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14 responses to “Terrence Jones is headed to the Philippines”

  1. BigJohnC

    That’s good, but I really thought he’d be better fit in the nba than he has

  2. Matt10

    I suppose I could suffer through $70,000 a month. It’d take some sacrifices but…

    1. nocode96

      But Cal pushed him out…or, he left too early…or, what a dud…or, lol, he’s only playing in the Philippines, or…any other number of idiotic trash some of our fans will say about our kids that leave. Meanwhile, 99% of them won’t sniff $70,000 in the next 2 years, let alone a month. 70k a month to play basketball…yet we have a whole chunk of fans who think he’s a bust.

  3. onlyone

    Without Jones Cal has Zero championships.

  4. CoachCat

    Good for him.

  5. ukkatzfan

    $70,000/ month in Philippines is equal to Forbes top ten richest of the world

  6. BobbyBlue

    Wow it must be tough trying to make it on only $840K a year. If only he had finished his degree he might already be up to $84 K a year.

  7. eyebleedblue

    Would like to see a comparison on what he has made in his career versus what he would’ve made with jumps up in draft selection if he stayed one Then two more years. Would be interesting but time consuming.

    Also he seemed more gifted than PJ, so interesting to see if PJ out works him.

    1. CatfaninCinci

      At a certain point though, Jones wasn’t going to improve his stock any further. So the choice is, risk further injury or go when he went. He was first round.

      That said, kids that stay until their junior and senior seasons tend to fare worse in the draft anymore due to the fact the NBA values youth over college experience. They figure they can teach what they need to teach to a young phenom over drafting a 21-22 year old kid who likely has reached his athletic peak. Plus, their NBA career won’t be as long as the younger guys as they spent 3 years in college eating away years…

      It’s becoming just as big a gamble to stay anymore than it is to jump early. That’s what people don’t realize. Staying doesn’t necessarily help you anymore.

  8. UKBigBlueForever

    ^^ mostly this

  9. ArmyCatFan

    Hope he “wraps things up” there soon!

  10. RAGE

    I am really surprised that his career has taken this turn.. I thought he would have had a better playing career and at least been able to maintain a bench spot..

    1. RAGE

      I thought he was really made for today’s NBA… a big man that can run and stretch the floor some

  11. bigbluebreeze

    Mabuhay (Welcome) !