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Terrence Williams says he’s Elvis Presley of Louisville basketball

Former Louisville player Terrence Williams, aka “T-Will” to “Breaking Cardinal Rules” readers, had some very strong words about the scandal facing his alma mater. TMZ caught up with Williams, who vehemently denied that he paid for sex with Katina Powell’s escorts. 

“I am not a part of that. To Louisville I am f**king Elvis Presley. So why would I pay anybody for anything?”

Elvis Presley, eh?

“Motherf**kers pay me for pictures and handshakes. And that’s not being cocky, ’cause I don’t play around with my blessing. I’m very honored to be in that position in Louisville. Louisville is the greatest city, the fans are great, Rick Pitino is great.”

In the book, Powell alleges T-Will paid $500 for an encounter with two girls on one occasion and $1,000 for two girls on another. Powell says T-Will was also interested in her daughter, Rod-Ni, and once asked Powell to massage his butt. (You may remember this as the passage Tomlin read in our dramatic reading.) T-Will was not happy to have his name linked to these allegations.

“Nobody’s gonna pay attention to a b*tch searching for money. So you make up stuff, and you put out all these allegations. If my name’s on anything, provide proof.”

As for Andre McGee and Rick Pitino…

“Andre’s the most kind hearted person ever. And Rick Pitino, he’s Rick Pitino! A Hall of Famer, a legend … he don’t need to buy any kid p*ssy to get him to commit to the University of Louisville. It’s a privilege to play there.”

I’m still not over T-Will comparing himself to Elvis Presley.


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70 responses to “Terrence Williams says he’s Elvis Presley of Louisville basketball”

  1. Rick Pitino's Half Testicle

    I broke one off in T-will.

  2. yeahright

    Stay Classy, T-Will.

    I love how guys use “mother******s” and “blessing” in the same sentence.

  3. Musehobo

    Lol. Look, the dude has a point. Does he need to pay for sex? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t. And his response is so classless, he didn’t really come across as believable either.

    But ultimately, yeah, I’d like to see some proof as well. I think we’ve heard all we need to know when it comes to determining whether some of this stuff went on up there (it did). But if she accuses him, specifically, she might want to be prepared to back that up with proof. He could sue her for libel.

    1. ukjaybrat

      i don’t believe you can’t sue someone for libel just because she claimed he paid for sex… i don’t think that is a libelous statement

    2. Mathlete

      If it’s provably false, he can. The problem is the onus is on him to prove it’s false, and it’s really difficult to definitively prove that he didn’t so something he would’ve tried to cover up if he had done it.

    3. Musehobo

      Why on earth do you think that?

      Libel: a published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation; a written defamation (Websters)

      If they published that about me, I would sue them. BUT, I have also never paid for sex. I dunno about this dude.

    4. Proof?

      What kind of proof do you expect? Picture of the actual act while money changing hands? And since when did the NCAA ever need actual proof? Was there proof an envelope somehow popped open displaying cash? Was there proof an ACT was taken by someone else?

    5. ukjaybrat

      I worded that incorrectly. i meant more along the lines of mathlete. it is impossible to prove a negative. he can’t prove that he never paid for sex. Unless of course she published the exact date and time and he has rock solid alibi for that exact date and time. but i doubt that is the case)

    6. Megan

      Because T-Will is a public figure, he has to prove more than a false statement damaging to his reputation. He has to prove actual malice. That’s why public figures almost never sue.

  4. RealCatsFan

    You mad, T-Will?

    So he said he had fans paying him money for handshakes and autographs while he was at Louisville. Isn’t that an NCAA infraction? 🙂

    1. Mathlete

      You beat me to it! Johnny Football got in a lot of trouble for that stuff, why should “T-will” be any different?

    2. ukjaybrat

      i think he means now, not in college

  5. cats for life

    Spoken like a true Louisville man lol

  6. @BallBlog_Chad

    just in case the media wanted a few good quotes to run with

  7. RealCatsFan

    Well, if I had the choice, I guess I would rather be the “f**king Elvis Presley” rather than the “fat, drug-addicted Elvis Presley”.

    1. Joe

      ^^^^ Yes hahahahaha

    2. Joe

      F***. Responded to the wrong comment. Supposed to be to the one below this.

      vvvvvvv Yes hahahahaha vvvvvvv

  8. Matt Jones's Barber

    “You know what I’d do with a million dollars? Two chicks at the same time man.”

  9. CatsBy80

    is this really what the University of Louisville wants associated with its institution? It’s one thing to say this kind of stuff around your buddies, but to say this stuff to the media is pretty ridiculous. I would say that I’m embarrassed for him, but I’m really not.

    1. OldSchool

      Low class to talk like that to the media…perfect representation of his low rent university.

  10. MikeyLikesIt

    Classy as @*^&

  11. ShepKat

    and UL fans eating this up as proof that nothing happened — at all.

  12. ukjaybrat

    Lance Armstrong had a similar response when people accused him of cheating….

    Denying the existence of something is not proof that it did not happen. Louisville fans seem to have a hard time coping with that fact.

    1. CatsBy80

      So did Ryan Braun… So-much-so that he caused an employee of the organization to lose his job when Braun was the one completely at fault… Pretty disgusting, really.

    2. UKfaninLou

      Yeah this is reminiscent of Pitino’s statement that he didn’t have sex with Karen Syphermwhen that story first broke only with bad language. And Bill Clinton. I believe those stories were proven wrong.
      Trashy and classless is not convincing.

  13. delusional U of L fan

    My mother-f-ing coach didn’t do a mother-f-ing thing cuz my mother-f-ing players mother-f-ing told me so.

  14. Mixxy

    So, he’s saying that Louisville is still the greatest city, even though all the U of L fans are mofos? Got it.

  15. za

    I think I believe him hahahaha

  16. Tony

    “I am not a part of that. To Louisville I am f**king Elvis Presley. So why would I pay anybody for anything?”

    Elvis Presley, eh?

    “Motherf**kers pay me for pictures and handshakes. And that’s not being cocky, ’cause I don’t play around with my blessing. I’m very honored to be in that position in Louisville. Louisville is the greatest city, the fans are great, Rick Pitino is great.”

    Common UL TRASH !

  17. The Loco Pollo

    Can we get T-Will to do a daily column on KSR so we can get his stance on all kinds of issues?

    1. ukjaybrat

      either him or a common UL troll… of course they would have similar views. moronic, lots of cursing, and a lot of irrelevance.

    2. Mixxy

      We should have had this genius negotiating with Iran. “You motherf***ers want nukes? Nukes?? Are you ****ing crazy or sumthin?”

    3. BlueRedneck

      Mixxy, well, we sent Dennis Rodman to talk to that little melon headed North Korean nutjob, so not that far fetched.

  18. Tony


  19. GatorCat

    This is truly the scandal that keeps on giving. Here’s hoping for a nice, long flow of media coverage.

  20. John Ellis

    When he puts it in such a classy and selfless way, how can you doubt it?

  21. Bluecat15

    Louisville, the gift that keeps on giving!!!

  22. papasnapper

    Lot’s of nasty words used while invoking your “blessing” there, Mr. Elvis o’ the Ville. Such vehemence cries “guilty!” in my book.

  23. Halobrad

    Did TWill have a good or bad rep at UofL? I seem to remember they loved him, and my memories tell me he was a good guy. But, did he turn out to be a headcase?

  24. Moose

    You can tell in his language and statement UL helped him tremendously with his respecting women (even if they are hookers) commitment.

    1. T-Will

      I respect the f**k out of some motherf***in’ bitches. Bless you, motherf****r!!!

  25. papasnapper

    Just thought of a fall back career for ole “Elvis o’ the Ville” – With a mouth like that, the casting director of the Trailer Park Boys series would hire him without a 2nd reading!

  26. gottodoit

    I am impressed with Williams’ command of the English language, his deep regard for women and his quiet humility.

    I know he ‘attended’ the University of Louisville, but just curious if he ever attended a class – I mean one he didn’t sleep through?

    1. Plain Truth

      No,what you are looking at here is 4 years of a “world class education.” I thought for a minute that I was looking at a transcript, of another dramatic reading of the Breaking Cardinal Rules book.

  27. BlueRedneck

    Seems like I recall him being arrested for pulling a gun on his baby-momma a few years ago.

  28. Catrus

    While its good to have UL defending a cheating scandal: I don’t think RP would have condoned such a practice. He may be guilty by inattention to what Magee was asking etc and the program will be penalized anyway. Time to line up the innocents and crimp their chances at tourneys etc. The NCAA punishes the innocent who were not around during the scandalous activity. I felt that way when we were so savagely dealt with over Dwayne Casey’s actions: Chris Mills transfers and the remaining guys paid for the violation.

    1. ukjaybrat

      the ncaa actually allows for the students to transfer without sitting out a year if the school goes on probation. it’s when the school self-sanctions in the middle opf the season where it hurts the students (what syracuse did last year)

    2. ukjaybrat

      and what louisville will likely do this year bc they are going to suck anyway

  29. Jailhouse Rock

    Living in Louisville, I assure you, nobody but his thug posse, would ever consider him as Elvis. Louisville is a city rich with music culture, and this lowlife, would be laughed at by anyone he told that to. He and Rick are about the same; trash with entitlement issues due to an over inflated ego.
    Bottom line, he did it, and he knows he did it. Otherwise his attorney or manager would have filed a lawsuit to protect him. His mouth is loud, and just like Rick, stupid stuff comes out whenever they try to deny any allegations. The loudest is the proudest, huh playa thug?

    1. ukjaybrat

      Also, let’s look at the source… TMZ? if he was elvis, it’d be ESPN

  30. RealCatsFan

    So how many men would admit in public to using a prostitute for sex?

  31. A Louisville Mann

    What….the $#***king mother..ESCORtino paid Sypher $3,000 to let him shoot down her leg so why wouldn’t T-Willllll pay for a Butt Rubb???

  32. Block Party

    Elvis Presley would have won a title.

    1. catdaddyd


  33. FirstTimeCaller

    as someone who worked for a certain pizza chain in the past and witnessed a few things in my time, can we ask T-Will about the brand new Lexus SUV he drove around everywhere while he played for Pitino. Lexus of Louisville stickers, all gold decals, every option available, with “Dealer” tags. Wonder how he could afford that?

  34. Jordan

    Why would he need the hookers? He just said he was fucking Elvis Presley. That’s pretty impressive. Also illegal to fornicate with a dead person, so I’m not sure it’s better.

  35. RexRox

    What an idiot. This is exactly the type of person/player that so many loserville fans embrace.

    Their poster child!

  36. Just Say'n

    Strange, we don’t have a bunch of u of smell trolls defending this ‘outstanding’ member of society today.

  37. RexRox

    BTW where does this mouth-breather play ball now. Granted, he had lots of physical talent but was a complete bust in the NBA. A man who wasted his ‘blessing’. Exactly the type of person that you will NEVER see Cal recruit.

  38. somerset bill

    “when they said you was high class…”

    1. Roger

      But that was just a lie……

  39. MrBlue

    I had T-Will near the top of my list for Louisville players I disliked the most. But after reading
    his statements I’ve changed my mind. He seems like a real classy young man.

  40. JC

    He sounds like one of the Harrison twins.

  41. Al-Anon Mom

    >>If my name’s on anything, provide proof.”<<

    Spoken like a true sociopathic guilty manipulator.
    They're all the same. And a great number of them
    seem to play or coach men's basketball at Louisville.

  42. Megan

    Have yourself another peanut butter and ‘nana sandwich, T-Will.

  43. Bobbum man

    You can tell by the way he talks about women we were clearly wrong about the culture created there

  44. will carroll

    After reading the classy comments from such a fine young man I realize I’ve been wrong about Louisville. Rick obviously does a fine job instilling into his athletes both his values and his respect for women. On a related note, that’s the same kind of language you see all over card chronicle.

  45. Phantom

    Wow, UofL players just ooze class, huh?

  46. ezwave

    Well…he didn’t pay for sex, the assistant coach did.