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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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36 responses to “The Drake Curse is real, and it may be time for Kentucky to find a new superfan”

  1. michaelb

    Rediculoud sentiment. Dismissed

    1. cking

      This is article is absolutely garbage.
      It has no merit on the success of the team.

    2. MrPioneer

      ^^^^ You guys seem fun.

    3. BigolBlue

      Lets keep Drake. You want Ashley Judd as our posterchild? Nahh. Gotta stay somewhat relevant because Duke has Lebron and all the nba guys

    4. unbridled

      Drake is a no talent hack. Good riddance.

    5. BigolBlue

      Unbridled listens to old rolling stones and beatles. Drake is a good artist

    6. Smyrna_Cat

      I agree Jack Pilgram is a joke. That is what you meant, right Jack?

    7. unbridled

      Not surprised in the slightest that bigolblue is a drake sycophant. Your contributions to this site suggest that you are clueless, so thinking drake produces “music” is par for the course. It’s embarrassing but it’s predictable. Good luck scooter.


    Can he become a Duke fan?

    1. PrincesPalace

      Last thing UK recruiting needs is for HS kids to see Drake in Duke gear. If you think Coach K is whooping Cal in recruiting now, wait and see how bad it is after Duke embraces the hip hop culture.

    2. BigolBlue

      Yes princes

  3. trey

    I’m done with drake after that video of him fondling that 17 y.o. at his concert and he wasn’t ashamed even after finding out her age. Give me literally anybody else (also no R. Kelly)

    1. kjd

      Totally agree.

  4. meeksfor3

    I am perfectly fine with Kindly Meyers being our superfan.

  5. Bill Selfs Hair Piece

    Didn’t Alabama beat us in basketball this weekend?

  6. ryanjallen

    He’s been around the program since 2009 though

  7. luke.emberton

    Drake sucks
    his lyrics suck his “music” sucks
    He’s a bum who spits horrendous raps and for some reason this generation of idiots acts like he’s good

    1. Matt10


    2. unbridled

      You are absolutely correct Luke. Drake is a no talent hack. His music is cringeworthy. I’m not a huge rap fan but the difference between 90’s rap and the garbage that passes today is night and day different. It’s embarrassing

    3. BigolBlue

      You old guys crack me up. His album was #1 this year. You think that is coincidence? Stay with your slayer and acdc. This is why kids have passed on us bc of our old fanbase

    4. unbridled

      You clueless millennials are something else. Do you know who else you dolts have made into a cultural icon??? Kim kardashian! She has ZERO talent. Only a millennial would confuse unfounded popularity with actual talent. The real world will eat you kids alive. Good luck.

  8. cking

    Terrible post…I expect more from KSR.

  9. davis2319

    Yeah this stuff is garbage. I guess Drake’s curse didn’t apply to the 2012 team. Lol get out of here

    1. unbridled

      You are correct. Drake is human garbage.

  10. nybrasky

    Very BTI-esque. We don’t need 1 BTI around here, let alone 2.

  11. bobalouky

    Silly article and after halftime show no lil Wayne!!!

  12. playmorezeppelin

    Lol but what about the dozens of other teams he pretends to support? Seems like he’s wearing a different team every other day.

  13. catsfan1995

    Chance the Rapper? Travis Scott??!?!!!!Childish Gambino? Hahahahahah im dying. I’ll keep Drake. Thank u, next

  14. dballrb

    Crook of shiz-nit.

  15. ukwildcat1991

    Now we are talking about a curse… that’s the reasoning of this season so far? Man what a stupid post

  16. unbridled

    Whether you believe in a curse or not….it simply can not be denied that drake is completely awful and devoid of anything that could be mistakenly qualified as a redeeming quality. The guy sucks and his music sucks impossibly more.

    1. BigolBlue

      We get it unbridled. You hate rap music and prob any AA’s. You are the prototypical uk white redneck fan. Btw im white too and are ashamed of you kind of people

    2. unbridled

      Typical mouth breathing response. Go retreat to your safe space and have a soy latte little guy. As I stated earlier, 90’s rap was actual music that spoke of societal woes and cultural issues. It was poetry. It required talent. Drake literally makes up words. When he can’t make up a word, he simply makes a grunting noise to fill in the blank. What’s left is auto tuned and packaged for the masses of mindless millennials that are hopped up on psychotropic drugs and have no clue what actual talent is. This isn’t a racial issue, it’s a national cultural embarrassment. Do yourself a favor and look into some Motown music. Drake isn’t in the same universe as those artists. Talent is talent. Good music is good music. Drake ain’t that…not by any measure. By the way, I’m guarantee I’m not much older than you are, I just have taste.

  17. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    How about none of the above? Drake is a bandwagon fan anyway.

  18. Duuuuuude

    If he helps the cool factor of the program I don’t mind but fads change. Is Drake still relevant?