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37 responses to “The NCAA is investigating Kansas”

  1. syrin23

    Duke, they need to investigate Duke. It’s pretty apparent to all how they are getting their players.

    1. Han


    2. KYJelly

      Capel is gone, didn’t seem to hurt them much this year

  2. omegagavin

    You can always tell when a man of no imagination makes it big. They go out and buy a Rolex. That’s really says I’ve arrived!

    1. 1IH

      A Submariner at that…….Cal wears a Datejust e’ry day. The world sleeps on JLC while they make the best bang for buck pieces across the board.

  3. dismore

    Come on to UK Mr Hurt.

  4. Game Changer

    So according to this article Zion was for sale… I wonder how much Duke Paid for him?

    1. WatchutalkinboutWillis

      Exactly this. I bet this goes back as far as Wiggins at least.

  5. CahillsCrossingNT

    Nothing to see here. Move along.

    1. 4everUKblue

      Yep, nothing will come of this, they’ve been cheating for years.

  6. maximumscott

    If someone was on tap talking Zion and Zion goes somewhere else then follow the clues. The NCAA wont but the FBI would. Duke paid for Zion. PERIOD!

    1. mashburnfan1

      We were after him as well so I guess you can say we were outbid. Oh you will want all to believe we are the only ones that did not offer cash. Because we all know he would come here for nothing but if he does not come to UK the others paid. ALL cheat, how many wins have the old teams Cal coached vacated? I know, he knew nothing….wink wink…
      My biggest surprise of all is Kansas Football, they cheated? They have 6 wins the last 4 years, LOOK.
      Beaty’s record was 6-42 over four seasons, with a 2-34 record against the Big 12, and a 4-40 record against FBS opponents.
      If he had to cheat to accomplish those numbers he should be investigated for stupidity.

    2. abobicesaevior

      You are, obviously, an idiot. Congrats.

    3. ClutchCargo

      mashburn, your uniquely twisted logic is truly astounding. Let’s break it down: Kansas tried to pay ZW to come to Kansas. He went to Duke. There is no part of that that says UK was “outbid.” If anything, KU was outbid, and UK wouldn’t pay and therefore lost out. Where is your evidence that UK tried to pay him? I’ll wait.

    4. Suffering Fools

      Might as well say “Clemson was outbid,” because all the talk was ZW to either UK or Clemson until Capel swooped in with his magic duffel bag. Duke out of nowhere, just as if it had been Kansas out of nowhere.

    5. 4everUKblue

      Gashburn, just when I thought you couldn’t possibly make yourself look any dumber you proved me wrong. If you had kept up with Zion and his comments on the teams recruiting him you’d know he said we were never really considered. Keep up the good trolling work, it’s all you’re good at.

  7. Bluebloodtoo

    Does anyone else see the timing of these “leaks” as intriguing? The NCAA logo will be on every tv across the nation and all eyes are focused on them right now, in a manner of speaking. Why would leaks come out now, of all available times…?

  8. Han

    It would’ve been nice if they’d investigated them for the parade of recruiting shadiness (Preston, anyone?) and coverups of crimes by the basketball players.

  9. 4everUKblue

    Bottom line….Kansas got outbid for Zion by dUKe.

    1. mashburnfan1

      Then so did we, UK was after him the longest. Oh you want all to believe Cal is the only honest guy in the NCAA. You know Cal, the coach who has wins vacated after he left his last 2 schools. Cal who had WW Wes pay guys so he could still lose titles with the best talent. But a player goes to another school and you are always the one who says “they cheat, they pay blah blah blah. Well look in the mirror as ALL major teams are/have cheated to get players, it is just the business.

    2. Big Sexy

      Couldn’t you also infer that UK offered nothing just as well as you could infer they were “outbid”?

    3. WatchutalkinboutWillis

      Nope, mashburnfan cant process the idea that Cal may have proven he doesn’t need to cheat with one and done players. Masburnfan would rather look at everything through his “reality” which is actually just negative outlooks on everything.

    4. mapcatfan

      “Then so did we”, mashburnfan”

      Let me know when there is tape of a UK assistant discussing payment for Zion.

      Your logic is warped.

    5. 4everUKblue

      Gashburn is just an idiot, no living brain cells and yes he’s a troll.

  10. Mathlete

    Why are they investigating football! Clearly they’re either not cheating or they’re too bad at it to matter

    1. mashburnfan1

      My first thoughts as well Math. Found this and posted it.

      Beaty’s record was 6-42 over four seasons, with a 2-34 record against the Big 12, and a 4-40 record against FBS opponents.

      And he cheated to do this? LOL. Punishment should be keep doing what you are doing.

    2. 4everUKblue

      You should just go ahead and jump on the dUKe bandwagon since you are constantly taking their side and making excuses for them while slamming UK, you’d fit in with all the other geeks who are trying to look like basketball fans.

  11. Han

    Huggy Bear’s Mountaineers are about to upset Texas Tech because March college basketball.

  12. RealCatsFan

    So what? The NCAA investigated UNCheat too, and they didn’t even get a wrist slap. Those chatin bastids should have had the death penalty dealt to them. Teflon Bill will just use that force field that is emitted by his magic hairpiece to make the sh1t slide off yet again.

  13. Bruce Dickinson

    This will end the same way the UNC investigation did. If this was Kentucky, we would probably get the death penalty.

    1. RAGE


  14. fredlexky

    Agree, they’ll get a slap on the wrist if that.

  15. serdi

    I would hope that Kansas would tell the NCAA to stick it. I don’t care whether the broke rules or not. ALL power 5 conference schools should tell the NCAA to stick it. Rules no longer apply effective October13 2017 when North Carolina at Chapel Hill walked. Tell them to get screwed Jayhawks!!!!

  16. TonyMontana

    It’s hard to believe this story first came out in October 2018. I dont know how I missed it!

    “Hey,” said Code, according to his attorney, Mark Moore. “Between me and you, you know, he asked about some stuff. You know?”

    Who is “he?” Zion Williamson’s father, per Moore’s courtroom account.

    “I know what he’s asking for,” Code continued. “He’s asking for opportunities from an occupational perspective, he’s asking for cash in the pocket and he’s asking for housing for him and his family.”

    If this was to follow the basics that played out over the past 2½ weeks here as the underground economy of college athletics was laid bare in a federal fraud trial, that meant a job (lucrative with little to no work), a lot of cash (six figures, minimum) and an apartment or house (rent-free, of course). If you’ve seen Zion play, you’d know that isn’t a bad deal.

    Which might be why Townsend sounded unfazed.

    “I’ve got to just try to work and figure out a way because if that’s what it takes to get him here for 10 months, we’re going to have to do it some way,” Townsend said.

    1. Suffering Fools

      He wanted them to hire his mom, didn’t he? Because she would have wanted to relocate from NC. Dook didn’t have that obstacle.

  17. UKfanman01

    Kansas: let’s pay Zion to come.
    6 hours later
    I pick Duke University ?

  18. Big Sexy

    Not sure why any big name recruits would want to mess with Kansas right now. No post season in the near future is likely.