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Tennessee defeats No. 1 Gonzaga, SEC thriving
by Jack Pilgrim on December 9, 2018 at 8:30 pm

As Kentucky is struggling to stay afloat, our other SEC foes are thriving.

This evening, the No. 7 Tennessee Volunteers knocked out the undefeated No. 1 Gonzaga Bulldogs by a final score of 76-73.

And they did it without star forward Grant Williams in the last three minutes (fouled out) and double-digit scorer Lamonte Turner the entire game (injury).

Our old pal Admiral Schofield led the way with a game-high 30 points and six rebounds, including the game-winner from deep:

When the new polls come out tomorrow, there’s a really good chance the Volunteers find themselves ranked in the top three.

In other SEC news, the No. 8-ranked Auburn Tigers defeated Dayton to move to 8-1 on the year, where they have already knocked off Washington, Xavier, and Arizona. Their only loss was by six points against Duke.

Oh, and former four-star forward Danjel Purifoy is now officially eligible and will suit up for the Tigers in a real game for the first time since March 8, 2017. So a team that possesses one of the top defenses in the nation will only get better here on out.

Meanwhile, Mississippi State is 8-1, LSU is 7-2, and Vanderbilt, Arkansas, and Ole Miss are all 6-2.

Calipari better kick it into overdrive to right this ship, because the schedule isn’t going to get any easier…

36 Replies to “Tennessee defeats No. 1 Gonzaga, SEC thriving”

  1. N-UR-i says:

    We wont win more than 1 or 2 road games and will lose at least 4-5 home games in conference.

    1. mashburnfan1 says:

      SEC is not thriving, you have UT and Aubunr who have some good veteran players mixed with a good FR or so and are good teams. The rest of the SEC is NOT GOOD. Two teams with a F4 chance, a couple 4 to 8 seeds {with no title chance and this is where we fit again} and a bunch of bubble to no chance for the tourney teams.

  2. SGD says:

    This team struggles against mediocre teams. Double-digit losses is almost a certainty., including Louisville. Once the bowl game is over there won’t be any thing worth watching other than the lady cats play.

    1. Then don’t watch. You won’t be missed.

    2. TBW3011 says:

      He’s right. 10 loss team. Easily. Ceiling is 3rd in the SEC. and like him, I’ll watch if I want to. ??

    3. lol watch if you want to. He said there won’t be anything worth watching after the bowl game. So if you feel something isn’t worth watching but you watch anyway, you must like wasting your time. So stupid.

  3. BigolBlue says:

    Sec is thriving without uk’s help. 9-9 team in the sec ( maybe)

    1. Fire Cal! He ain’t never gonna win no championship no more! He’s gotta go! Bring back Billy G!

    2. BigolBlue says:

      Finally booby makes a true statement

    3. BigolBlue says:

      35:1. That is Cals ratio draft picks to titles. Nice job.

    4. It’s thanks to you, man. You’re comments finally made me see the light. Going to the final four repeatedly isn’t interesting. We need a coach who will get us to the sweet 16 regularly, that’s good enough. Why go to the final four so much if we aren’t gonna win the championship? Fire Cal, bring back Billy G!

    5. That’s a stupid ratio to make up. It doesn’t matter how many draft picks to championships, it matters that he’s won 1 championship in the last 8 years, which a lot of coaches can’t say. You keep saying fire Cal but you fail to mention who we should hire. Why is that? Is it because you have no idea what you’re talking about? If you determination for a good coach is championships, then please name someone who UK can actually get who has won more than Cal. Jay Wright, is that who you want? Come on, loser, name someone and back up your talk.

    6. BigolBlue says:

      Already mentioned names we should hire

    7. Please mention again, I must’ve missed it and clearly you have the time. Let’s hear them.

  4. Bigblue7982 says:

    Cats will get better question is how fast will they get better.

  5. east-ky-boy says:

    So sick of just being a team more worried about sending kids to the league than we are hanging banners. Gotten old fast. I love cal but it’s taken a lot of my passion away. Plus he’s a mediocre x and o coach

    1. Miller45 says:

      I get sick of hearing it every year “well that’s just what happens when you play a bunch of freshmen”

    2. unbridled says:

      I get so sick of this insanely stupid argument that coach cal only cares about draft picks. It’s painfully moronic. If you think he doesn’t care about winning games….you are a “special” kind of stupid. NBA draft picks and winning games is NOT mutually exclusive. In fact, nba draft picks are necessary to win a championship. Just stop with this idiotic way of thinking. Cal said the draft pick comment as a recruiting ploy to elite talent. Nothing more. Sheesh you people are dumb.

    3. makeitstop says:

      Unbridled is right about the marketing ploy. Cal knows the people who pay him want banners and the people who get u banners want big NBA contracts, so that impresses them. Only problem is lately we have the guys who WANT the big NBA mega/contracts but won’t get them/don’t deserve them, and to win w freshmen u need actual future NBA All-stars. No KAT, AD, Boogie or Wall on this team. The Fox/Monk/Bam team could’ve done it bc they have one legit star and two good pro’s, but the talent last year and this is not the same. He’s got the same Schtick to recruits but it isn’t working lately.

    4. unbridled says:

      I don’t necessarily agree makeitstop….but at least you have a rational argument.

  6. RealCatsFan says:

    Seems like I can recall a team in 2011 that had double digit losses and didn’t win a road game in the SEC. What happened to them, NIT? Nope. Went to the Final Four. Then there was that other team that struggled all year long, and got blown out by South Carolina in February. Pat Forde even wrote an article about how bad they sucked. What happened to them? NCAA Runner Up (you can thank King Rex and his Twitter for not getting that one). Probably the same fans who are bitching now were bitching then. Calm down people- it’s December. Yeah, we will lose some more – we have a top ten schedule. But we will be battle tested by March.

    1. BigolBlue says:

      This is UK and we are not a top 25 team. Ill relax when UK isnt a joke. This is crap

    2. UKPROF says:

      Keep holding on to that optimism and hoping this team can mature, quickly! Right now we are not only NOT a top 50 team in the country, we’re not even a top 5 in the SEC. It could be a very long winter and things are certainly bleak right now. Can Cal’s kids grow up and play like men, in 60 days?

    3. michaelb says:

      It don’t matter what month it is , can’t play ole defense or travel 3 times per game ( unforced ) . We’re not displaying discipline that’s picked up in 8th grade

    4. CATandMONKEY says:

      Agree with you RCF except for Rex’s Tweet having anything to do with the loss. Totally irrelevant to that loss.

    5. kjd says:

      Battled tested come March. So we’ll cope better with defeat?

  7. michaelb says:

    12-14 losses this year( hate to say it )

    1. bigblue98 says:

      Agreed – already have two. Not sure how we would be favored against Louisville on road, or against UNC or Kansas. I believe reasonably one could expect to maybe only win of those. Then SEC is much improved – can see maybe 11-7 or 10-8 in conference, then loss in SEC tournament to get 12 or 13 losses. Hope they improve, but not looking good right now. They need to beat some quality opponents or we could be in trouble with a bid if the scenario above plays out.

  8. WildcatCam says:

    Funny, didn’t KSR have a post a few days ago saying the SEC was overrated, who wad it, Aaron?

  9. Miller45 says:

    2 years ago people everywhere were saying saying that rick barnes hiring was them having to settle for a hire until the next good one comes along

    1. Rick Barnes is one helluva coach who does it with very few 5*’s.

    2. Helluva coach but doesn’t win championships. Or even one championship. If cal had his record no one here would be happy and calling him a hell of a coach.

    3. Overall record of course, not just this year

  10. And, Alabama beat Arizona.

  11. DHBsr64 says:

    The SEC is top shelf this season. The Cats better get it together or they will be an afterthought this year…

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