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Article written by TJ Walker

9 responses to “T.J.’s Player Preview: Nick Richards”

  1. Alex90

    So your analysis is that he will play in the Bahamas but you don’t expect much. My god how has a NBA team not scooped you up as a scout.

  2. Ridge Runner

    If we could get 5 minutes from him on a consistent basis… or just less of a deer in the headlights would help.

  3. Aar

    Like Diallo, Richards needs to have more confidence in himself and just play the game instead of trying to think about what’s he’s doing on the court. The game changed too much for him last season.

  4. ClutchCargo

    How dare Nick Richards be a normal freshman?!

    1. Ridge Runner

      I know what your saying, CC. I really do. The problem is that every year we are freshman heavy and the norm hurts us. It’s not fair to expect more but 5star freshman have to give us 4star minimum performance or our team won’t be successful. It’s not a knock… it’s Kentucky basketball.

  5. Alex90

    All he has to do is be able to catch lobs, rebound and play D without fouling. With his athleticism that shouldn’t be hard. The fact that he’s not expected to do much on this team should help with his confidence this season.

  6. Alex90

    Players that come to UK aren’t normal freshman. By the end if the season he couldn’t even finish a dunk. Literally.

  7. chris43

    He honestly doesn’t need to be a beast this season although it’d be really nice. If he can just be a decent rim protector, rebound good, and catch lobs that’ll be a nice leap for him in year two. His biggest issue seems to be confidence as I truly believe the talent is there.

  8. michaelb

    It’s gonna click for him sooner or later , he just has a few bad habits that need cleaning up al a rebounding the ball with two hands . He’s got a lot to build off of . We won’t be complaining about this guy much longer … I’d bet anything that before it’s over he’s gonna be a first rounder .