of?

    2. UKPROF

      All very good observations VirginiaCat, but bottom line, UKfanman01 is spot on, if UK wins, it will be because they scored more points than Tennessee…PERIOD.

    3. 4everUKblue

      RG454 got you again VACat. You just never learn.

  4. VirginiaCat

    You are correct UKPROF, final score determines the game. I think that the intangibles favor us. We will be playing at home and Rupp should be rocking. We need a win to offset the LSU loss and the outcome will have an impact on our national ranking and tournament seeding. Not to mention that the game will garner national interest and provide an opportunity to highlight our brand. Plus, I think Tennessee is a bit overrated. They are good, but not the #1 team in the country. This will be, in Coach Cal parlance, OUR Superbowl. Win or lose, it will tell us a lot about where we are as a team. I think that the rematch in Knoxville will be even a better barometer, but lets take it a game at a time. Go Cats.

    1. 4everUKblue

      Again VACat, learn to respond to the correct post instead of starting a new post, it’s not that hard. See where it says reply? CLICK THAT!

    2. unbridled

      Cats by 12

    3. runningunnin.454

      Again with the Super Bowl reference; I’ll retire to St. Mary Bethlem.
      Western Kentucky has more NCAA tournament appearances, and more NIT tournament appearances than Tennessee.
      They will never be our Super Bowl.

    4. henderblue

      Thank you for that rg. They will NEVER EVER be our Super bowl. Ever…

    5. 4everUKblue

      NEVER! VACat has been in VA too long, probably why he’s trying to get on the UK bandwagon.

    6. Ridge Runner

      No dude.. no one is our super bowl. Bad reference.

  5. clarks

    We need beast version of pj and Reid and we win

    1. J. Did

      Love your clogs, bro. Been wearing them for years. I have two pair; and my wife bought me another brand. Still need inserts. This gear is a part of how the new west is won.

  6. J. Did

    GO CATS!

  7. KYjellyRoll

    UK draws fouls and makes their FT then I see this game getting away from tn. And I mean 15+ points. Go Cats.

    1. unbridled

      Love it…..but I got the cats by 12

  8. Luether

    Another excellent post, Aaron. My sources say that FT shooting will also be a factor…

  9. unbridled

    CATS by 12. Let’s goooooooooooooooo

  10. nicky

    “Kentucky needs to limit Tennessee’s three-point shooting”……it would be nice if somebody had to limit our 3-point shooting for a change

    1. henderblue

      Good point Nicky. We need to make shots. And free throws

  11. ScottGreene22

    78-70 CATS!!!

  12. kyinsider

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  13. Ridge Runner

    Baker, give us at least 2 three’s! With a little bench help and we play with intensity from the starters.. we got this!

  14. CopenhagenCat

    My 1. Would have been score points than them .

  15. AreJ

    Can we take a minute to appreciate just how spot on Aaron was?! I like my team.