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Article written by TJ Walker

43 responses to “T.J.’s Takes: Potential shown in sloppy blowout”

  1. Mathlete

    Richards swatted one shot into the Bahamian bench toward the end of the game, didn’t he?

    1. Commissionersteele

      Yes he did. He had 2 or 3 tonight

    2. Luether

      Richards was credited with only 2 blocks but had 3…

  2. Robkycats54

    Hagans was really good on defense, but Keldon johnson may be the most over sold player we have had in a long time hopefully I’m wrong & this was just a first game thing but I’m not sold on him at all, And Baker we need him this team is still poor from outside, Knox & SGA would out shoot this whole team but we have 2 months and sum change to fix this up… I hope Baker is healthy and will get a chance to play because teams will load up on us/play zone & dare us to make shot, we need better shooting other than that we will be fine come November…..

    1. uk27ncaa

      We need a guy who hasn’t logged 1 min in a game. Your going off of what SGA said about him in an interview. Calm down its 1 game.

    2. shelby

      Robkycats54: making any judgement about ANY player at this point is a bad decision. Keldon is a freshman who has had very little practice. He just might turn out to be great

    3. CombatMedic_98

      Uhhhh not sure what game u were watching but, Johnson was the most aggressive guy on the court for Off & Def! He is the most athletic and versatile player ON THE TEAM…PERIOD. This is just game 1…

    4. Mathlete

      @Robby – It’s one game. In August. Against a team of grown men. Cool your jets

    5. Luether

      2 for 20 from 3 doesn’t cut it…

    6. 4everUKblue

      You guys do know this was AUGUST 8TH RIGHT? And Dakich was talking about how smart Kentucky fans are…

    7. recliner coach

      To me, seemed like Johnson was trying too hard, like he had something to prove. When he gets comfortable and buys in to the team concept, he will shine.

  3. uk27ncaa

    TJ, didn’t Richards have a block? I thought he sent one into the Bahamas bench in the second half.

  4. shelby

    I like my team; stay healthy and we can be great by March. I think we’ll be a much better shooting team than we showed tonight. I just hope Cal doesn’t have pj on the perimeter too much trying to show the nba he can shoot; the kid is a beast in the paint, the 3 point shot should be a rarity for him.

  5. binarysolo



  6. Aar

    Glad to be watching live UK basketball in August!

    Travis looked like a guy who is accustomed to being fed a certain way but was just not getting it. Made good decisions by passing out of doubles early. Started forcing the issue late. Loved his work on the glass! Looking forward to him getting in rhythm with his teammates.

    Really, really, really glad Washington returned. He looked like he’s ready for the next level in spurts. He’ll be ready in November – just like many other members of the team.

    Surprised at Herro’s D. It’s currently more effort than skill but defensive effort earns minutes from Cal.

    Look at Green’s +/- stat! It reflects his hustle and communication!

    Richards – Wow! Keep it going big fella. Keep it goin’ we need more of that good stuff.

    Montgomery – quietly efficient despite the sloppy game.

    Looking forward to the mid-season versions of Johnson and Hagans – they’re dawgs! Quickley’s better than the practice reports suggested.

    I like the pieces – in spurts. It’s definitely pre-season. Looking forward to better team play.

    Would like to see Baker. He looked more happy and engaged than at any time last season.

    Thank the world for bringing back basketball shorts! Real men have knees.

  7. Robkycats54

    @ncaa now we can’t give a honest opinion, lol I watch all kentucky games since 96, good or bad i will always watch my cats and say how I feel maybe u need to look yourself in the mirror & be more honest with yourself, this is my opinion, I didn’t say…. kick him off the team, bench him, or I hope he dies, I just gave an opinion on him, I expected more from our top recruit & most nba projects to be a lottery pick & honestly I didn’t see it, & again for the last time I hope I’m wrong, when he does well I will praise him if otherwise I may say what we all saw tonight, Did I make this up??? @Ncaa

    1. Midnight Cowboy

      You can have any opinion you want, but when you attach the “hopefully I’m wrong” clause to it, it calls to question how strong you actually feel about your opinion.

    2. timbo

      Can we get an official to check for record sentence length and/or number of commas without/in place of periods?

  8. JMFATZ47

    Terrible assessments…..I will never common on here again. “ didn’t think Richards would be good this year?” Really? What an idiot early assessment

    1. Luether

      A bit harsh, don’t you think…

    2. timbo

      Well, at least we will only hear from him abnormally. He will never common on here again.

  9. blueballs80

    Everyone needs to calm down. It’s just one game. Once the regular season starts, lets start judging away!

  10. You Can Call Me Cal

    Loved what I saw from Hagans. Already getting annoyed by this line “Remember, Hagans should just be heading into his senior year of high school.”

    1. TBW3011

      Especially when it’s incorrect 90% of the time. Most kids who reclassify are moving back to the class they should have been in originally.

    2. KentuckyT

      Hagans was born a month before Kevin Knox. This narrative is so dumb.

  11. CoachCat

    For a team in August. You know. When Football is king. So you’ll have to excuse me when I laugh at any comment that criticizes any of these kids. I will say this. Every player we have has potential to live up to their hype. So kick back and relax. It’s gonna be a good season.

  12. Papaw

    It’s comical to read all the “expert” opinions here. All of them either dooming us to mere average at best, or lofting us to 40-0, based on the very first exhibition game. March is what matters

  13. michaelb

    You can see through the mistakes & bad shots that this team wants to do good, every individual that played hustled hard . Looks like this team can trap I’ll be anxious to see that this year to .

  14. TheMaxCat

    To steal a line from a great song….. “It’s just a matter of time”. Vets (Green, Washington, Richards and Travis played like they’ve been there/done that. The frosh will be inconsistent the first half of the year but because they can lean on the vets their learning curve will be accelerated. Watch they go and watch them grow and this will be a fun ride.

  15. silverado

    Would somebody please call in a proofreader?!?

    1. cornay

      Ha! Hilarious. I was just getting ready to ask T.J. if he reads his pieces before he posts them. I think we know the answer to that one. Or, maybe he does, and he’s just super awful at grammar. Either way, KSR, a proofreader definitely would not hurt. Maybe just hire an English major for an internship, if the budget’s too tight. Either way, T.J., come on. Tighten it up, dude.

    2. CombatMedic_98

      You are “corn-ay” for commenting on grammar

  16. bigblue2284

    I loved the speed they opened the game with, of course being August it’s hard to maintain. I thought Washington looked much better both in speed and shape. Hagans needs to be the starting PG I love the speed he plays with and the defense he brings. What I hate is again the shooting looks awful, I understand it’s August but shooting looks like an issue.

  17. AtlKatFan

    Loved the BBall fix!! Best part was Cal in stands and the cornball announcer!

  18. natedaddy

    It’s one exhibition in the middle of summer, so taking everything with a grain of salt. Played sloppy as a team. Came away most impressed with Richards. If his hands work this season like they did last night, he’s easily our best player. Also impressed with Herro. He never looked like he was ever out of control, unlike Hagans and Quickley. Not impressed with our guard play. Too many bad shots and dives to the basket in which they got too far and panicked. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more missed layups and dunks. And only 2 made threes. This Bahamas must be absolutely terrible, cause our defense was bad too and we still beat them by 20.

    1. natedaddy

      I’ll add that it will be fun to watch this team grow. They will get better. I still like this team much better than last years.

  19. Bluebloodtoo

    Definitely agree with the potential of this team. Gonna be an exciting ( and sometimes frustrating) season this year! Looking forward to watching all these guys grow throughout the year!